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A Chinese restaurant in Fort Bragg burglarized. Police called on New Year’s Day to Lee’s Chinese for the report of a burglary the night before. They say a small amount of money and the entire ATM were swiped from the restaurant. Police called the Sheriff’s Dept. to report the ATM was found January 2nd, plus whoever took the machine left some evidence behind. DNA picked of fingerprints sent to the Department of Justice. The Police Dept. also asking for the public’s help for anyone who may have seen anything around the restaurant New Years Eve. They say they think there were several people involved and at least one pickup truck used for the burglary. Plus power tools were used so that would have meant quite a bit of noise.

There could be a week without pay for the Coast Guard as the government shutdown goes on for a 4th week, the longest shutdown ever. The Coast Guard was paid last week after some sort of loophole was found, but that won’t happen again. A memo circulated to members saying they could find side gigs for the time being and make money thru yard sales or house-sitting. A local spokesperson for the Coast Guard says they’re starting to feel it, where some local businesses are closing down temporarily. And the nonprofit, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance says they have as much as $15 million to help members. But one payday for the entire workforce is $150 million.

Food stamps being hit now by the government shutdown too. The benefits will be sent early this round, on or around the 20th of the month. But no clue what happens for March payments. It’s about $5 billion dollars for food assistance programs every month, there’s a contingency fund as well with about $3 billion, but that won’t cover all of the monthly benefit disbursements. There are pop up food banks in Washington D-C for those not getting a paycheck. And nationally food banks are reportedly running at capacity.

There’s a new crowd fund to fight the threat of wildfires, the “Goat Fund Me” campaign in Nevada City. The money to be raised so goats can be brought in to much on weeds. They’re available in the winter. Apparently, there’s such a demand, the goats rented out in many other municipalities across the state, so the goat ranchers are having a tough time meeting demand. The herds go out for about $500-$1,500/acre with a couple hundred goats plowing thru about an acre a day. The Nevada City Vice Mayor telling the LA Times, they have to be proactive themselves, because nobody else is going to step up.

A woman from Forestville has serious injuries after a wrong-way crash into her on the 101 near the Central Healdsburg Avenue off-ramp. 50 year old Katherine Pisesky driving south on the highway coming back from Lakeport when the alleged drunk driver hit her. She had to be extricated out of her 2015 VW Beetle which was totaled. Another car driven by Hector Omar Cisneros-Ramirez heading north in the southbound lanes slammed into her at a high rate of speed. A GMC also involved with two passengers in the SUV with minor injuries. Pisesky had multiple severe trauma injuries, including to her head. Cisneros-Ramirez arrested for driving under the influence and causing injury, and for two misdemeanors of reckless driving and violating probation.

Fort Bragg police arrest a woman after reports of a car without headlights driving on the wrong side of the road. Cops say the suspect turned back around towards them and approached, then crossed both lanes and almost crashed head-on with the officer. The woman, Lorraine Smith of Fort Bragg showed signs of maybe being drunk and she had a suspended driver’s license. Cops gave her Field Sobriety Tests and a breathalyzer showed she had a blood alcohol content of almost 0.21 which is way over the legal limit of point 08%. So the woman was arrested for DUI and taken to jail. While there deputies say they found her car matched the description of one in an accident with a parked car. So she was also charged with hit and run.

A new survey regarding the safety of LGBTQ kids in California was less improved than in previous years. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network shows in 2017, there were multiple secondary schools “not safe” for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students. The research from the nationwide GLSEN’s 2017 biennial National School Climate Survey. The survey showing for the first time in ten years, victimization of LGBTQ youth was not going down as in previous years, and that it was actually worse for transgender and gender nonconforming youth. In 2017 2,240 secondary students in Calif. responded to the survey with 19 percent in rural or small towns.

It’s finally here. A local Dunkin Donuts. The company now just goes by Dunkin’ but they’ve got donuts and other goodies, with Baskin-Robbins. The new shop at the 3 Brothers Travel Plaza on Highway 20. Last Thursday was the grand opening. The donut baking starts the night before and they open at 5 AM. Apparently last week they had line-ups of locals who couldn’t wait to get their hands on a warm donut, plus on opening day last Thursday, they had give-aways, including a $150 gift card for the first customer and $75 gift cards to the second and third customers.

PG&E looks to be headed to the red as shares tumble due to liabilities related to the 2017 and 2018 wildfires tally to “at least” $15 billion. A recent assessment by Moody’s Investor Services says the utility will need a quote “extraordinary intervention” to avoid bankruptcy. So state regulators and legislators may need to step in to help. PG&E has been downgraded as well to junk levels by S&P Global Ratings. The two agencies warning the utility more downgrades could happen if the company’s financial condition didn’t make a quick turnaround.

Storms continue to line up in Northern California with the National Weather Service issuing a special weather statement for Lake County and other areas of Northern Calif. The storm coming today, but in Mendocino County a mild chance of rain today, then 100% later. The storms should continue thru Thursday with a breather, then more next weekend into Monday. The second storm will bring more rain tomorrow, then Wednesday and Thursday, a whole lot more. Snow will probably fall too in the Northern part of the state, above the 5,000 foot level tonight and above 6,000 feet tomorrow night and Thursday.

A man from Clearlake’s been arrested with a bunch of meth on him. Police say they pulled 56 year old Roger Vigil over Friday morning for a traffic enforcement stop, but even from the outside of the car, the patrol officer saw a bag of meth in plain site near the center console. So the man was arrested immediately and cops found more meth on him and a bunch of cash and paraphernalia. They say he also had phony license plates on his car so it was towed away. He’s charged with possession of narcotics for sale, transportation of narcotics and forged vehicle registration.

The CEO of PG&E is out. The leader of the troubled utility, Geisha Williams reportedly resigned in the face of possible bankruptcy and even criminal charges after last year’s devastating Camp Fire. Williams had been leading the agency since March of 2017, the first Latina chief executive of a Fortune 500 company. Now the utility’s executive vice president and general counsel is serving as the interim chief executive as PG&E looks for Williams permanent replacement. This comes after the Camp Fire was believed to have been sparkled by equipment near an ignition point. The company also blamed for several 2017 fires, still no word how the massive Tubbs Fire started though. The company’s also reportedly considering filing for bankruptcy protection.


A couple of big rigs bang into each other on Highway 199. It happened Wednesday evening. One driver, Michael Petel headed south just north of Hardscrabble Creek Bridge when the other driver, Ben Field was headed north in the same area. They are still investigating the reasons they crashed, but Petel for some reason, traveled over the double yellows and crashed into the other big rig. Petel went down an embankment and both trucks were leaking oil on the road and shoulder of the highway. The drivers each had minor injuries, but only Petel went to a hospital. A local fire department and Caltrans were on the scene and the two trucks were towed out of the area.

A woman from Covelo who first didn’t show up for a court appearance related to aiding a felon has now been in court and sentenced. 21 year old Antonia Dulce Bautista Dalson in court yesterday after not showing up last month. She surrendered to tribal police just before Christmas. She was found guilty of being an accessory to felon Negie Fallis’ illegal possession of firearms. Her lawyers argued she was accepting full responsibility but deserved leniency due to her age, lack of criminal record, drug addiction, and desire to get back custody of her children. But the DA said the crimes were aggravated and some calls made to prison to Fallis. She’s now sentenced to 18 months in county jail and another 18 months of mandatory supervision.

More info on the triple murder we told you about in Willits. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports a man and woman in a romantic relationship and an 8 year old boy all dead. There were no documented cases of domestic violence in the family, but they’ve concluded the man killed the woman, the child and himself with a stolen firearm from a neighbor’s home. They’ve not released the names of the family due to pending notification of next of kin. Autopsies are set for Tuesday. The triple murder suicide discovered by someone who had called one of the home’s occupants, but they didn’t answer their phones, so they went to the home, and saw blood thru a window and called cops. Police came and also saw blood, then found the bodies.

A jury deadlocked in the case of a young man accused of a home burglary. The Mendocino County D-A’s office reports 18 year old Georgie Eugene Britton Hoaglin of Covelo accused of residential burglary, a felony and also charged as a so-called "hot burg" which means the homeowner was at home at the time of the crime. Hoaglin is accused too of having a previous Strike conviction. The matter goes back for review with the DA’s office and if they can find evidence to try the case again, they say they will.

Governor Newsom has ordered a complete overhaul of the DMV. Newsom calling the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, quote, “chronically mismanaged”. This after the agency botched thousands of voter registrations and one worker was found to have been sleeping on the job for hours. Employees further reported to be so stressed because of over working, overtime at the agency was up 232 percent between June 2017 and June 2018. Then just a couple months ago it came out that the state’s REAL IDs may not be compliant with federal regulations, so a last minute extension had to be given. The director also resigned last month after almost four decades there. Newsom has appointed a cabinet secretary to oversee a “comprehensive modernization and reinvention” of the DMV.

Blood found along with three bodies at a home in Willits. Someone calls the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office then meets police at the home after a welfare check because they couldn’t reach the resident. Deputies say the caller went to the home and looked through a window and saw a lot of blood on the floor of the home. Deputies went inside and found the bodies and evidence it was a triple murder. Investigators still working on the crime, with no further information released.

No more abalone hunting allowed for a couple years. Storm swells have eroded some of the coast and a very strong swell the middle of December reportedly reshaped beaches, so the Calif. Fish and Game Commission had extended the North Coast recreational abalone season to at least 2021. The Advocate newspaper reports the Environmental Program Manager for invertebrates at state agency says they’re coming up with a limited access fishing plan if abalone recover enough by 2021. He also blamed climate change for the uncertain environment that has meant handling the fishery in a different way.

A storage shed in Fort Bragg catches fire but is not allowed to spread thanks to the quick work of firefighters. Firefighters got to the fully-involved shed fire before it engulfed a home next to it a week and a half ago. They also say the exterior wall of the home was burning when they got there. CalFire and the Fort Bragg Fire Department were on the scene. No word yet how the fire started.

Several million dollars from the federal government for fire recovery may not be coming after all as the president is reportedly looking at using the money for his border wall instead. This in a report from the New York Post this morning. Plus we have the government shutdown which means, towns that burned in October 2017 won’t get federal grants to rebuild. The federal government shutdown coming up to entering its 4th week. The president reportedly threatened to use wildfire and hurricane relief funds from California and Puerto Rico. The Press Democrat reports FEMA also delaying several public assistance projects.

A man from Canada goes missing in Calif along the Lost Coast trail. Rescue crews in Humboldt County out looking for Rick Eastep of Ontario as another storm is headed our way. The man’s family says they haven’t heard from him in three days when he texted he hurt his back and was at Miller Flat. That’s about nine miles north of Shelter Cove where he was headed. His brother says Eastep has some hiking and backpacking experience.

Several residents out at the Lucerne Senior Center for the first Town Hall Council of 2019. They’re working on a resolution to get the Board of Supervisors to set aside money from the sale of the Lucerne Hotel so its re-invested in the community. They also discussed beefing up law enforcement in town. Newly elected District 3 supervisor EJ Crandell was there with the five council members. The resolution the council decided, would first pay for dredging of Lucerne Harbor Park, plus they want to buy new docks and expand available dock space.

The new Governor has released his first budget proposal, putting money into some of his signature campaign promises, namely education, health care coverage and housing. Governor Newsom’s also proposing paying down some of California’s unfunded pension liabilities, $4 billion towards the state’s outstanding debt and nearly %5 billion for reserves. The budget also calls for funding retirement plans and paying down CalPERS and CalSTRS to save taxpayers nearly $15 million over thirty years. There’s still a major funding gap for retirement plans with the governor’s proposal.

The sale of the Palace Hotel is on. It’s set for this morning, but there could be last minute changes, according to the Daily Journal. As of yesterday, it was moving forward. The building’s receiver was trying to sell before a foreclosure. Right now it’s set for 10 am on the steps of the county courthouse. The building has been sitting dormant for some time. The last owner made a purchase of the building in 1990 and never reopened it. There was some attempt a couple years ago, but then the city moved to have it declared a public nuisance. Right now the auction price looks to start at under a million dollars.

Still without a cannabis dispensary in Ukiah. The planning director tells the Daily Journal they’ve had five applications, then three were withdrawn. One approved, Cannavine was first a medical dispensary. The owner then amended their permit to allow recreational sales. As we reported the owner got an approval last month, they say they are looking to open sometime this month. The planning director says there’s also another moving along in the process, Heritage Mendocino Cannabis Microbusiness, but it’s near the airport and there’s some objection to that. The City Council will consider the project next month.

More upheaval for the Lakeport Unified School Board. A day after the board decides to oust the school superintendent, one of the board members who voted against the expulsion, has herself resigned. Lake Co News reports Lori Holmes is out, telling the news site she’s tendered her resignation with the Lake County Superintendent of Schools. Holmes was on the board since the fall of 2011. The superintendent let go, potentially in response to the removal of Terrace Middle School Principal Rachel Paarsch who is now suing the district. The board’s now called for a special meeting tomorrow at 2 p.m. to talk about superintendent recruitment and transition.

A teenager from Clearlake reported missing earlier this week has been found safe. Clearlake Police say 15 year old Seaira Dotson was found after being reported missing Wednesday morning.

It’s been a short time since the three new members of the Lakeport Unified School District Board were elected and now the board has voted to oust the superintendent. Lake Co News reports the termination without a reason and will cost the district money as the contract for the Super’s not up yet. The news site reports there were two closed door meetings with the Superintendent April Leiferman last night, and the board then announced the termination. She was only hired last May nad has a three year contract, so she would have to be paid a full year. The board reportedly moving forward with attorney’s then working to separate Leiferman from the District. Several members of the audience apparently not happy with the decision, some started to speak out and things got a little heated. Some complaining about the new board saying the district’s reputation’s been tarnished. No word who would take over as interim Superintendent.

A missing juvenile reported in Clearlake, police reaching out to the public for help finding the at-risk juvenile. 15 year old Seaira Dotson last seen at her home early Wednesday morning. She’s considered at risk because of info cops gathered in the course of the investigation. The teen’s described as a black girl, 5 foot 6 inches tall and 100 pounds, with green eyes and brown hair. They’re asking anyone who may have seen her to call the police station.

Several Congressional members across Calif., including Mike Thompson, John Garamendi and Jared Huffman in a group of more than 40 against the President’s comments on Calif wildfires, calling them false and defamatory. The president tweeting he’s directing FEMA to halt all money to the state until forest management is under control. They sent a letter to the president yesterday calling his statements cruel and dishonest as related to withholding disaster assistance for California communities struggling to recover from wildfires until changes are made to state-level forest management policies. The letter goes on to say there are thousands who’ve lost everything and they deserve empathy and support from their President.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors considering zones of benefit so money can be put aside for wildfire prevention. At the board meeting this week, the District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown was looking for a proposal this week, but apparently there was an engineer’s report and other information not yet available. The board considering Brown’s proposal with no action taken so far. He wants these zones of benefit mostly in his District paid for by a one-time fee from property owners in high fire risk communities around Mt. Konocti. It would pay for abatement projects in the area with the $500,000 expected to be raised.

The last enrollment period for Covered California ending soon, so there’s a statewide enrollment tour to get the word out. Anyone interested in a state health insurance plan has to sign up by Tuesday to be covered this year. The Executive Director of Covered Calif. Says they want to make sure those who want to sign up know the deadline is earlier than it has been in years past. There are six marketplaces in the country still enrolling folks. The Jan. 15 deadline in Calif because of a state law that open enrollment would run from Oct. 15 through Jan. 15 every year. For more info visit www.

After a traffic stop in Willits, deputies arrest someone they say had a warrant out for burglary and theft. Marvin Gibson the rear passenger in the car arrested on the warrant, then when deputies continue their investigation, they also find Alice Strang who they say gave them fake contact info. They say she also gave a fake name for her passenger and found she was trying to help Gibson  avoid arrest for the warrant. So she too was arrested for harboring, aiding or concealing a wanted fugitive. She was held on $15,000.00 bail and Gibson on $100,000.00 bail for the felony warrant.


A two decades old planning document will get an update in the city of Ukiah. The Daily Journal reports the City Council denied Garton Tractor a permit on Talmage Road for more space to service local agricultural equipment, but there weren’t enough votes to overrule a determination by the Mendocino County Airport Land Use Commission. The Planning Commission was all for the expansion for Garton, but the Vice Mayor filed an appeal because of its proximity to the Airport. But apparently a map used to decide the permit had not been updated since 1996. The map the city and airport used was last updated in 2015. The newspaper reports the Airport Manager Greg Owen and the City of Ukiah have requested the map used be updated. So city staff are working to find a funding solution so the plan can be updated. It’s estimated to cost from $100,000 and $130,000. After that Garton can re-apply for their permit.

An update on a months long investigation into a family who drove over the side of a cliff last year in Mendocino County. The sheriff’s office says partial remains found last May have been confirmed to be of one of the six kids in the car with their two mom’s, 16 year old Hannah Hart. The Hart family SUV went over the cliff north of Westport last March. There is still one child who was in the car still listed as missing, 15 year old Devonte Hart, so the case is still open and active. The Dept. of Justice Lab just informed the sheriff’s office this week about the DNA test results of remains found last May.

A man severely injured after being hit by an alleged drunk driver in serious condition still and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for his medical bills. The California Highway Patrol reported 40 year old Matthew Adams of Ukiah driving north on the 101 Monday night when he was hit by a Dodge pickup in the opposite direction. Adams was pinned in his car by a fence and had to be extricated. The driver, identified as Ransome Anderson Jr., of Covelo. He’s been arrested on suspicion of DUI causing injury, a felony. He was booked into Mendocino County Jail. The victim suffered a shattered jaw and cheek bone, bleeding on the brain and a collapsed lung.

A man from Ukiah arrested after a woman’s threatened with a bayonet. Police get a call Tuesday night by a woman saying the man threatened her with a sword. She left the home with the alleged attacker inside. The woman told police Michael Woolsey threatened her and tried cutting her with a bayonet, described as a “knife, sword, or spike shaped weapon". Police took the weapon and arrested the man on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and for making criminal threats. He was booked into Mendocino County Jail under $30,000 bail.

The commercial Dungeness crab fishery is finally opening, but in a limited area. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife had delayed the opening from Patrick’s Point in Humboldt County north to the California/Oregon state line. The closure after state health agencies recommended it because of elevated levels of domoic acid in the fishery. Now the opening south of Patrick’s Point to the Sonoma/Mendocino county line next Tuesday, Jan. 15th. On Saturday they can set their pots out within a 64 hour gear-setting period. The rest of the area remains closed, with the state agency ready to open with a 72-hour advance notice for when trap gear can be set.

A homeless man found dead in Fort Bragg, in front of a business. Police say the 61 year old was found New Year’s Eve morning on North Main Street. He was apparently known well by Fort Bragg police and in the homeless community. His name’s not been released because his family’s not been notified yet. Police say there’s no evidence of trauma or foul play, his body found near a boat outside The Shop. They also say he had been hit by a car a day before, but don’t think that had anything to do with his death, but he went to the hospital with facial injuries and refused treatment. After the accident someone called to report a man staggering and fell by the movie theaters in town, then the next day a call for a sleeping man.

Several hundred modular homes have been approved for more than 1,000 Camp Fire victims at a local industrial park. The Gridley City Council said yes to a short-term lease agreement with the federal government for 350 homes. More than 14,000 homes were destroyed in the fire in November and as many as 30,000 people were without a home in Paradise, Magalia and Concow. There were some objections from residents, like the amount of traffic it will bring, possible increased crime and a financial burden on the city. But the City Administrator and City Attorney say they’re working to ensure the mobile homes fit in the undeveloped parcel and other factors are taken care of. The federal government is putting up nearly a half million dollars for the homes.

Contractors living in the Camp Fire burn who lost tools will be able to replace them with a $500,000 equipment giveaway. It’s tomorrow and Saturday at California Service Tool. Those who are employed in the construction industry need to show their FEMA case number or SBA disaster number, their contractor’s license number or a license number for their employer, and their id to qualify. Valley Contractors Exchange and Apex Tool Group, California Service Tools and other suppliers partnering to help local contractors. For more info, Valley Contractors Exchange, 343-1981, or elizabeth.

A little drama by Congressman Jared Huffman ahead of the president’s speech in the Oval Office. The president is holding out for his border wall and 5.6 billion dollars, but the democrats don’t want it. At the same time there’s been complaints, about trash piling up at National Parks. So Congressman Huffman along with colleague Congress Jackie Spier were seen dragging trash to the White House…

Democrats in Congress want to put forth $1.6 billion for border security which had passed the Senate, but the Republicans in the House put forth a stopgap bill with the $5 billion for the wall ahead of the new congress and it failed.

The man who’s accused of being the East Side Rapist and Golden State Killer is cleared of at least one murder, that of a 14 year old girl in the Central Valley in 1975. DNA testing showed it was not Joseph DeAngelo who killed Donna Jo Richmond and showed, with other evidence, the man convicted, was indeed the right one. The girl disappeared around Christmas time while riding her bike home from a friends house, her body found in an orange grove, strangled, beaten and stabbed 17 times. A convicted sex offender, Oscar Clifton, was found guilty of the kidnapping, attempted rape and murder of the girl, but died in prison in 2013. DeAngelo’s been charged with more than two dozen counts of murder and kidnapping. He was a cop in the town where the girl was killed. So prosecutors revisited the crime.

A man from Covelo in a crash Monday heading in the wrong direction on the 101 near Ukiah. The CHP says they got a call Monday that a silver pickup truck was driving south in the northbound lanes of the Highway by the Coyote Valley Casino, then crashed into a silver sedan. When cops got there they say the sedan was on its side and the driver was trapped inside, against a fence. The pickup was blocking northbound lanes. The sedan driver, Matthew Adams, was extricated out of his car then airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. The pickup driver was arrested. He’s identified as Ransome Anderson Jr., and charged with DUI, causing injury, a felony.

A meeting for the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District with a skimmed down agenda, only one action item. That is just to establish meeting times for standing committees. The board approved a contract extension for the interim district manager at their last meeting in December. He will stay on to train a new director and work on an as needed basis. The board has also given the green light to replace a failed sewer main and to hire an accounting firm due to the new operating agreement between the district and the city of Ukiah signed. The board meets tonight at 6 at their district office.

Some North Coast lawmakers looking to ban some flavored-tobacco. The State Senate has a bill backed by several lawmakers including Assemblyman Jim Wood and Sen. Mike McGuire. It comes in response to a rise in the use of these products by middle and high schoolers. Legislators say kids are enticed to use vaping products because they have appealing, fruity flavors. More than 3 and a half million middle and high school students were reportedly using the products last year over the 30 days before the study was done by the USFDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A new docuseries on Netflix has the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office speaking out. The Garret Rodriguez case, also known as the “Murder Mountain” docuseries. The Sheriff’s office says the producers used unofficial or biased sources, and used non-credible information that could not be used in a court of law. The six part series investigating the case regarding the cannabis industry’s illegal market, violence, human trafficking, missing persons and homicide cases. The series director says he didn’t intend to blame police, but there were realities everyone must come to terms with.

North Coast Congressman Mike Thompson is introducing a strong background check bill for all private gun sales. Thompson was joined at the ceremony where he signed his bill by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords of Arizona who was shot in a massacre in Tucson in 2011 where six people were killed and 13 others were injured. Giffords announced Thompson’s legislation that would make sure anyone who gets access to firearms first have a thorough background check.

A German insurance company says the Camp Fire will be the world’s most expensive natural disaster for 2018. Munich Re is a reinsurance company. It reports losses from all natural disasters last year were $160 billion dollars. The Camp Fire killed 86 people and burned the whole town of Paradise at an overall cost of $16.5 billion. About $12.5 billion of the losses were insured. One insurance company board member says the fires that are burning in Calif. appear to be linked to climate change and that urgent action is needed for building codes and land use to help prevent further losses.

Two People in south Lake County have been seriously hurt in a head-on collision near Middletown. 62 year old Kevin Schosek of Anderson Springs and 52 year old Karen Brown of Hidden Valley Lake both had major injuries Monday night. Schosek in a 1999 Chevrolet 1500 pickup headed south on Highway 29 near the Bar X Ranch and apparently he had some sort of mechanical trouble with his headlights, when Brown came along in a 2004 Honda Odyssey headed north. The CHP says Schosek was distracted because of the headlamps and veered into the path of Brown’s van and crashed head on. Ambulances couldn’t get their right away due to the weather, but finally the two men were taken to a hospital. Alcohol and drugs are not suspected.

The Governor Gavin Newsom in his first full day in office meets with emergency responders at the State Operations Center then toured a high-risk fire area. He says he was there his first day because it’s a priority for him as governor, emergency preparedness, response and recovery. He announced several ideas to fight the growing threat of wildfires and more natural disasters. Newsom has signed an executive order for emergency responders to look at certain geographical areas and the economy in those areas, and another order to modernize technology systems, especially fire detection. He also announced he is joining the Washington and Oregon governors to ask the federal government for more money to manage federal forestlands in California, Washington and Oregon.

Taco Bell has a new promotion in Toronto and it’s super cheesy… the company looking to prove to Canadians that, "everything is better with nacho cheese." So the fast food giant is putting up a billboard that will dispense nacho cheese. The company says folks can bring their own snack, and get a nacho cheese upgrade. Nacho chips are not provided, and the cheese is first come, first served.

A middle schooler in Napa’s been arrested after a threat to carry out mass shootings at a couple of schools in the city. Police say they stopped the planned attacks at River Middle School and Vintage High after another student reported the 14 year old’s plan. They say the teenager was arrested last Wednesday after a search of two Napa homes, finding evidence the kid had been researching and planning a mass shooting. The child is in custody and has not been identified yet. It comes after the other student says the 14 year old told them he was planning the attacks and threatened to kill him if he warned anyone.

The flu season is off to a slow start and is not steadily climbing, with more than 40 people dying. The season started in October, which was the official start across the country. It generally reaches its peak in February, but can last thru May. It’s usually people with other underlying health issues or the elderly who get the more serious complications, like pneumonia, after they first contract the flu. Half the deaths so far in the state this season were of those over 65. The strain this time is H1N1, also known as the “swine flu.” The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says so far 77% of the cases tested were positive for H1N1. They warn it’s more dangerous for kids and pregnant women. But officials say this year’s season should be milder than last season when so many people got sick, hospitals were overflowing with patients and they ran out of medicine.

There’s going to be a permanent safe medication disposal site at the Lakeport Police Department on Main Street. The police department says it was donated to the agency by the Rite Aid Foundation KidCents Project, an organization supporting safety and well-being of children in various communities. The Record Bee reports officials saying they’d previously been asked for ways to dispose of unwanted or expired prescription or over the counter medications. They’re accepting any over the counter or prescription meds, that are in pill, tablet or capsule form. They’re not accepting illegal drugs, needles, liquids, inhalers, or aerosol cans. Meds being accepted M-Th 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The meds have to be in their original container, or other suitable plastic pill container or sealed zip lock freezer bag.

A new State Superintendent of Public Instruction has taken the oath of office. Tony Thurmond, an educator and public school parent says it’s an honor to lead California’s more than 6 million students and more than 10,000 schools. He’s a former assemblymember and social worker with experience in nonprofits and education and also served on the West Contra Costa County school board and was a member of the Richmond City Council. His plans including reducing gun violence, mental and physical health service for students, early education and after school programs, making college and career pathways accessible for kids, bringing in more teachers so schools have highly trained and certified teachers.

We have a new Governor in Calif. Gavin Newsom has been sworn in and has given a speech to announce progressive policies he will enforce as the state’s 40th governor. Newsom, as you may know, was the lieutenant governor under Jerry Brown, and gained recognition as the mayor of San Francisco. In his inaugural address, Newsom didn’t hold back in how the state would handle the Trump administration as far as environmental protection, immigration and health care goes. Newsom’s first budget is being delivered to the legislature before the end of the week.

A man accused of being the NorCal Rapist is charged with several felonies, now another 2 dozen or so. Roy Charles Waller is charged with going into an unlocked door in Rohnert Park in 1991 and raping a 21 year old. The man’s 59th birthday today, yesterday he was in court after first being arrested last September after 27 years of violent, sexual attacks against as many as 10 women across Northern California. The case had run cold until DNA evidence and a genealogy website helped police get a break in the case. The Rohnert Park case the earliest prosecutors have been able to connect to Waller. He’s in the Sacramento County Jail without bail.

A new report shows there’s a quote, "disturbingly low" number of western monarch butterflies migrating to the California coast. The Xerces Society has done a count with less than 30,000 butterflies this round, that’s an 86 percent decline since 2017. There were one million monarchs along the Calif. coast back in 1981. The society conducts yearly Thanksgiving and New Year’s counts. A study a couple years ago by researchers at Washington State University found the species will probably be extinct in the next few decades if they’re not saved.

It’s coming up to the deadline for victims of the Camp Fire. FEMA’s deadline for loan applications this week. Disaster Recovery Centers are staying open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday in Chico at the Chico Mall and in Oroville on Feather River Blvd. Loans are available for homeowners, renters and businesses. The SBA Office of Disaster Assistance, at last count, had said yes to more than $241 million in loans for Camp Fire survivors. Almost all of it was for renters and homeowners and another $8M for businesses. Those in need of help can visit or call 2-1-1 for Butte County recovery information and resources.

The new Lt. Gov has been sworn in and addressed a crowd. Eleni Kounalakis came to the U-S from Greece when she was a young girl and said the path to wisdom is education, telling the crowd about her desire to bring education to the masses. She’s the first woman to be elected to be the 2nd in command of the state. At her swearing in Monday. Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm spoke, as well as the new Gov. Gavin Newsom and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

A man in Jakarta shot himself in the foot, then is charged with possessing an illegal firearm. 19 year old Ade Raihan reportedly lied, saying he was shot by someone else, but then local police found he was drunk and shot himself. He ended up in the hospital New Years eve for the foot injury, police called there and charged him. Plus witnesses said there was a fight around the scene of the shooting, cops finding he shot himself with a homemade firearm. He now faces 20 years in prison.

Power’s restored to thousands in Northern Calif. after a winter storm swept thru ahead of another storm later this week. The rain and snow coming tonight won’t be as harsh, but there are two more powerful storms headed here this weekend. Almost 90,000 people in the dark across the Sacramento region Sunday night. There were downed utility poles and trees so a major highway was closed in the area. There were still several hundred without power last night. Thousands in Oregon and Washington were also without power due to the storm over the weekend. I-80 from Placer County to Nevada’s Washoe County reopened yesterday after the snowstorm hit the Lake Tahoe area.

A woman in Ukiah’s arrested for some recent holiday season mail and package thefts. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was surveilling neighborhoods at various rural spots around the county due to several recent mail thefts and packages being stolen over the holidays on Boonville Road. They see Jeannette Marie Long who they say was caught during a traffic stop at a gas station in Ukiah. She was found with more than ten pieces of mail from various addresses on Boonville. And she had a stun gun device on her. She was also a convicted felon and cannot possess any weapons. She’s charged with mail theft, possession of stolen property, grand theft, being a felon in possession of a stun gun, violation of probation, and for driving with a suspended drivers license and was being held on $20,000.00 bail.

A new tool from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office that will quickly alert residents when they have to evacuate. It’s a siren that Sheriff’s patrol vehicles will use in the event of an evacuation. The Hi-Lo siren sound is heard in Europe but is not familiar in
California. If residents hear the siren, it will be obvious, there’s an emergency and they have to evacuate. The idea brought to Lake County by the Napa County Sheriff John Robertson where they’ve been using it. They also have it in Sonoma and Solano County. If you would like to hear what the Hi-Lo siren sounds like you can visit and see a video posted under the In the Spotlight section. The Sheriff’s Office also encouraging community members to sign up for alerts at LakeCoAlerts. This can be done at the Sheriff’s Office website.

A man from Crescent City has been arrested for a burglary in Willits. Another man reported that Ethan Bauer took gas in the Brooktrails subdivision from his house. That person directed a deputy to his home too and the deputy found Bauer and a 2005 Chevrolet truck without license plates on Highway 20 near Main Street. The man was looking for paperwork on his truck, and the Deputy and a Willits police officer noticed there was an empty gun holster in the glove box where the man was rifling thru papers. They also saw a green gas can. The deputy then tried to look for registration and to see if there was a handgun nearby, and noticed mail from various addresses in the car. There were also checkbooks, checks, and other mail from as far away as Oregon. Bauer was arrested after a rifle was located and charged with possession of stolen property, forgery, felon possessing a firearm and mail theft and held on $35,000.00 bail.

Cops on the lookout for whoever shot a gun inside a home, injuring a man in Redwood Valley. A 19 year old man was found shot with non life threatening injuries. He says he was sleeping and heard gunshots, then felt pain. He was taken to Ukiah Valley Medical Center for treatment and nobody who may have shot the gun has been found so far.