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A part of U.S. Highway 101 north of Legget that’s been blocked by a landslide since Monday could be partially re-opened later this week. A Caltrans District 1 Public Information Officer says they are working to get a lane open but the slide is still considered active so it’s slow going to clear it and more rain is expected. It’s about 10 miles north of Leggett in a spot that was already under one-way traffic since February due to a slide, but the Monday slide took out a retaining fence. The detour on the Northern end involves taking 299 or 36 to I-5 although crews are also still clearing a slide on 299 near Big Bar, so that’s also a slow trip with a one-lane-only section.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has a new tool for getting out emergency messages as well as finding missing folks: it’s a new high-tech loudspeaker called a Long Range Acoustic Device, or L-RAD. The Board of Supervisors gave the Sheriff the green light to buy the $7,300 speaker, which can be up 30 decibels louder than a typical bullhorn or patrol car P.A. system. Sheriff Tom Allman tells the Daily Journal they can use it to search for missing hunters and mushroom pickers who are often deep in the woods and can hear sirens but not messages. He says they can also use it to warn residents in case of a tsunami and could also potentially use it when trying to communicate to someone barricaded in a building.

There’s a new leader at the Mendocino County Tourism Commission. Alan Humason has been tapped as the new executive director, responsible for reporting to the board and supervising staff, contractors and vendors within the Commission’s $1.56 million annual budget. The Commission says Humason’s selection follows an intensive search focused on someone who could pivot the competitiveness of what they call one of the nation’s most majestic destinations with 90 miles of prime Pacific coastline, 24 state/national parklands and 450-plus unique accommodations along the scenic Highways. The Commission says Mendocino County tourism supports nearly 6,000 jobs generating nearly $166 million in annual earnings and the Board Chairman says Humason’s experience in destination marketing as well as strategic planning set Mendocino County up as a vital contender for competitive tourism dollars.

A man from Fort Bragg wanted for illegally having weapons has been arrested. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports finding Jesse Peters in Fort Bragg this past Saturday night. Deputies say Peters had an outstanding warrant but found a concealed fixed blade knife, or dagger when searching him. He’s arrested and booked with no bail into the Mendocino County Jail.

A vote coming by the Ukiah City Council regarding the city joining a regional water group to manage its water. The Ukiah Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency would be a Joint Powers Authority that multiple local water districts are part of. It would also meet a state requirement, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act with a deadline of the end of June. The Daily Journal reports the new agency’s purpose would be to implement that state law and to achieve certain sustainability goals. It would also mean the city would be working more closely with the public on water issues. The members of the regional agency would be, Mendocino County, the city of Ukiah, Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District, and the Upper Russian River Water Agency which includes the Willow, Calpella, Redwood Valley and Millview water districts and the Russian River Flood Control District. The city council to consider the new agency at their meeting tomorrow night at 6.

Fort Bragg has put commercial Marijuana policies on hold. The Public Safety Committee of the Fort Bragg City Council was set to discuss the possible local regulations but have postponed for a month. In a press release, the city states the discussion could be “robust” because of all of the information there is to cover since Prop. 64 passed. The city looking to make sure they give the topic the attention and discussion it needs, so they will take up the matter May 17th. A representative from the League of California Cities has also been invited to the meeting for a presentation. The city says if that representative cannot attend, they will have the proper information to help lead the discussion anyway.

Congressman Mike Thompson back from a trip to Japan and South Korea comes down hard on the leader of North Korea and President Trump. Thompson says Kim Jong Un would do anything to stay in power, even if it’s not “particularly rational”. He says he could even start a nuclear war if he felt threatened. The Press Democrat reports Thompson also talking about Vice President Mike Pence’s comments during a visit to South Korea yesterday, saying the “era of strategic patience is over,” something President Barack Obama was blamed for. But Thompson, a Vietnam War Vet himself says that kind of language could provoke an unstable Korean dictator.

The regular monthly meeting of the Cobb Area Council this week and they’re talking roads and broadband. The meeting Thursday from 6 to 8 pm at the Little Red Schoolhouse/Cobb Mountain Lions Club with a presentation from the director of Lake County Public Works regarding area streets. They will also cover state road funding deadlines. The meeting will also cover broadband with a presentation by AT&T. They’ll also discuss cell service for the area.

The city of Clearlake reminding those who want to grow Marijuana outside they need to register. The deadline to register with the city is May 1st. If you’re interested, you’ll have to register your property as a proper outdoor cultivation site with a formal application. It’s $150 to register. Don’t forget to bring along a notarized signature from the owner of the property who agrees to allow marijuana growing on their premises, if it’s not your own property. If not, the names of those who lease, or the name of the owner, a valid photo ID, proof of residence for whoever lives at the home and of course the physical address of where the marijuana will be cultivated along with a drawing, to scale, with a detailed description. As a reminder, the city of Clearlake will not allow any more than six plants to be grown outdoors.

Another step closer to that Costco in Ukiah. The city’s gone over the last hurdle in order to borrow $4 million for road improvements which have to be done before the big box store could open in town. The Daily Journal reports it’s the last step of the iBank loan that’s been approved to reconfigure the Talmage Road intersection with the 101 and changes to Airport Park Boulevard and other streets too. A senior analyst with the city told the city council they’re 90-percent of the way there with the loan application, using City Hall as collateral for the loan. The Costco project has been delayed due to lawsuits filed for another environmental impact report and the roadwork.

A man accused of the murder of a missing woman near Sacramento has a history of violence. That according to court papers showing the background of Teris Vinson who was arrested last week on unrelated weapons charges. He was charged yesterday with the murder of 28-year-old Janet Mejia. The Sacramento State graduate disappeared last week and three days later her body was found in Placer County. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s office says it looked like she had been shot and her body dumped on the side of the road. Court papers say Vinson pleaded no contest in 2012 to felony domestic violence and for the same a year later with kidnapping too, but that charge was dropped. He got two years in prison. Vinson will be arraigned on the murder charges tomorrow.

Representatives at Humboldt State University are asking for the public’s help finding whoever stabbed a student. The university says anyone who knows anything about the death of David Lawson should speak with Arcata Police as soon as possible. Lawson, also known as Josiah, was murdered Saturday morning in Arcata. Police had officers on campus talking to students who wanted to give a statement. The school also offering counseling for students who may need it.

The legislature is considering several bills related to California State University campuses. There will be teachers and students at the capitol to testify at various hearings. One of the bills in play might freeze tuition to December 2016 levels. This bill just weeks after trustees agreed to raise tuition 5 percent next year. Another bill would freeze tuition for five years starting in 2018 and put a 10 percent cap on how many out-of-state undergrads there are and ban state-funded financial aid for out-of-state students. There’s also another though that would protect undocumented students and others regarding housing availability and the associated costs of living near a state college.

Another A for Ukiah Valley Medical Center. For the third year in a row the hospital got an A grade from the Leapfrog Group for a commitment to improve patient safety through reducing errors, infections, and accidents that can harm patients. The grade from the nonprofit that says they’re committed to driving quality, safety, and transparency in the U.S. health care system. The hospital says its thankful to its providers, nurses, volunteers and staff for the high quality, patient-centered care they’re recognized for. The grade comes after looking at 30 areas for hospital safety. They grade 2,600 hospitals every year. For the entire report, you can log onto or follow the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade on Twitter or Facebook.

US Highway 101 remains closed about 6 miles north of Leggett due to a rockslide and according to the Cal Trans website it could be for at least a week. This is the same location that has been under one-way traffic control for about five weeks but early this morning a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant went called to assist the Humboldt CHP on the slide on Highway 101 and at that point the road was closed. Cal trans says the slide is still active and a timeframe for Hwy 101 to reopen is not known but they putting on their website April 28. On the Humboldt side, southbound Hwy 101 is closed at Confusion Hill and northbound side is closed at Hwy 1.

Fort Bragg has hit pause on more discussion about commercial cannabis uses and policies until next month. The City Council’s Public Safety Committee was set to discuss some potential policies at their meeting Wednesday, but said today they have postponed it until next month. The City said in a press release there is a lot of information to cover since the passage of Proposition 64 and to ensure the topic receives sufficient attention and discussion, the agenda item has been rescheduled for May 17. The city says they have invited a representative from the League of California Cities to attend that meeting and give a presentation. And they say anyone interested in commercial cannabis uses in the city of Fort Bragg is encouraged to review the agenda for the May 17 meeting, which will be published on May 12.

The Ukiah City Council to consider a promotion for an analyst to become deputy city manager. The Daily Journal reports the council will be asked to promote Shannon Riley from senior management analyst to the new position Wednesday. The newspaper reports a staff report for the meeting shows there’s enough money to reclassify Riley’s job, but the council had previously asked for the subject to be brought back to them. With the promotion, it would mean salaries in the city manager’s office would be at more than $400,000. The current City Manager was the assistant city manager before too, but after his promotion, that position was cut. In his report he says the size of the department and the services they provide would benefit from another person with this experience and authority and says it won’t cost the city much more.

Transients who had been living near Ray’s Food Place in Clearlake are no longer. The Record Bee reports the city had given the homeless camped out there notice to leave and last Thursday they did. There had been multiple reports of unauthorized trespassing and camping on the property since the store closed permanently last November. The City Manager says the property owner had sent notifications to the city of the unauthorized use so Clearlake Police officers went out and enforced city code and booted anyone there illegally. The Interim Police Chief says they were working directly with the property owners to help clean up the area and says officers had given plenty of warnings to those there in the last several months. He says they also gave out citations and gave information to those there for public services where they may be able to get help.

Another arrest by the Lake County DA’s office perjury unit. A woman from Clearlake Oaks apparently told the court she had a doctor’s appointment, which turned out to be a lie. Amber Thompson was supposed to be in court in January for a minor drug charge, but testified in court later she missed her first court date because of a doctor’s appointment in Lakeport. The DA’s office says she even presented a doctor’s office form to the court, but it turns out that was a phony form. She’s charged with a count of perjury and another two counts of presenting false evidence to the court, two counts of preparing false evidence and another two for forgery. Apparently the doctor noted on her form had died three months before her supposed appointment. Thompson faces up to eight years in prison and was being held on $35,000 bail.

The first meeting’s been held by the Clearlake City Council for the proposed cultivation and dispensary ordinances. The final vote and possible adoption of the ordinances at the council’s next meeting April 27th. The Record Bee reports the council’s taking about two dozen state bills regarding marijuana into consideration, but they have no agreement yet on a local ordinance governing legal Cannabis use. The newspaper reports some of the ideas being considered include allowing indoor gardens up to six plants, more fees, later registration for permits, no hoop style greenhouse growing, plus a possible ban on any gardens that are on the Lake front. They’re also consider hefty fines for those who don’t follow the proposed rules, of up to $5,000, a five year growing ban for individual and property growing and another $500 fine for a failing to register a permit before June 1st. Plus no commercial growing of pot anywhere within the city limits. This is all for medical marijuana, so they’ll change the name from medical to personal.

The CHP’s investigating how a pink tow truck was carjacked and burned. The CHP says someone swiped the pink truck after robbing the driver at gunpoint along state Route 96. Officers say they found the Buddy’s Auto Center tow truck on fire and the driver and two passengers were carjacked. The tow truck donates a portion of its fees to the Breast and GYN Health Project in Arcata. The driver says they were responding on Route 96 to a call about 5 miles south of Happy Camp after a couple of stranded drivers called. The tow truck was carrying a damaged pickup and trailer with two snowmobiles when they were stopped by something blocking the road and were jacked. They say there were more than one suspect who fired a round their way and demanded they get out. The owner of Buddy’s says the tow truck was painted pink in honor of his wife, a breast cancer survivor.

The commercial salmon season in Fort Bragg is being curbed way back. The quote this year is only 3,000 for the month of September and recreational fishing, which has been going on since the start of the month ends in June and won’t reopen until mid-August to continue thru mid November. The Pacific Fishery Management Council said because of low forecasts in several areas, they’re totally closed and the ones that are open are being scaled way back. The council says it’s been another challenging year as they try to still allow for some fishing on harvestable stocks of Chinook and Coho with major conservation for salmon, north and south of Cape Falcon in Oregon.

Segways get a green light for the Coastal Trail in Fort Bragg. The City Council gives the thumbs up for use of the Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices or Segways after discussion last week. They will be allowed on guided tours and for personal use with some restrictions discussed but none implemented. The Advocate newspaper reports a local business owner applied for a license for guided Segway tours last year and got it, but they were restricted because of rules by the State Coastal Conservancy, but the same business owner asked for further review and got the go ahead. At the Fort Bragg City Council meeting last week, several people spoke on the topic, but nobody was against the idea. It will take a couple months to change the city code, then Segways on the Coastal Trail will be a-ok.

It’s official… it was the wettest year ever in Northern Calif. The National Weather Service reports compiling data on the season’s precipitation from eight sensors which show a little less than 90 inches of rain and snow fell this winter in the northern Sierra Nevada. The last record was 88.5 inches set back in the winter of 1982-1983. The record this year is nearly double the yearly average for the region of 50 inches a year. The record noted just days after the Governor Jerry Brown officially declares an end to the state’s drought emergency. Forecasters also say they expect there will be even more snow and rain this spring. Late last week there was a winter weather advisory in place for the northern Sierra with forecasts of moderate to heavy snow and rain in the lower elevations. More storms could be coming this week too.

Two women out hiking with a group of friends in Central Calif have fallen into a river where one has died. The Tulare County sheriff’s dept. said they were still searching over the weekend for the other woman after the two slipped and fell last Thursday in the Sequoia National Forest. One fell in and the other jumped in to help. Both women in their 20’s. The one who died was pulled from the river by a helicopter crew the same day. The area searchers were looking was about 104 miles southeast of Fresno.

Three bids have come in to repair the damaged spillways at Oroville Dam. The Department of Water Resources released a short statement over the weekend just saying the bids are all higher than their estimate of $220 million, with the lowest by a company out of Nebraska at $275.4 million. The other two, one from a construction company in Montana was $277 million, with the highest at $344 million from a local construction company. The work apparently has to be done before November 1st, when the next round of winter weather generally heads in. The work after the emergency spillway failed in February, leading to the mandatory evacuation of 188,000 people downstream.

A woman not really sure what a Furry convention was takes her big ol mountain dog with her and gets a surprise. Cheryl Wassus of Monroe, Michigan apparently a volunteer for the nonprofit Pets for Vets, who match therapy dogs with military veterans. Wassus says she found out the Motor City Furry Con was raising money for the organization so she went. She then found out it wasn’t what she thought. Furries, of course, are people who like to dress up in animal costumes for all sorts of fun… Her son took some photos as Wassus says she realized it was a whole subculture she didn’t even know existed, saying you’re never too old to learn.

Another arrest by the Lake County District Attorney’s Perjury Investigation Unit. The DA says Amber Thompson of Clearlake Oaks was arrested for perjury, presenting false evidence to the court, preparing false evidence to the court and forgery. The DA alleges after Thompson missed a court hearing in January for a misdemeanor drug charge, she later testified she was at her doctor’s office and presented a "Patient Discharge Form" signed by the doctor. Turns out that doctor had died in November. She admitted she’d actually been in Sacramento at a different doctor’s office and again provided a signed doctor’s form but an investigator with the perjury unit discovered that doctor doesn’t do what she said she was there for, and in fact only issues marijuana certificates. And she’d forged his signature. Amber Thompson remains in custody on $35,000 bail and faces up to eight years in prison if convicted.

A business operated by a member of the Willits City Council is the latest to be hit with a lawsuit by a woman claiming several local businesses are not complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Willits News reports the latest action names the Hanson Shopping Center and owner Victor Hanson, as well as Council member Saprina Rodriguez and her husband Martin, doing business as Ace Copy and Shipping Center. The plaintiff Jeanette Brown alleges there is no accessible route from the sidewalk bus stop to the copy center, nor from the parking lot to the facility and she had to take her wheelchair through the parking lot amid traffic. She also claims the doors do not have easy access for a wheelchair and she struggled to get in. The Rodriguezes told the paper the woman never discussed her concerns with them even after coming back to the store a second time and the shopping center owner has said the property is in compliance. The City Manager says she thinks the growing list of lawsuits is due to an attorney profiting off an agenda.

The Mendocino Broadband Alliance’s Broadband Working Group has their draft Broadband Goals out for endorsements and comments and will be taking them to the city council meetings in May where the public can hear them. They will hit the Ukiah City Council May 5th, Fort Bragg on May 8th, and Willits May 10th. The document is also posted on their website. The Alliance also reports there is legislation being worked on currently that will re-authorize the state broadband infrastructure grant program which they hope will not just pass but also have the needed language and provisions to make it work for providers in Mendocino County. They also remind all businesses to stay up the latest in Digital Security.

We’ve now had record breaking water in the Northern Sierra. The Department of Water Resources reported Thursday that in 89.7 inches of precipitation – the total rain and snowmelt – has been recorded by the eight weather stations it has monitored continuously since 1920 passing the previous record of 88.5 inches recorded in 1983. The region’s annual average is 50 inches. DWR says the West Coast has experienced 46 atmospheric rivers in just the first half of what they call the water year that starts October 1st.

The trash around the former Ray’s Market in Clearlake caused by the growing number of people living there is being dealt with by several City departments. City Manager Greg Folsom says since the Market closed in November not many people go by there, so it’s become a prime spot for illegal encampments which he says making for a significant health and safety problem, especially with so much litter piling up. The Interim Police Chief tells Lake County News that City Code Enforcement and the Police Department are working in tandem with the property owners to clean up this area with officers out issuing citations to those illegally camping and trespassing. He says though the officers also give them information on places where they can get help and are giving fair warning that at some point all of their stuff is going to be taken off the property.

The City of Ukiah is moving closer to taking out a $4 million loan from the state to help with upgrades to the Redwood Business Park to get ready for a Costco to go in. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports the City will apply for a low-interest loan from the California State Infrastructure and Development Bank to develop the 40-acre business park property, which is the proposed site for a Costco. Once that loan is approved, the news site reports, the city hopes to put the work out for bids in the next few months, with the goal of starting the work this summer. Plans include installing traffic lights, and making street improvements on Airport Park Boulevard, Hastings and the freeway interchange at Talmage.

Cal Trans is going to help Lake County plant trees at Middletown Trailside Park and other places impacted by the Valley Fire to help offset the trees that will be taken down when they re-do Hwy 175. Cal Trans’ Lake County project manager Jaime Matteoli spoke to the Middletown Area Town Hall Thursday night with the latest info in the $12.5 million project to widen the road and reduce curves along a 2.5-mile portion from Putah Creek to Dry Creek. Cal Trans says that stretch of the highway has had a fatal collision rate nearly five times the state average. One five-year period they studied found 13 serious collisions of which two were fatal and eight had injuries. Ten of those involved vehicles running off the road and hitting something, such as trees, utility poles and a fence. Matteoli said it was not built to current design standards, which require 8-foot-wide shoulders – of which it currently has none in some spots – and a 20-foot-wide “clear recovery zones” with no fixed objects like trees or poles. More than 200 trees will need to be cut.

A second person has died as the result of a head-on crash last Friday on North State Street in Ukiah. A Rohnert Park man has confirmed to the Ukiah Daily Journal that his brother, Peter Cole of Ukiah, suffered “massive head trauma” when the SUV he was riding in was hit by a car that had crossed the centerline near the Thurston Auto Plaza. That car went on to crash into the car lot and burst into flames, killing the driver who has yet to be identified. Cole, who his brother tells the paper was taken off life support Tuesday, was in the SUV with three other people and they were just two blocks from Cole’s home when the accident happened. A woman from Redwood Valley who was in the vehicle with him has extensive spinal injuries. The driver and another person have less severe injuries. The CHP is still investigating the incident.

No one seriously hurt after a small private plane crashed at Manchester State Park on the Mendocino Coast Weds morning. Cal Fire says around 11am the single-engine Cessna 180 apparently ran out of gas and the pilot tried to land it but it flipped over as it hit the ground on a private ranch within the Park. Firefighters from Redwood Coast and Cal Fire and a Coast Life Support ambulance all responded to help the pilot and his passenger. The Press Democrat reports a medical helicopter was requested but the crew declined to fly due to the weather.

The Ukiah Valley Trail Group has gotten the OK from the Ukiah City Council to continue with their work on Low Gap Regional Park. The group, city and County entered into a memorandum of understanding two years ago to work on a plan to assess all of the trails in the 160-acre park, and suggest how those trails can be maintained and improved. The Daily Journal reports the county approved the agreement again in November and the City last week and they’ve expanded on it. For years volunteers with the group have done much of the maintenance and repairs on the trail including dealing with many trees that have fallen due to the heavy rains and saturated ground. They have also dealt with graffiti alongside volunteers from North Coast Opportunities.Future plans include some new trails including maybe even one that would let hikers follow Orr Creek all the way from Low Gap Park to the Russian River.

The Lake County Campus of Woodland Community College has rescheduled the Native American Empowerment Day to Friday, April 21. American Indian students grades seventh through 12 and American Indian adults are invited to this event from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. April 21. At this free event, the college will provide morning snacks, lunch, book bags and educational materials. The day will open with a traditional blessing and prayer, Robert Geary will speak about local historical and contemporary issues and Dino Beltran about the recent gains in protecting ancestral items. All participants will attend hands-on workshops regarding traditional practices and the value of higher education and college staff will have info on classes and transferring. They ask that you preregister so they have enough food – to do that call the Lake County Campus of Woodland Community College at 707-995-7900.

The Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op is donating $5,000 to the Good Farm Fund, a non-profit which supports sustainable local farms and increased access to local food in Mendocino and Lake Counties, and gives grants to local farms. Caroline Radice who is a Good Farm Fund steering committee member and previous farm grant recipient, says “Ukiah Natural Foods has been a great supporter of the Good Farm Fund, sponsoring our major farm-to-table dinner fundraisers in previous years. This sponsorship is a solid investment in good food for our community.” The grant to the Good Farm Fund is slightly more than their usual grant award in order to increase the Co-op’s reach to local farms and build community with local producers.

A small private plane has crashed at Manchester State Park on the Mendocino Coast around 7 miles north of Point Arena but both people inside are said to be OK. Cal Fire says around 11am the single-engine Cessna 180 apparently ran out of gas and the pilot tried to land it on the beach but it flipped over as it hit the ground. Redwood Coast volunteer and Cal Fire firefighters and a Coast Life Support ambulance all responded to help. The Press Democrat reports a medical helicopter was requested but the crew declined to fly due to the weather.

A second person has died as the result of a head-on crash last Friday on North State Street in Ukiah. A Rohnert Park man has confirmed to the Ukiah Daily Journal that his brother, Peter Cole of Ukiah, suffered “massive head trauma” when the SUV he was riding in was hit by a car that had crossed the centerline near the Thurston Auto Plaza. That car went on to crash into the car lot and burst into flames, killing the driver who has yet to be identified. Cole, who his brother tells the paper was taken off life support Tuesday, was in the SUV with three other people and they were just two blocks from Cole’s home when the accident happened. A woman from Redwood Valley who was in the vehicle with him has extensive spinal injuries. The driver and another person have less severe injuries. The CHP is still investigating the incident.

A Ukiah woman accused of hitting her boyfriend with her car Monday night has been arrested for Assault with Deadly Weapon as well as Felony Domestic Violence Battery. The victim called for help from the intersection of Orr Springs Road and Pinoleville Road, which is where deputies found him lying on the ground on the side of the road. The man told the deputies he’d been hit by a vehicle driven by Sherrie Jones, after they’d had a fight and she drove off. Deputies met with Jones about an hour later and arrested her.

The search is on for several men who shot and robbed a Laytonville man at his home Tuesday morning. The Sheriff’s Office says the men barged into home in the 100 block of Mill Road around 6am by smashing a sliding glass door. The victim says there were between 3 and 5 of them and they demanded money and marijuana with some holding him at gunpoint while others ransacked the home. He says they pistol whipped him and then and shot in the arm while they searched and got away with about $7,000 in cash and several firearms. They apparently disabled both the victim’s phone and his car, so he went to a neighbor for help. The victim says the men were all between the ages of 18 and 30 and he did not know any of them.

Another step forward for a long-planned new wastewater system for Anderson Springs with the Lake County Board of Supervisors unanimously approving of a resolution to ask the state for some money to help. The county had already been looking into ways to build a wastewater system for the Anderson Springs when the Valley Fire hit in 2015 and destroyed most of the homes there. Lake County News reports that following that, State Senator Mike McGuire and then-Assemblyman Bill Dodd began to work on a way to pay for a wastewater system, calling it crucial to rebuilding the community. At their meeting last night the board approved a resolution presented by the Special Districts Administrator authorizing her to submit a funding agreement to the State Water Resources Control Board for about $7.4 million. The Special Districts Administrator told board that’s just one in a series of resolutions she’ll be bringing to them for the projected-total $10.5 million project, as she will also ask for money from the California Department of Housing and Community Development and the USDA.

More support for Fire Services is the current budget plan for Brooktrails Township. The Willits News reports on Saturday the board met and produced a preliminary 2017-18 budget for water, sewer, fire prevention and suppression, parks and recreation and administration for the district at a total of nearly $3 million. As it stands the fire department budget is about $130,000 for capital improvements for the next three fiscal years, including estimates for equipment such as a rapid response apparatus, protective personnel clothing, and breathing apparatus gear. While the budget still needs public meetings and more board meetings and likely won’t be done until later in the year, the current version includes slight increases water and sewer rates.

Cal OES has made a documentary film on California’s drought. On April 7 Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order ending the drought emergency in all but a few counties, but that was more than two years after he first declared a state of drought emergency for the state which at that point was already headed into its fourth straight year of drought. The Cal OES Public Information Office made the film called “State of Urgency: Managing California’s Historical Drought” to show the massive combined effort it took to get Californians to change our behavior toward water as well as what they call the unprecedented level of cooperation between local, state, federal, private and non-governmental agencies to deal with the mounting problems caused by the drought.

There will be no sales at the Covelo Ranger District office of the Mendocino National Forest the week of April 17-21. The office will be open for visitor information but the public will not be able to buy forest maps, passes or permits for products like firewood. You can still get those services at the forest offices in Upper Lake, Willows and Stonyford and you can always get forest maps online at

Only one minor injury is reported following this morning’s crash between a semi and a bus on Highway 101 between Ukiah and Hopland. Witnesses say the bus, which was heading south, crossed over into the northbound lane and crashed into the side of the truck. There were no passengers on the bus, which is used to transport farm workers. The driver of the bus had some cuts to his head and face and was taken to Ukiah Valley Medical Center. The CHP says while they are still looking into why the bus swerved, they do not suspect alcohol or drug intoxication.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an early morning shooting in Laytonville that is so far being characterized as a home‑invasion robbery. A spokesman tells the Press Democrat deputies went to the home on Woodruff Road around 7am. The shooting victim is expected to survive. There is no information on a suspect or what they were trying to steal.

Officials still do not know the identity of a man killed in head-on crash Friday morning in Ukiah. The Sheriff’s Office says the man was burned beyond recognition and the coroner will need to use dental records or DNA to officially identify him. Investigators say the man was speeding north on North State Street when for some reason his car crossed the centerline and slammed into an oncoming SUV, injuring four people. But the car kept going and hit a fence and a power pole before crashing into a parked Jeep and bursting into flames.

U.S. Cellular has made a $10,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Ukiah to provide K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math educational opportunities. U.S. Cellular says they are funding Boys & Girls Clubs and 4-H Clubs throughout the their markets to deliver STEM enrichment programs and the Ukiah donation is part of an overall $1.3 million program across the country. In addition, last year, U.S. Cellular associates volunteered at more than 225 Boys & Girls and 4-H Clubs around the country and they say this year they pledge to do 35,000 hours.

The general trout opener is Saturday, April 29. The CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife says given California’s significant snowpack and run off, many rivers will be experiencing swift and cold water conditions which can be dangerous, so they remind anglers to be cautious when fishing streams or rivers for the opener. Given the potential high water conditions, they suggest focusing on lakes and reservoirs may be the best bet. Most lakes, rivers and streams have a limit of five trout per day and 10 in possession but regulations do differ on season dates, bag limits, minimum and maximum size limits, and gear restrictions.

The City of Ukiah is reportedly getting ready to take out a $4 million loan from the state to help with upgrades to the Redwood Business Park to get ready for a large retailer which the city would not specify but is probably Costco. The Mendocino Voice reports the City Council has agreed to seek the loan using the civic center as collateral and paying it back using the city’s general fund. In January, the council city staff to apply for a low-interest loan from the California State Infrastructure and Development Bank specifically to develop the 40-acre business park property, which is the proposed site for a Costco. Once that loan is approved, the news site reports, the city hopes to put the work out for bids in the next few months, with the goal of starting the work this summer. Plans include installing traffic lights, and making street improvements on Airport Park Boulevard, Hastings and the freeway interchange at Talmage.

If you are thinking about a career in healthcare, Ukiah Valley Medical Center, which is soon to be Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, is hosting a Career and Development Fair next week. It’s April 19 from 3:00 p.m.- 6:00 the Ukiah Valley Conference Center. UVMC offers a wide range of career opportunities, both clinical and non-clinical, including IT, clerical services, nutritional services, maintenance, surgical services, laboratory, medical imaging, pharmacy, and more. And since each career path requires a different level of education there will be representatives from the Mendocino County Office of Education (MCOE), Mendocino College, Ukiah Adult School and Santa Rosa Junior College to talk about their programs. Limited interviews will be available at the event, so attendees are encouraged to dress appropriately and bring printed resumes.