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It won’t be long now, the Konocti Harbor Resort has a target date for reopening. The resort mostly used recently as a place for wildfire evacuees. Now the construction for a restoration of the old resort is getting underway and apparently they may start taking reservations for a spring re-opening. The resort got involved in a lawsuit back in 2004 with the U.S. Labor Department, then closed 5 years later. The resort purchased this spring by some developers out of the Bay Area. No word how much, but apparently a lot of money’s being put back into the resort. Don’t look for big concerts again outside though as there’s damage to the amphitheater. But the new owners focus is reportedly on having a quality resort by redoing rooms, pulling out old carpet, painting, rebuilding the restaurants and the bar.

A man who used to be a defense investigator in Sonoma County is now accused himself of a crime. The Press Democrat reports Jim Baker is accused of trying to change a witnesses mind about testifying against a client of his in a hit and run case. UC Berkeley’s top lawyer, Christopher Patti was killed in the crash. Jonathan Ritter of Rio Nido is accused of hitting Patti, then for trying to get a witness kidnapped and killed. Sheriff’s detectives are after Baker, taking some of his computer files and turning them over as discovery in the case. Court papers say Baker somehow got involved with Ritter trying to dissuade a witness in his manslaughter case to change part of his statement.

Lake County is considering adding to the County Code regarding illegal dumping and weed abatement. The Board of Supervisors will consider the two items on the agenda tomorrow morning. The draft ordinance to be considered on the items would include fines and penalties for those caught illegally dumping trash. The language in the agenda says the county would encourage the public not to dump illegally as it’s a threat to public health, safety and welfare. The money to pay for the program would come from fines and penalties gathered enforcing the proposed ordinance. They’ll also consider hazardous vegetation abatement or weed pulling on unimproved parcels of land.

Lakeport’s considering new police vehicles. The City Council will take up the matter at their meeting tomorrow night. The Police Chief to ask for permission to buy four fully equipped 2019 Dodge Chargers. There’s also other business including work on a hazard mitigation plan.

California officials investigating a school construction accident at Kelseyville High where a worker was killed. The accident October 23rd where a construction worker was hurt on the high school’s new shop building and died the next week from his injuries. California’s Occupational Safety and Health Dept. has been informed and is investigating the accident. They report it was an apprentice carpenter from FRC Inc. who fell from a scissor lift. Cal OSHA can also issue citations connected to the incident, but that could take up to six months. The man’s name has not been released. The construction company is located in Windsor. Lake Co News has reported there’s a Go Fund Me page for the man’s family. They’ve identified him as Juan Pablo Cuevas Jimenez, a Marine vet.

Federally restricted pesticide’s been found on land in Lake county. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office found the pesticide in September on cannabis grow sites on private property. The pesticides severely restricted by the U-S EPA. They found it on two sites in heavy concentrations and three sites had samples taken and the results are not back yet. They were all taken from the Lower Lake area and warning signs will be posted. Carbofuran was the poison found and one bird on the site was dead from it. The pesticide can cause reproductive harm, acute poisoning, and have possible long-term effects.

No more donations are being accepted by the California Democratic Party from the oil industry, but apparently oil companies are still pouring money into Democratic campaigns ahead of tomorrow’s election. Oil companies not donating to the party directly, but instead to individual candidates and other groups. A new finance report shows the petroleum industry paid more than $19 million the 2017-18 election cycle, but a lot of that’s for Republicans too. aCALmatters reports says the Republican party has dwindled in Calif. the oil industry is bolstering Democrats who hold the majority in the legislature.

A new report says California is 3rd in the country for identity theft, and that credit card fraud is about half the crimes. The Federal Trade Commission’s yearly report on consumer claims has fraud into several categories, including debt collection, identity theft, prizes/sweepstakes/lotteries, and telephone/mobile services. Debt collection in Calif. had the most claims, then identity theft and imposter scams.

A woman in Colorado arrested in a bizarre case at a new fire station. The station in Aurora flooded, ransacked and officials also found a headless bird. It happened last Monday night, firefighters left for a call but when they got back they found the mess. Apparently Yesenia Griego snuck in as the doors opened for the firefighters to drive out to their incident. They found their alarm going off, the doors open and the lights on and a fire hose going off. They found their gear ransacked, a fire extinguisher on and some broken equipment and windows. The dead bird was found in the parking lot. The woman arrested on felony burglary, criminal mischief and criminal tampering charges.


More than 100 sex offenders have been arrested in the state during the yearly Halloween sweep. The sweep to try to keep offenders away from kids during trick or treating activities. They say about 9% of all of the 1,252 parolees were contacted statewide Wednesday and on Thursday eight of those arrested were charged with new crimes and the rest were for violating conditions of their parole. Thirty offenders had pornography, two of those kiddie porn. Thirty-one with drugs, drug paraphernalia or violated other parole conditions. Thirteen had weapons. This is the 25th year of "Operation Boo."

A man accused of sending pipe bombs to prominent Democrats, including two former Presidents may have also been planning to send a device to UC Davis. The FBI reportedly telling the school Cesar Sayoc might have been targeting the university. Sayoc accused of sending CNN, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and others the devices. None exploded and nobody was hurt. He was arrested last week and has already had a few court hearings and will be tried in New York. Sayoc reportedly a major fan of President Trump’s. Agents say he searched online for the term “UC Davis.” Campus security said to be beefing up screening practices.

PG&E releasing a report on why they shut down power during a recent red flag warning. The report part of a state mandate to be transparent with the public. It was released Wednesday and says the company shut down power to about 12,000 Lake County residents the week of October 14th. In all 60,000 lost power because of a windstorm and dry conditions. The Lakeport city manager tells the Record Bee an unnecessary shutoff of power for lengthy amounts of time is bad for business. She also says the utility company didn’t communicate some areas wouldn’t lose power at all, so several thousand people warned never lost power. But she says she expects better communication the next time power has to be shut off. The utility company says they consider temporary shutdowns as a last resort in extreme weather.

Thanksgiving will be celebrated this year again at the Ukiah Senior Center. The yearly event with a noon meal for a couple hundred seniors and their families. Local organizations donate goods for the shindig so it’s affordable for local seniors. Friedman’s Home Improvement’s donating 20 turkeys and the Savings Bank of Mendocino County is also putting money into the event. The Daily Journal reports the event sells out way in advance with limited tickets sold. They also hold their yearly fundraiser to help support many other events and services at the Center. They say they’re hoping to raise as much as $50,000 to keep operating through the end of 2019.

Tickets can be purchased for Ukiah Senior Center members and a guest for $8 each, and $10 for nonmembers.

A budget discussion at a special meeting of the Fort Bragg Unified School District Board of Trustees. Lower enrollment and rising costs for pension contributions is causing a potential budget gap. The Chief Business Officer for the school district says they can pay all projected obligations this year and two more years beyond that, but there’s a structural deficit. The board looked at ways they can save money to avoid a budget hole but it could affect student learning. The board agreed they should set aside money for reserves, above the current minimum of 3%. So they’re looking at another 6 percent to avoid a budget crisis. They’ll keep the conversation going at the next budget workshop after the New Year.

The band program in the Fort Bragg Unified School District’s getting a cash infusion. They got two donations of $4,000 so the band can buy new instruments. The Cummings Foundation with that donation so the schools got a matching donation from the Robert and Mary Kroninger Foundation for another $4,000. The new band teacher at the schools says the donations will help a lot so students have access to quality instruments. They bought flutes, saxophones and clarinets.

Weed and wine… Francis Ford Coppola’s done a deal with the Humboldt Brothers out of Garberville for a limited edition of three cannabis flower strains. The company that owns Humboldt County marijuana farms is producing the Grower’s Series by Francis Ford Coppola. It can be purchased at some licensed dispensaries and from a Bay Area marijuana-delivery service called Chill. Coppola commented on the partnership saying wine and cannabis are two ancient and bounteous gifts of Mother Nature and says the Grower’s Series reflects California agricultural expertise creating a true blend of art and science.

Money is still available for some who’ve lost their homes due to fires in Lake County. Lake Co News reports on a family from Cobb who are in their new home built by volunteers with Hope City. The Guzman family got a CalHome loan with 0-percent interest and no payment necessary for 30 years. Hammers for Hope also gave the family a grant thru North Coast Opportunities. The CalHome Loan is made possible thru the state Department of Housing and Community Development for low-to moderate-income households for those who owned or rented a home destroyed in recent fires. There’s about a million dollars in CalHome loans expected to be given to those in Lake County still thru the end of the year.

If you would like more information about CalHome Loans, and to see if you qualify, please call Jon Kennedy at 707-489-4647 or email him at jkennedy.

If you have lost your home to any of the recent fires, help is available, please contact Team Lake County case management and Peggy O’Day at 707-994-2910 or email poday.

Ten people in Lake County could be in trouble with the state on suspicion of being unlicensed contractors. More than 2,000 homes destroyed across Lake County in fires the last three years. The last couple weeks of October, the Contractors State License Board working with the Lake County District Attorney’s Office worked an undercover sting to find unlicensed contractors near fire zones. They asked supposed contractors to give them bids and ten people who showed up giving bids of more than the $500 threshold for labor and/or materials. Three of them busted on misdemeanors and could face fines, five for phony advertising and the others on various charges. The cases forwarded to the Lake County District Attorney’s Office with a recommendation for criminal filings.

The numbers are looking better for homeless veterans in Lake and Mendocino counties. The U.S. Housing and Urban Development released its annual Homeless Assessment Report showing homeless vet numbers were down nearly 5.5 percent since last year, that totaled to almost half the number of homeless vets reported in 2010. The HUD secretary made the announcement with the Dept. of Veterans affairs. The numbers after the yearly count known as a “Point in Time” which estimates the number of homeless vets in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs and in unsheltered locations. There was a nearly 50% drop in homeless vets in Lake County. The same in Mendocino County and California had about a 5 percent drop.

Two men charged with an armed robbery and murder in Clearlake in court for proceedings ahead of their jury trials. David Ward of Oakland and Daniel McRae of Santa Rosa charged in the Nov. 2016 death of Brandon McAfee and for attempted murder and a botched marijuana robbery. The two men accused of going to McAfee’s house with McRae holding an automatic weapon demanding those inside get down, but McAfee apparently didn’t comply and ended up in a struggle with the intruders and the weapon discharged with McAfee getting hit in the chest and dying at a hospital. The two men ran from the home but were caught earlier this year. The two men are held in the Lake County Jail with no bail and are expected to be back in court after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wildlife officials on the lookout for whoever killed an elk with arrows and left it dead on the ground in Elk Meadow in Redwood National and State Parks. A ranger found the dead animal in an area where hunting is prohibited by federal and state law. Redwood National and State Parks and California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers found the animal was left intact. They’re asking anyone who may have information to call Rangers or you can call the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and leave an anonymous tip. There are seven Roosevelt Elk herds in the Redwood National and State Parks area on acreage in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.

A warning from the Centers for Disease Control this Halloween week, telling folks not to use dead bats as Halloween decorations. The national Fish & Wildlife Service reports getting illegal dead bats that were being shipped to the U.S. They say they’re supposed to be fully taxidermied because dead bats can carry disease. Since they’re coming from outside the country, they can also carry disease not known in the U-S.

The tallest dam in America is ready to take on winter. After the February 2017 massive fail at the Oroville Dam and more than a billion dollars to fix it, officials say it will be in full working order this winter almost two years after thousands were sent running from their homes. Concrete’s been poured but the main spillway still needs to cure for a month. There’s also some other finishing touches. The California Department of Water Resources announced crews are pouring concrete on the emergency spillway too. The two dams eroded and came apart during heavy rain in 2017, so nearly 200-thousand people were evacuated. State officials had said they’d be done with the work by November 1st so the dam could dry by December. The cost was $1.1 billion so far with FEMA paying 75% of that and the rest will be covered by State Water Project customers.

Big money flowing in the mid terms. In Calif. more than 100 million dollars spent on a ballot measure against Proposition 8, the proposition would mean less profits for dialysis clinics, and if it passes, means clinics would have to give rebates to insurance companies and pay a penalty to the state. This may be the most money on a single side of a ballot measure in the country. Proposition 10 is also getting millions poured into fighting it. This one to allow governments to expand rent control. Essentially landlords have been allowed to raise rent when a tenant moves out. This could curb that. And proposition 5, not nearly as much spent as the other two, but still millions to change California’s property tax law. Right now if you sell a home, then buy new, you pay on the sales price of the new home, not on appreciation. The new law, if it passes, would allow some to keep the rate from their previous house.

A group of supporters of the Yokayo Bowling Center out on the street to bring awareness to the matter. The Daily Journal reports the “Stand Together and Help Save Yokayo Bowling Center” rally happened Sunday in support of the bowling center owner who also started a fundraiser so he could keep the center in its current location. About 100 people came out and another 7,000 have signed a petition to help the business. The owner says it’s been some time since he’s heard again from the owners of the building or their property manager. The lease ends December 31st and the owner’s trying to stay.

An interfaith vigil’s being held in Ukiah to memorialize those killed in the synagogue in Pittsburgh. The vigil tomorrow at 6 PM at the Alex Thomas Plaza for 11 minutes in memory of the 11 people gunned down last Saturday in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. A week later, Nov. 9th will be a community interfaith prayer and study at Kol Ha’Emek Synagogue, 8591 West Road in Redwood Valley.

A man in Covelo’s been arrested for battery and criminal threats. Mendocino Deputies get a call last Friday to a home for an assault. A woman there says her boyfriend assaulted her, hitting her several times and threatening her. They found her with several injuries for which she had to seek medical attention. Kenneth Whipple arrested and since he was on probation, he was held by his parole officer for arrest. He’s charged with felony domestic violence battery, making criminal threats, violating his probation and his post release supervision and held on no bail in the Mendocino County Jail.

A man in Ukiah’s been arrested as part of a gang round up. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office had a traffic stop and found Michael Montano and his 15 year old passenger in gang attire and were known to be part of a local street gang. The teen was on probation and not allowed to associate with gang members or wear gang colors. Then cops searched the car and found a loaded handgun and a couple of masks. Montano was arrested for carry a loaded firearm in vehicle, participating in criminal street gang and violation of probation and held on $15,000 bail and the minor was taken to Mendocino County Juvenile Hall.

A man in Butte County’s been arrested in connection to the rape of a child. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives got a call about a 9 year old being assaulted on a camping trip in Fort Bragg. The child’s guardian reported the incident which happened at the beginning of September. They identified the suspect as Aaron Burrows. Paradise Police turned over the investigation to the Sheriff’s Dept. the D-A issued a warrant for Burrow’s arrest for a felony count of sexual assault. He surrendered himself to the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and was booked on the warrant with bail set at $250,000.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors are holding an economic vitality meeting. The meeting next Tuesday, election day, from 1:30-3:30 pm at the Board of Supervisors chambers on Low Gap Road. The County’s Executive Office working with the Economic Development and Financing Corporation (EDFC) and West Business Development Center for the presentations on current business climate. Plus some industry leaders and stakeholders will give insights for wine, agriculture, cannabis, tourism, real estate and technology sectors. The Chairman of the Board says since they’re getting closer to their budget planning cycle, they’re looking for any potential changes to the economy and how to invest in economic growth with limited resources.

As much as $4 billion doled out to Medi-Cal for premiums and claims since the state reportedly didn’t follow up on some discrepancies with eligibility. This info for the years 2014 through 2017 in an audit showing nearly a half million people in the state who were recorded as eligible for Medi-Cal in the state’s system were listed as ineligible in county systems. The California auditor’s office says half of them weren’t fixed for more than two years. They add that some who were eligible were improperly denied services. The agency that administers the state’s Medicaid program, the Department of Health Care Services says it agrees with the auditor’s recommendations and would be fixing the problem.

The man behind the intended repeal of California’s gas tax, now says he’s going to start a campaign to get the Attorney General recalled if the measure fails. Carl DeMaio, a conservative radio talk host out of San Diego says State Attorney General Xavier Becerra deceived voters with a ballot title that didn’t accurately explain that Proposition 6 would reduce gas taxes. The ballot measure’s official summary, De Maio says, instead focuses on getting rid of road repair funds. DeMaio says it’s consistent with messaging from the initiative’s opponents. But Becerra says courts sided with him on a different gas tax repeal with a similar ballot title that didn’t qualify for the ballot.

Congressmembers John Garamendi and Mike Thompson in town meeting with veterans in Lake County. The two leaders at the Joy Madeiros Veterans Museum in Lakeport to hear from veterans. Apparently several in the crowd were supportive of using cannabis and alternative medicine instead of opioids as the opioid crisis is big with veterans. They asked Thompson and Garamendi if the federal government will ever get on board and legalize marijuana. But marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule 1 drug, with other more serious drugs, so the federal government can’t support research on marijuana.

87 Indian Tribes in Calif. Are getting millions in funding for environmental programs and water infrastructure. The Environmental Protection Agency with an announcement recently at the Pacific Southwest Region’s 26th Annual Tribal/EPA Conference which was held in San Francisco. The money to go to help provide safe drinking water for their communities and for other important environmental programs. The money for water quality monitoring, watershed protection and restoration, water and energy efficiency, and wastewater recycling and treatment. The EPA’s Pacific Southwest Region covers 148 tribal nations and half of all tribal lands in the country.

A judge has reduced a massive verdict against Monsanto to a Northern California groundskeeper who says the company poisoned him, causing his cancer. DeWayne Johnson was awarded 289 million, but the judge reduced it to $78 million and Johnson accepted the award. He could have asked for a new trial instead. The jury had unanimously awarded him the money after deciding Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer caused his cancer. His doctor took the stand too, saying he has less than three years to live. His lawyer says he disagrees with the settlement, but is accepting it. There are about 8,000 similar lawsuits against Monsanto, similar in nature.

Some forest thinning taking place in the Mendocino National Forest after agreements were made with the Mendocino County Blacktail Association and the Mule Deer Foundation. The thinning of 600-acres of wildlife habitat improvement and hazardous fuels reduction if money’s available. So far they’ve cleared 170 acres contributions by partners and agency funds. The clearing of the acreage to protect areas from major wildfires in the Covelo Ranger District. They found some large oak trees crowding other trees which could make them more susceptible to getting infected by too many insects, disease and severe wildfires. They’ve cleared the area so deer can get the food they need to survive, thinning conifer, and hardwood trees to leave more spacing between trees.

A man in Fort Bragg has been arrested for showing a gun to another person at a campground. Mendocino Deputies get a call to the Wildwood Campground finding Christopher Doty had already left the area, but that he was holding either a shotgun or rifle. But the person who called police said they didn’t care to press charges, but did give a description of Doty’s vehicle. Deputies found the car later on Highway 20 headed towards the campground and stopped him. They say he would not comply and tried to get away at a high rate of speed. Deputies headed into the campground and heard multiple people yelling and screaming and found Doty nearly hitting another car, then running away, abandoning his car. He was finally found with 12 gauge ammo on him. There had been a loaded 12-gauge double barrel shotgun on his front passenger seat. He’s not allowed to have weapons due to his past and on probation. He was held in Mendocino County Jail and held on $40,000.00 bail.

A man in Ukiah’s been arrested on several charges after a reported domestic incident. Mendocino Deputies say Dean Stevens was headed south in the 800 block of North State Street and a sergeant knew there was a Be-On-the-Look-Out notice issued for Stevens. The deputy says Stevens gave him a fake name at a traffic stop then he started the car and took off. The Sheriff’s office sent deputies after him for running stop signs and speeding. He finally stopped and was arrested for felony evading, violation of parole, and providing a false name to a Peace Officer. He’s booked into the Mendocino County Jail and held without bail.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, Mendocino branch is opening an office in Ukiah. Tomorrow will be an open house at the new office at 2 p.m. They’ll be giving tours of the new space which features a lending library with books on mental illness and related subjects. This is a local branch of the nationwide grassroots mental health organization. The local organization is offering support for family members and others who suffer from mental illness. They also have classes and Crisis Intervention Training for law enforcement and first responders.

NAMI Mendocino’s Grand Opening will take place on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 564 S. Dora St., Suite E, Ukiah from 2 to 7 p.m. For more information, call (707) 485-2008.

A Grant Information Workshop’s taken place for the Community Foundation of Mendocino County. The event was Tuesday showing local nonprofits how to apply for several different grants the foundation offers. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given out in the past. The Daily Journal reports there are two different grants to be applied for; the Community Enrichment Grant program for community-based projects that can benefit the general public, a significant subgroup of the population, or improve an organization; and the Field-of-Interest Grant focuses on a certain area of interest such as the environment, arts, human services, or keys in on a particular geographical area. Applications are available thru December 20th.

PG&E has given $5,000 to the City of Willits to help update the city’s Emergency Operations Plan. The plan updates public safety infrastructure thru the PG&E Better Together Giving Program. Last year the utility company provided more than 1,700 donations to Northern and Central California organizations who support education and workforce development, economic and community vitality, emergency preparedness and safety and environmental issues. The Willits Police Chief says it will help them prepare for natural disasters or other emergency situations. They’ll use it along with FEMA money from the past to update their plan with a consultant overseeing it.

A resident of Forestville fighting and winning against PG&E to have a large electrical utility tower taken down. Many complaints and the County itself got involved saying the base of the massive tower impeded roadside drainage and it was bigger than actually allowed. So a couple streets have to be closed down and power turned off for customers near the pole. The whole thing should be done by tomorrow. Sonoma County’s Permit & Resource Management Department issued a permit to PG&E last year to replace another pole, but apparently the pole turned out to be not had been applied for.

A campaign against impaired driving with the California Highway Patrol and the state Office of Traffic Safety continues. The program Reducing Alcohol Impaired Driving, also known as RAID officially started October 1st and is set to continue thru next Sept. focusing on education and enforcement. The RAID grant so the CHP can have more checkpoints, DUI patrols and classes to educate the public across the state. They’re trying to make roads safer and help educate the public about how dangerous it is to drive impaired. They’ll also be heavily involved in the state’s Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over efforts.

Another utility company blamed for a massive fire, one of the biggest to ever burn in the state. Southern California Edison admitted yesterday their equipment may have been what started one of two ignition points which turned into the Thomas fire which burned in California’s central coast last year. Flames were apparently seen by the utility’s power poles in Ventura County last December. Now the company says it thinks their equipment was associated with the ignition. There are also several dozen lawsuits against the energy company associated with the Thomas Fire, but the company had previously not admitted its equipment could be at fault. The company has not said if it may also be responsible for the second ignition area about 6 miles away. The fire was the largest in California history before the Mendocino Complex Fire this past summer. The Thomas fire burned 440 square miles and burned more than 1,000 buildings in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Two people died. Then mudslides killed another 21 people due to heavy rain coming down on scarred land.

Three students at a high school in Humboldt County end up in the hospital after eating pot laced brownies. Redheaded Blackbelt news site reports it happened yesterday after three sophomores at South Fork High School overdosed on marijuana laced brownies. The Sheriff’s office reports they went to the high school for a possible Health and Safety Code violation. They kept the whole thing on the down low due to minors being involved. Other students reporting a sophomore boy brought the pot brownies tos chool and handed them out. One girl who ate one had a seizure in abathroom and hit her head, another threw up in a hallway. A couple ambulances and local fire dept. responded and the three affected students went to a hospital. The sophomore boy reportedly taken from school by a deptuty. No word if he was cited or arrested.

Cops called out to an energy company in Charlotte, NC for a suspicious package which turns out to be a cassette tape. The small manila envelope with handwriting addressed from out of state to Duke Energy and then a bomb squad and police investigate finding the Journey cassette inside. The mailroom employees called police and a police dog also came in as the building was evacuated and roads were closed…

A new agreement’s been reached by the Lake County Board of Supervisors and the Lake County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. The Association without a contract since January, but the new contract apparently doesn’t have a pay raise or an increase in healthcare benefits. The Association says the Sheriff’s Office is also facing a critical staffing crisis. The Association says the public isn’t really aware of the magnitude of the problem even though the Sheriff and Undersheriff have frequently voiced the problem. There’s a 30% vacancy rate currently. The Association warning citizens will have to wait for a response and sometimes they may not get a response at all. They add that it’s hard to recruit new deputies if healthcare benefits aren’t great. Right now out of pocket for a family is at more than $1,400 with other law enforcement agencies paying more and with better healthcare contributions. The Association calling on the County Supervisors to make staffing issues at the Sheriff’s Office a priority.

Due to dangerous fire weather conditions, with high winds expected in Northern California and Bay Area counties, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services has been strategically placing critical fire response resources including strike teams of fire engines, firefighters, water tenders and emergency dispatchers in designated impacted areas. This means there’s staff early this evening into tomorrow in Napa County, Marin County, Sonoma County, Contra Costa, Alameda and the Lake County Operational areas. They will all stay in place until the fire weather conditions have improved, and more staff could be added if needed. The National Weather Service has forecasted low relative humidity and winds that could hit up to 50 miles an hour or higher in isolated areas so there might be Red Flag weather conditions across parts of the North Bay Hills in Northern California well into tomorrow night.

A man in Willits has been arrested in connection to a breaking and entering and rape. A woman called police in January to say Marcus Caldwell had broken into her house and forced himself on her, raping her, then running away. Caldwell had been known to the victim before. Cops say Caldwell also cut electricity to the woman’s home before he went inside, but he denied ever being there. He volunteered a DNA sample though, which he said would clear him. Then last week, the results came in showing a match to Caldwell. The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office issued a warrant for his arrest and he was charged with one count of forcible rape and held in the Mendocino County jail on $500,000 bail. He also has a no-contact restraining order against him prohibiting any contact with the victim.

A young woman from Fortuna’s been arrested with a man, the two had more than 100 pounds of pot on them. In Missouri, 22-year-old Rosa Maldonado and Daniel Silva were arrested with 112 pounds of marijuana. Their arresting officer said when they were pulled over he observed the two, quote “sitting in a rigid posture.” When the officer spoke to them through the car window he could smell weed and dryer sheets, so he searched. That’s when four large duffle bags were found with all the marijuana individually wrapped at about a pound each. The pair were arrested for transportation of marijuana and Silva was also charged with being an undocumented foreign national.

The Fort Bragg City Council has approved Measure H to let voters decide if there should be a new tax to bring in several hundred thousand dollars. The initiative for the so-called add-on transaction to bring in more than 620-thousand dollars a year. City staff is estimating as much as a $150,000 a year hike in the city’s pension costs over the next seven years, then pension costs doubling by 2024, going from about $1 million to about $2 million. Measure H will be on the ballot next Tuesday. The City Council also talked about city pools at their meeting last week. The repair of city pools to cost more than anticipated so the city’s been doing temporary repairs and they’re now trying to find a contractor for the work after the last one stopped answering inquiries from the city.

Work in Ukiah on a fuel break which is supposed to protect the Western Hills is moving along. The Daily Journal reports the Ukiah Fire Marshal says a shaded fuel break will probably be worked on in coming weeks, in late fall or early winter, with completion by next fire season. They’re also planning upkeep on dozer lines in the same area, mainly from Low Gap Road to Highway 253. The city’s also working with Cal Fire on the Robinson Creek drainage area between Ukiah and Boonville where they’re considering a controlled, preventative burn this winter on 600 acres. They’re also working with neighborhood groups on preventative measures ahead of the next fire season.

Signups have begun for those interested in getting an apartment on Brush Street. A nonprofit – Resident Services for the Corporation For Better Housing is accepting applicants. The new apartment complex called Brush Meadow Apartments is similar to one in Calistoga which was dedicated to farmworkers and their families. The building, put up by Integrated Community Development said to be a “sustainable development” that will also be run with energy efficient appliances, solar energy and low water fixtures. It’s designated for farmworkers who have to meet income restrictions due to its funding thru the USDA. Rent will range from $400-$1,000 month depending on size.

For more info, call 833-422-4224 and leave a message with their “name, email address and phone number to get an email with information and an application.

Residents in Clear Lake Riviera concerned about a proposed cell tower. The Lake County Planning Commission may take up the matter in December, residents concerned about possible fire danger. The Record Bee reports some also saying it would get in the way of a safe evacuation in the event of a fire near the tower. It would be put up in a lot near a small vineyard covered in brush and feature an 85-foot tall “mono-pine” imitation tree. The tower could run cell service for up to four carriers. If it’s approved construction could start within three months. The Planning Commission has not approved the project yet and there’s so far no building permit. The commission is tentatively supposed to consider the project in December.

A vineyard worker in Napa has been killed in an accident with a grape-harvesting machine. The Press Democrat reports emergency crews got a call yesterday that the worker got stuck inside the equipment at Deconinck Vineyards. He’s been identified as 49-year-old Leon Marcelo Luna. His family says he was working next to the device and an item of his clothing got caught and the machine pulled him in.

Winds are supposed to be picking up so the Cal Fire Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit is beefing up resources in Lake County and across the North Bay as a precaution. Lake Co News reports on the red flag warning in effect thru tomorrow morning. The National Weather Service forecasting high winds and low humidity for the North Bay Mountains and parts of interior Northern California. It means there could be critical fire weather conditions with fast moving wind, low relative humidity and warm temperatures. Temperatures expected to be in the upper 70’s, then in the low 40’s overnight. Cal Fire reports hand crews and bulldozers at the ready 24/7 during these conditions with added emergency command center staff and others prepared to be in command and control functions if there’s a major fire.

Clearlake Police will now be the point agency for emergencies. The Clearlake Police Department had applied to be a 911 Public Safety Answering Point. They’ve been approved by the state. The Sheriff’s Office had been the answering point, but the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Public Safety Communications, California 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Branch has informed the police department they’re approved to take over. There had been complaints that when the sheriff’s office would transfer calls to police, there was a delay. So now the police department gets several thousand dollars to buy equipment for the transition. After all is set up, Clearlake Police can answer landline and wireless 911 calls in the city, including new text-to-911 calls.

The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor has been given to four CHP officers and a deputy in the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department. Gov. Jerry Brown and the Attorney General Xavier Becerra presented the awards Monday. The award created in 2003 allows the governor to award the medals to public safety officers recognized by the attorney general for extraordinary valor above and beyond the call of duty. The officer’s agencies nominate them. Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Harris, California Highway Patrol Officers Phil Agdeppa, Pete Gavitte, Whitney Lowe and Chad Millward all received the awards for extraordinary bravery, heroism, and courage.

A beating with a cane over a piece of pizza in San Francisco. Police say a woman beat a man to death with a metal cane. Harvey Grosser was killed in September. He was found with a skull fracture and died in the hospital. Police say it happened after the suspect got mad at the victim over a slice of pizza. Not a lot more is known about the incident. Jamila Moore was booked into county jail on suspicion of murder.

A man found whipped in the head with a rifle in Southern Humboldt County. The man called dispatch himself and deputies went to the home, finding the caller was in some sort of fight with his dad because of his cat taking food off their barbecue. Red Headed Blackbelt news site reporting the son went next door to make sure the cat was safe, and got into an altercation with his dad, saying his dad, who was armed with a .22 caliber rifle at the time, possibly to shoot the cat, and they got into a struggle over the rifle and the son was hit with the barrel of the rifle in the head. The son hurt and dad got a cut on his hand. Neither wanted to press charges and the son went to the hospital in Garberville for treatment.

Three people have been arrested for heroin dealing in Humboldt County. The Humboldt County Drug Task Force serving search warrants and arriving with a police dog to a home in Eureka finding Carlos Sanchez-Gallego. They say he had almost 9 pounds of heroin ready to be sold with an estimated street value of about $270,000. Another man with him, Jose Ochoa-Ayon tried speeding away from the area in a different car. He was caught and cited for driving in a reckless manner and was not chased for safety reasons, but he was found soonafter nearby. Another man also caught nearby with drugs and possible drug money. The three brought to jail on various charges including possession of a controlled substance for sales, transportation of a controlled substance and criminal conspiracy to distribute heroin.