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Fort Bragg Police say officers were reportedly able to stop a suicidal person from jumping off the Noyo Bridge on Sunday. They did not release any names or details on the incident saying only that officers responded Sunday evening and were able to help the distraught person. They remind the public of the many resources available if you are depressed and having suicidal thoughts, including the new national call/text number 9-8-8 as well as 9-1-1 or RCS Crisis 1-855-838-0404. And they say school counselors in the Fort Bragg School District are ready to assist any students.

An arrest has been made in the January 17 death of a bicyclist in Clearlake. Clearlake police say 18-year-old Johnny Leon-Rojas of Santa Rosa has been arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. It happened at the intersection of Boyles Avenue near 26th Avenue. The rider, Edward Quinone of Clearlake, was pronounced dead on scene. The truck that had hit him was still there but abandoned. Leon-Rojas was booked into the Lake County Jail. Police are still looking for any possible witnesses.

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