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Nearly 20 new projects across the state are being fortified thanks to grants from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. $22.5 million will cover 19 projects for the restoration of critical habitat for salmon, climate resiliency, wildlife corridors and wetlands restoration. Over eight million will pay for eight projects in watersheds related to the drought and how it impacts salmon in rivers and streams. Another $6.6 million went to seven other projects for degrading water and habitat conditions because of climate change. About $6.5 million for three fish passage projects. Finally one million to the Regents of UC Davis to incorporate beaver dam analogs in the restoration of wetlands and mountain meadows.

Websites could be affected at Mendocino County schools as they report a network disruption and possibly cyber-security situation. They called law enforcement, local education agencies, and employees to inform them, and then quickly set up a task force with cybersecurity specialists. The Office of Education says they’re working 24/7 to address the issue and securely restore their network. But they’ve not said exactly what may or may not be threatened, since they’re in the early stages of determining how the breach, if that’s indeed what it was, happened. Apparently they’re not the only education institution to deal with a cyber attack lately, they’ve been happening nationwide.

A woman from Mendocino County accused of giving police phony evidence agreed to a plea deal. Megan Marie Champion was on probation for a misdemeanor marijuana case and violated the probation. She was ordered to do community service, but apparently never reported her hours. Her lawyer eventually submitted dates and locations of work performed which was signed by a livestock business owner in Humboldt County. But DA investigators say it was fake because she was actually performing in a rodeo out of state. The livestock business owner owned up, and the DA also said these kinds of things have been piling up. Folks arrested then submitting phony documents.

It’s not getting any better at Yosemite, but still they have a reopening date in mind. Cabins have been buried in snow and roads unseeable after storms lined up in Calif. More rain and snow is on the way to Northern and Central Calif. Yosemite reported 40 inches, which broke a record that was in place for a half century. The park reported higher elevations got about 15 feet of snow. The National Park Service closed Yosemite to visitors Feb. 25th, but plans to reopen Monday. Crews are working on getting power back on, clearing roofs and plowing roads and parking lots. They will continue to evaluate conditions daily.

The snow has gotten in the way of getting the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office snocat back after a rescue in Laytonville. Mendocino County Search & Rescue and Mendocino County Information Services were helping the Sheriff’s office in the Spy Rock Road area after the Snocat was damaged, breaking a wheel on its front track during Monday’s rescue missions. They reported heavy snow, ice and white-out conditions in the area of Spy Rock Road and Iron Peak Road.

The Lakeport Police Chief is running for a seat on the Board of Supervisors. Chief Brad Rasmussen has decided to seek the District 4 supervisor position next year. Lake County News reports Rasmussen saying he’s excited by the idea. If he wins, he’d be on the Board starting in 2025, after he retires as Chief. The primary is next March, one year from now. He will run against incumbent Supervisor Michael Green, who was not voted in, but instead, appointed, just last October by Gov. Gavin Newsom. The seat was held by Tina Scott, but she quit last summer to take a job with the Lakeport Unified School District. Rasmussen says he’s 100% committed to his job as chief for the time being.

Lake County is asking for the public’s help to find out about snow and rainstorm damage. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services and Lake County Community Development Department want the public to weigh in on winter storm issues at both residential and commercial buildings which may have structural damage from the storms. The Sheriff, Rob Howe, proclaimed a local emergency a couple weeks ago. The county is looking for ways to get help from the State and/or Fed. So, if this is you, report your damage no later than Friday, March 24th. Visit the Sheriff’s website, or give them a call.

A man from Ukiah arrested for an arson incident has admitted he started the fire. Police say they got a call last Friday afternoon to the 800 block of South Dora Street and when they got there they found a vacant home, with smoke coming out. They say Christopher Judd was inside watching the fire burn. They report he had no home address too. They ordered him to get out of the home, and firefighters were called and put the fire out. The fire was pretty much just in a pile of trash and debris. Judd was questioned and admitted the arson and was arrested. He told cops he didn’t want to burn the home, just was trying the clean the house. He was held on $15,000 bail. This is just one of a series of arson fires lately, including another at the Gualala Community Center, one at the Round Valley Health Clinic and a dumpster fire behind Raley’s.

Another dangerous storm is headed to the state after weeks of being pelted by rain and snow. It’s another one of those atmospheric rivers that’s on track to hit Northern and Central California tomorrow and continue through the weekend. And we’re all familiar with what that means — heavy rain, flooding, powerful winds, snow, even mudslides. Some people in Fresno County have already been told they may need to evacuate, while Monterey County advises residents it’s not a bad idea to have two weeks-worth of supplies. The National Weather Service warns “buckle up, it’s going to be quite the weather ride.”

A handful of ski resorts in California say they have too much snow… if that wasn’t a thing before, it is in 2023. The four resorts together top 600 inches this season after the recent wave of winter storms. That includes China Peak near Fresno, Boreal near Lake Tahoe, Sugar Bowl near Truckee and Dodge Ridge in Pinecrest. Two others in the Tahoe area may soon join the party when the next atmospheric river moves in this week. The Sierra Nevada is expecting ten to 30-inches of snow.

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