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Reports of gang activity in Fort Bragg get the police out. Cops say they got a call about a possible gang fight after an off duty officer spotted a man and three juveniles in a tussle. The office says Emmett Williams and the three minor males were surrounding another juvenile wearing a hat with red lettering when Emmett took the hat off the kid and shoved him. Other officers arrived and Williams and the three juveniles went to leave, but officers ordered them to stop. They were headed into a home, and Williams came out and was ordered to put his hands up, out of his hoodie, but he didn’t listen, so he was arrested along with the three juveniles. Then a search warrant was served at the home to find the victim’s hat, and found the suspects were connected to the Sureño street gang. Williams was charged with robbery, conspiracy, and resisting arrest and the three juveniles are charged with robbery and conspiracy.


A former Ukiah Valley Fire District Chief is back, but in a different capacity. Dan Grebil is on board to help with the merging of the fire district with the City of Ukiah Fire Department. The City Manager Sage Sangiacomo says the position is as a consultant, at will and will be in a leadership role and lend support with fire and dispatch-related contracts. He’s making about 67 dollars an hour but won’t get other benefits and he will have a cap of no more than 960 hours a year. Grebil was the chief of the fire department until March of 2012 when he left to be the chief of the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District.

City leaders in Ukiah considering an update to the regulations in place already for medical marijuana dispensaries so recreational use can be included. The meeting tonight with the city council where the council’s ad-hoc committee on marijuana, with the Vice-Mayor Maureen Mulheren and Council member Jim Brown are reportedly proposing add retail sales of recreational weed for adults to the regulations already agreed to for retail sales of medical cannabis. They say to regulate retail cannabis is preferable to the black market and that it could help bring in money and jobs to the city. The meeting tonight at 6 in City Council chambers…

It was a suicide pact. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says they got a report of two elderly people found dead in a car in Fort Bragg. Wolfgang and Linda Bayer of Burlingame found with gunshot wounds in the 24000 Block of Highway 20. Detectives called to the scene say it didn’t appear to be a homicide, then later, it was found the two had sent a letter to a relative before they headed to Mendocino County. The couple apparently had serious medical problems and financial difficulties. Deputies say after investigating the scene and speaking to family members about the case, it seems the couple had planned the suicide and that no other person was involved.

The audience at the recent Lake County Board of Supervisors meeting breaks out in applause after the first reading of the Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance was read out loud Tuesday. It was a 3 to 1 vote after a good chunk of language in the ordinance was removed, then brought back to the board by the Community Development Department. The second reading will be next week with recommended changes including odor regulations along with air quality, tree removal restrictions and zoning, where gardens can be located, acreage they can be kept on and of course, location. There may be other changes coming too.

A man from Oakland is has pleaded not guilty to the shooting death of another man about a year and a half ago in Clearlake. David Alex Ward’s being held on no bail for several crimes, including murder, attempted murder, robbery and felon in possession of a firearm in connection to the death of Brandon McAfee in November of 2016. Clearlake police say Ward and another man were armed with an automatic weapon and went to a home demanding everyone get down on the ground. The victim was one of those in the home, who cops say refused demands and there was a struggle. A gun went off and McAfee was hit in the chest. The other suspect got away. Police say it may have been a marijuana deal gone bad.

A man from Texas wanted for arson in Lakeport has a warrant out for his arrest for not getting to court revoked. Court papers say Timothy Cofer didn’t show up at the preliminary hearing last month so a $200,000 bench warrant was issued, but then family members were there on his behalf and a bail bondsman said Cofer’s absence was excusable. So the court recalled the warrant, but Cofer’s still charged with arson and possession of a controlled substance for the incident in January at a hotel room where a fire broke out. No word on why his bail was allowed to stand without him in court. He is set to be arraigned though, March 27th.

An elderly man from Kelseyville has been arrested for child molestation. 84 year old Robin Clark Harris held on $400,000 bail after being charged with several counts of sexual conduct with a child under 14 years and contact with a person under 16 years. He was arrested last August after being accused of giving one of the kids booze and cigarettes in exchange for sex. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says he was a foster parent to the victim when it happened. He was also a school teacher in Lake County classrooms since 1963.

PG& E raises electricity bills, but gas bills were lower, so overall, bills were down for the first time in a while. At the beginning of the month customers had higher electric charges but it was offset by lower gas pricing and a credit to fight climate change. PG& E bills have been consistently going up over the last several years, so even with this small decline, combined gas and electricity bills were still higher than two years ago, by more than 18.5%.

Clearlake’s getting ready for a new park design at Austin Park. The city council’s preparing to vote on awarding the design project this week to the firm Design Workshop for under a quarter million dollars. The council’s also going to give the city manager a performance evaluation behind closed doors before their regular meeting tomorrow. Also they’ll consider road project purchases at more than a half million dollars, using Measure V sales tax funds. The city is looking to buy several items including a gas dump truck, a trailer-vactor, and a newer used grader/loader.

A mountain lion reportedly spotted in Lakeport. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports getting calls about the animal yesterday in the 2500 block of Hartley Street, outside of Lakeport city limits. The dept. says the report was that a lion looked to be going after a deer, then ran when it saw a human. This comes after four reports of mountain lion sightings last year. The Sheriff telling the city council the animal was reported to them by a Fish and Wildlife investigator because it wasn’t far from a school where others were seen before. The Sheriff urging residents to be aware and stay vigilant. They also notified the school superintendent about the sighting.

There’s a replacement for one of the directors for the Brooktrails Township Board. Tim Ramming is leaving and three people were interviewed by an ad hoc committee to replace him. The board interviewed the three at the meeting last week. Someone needed to be in place by March 10th. The board decided on 20 year resident Tiny Tyler O’Shea for the spot and she was unanimously approved. Her experience includes being a staff representative in the county’s Health and Human Services Advisory Board from 2013-14 and as General Manager for the Mendocino County Roller Derby Board of Directors.

The U-S Justice Department is suing California for its sanctuary state status. The Attorney General Jeff Sessions making the announcement saying the state’s interfering with federal immigration activities. Sessions was supposed to make an official announcement in Sacramento this morning. The lawsuit looking for the state’s immigration laws to be tossed. One of them barring cops from asking anyone about their immigration status or helping with federal enforcement activities, and another which prohibits employers from allowing immigration officials into work spaces or to look at employee files without a warrant or subpoena.

Cops on the lookout for a man they say carjacked then abandoned a truck near Hopland. The CHP working with deputies in Mendocino County, after a report a man wearing a bandanna over his face used a firearm when he stole the pickup in Ukiah. They say he then led them on a high-speed chase south on Highway 101, sometimes hitting 100 mph, but then he turned and got away off a side road south of Hopland Sho-Ka-Wah Casino. Police then found the truck about an hour later and footprints leading to a creek. The man seen in a black hat, brown jacket and light blue pants. A couple CHP choppers checking the area to no avail. They called off the search as it got dark.

More than 30 wine businesses in Napa and Sonoma County get visits from federal and state agents as part of an investigation into illegal trade and consignment sales. The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control went to wineries and distributors as part of the investigation. Apparently several million dollars being spent to find illegal trade in booze sales after similar investigations in Miami and Chicago. Those turned up “pay-to-play” situations where suppliers or wholesalers were found to be offering incentives for retailers so they’d sell their booze.

A man in Arkansas busted after cops find drugs, guns and cash, because Facebook. Sheriff’s deputies say Andy Tacker was posting items for sale on social media. It all started when a stolen gun was sold to a local pawn shop and Tacker was id’d as the seller. The Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office says he also posted pictures online of guns, drugs, and money. His Facebook profile apparently showed guns for sale, like rifles and 30-round magazines. Cops also found drugs, drug paraphernalia used for meth, marijuana, and more than $500 cash.


Congressman Mike Thompson says he’s running to stay in office. The Fifth Congressional District Representative announcing he’s filed his reelection papers to represent the district that covers all of Napa County and parts of Lake, Sonoma, Solano and Contra Costa counties. Thompson says his work’s not finished and he’s honored to run again to lead the fight to make sure criminals and dangerous individuals do not get to have guns, but to still protect the Second Amendment rights those who are law-abiding firearms owners. He says he’ll also work to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and also says, as a Vietnam combat veteran, he will never stop working to support veterans and their families.

A judge sort of siding with the Trump administration on a sanctuary state suit. The judge in U-S District Court says the fed doesn’t have to immediately award a grant to the state of California which has been withheld because of the state’s sanctuary status for people here illegally. The one million dollars being held by the federal government and the state of Calif sued to get it, but the judge said no, by way of a preliminary injunction, but he also said no to the U.S. Department of Justice looking to totally dismiss the lawsuit. The judge saying, there’s quote, "weighty and novel constitutional issues" to potentially benefit from additional argument.


A man charged with child molestation has accepted a plea deal. 40 year old Michael Cruce of Willits pleaded no contest to continuous sexual abuse of a child and for a separate charge of committing sexual acts with a child 10 years of age or younger. He gets 15 years to life for the sexual conduct with a child under 10 and 6 more years for the continuous sexual abuse count, adding up to a total of 21 years to life. He gets 3 ½ more years for a separate felony and a car crash while under the influence, where his passenger was injured. All in all, he’ll be behind bars nearly 25 years. He could also end up in treatment if deemed to be a violent sexual predator. The sentencing at the beginning of May in Mendocino County Superior Court.

The state Assembly’s considering a bill for more housing near BART stations. The bill announced yesterday would mean BART would have to approve new standards for housing development and give local governments two years to change their zoning restrictions. If a city or county doesn’t fall in line, it might lose local control of projects on BART-owned land. It’s all so local governments have to allow more homes near public transportation as housing costs skyrocket and traffic congestion gets worse. The state Senate’s also considering a bill to require cities across the state to allow more apartments and condos within a half mile of transit.

Part of a street near the Lake County Jail is being renamed in memory of a fallen sheriff’s deputy. The Lake County Public Works Department got the approval for part of Hoyt Avenue near the jail out to Rumfelt Way in memory of Deputy Robert Rumfelt after the deputy died last year and the sheriff’s office made the request. Rumfelt while working an arrest in North Lakeport. The addresses on the street now are listed as Hoyt, and that won’t change. The Board of Supervisors needed to approve the move, then the Public Works Dept. can start the changes to the road names.

Top marijuana regulators in the state saying progress is being made on the new recreational business online, but there’s still work to do. The hearing, the “First 60 Days of Proposition 64” in Ukiah last week with Assemblyman Jim Wood and Sen. Mike McGuire. Back and forth about the positives and challenges of the new market. It was also noted the state’s medical and recreational cannabis market could bring more jobs and community development, plus it could also help curtail the black market, which has been environmentally destructive and at times, violent. The Daily Journal reports those at the hearing also talked about the challenges to move licenses forward. Those working in the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control say they know there’s flaws and are making changes as they become necessary.

A burglar hits the Lucerne Alpine Senior Center and the sheriff’s office is still trying to figure out who did it. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reaching out to the public to find whoever hit the center up last month. There’s surveillance footage of two people inside early in the morning, February 21st. They got away with a set of golf clubs. Also at the prep area at Meals on Wheels, they took a bunch of food and delivery bags. The Sheriff’s office asking anyone who may have info on the caper or can identify the crooks to call.

A mom and her son, from San Francisco, died in a freak accident at a Northern Calif. ski resort after being buried in snow. The Alpine County Sheriff’s Dept. reports Olga Perkovic and her 7-year-old son, Aaron were killed after getting buried in snow when they returned home from a day of skiing and a hunk of snow the size of a trailer, dumped on the roof of their vacation home, burying them. The Undersheriff says warming temperatures can cause this to happen, but says in his and the sheriff’s time on the job, they couldn’t remember that causing any deaths. The mom and son were walking back to their condo using an alternate route when they were caught by the chunk if snow.

The snow survey in Northern Calif catching up from its last one, that was dire. Still well below average even though we got that late winter storm over the weekend. The snow water equivalent is about 9 and a half inches, just 39 percent of normal for early March. The Dept. of Water Resources says it’s been a dry winter and near record dry February. So March was great so far, the department says, but they add, continued conservation is needed, along with work to strengthen California’s water supply reliability.

The state of California to fight a judge’s ruling saying the state should consider earlier parole for some sex offenders, even those convicted of raping an unconscious person. The Governor’s administration says it’s appealing an order by a Sacramento County Superior Court Judge who’s tentatively ruled prison officials have to rewrite part of parole regulations that were in a ballot measure voters passed in 2016. There will be no inmate releases during the appeal. The ballot measure allowed most state inmates to be paroled early because of overcrowding, but Governor Brown said all sex offenders were excluded. The judge in this case disagrees though, so the state’s challenging the order.

Lawyers for a senior living facility being sued because of stranded residents during the October wildfires, says the patients themselves were responsible for getting themselves out. Oakmont Senior Living responding to the suit brought by more than a dozen plaintiffs, including elderly patients and family members. Lawyers for the facility say the plaintiffs just didn’t take “adequate precautions” and are denying all charges in the suit, brought last November. Plaintiffs say Villa Capri employees abandoned them during the Tubbs Fire. The facility was totally destroyed. The residents claim they got out only because family members helped everyone out after staff left them there.

No cheese at a cheese fest. That’s what festival goers in Brighton – in the U-K – dealt with. After getting nailed by negative reviews on social media, the organizers of the Big Cheese Festival, who promised, quote, "a plethora of the finest international cheesemakers and mongers showcasing their amazing cheeses" respond. There was also supposed to be booze and comedy and local music too, but apparently the weather kept some vendors away. So festival organizers put out a statement on Facebook saying they were just as disappointed as festival goers and offered a 50% discount to next year’s event.


Some marijuana selling states looking at ways to protect the industry from the federal government looking at sanctuary status for licensed pot businesses. Federal prosecutors promising to crack down on marijuana businesses, so the mayor of Berkeley, and one of the city council members decided they had to protect the new industry that was already bringing in cash. Now Alaska, California and Massachusetts lawmakers are also said to be considering similar bills. The moves after U-S Atty. General Jeff Sessions announced he was revoking a 2013 policy to allow legalized marijuana to grow and federal enforcement would be more hands off.

Lots of rain and snow causes an avalanche so a couple of Calif. Ski resorts close down. The Mono County Sheriff’s department says a trio of people got partially buried by a slide, but they weren’t hurt Saturday after an avalanche at Mammoth Mountain ski resort. Resort workers were trying to avert avalanches, by setting off little slides, but instead a larger one came down the mountain onto an open run filled with skiers and boarders, so the resort closed for the day. Two others were injured Friday by a slide at Squaw Valley ski resort, closing that one too. 6 feet of snow fell in some higher elevations.


After the 3rd District Supervisor Tom Woodhouse resigned a former supervisor was assigned to the seat. At the time, supervisor John Pinches said he wasn’t planning to run again for the permanent seat this year, but now says he’s changed his mind. He also has some competition. Educator Shawna Jeavons says she’s running for the seat too. She’s a teacher at Willits High. Pinches says he wants to go for another term because he doesn’t like the direction the board’s headed in. He also has ideas about licensing for Cannabis businesses, housing and new mobile home parks as well as infrastructure. Jeavons also has ideas about housing and granny units as well as Cannabis licensing ideas and the farming of pot and tourism.

A fire siren warning system has been put up in Loch Lomond, Cobb, Anderson Springs and Middletown. If you hear the sirens, it’s just a test… The Lake County Sheriff’s Department and Cal OES will be testing the system. Many local groups were part of the process, including Middletown Rancheria, Calpine, The Volunteer Fire Fighter Association, The Fire Sirens Auxiliary Group, and other community members. The Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center will be controlling the new sirens and will be in charge of alerting residents to any emergency. The sirens come after the Valley fire in 2015 where it was agreed by many that an early notification system was important in Lake County.

A lease agreement has been approved by the Lake County Board of Supervisors for Verizon to develop a communications site in Lakeport. This property near the Water Treatment Plant. The agreement so far just for the ground space, but doesn’t include approval of construction or equipment. The agreement covers three years, then Verizon gets to decide if the spot is right to put up a cellphone tower. Then, if so, it has to go thru a full review from the Planning Department then be approved by the Planning Commission. If all goes thru Verizon would then need to renew its final lease for the tower every five years and pay annual lease fees.

Congressman Mike Thompson paying a visit to a school in Lake County talking gun violence. Thompson, the chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force in Middletown Friday, meeting students after getting a letter from them with concerns about guns. He apparently promised to visit the next time he was in town. Lake Co News reports the congressman saying the dominant question was school safety and gun violence prevention. He says the students asked questions and he shared information regarding gun violence prevention in other places and he also told the kids about his experience meeting the victims of the Las Vegas massacre at a country music festival.

A woman who slid out on a wet road, drove into Sulphur Creek. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority got a call about the accident off Vichy Springs Friday afternoon. They say the woman drove thru a fence and into Sulphur Creek. She had to be extricated from the car, but apparently the water wasn’t high enough to be a major risk.

Four people inside a stolen black BMW have been detained. Police say they saw the beemer Friday night before midnight in the 500 block of S. Main Street without its headlights on and stopped the car, then found it had been reported stolen out of Napa County. There were four minors in the car. A 17 year old girl was the driver and arrested for possessing a stolen car and taken to juvenile hall, the other three were released to their families.

A new record for a fan of the Big Mac. A new Big Mac eating record to be broken by the last record-holder Don Gorske. Gorske is about to hit 30,000 McDonald’s Big Macs. He first won the honor of the most Macs consumed in 2016 for the Guiness Book of World Records, eating 28,788. He eats one or more a day, saying it’s his favorite food. He says he usually eats as many as 14 week and buys a bunch at a time, then microwaves them later. In the last 4 and a half decades, he’s only not eating a Big Mac eight times.


The Justice Department is investigating the mayor of Oakland letting locals know about impending immigration raids. More than 230 people ended up getting arrested anyway, but the White House says the Justice Department was reviewing Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s actions last weekend ahead of the raid in Northern California. A spokesperson for the mayor says they are unaware so far of any inquiry as the mayor continues to defend her actions, saying she felt it was her duty to warn residents. Oakland has declared itself a sanctuary city for anyone in the area illegally.

Almond farmers are having a problem with the weather, as rain and wind hit the area. The trees already bloomed so they’re more vulnerable to weather extremes. It was below freezing this week in some areas and some farmers say they’ve already lost several acres because of the temps, potentially losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some farmers say they may yield less this season, and that means higher prices for consumers.

A former state Assemblyman from Southern Calif is accused of making sexual advances on women. Findings in an investigation into sexual harassment released by the San Francisco Chronicle show Raul Bocanegra of the San Fernando Valley made unwanted sexual advances toward three female employees, including one incident the report says where he put a female staffer’s bracelet in his front pants pocket telling her to fish it out. The newspaper’s report shows the incidents ongoing from 2009 to 2011 while he was the chief of staff for then-assemblyman Felipe Fuentes. Bocanegra resigned last November after being accused of acting inappropriately when he was the chief of staff. He asked the Assembly to go ahead and investigate, but then investigators said he wouldn’t cooperate.

It’s that time of year again… Congressman Jared Huffman announcing his 2018 Congressional Art Competition for all high schoolers in the Second Congressional District. Huffman inviting artists along the North Coast for an opportunity to showcase their art at the U.S. Capitol. Completed works have to be submitted by April 25th. Those who win get their work displayed in the Capitol building for a year and they win two round trip tickets to Washington, D.C. for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception in June. Plus the winner’s also eligible for a scholarship for art and design college. For more info, visit the congressman’s website where you can also get the proper forms to apply.


A man from Hidden Valley charged with the murder of his wife by cop, under the proactive act doctrine, has pleaded guilty. The D-A’s office reports Joseph Mantynen and his wife had robbed Mantynen’s grandmother’s home in December in Sonoma County, then decided to hold up in a motel in Ukiah. Mantynen admitted he and his now dead wife decided they would barricade themselves in the motel and have the cops kill them “by suicide”, before they surrendered. Cops say he pulled a rifle and took a shot at them so they shot back, hitting his wife, who died. The provocative act allows a law enforcement officer to use deadly force if they feel threatened. The Mendocino County District Attorney charged Mantynen with the death of his wife and several other charges including, assault with a firearm on a Mendocino County deputy sheriff and burglary in the first degree. He’ll formally be sentenced to more than 25 years in prison at the end of the month.

Lawmakers continue their findings into the October firestorm across Northern Calif. Yesterday the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee considered changes needed on land management, building safety and firefighting services. The director of the Office of Emergency Services told the committee the state needs to speed up the pace and scale of everything they’re doing and look at the resources and capacity for what they’re doing and prepare for the next 20 years. This was the second hearing this week alone looking into the deadly 2017 wildfires across Northern and Southern California as well as subsequent mudslides. State Sen. Mike McGuire saying the state can’t afford not to take action like back in 2003 as recommendations came in to modernize the state’s mutual aid system, but that was ignored. McGuire says he believes the state’s now paying the price for that.

A man in Napa accused of using drugs to get an underage girl to have sex with him may be tried for rape. But at the preliminary hearing for 51 year old Timothy Marble, the girl, now 14, recanted some of her story. She says he actually didn’t tie her to a tree or carve his name into her arm. She says he did tie her up, but not to a tree, and that she etched his name on her arm during the next 27 hours he held her. The judge dropped some charges, but said the guy could still be tried for suspicion of aggravated sexual assault on a child and forced oral copulation. The teen said she met Marble thru her regular pot dealer and agreed to take a ride with him, then smoked weed with him, and says he shot her up with meth, then raped her. She got away later and he was arrested. He’s due back in court in a week and a half.

It cost almost 2 billion dollars to fight the wildfires in October that killed more than 40 people across Northern Calif and destroyed thousands of homes in Northern and Southern Calif. This comes from the Legislative Analyst’s Office, reporting to lawmakers. The federal government is supposed to reimburse much of that due to the emergency declaration by the president. But the state’s still on the hook for at least $370 million more than what’s set aside in the wildfire budget. The director of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services reported the 2017 wildfire season in California was nothing short of catastrophic. About one and a half billion was spent to fight fires in October then another
$300 million in December in Southern California. Those are preliminary numbers that are expected to climb.

Another homeless shelter could be coming to Ukiah. The Planning Commission is expected to consider the shelter for the south end of the city by the end of the month. The Daily Journal reports the Planning Director telling the commission they’re working with Nor Cal Christian Ministries on a final application for the day shelter on Luce Avenue, which they’re calling “Center for Hope”. It’ll be at the former Victory Outreach Church. They’re considering opening only on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and will close for lunch. The commission is looking at the project at the end of this month. The commission also to take up a couple of marijuana dispensaries next month too, one at the old Sears location on Orchard and the other on East Smith Street.

Cell phone tower permits have been approved in Ukiah, but the planning commission is deciding what the towers should look like. The permits unanimously approved for Mazzoni near Brush Street. The commission chatting about if the tower should look like a pine tree, but apparently that would make it taller than needed. In any case, the commission agreed on both the Site Development Permit and a Use Permit for US Cellular to put up a monopole and lightning rod. They’ll be in the 60-65 foot high range. Right now B&B Inc. Industrial Hardware and Metals is at the spot. There were no residents at the commission meeting to speak out about the project, and city staff says they didn’t receive any emails or letters either.

Three new police cadets get their badges in Fort Bragg. The cadets at the City Council meeting Monday where the Mayor Lindy Peters was at the podium and the Fort Bragg Police Chief pinned the badges on cadet Matt Lizarraga, his own son, and cadets Maria Ramirez and Analiese Keaton. They also received call numbers, standard, so that law enforcement can see them out in the field and quickly identify rank. The Police Chief explained at the brief ceremony that their call numbers all started with the number 5, which is for Station 5, then the letter E, which is for explorers/cadets and their identifying number. The cadets already put in more than 250 hours in training and patrol activities.

There’s a new city manager in Fort Bragg. The City Council has unanimously authorized the employment agreement for city manager, Tabatha Miller. Now she’ll oversee all of the affairs of the city. The council will give her a performance evaluation at least once a year or more if they think it’s needed. She’ll make just under 150-grand a year and get health insurance and a $150,000 life insurance policy. Miller officially starts the job Monday. Right now there’s an interim city manager in place.

There will be a parcel tax measure on the ballot for those in Fort Bragg for the Mendocino Coast District Hospital. The board of directors unanimously voted on the tax for the June ballot to try to raise about $1.7 million a year. The hospital conducted a phone and internet survey which reportedly showed voter support sitting at about two-thirds majority, what the measure needs to pass.

The Friends of the NRA planning a fundraiser in Fort Bragg, but the organization says they’re not affiliated with the National Rifle Association. The group’s been holding the event for the last five years, but this year it comes at a particularly sensitive time, less than 3 weeks after the massacre in Parkland, FL, which has renewed the gun debate. The nonprofit putting out a statement saying they’re an educational foundation who provides grant funding for education for shooting sports and the safe and responsible ownership and use of firearms … At the same time there’s locally planned protests against guns as the NRA opposes firearms regulation in the United States.

Wild Turkeys taking over a community college in Oregon where administrators say they care not about humans. A Eugene City Council member who also happens to work at Lane Community College, says they’re "gangster" turkeys and they’re leaving their mark all over campus, roaming free. Just an FYI, a group of turkeys is known as a "gang" or a "rafter." The wild birds and rats overrunning the city so the City Council’s getting involved to educate the public.

Clearlake’s getting the public involved in finding its next Police Chief. The city’s in the midst of the recruitment process, so residents and city staffers were at a forum some city council representatives, mostly agreeing there should be an open door policy and the next chief should be accessible to the community, be accountable and have integrity. They’re also seeming to lean to find a local community member or someone willing to be part of the community. A recruiting company is helping to find the right candidate.

Several local town halls congregating to find solutions to the trash problem in Lake County. The joint town hall advisory council meeting in District 3, which Jim Steele oversees, happening March 16th at the Lucerne Alpine Senior Center. County staff will be at the meeting for a question and answer session with them and Supervisor Steele. Steele says he gets persistent complaints about trash in neighborhoods and the backcountry and they need community feedback. So instead of the regular March meetings for the councils, one joint meeting will happen instead. Regular monthly meetings will pick back up in April.


Mendocino County has their new Cannabis Program Manager. The Chief Executive Officer announced Kelly Overton has been hired. He had been a process improvement and disaster management consultant with multiple nonprofits and municipalities. He’s got a Master of Public Administration from Harvard and another from Tulane University’s School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine, plus other studies and degrees in Biology and Environmental Sustainability. The hiring after the County CEO called for the creation of a Cannabis Management Unit and Cannabis Manager Position. The manager will work with various departments on county policy, streamline the process to get the Cannabis Program rolling, develop a sustainable framework for the program and create the entire infrastructure.

Fire and emergency medical dispatch services for Lake County Fire Districts are now going thru Cal Fire’s Emergency Command Center in St. Helena. They’re telling the public if they have an emergency not to do anything different, to call 911 per usual and they’ll transfer the call to the appropriate dispatch center. For non emergencies, though, or anything related to a medical condition or medical question, to contact CAL FIRE Emergency Command Center in St. Helena.

Mendocino County DA’s office is on the lookout for some associate attorneys to become prosecutors. The office posted on their Facebook page that they’re currently recruiting for smart and articulate attorneys to join the successful team of prosecutors working with the Mendocino County District Attorney. They go on to say, that depending on experience, timely applications will be considered for lawyers who are licensed to practice law in the State of California meeting the qualifications for employment as a Deputy District Attorney I, II, or III.

Deputies receive a call to Round Valley Schools regarding a potential threat by a student. School personnel say the student was threatening other students. So cops interviewed several students, staff members, parents, and other community members about any info they might have had about the reported threat. But then found there actually wasn’t a criminal threat after all. Deputies stayed at the school a while doing interviews then informed school personnel about their findings. The sheriff’s office saying they’re committed to thoroughly and effectively investigate any potential threats to a school and thanked school administrators, students, parents, school personnel, and the entire community. They also encourage students and residents to report any suspicious behavior or activities immediately.