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An update on the family of 8 who died after going over a 100 cliff in March. Mendocino Sheriff’s Deputies got a call to the area near where the crash happened off North Highway 1 and Hardy Creek in Westport where a resident reported finding a pair of jeans and shoe tangled inside one of the pant legs near the mouth of Hardy Creek, that’s about a mile from where the crash happened. They report the jeans were a girl’s size 10 and the shoe looked to be for a child or small woman. They then found the skeletal remains of a human foot inside the shoe which was given to the Coroner’s office. A forensic team also went to the area where a future search may happen. Toxicology reports show 3 of the children had benadryl in their systems as did one of the mom’s and the other was driving drunk.

The Potter Valley Project, Pacific Gas and Electric was running is going up for auction. The utility says it’s selling the hydroelectric facility this fall. The director of power generation for PG&E says continuing to operate the facility’s not in the best long term interest of its customers. In a letter to the Eel-Russian River Commission, the facility says it realizes the project is important to the region with key environmental attributes. The power plant supplies Ukiah with electricity and sends some to the Eel River to create it. It was built back in the early 1900s, and apparently it doesn’t have as much impact as when it began. PG&E had said earlier this year the project was less and less desirable.

We may soon be getting a Panda Express. The Daily Journal reports the Community Development Director informed the Ukiah Planning Commission this week that the fast food chain applied for a major use permit to be where Sears and Party Creations is at 1230 Airport Park Boulevard. There will also be a cannabis dispensary in the shopping center, the only one so far to get a permit in city limits. The restaurant idea should be before the commission in July.

The changes proposed for the Williams House have mostly all been approved by the Mendocino Historical Review Board. The historic structure to be renovated by the owner of Harvest at Mendosa’s. They want to also replace the old outbuilding behind the House and have a couple of residential units there. They’re also looking to replace the overhang above the backdoor and restore the chimney. The Historical Review Board wants to amend some of the proposal though to include different windows that may not meet historic guidelines but are needed. So parts of the project have been approved, while others are still being worked out.

The circus is coming to Friendship Park. The Mendocino Historical Review Board approved the Flynn Creek Circus to be held over the Independence Day Holiday. The request for July 2nd to the 7th and they’ve been approved for 2019 as well, with similar dates. The circus was also considering moving to Heider Field, but there was public comment against it, so there was a unanimous vote went for Friendship Park instead.

Several first responders will be coming together in the area near the Sea Arch. Local, county, state and federal agencies are training next Saturday on air, water and will practice beach rescue tactics, techniques, and procedures. They’ll bring boats and jet skis with lifeguards, and other rescue personnel from the U.S. Coast Guard, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, State Parks, CAL FIRE, Shelter Cove, Westport, Fort Bragg, Mendocino and Albion-Little River fire departments there with choppers from the Coast Guard, CHP, CALFIRE and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department in Mendocino Bay, Portuguese Beach and Big River Beach.

One person is dead and another with major injuries after a solo car crash on Hwy 29. The crash yesterday killed the passenger, Rosa Covarrubias of Kelseyville. The driver, Margarita Garnica-Sanchez, also of Kelseyville in a 2010 Honda Civic. The two were headed north of Bottle Rock Road at an unknown speed and drifted to the other side, then ended up on the shoulder. The CHP says they went down an embankment, rolled and went into a drainage gully. The passenger was pronounced dead there. The driver went into an air ambulance to an out of area hospital. Police say they don’t think drugs or alcohol were a factor.

Congressman Mike Thompson in town and announcing with state, local, and federal officials the major debris removal in Northern California was done after last October’s firestorm. Thompson congratulated officials for the unprecedented removal after the wildfires across the district. He especially mentioned the FEMA representation, Cal OES director as the leaders of the effort across Napa, Sonoma, Lake, and Mendocino Counties. There was more than 2 million tons of debris, the most taken away since the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.

A man from Fort Bragg driving high and causing injuries to someone in a crash has been found guilty. The Mendocino D-A reports on their Facebook page it only took the jury 90 minutes to deliberate, convicting Charles Wendell Holmes for driving high on methamphetamine and marijuana. The jury also found a special allegation true that one person was hurt in the crash because of Holmes illegal driving. The court also found another special allegation against Holmes for having been in prison before and not stayed out of trouble for more than five years. He will be sentenced Monday.

The Governor has issued an executive order regarding dead trees and their wildfire danger. The Governor announcing sending resources across the state to protect forests, fighting dangerous tree mortality, and to increase ways forests capture carbon and systematically improve forest management. The order includes doubling the land actively managed with vegetation thinning, controlled fires and reforestation from 250,000 acres to 500,000 acres, supporting innovative use of forest products by the building industry and expanding grants, training and other incentives to improve watersheds. Governor Brown set to release his latest budget today with $96 million extra for the wildfire work.

Four more murder charges have been filed against the suspected Golden State Killer. The charges announced by the Santa Barbara County District Attorney against Joseph James DeAngelo. DeAngelo has already been charged with eight other murder counts out of Sacramento, Ventura and Orange counties. Investigators in the cold case say he’s responsible for more than 50 rapes and a dozen murders in the 1970s and ’80s across Calif.

Several news outlets are fighting the suspected Golden State Killer’s lawyers, trying to get search and arrest warrants against him unsealed. The Associated Press and several other news outlets filing the motion to unseal the information connected to Joseph DeAngelo’s arrest last month. His lawyer says making them public would mean more media coverage and that might taint witnesses and jurors which could potentially lead to an unfair trial. Prosecutors were trying to keep the documents sealed, saying unsealing them could hinder the ongoing investigation. But the news outlets argue a right to access court records and the massive interest in this case. A hearing’s set for Monday.

Officials from 30 school districts along with police from Del Norte and Humboldt Counties all in Fortuna talking school violence. Kym Kemp reporting on the meeting Wednesday after recent school shootings and recent threats locally at schools that were actually hoaxes. A security expect from the Department of Homeland Security and FBI Special Agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force and local law enforcement officers presented at the gathering. Several schools across Calif and the country had emails sent containing certain threats the last couple months.

One of the investigators into the Golden State Killer has a legion of female fans. Paul Holes, apparently the brains behind tracking the alleged killer using DNA had some notoriety, and with that came thousands of mostly female fans. Holes was featured in a book on the case, "I’ll Be Gone in the Dark." There are now social media threads dedicated to Holes on pages about serial killers, unsolved cases and those looking for the perpetrators. He even has his own Facebook fan group. He also has his own hashtag too… #hotforholes, which was trending on some social media pates too.


A woman from Fortuna killed Sunday was apparently trying to stop her shooter from kidnapping another woman. Eureka police say Sharral McDonald did not know the alleged shooter, Ronald Crossland, a convicted felon who had a criminal history including domestic violence. Kym Kemp reporting McDonald met Crossland thru the other woman who was not hurt but reported the shooting to police. Police say Crossland shot himself hours after McDonald was killed after ditching his car. He was found dead about four hours after McDonald with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police say the man had been contacted by them three dozen times over the last 5 years and had been arrested 14 times during that time on charges varying from shoplifting, being drunk in public, to vandalism and disturbing the peace for breaking windows and violating a domestic violence restraining order.

A man from Finley man has been in court pleading guilty to driving drunk after a crash on Main Street and Lakeport Blvd. The Record Bee reports Robert Goodrich admitted he was driving under the influence and had a blood-alcohol content more than the legal limit of .08 percent last month. Lakeport police say he didn’t stop at an intersection so he rear ended another car and that car crashed into a third one. The second car’s driver had to go to the hospital and had head and neck injuries. His blood alcohol was measured at. 16. He has been sentenced to three years’ summary probation and has to serve 20 days in the Lake County Jail, with five days credit. Plus he had to go to a three-month long DUI program.

The public comment period for the Hare Creek Center Draft Environmental Impact Report in FB has been extended. Due to public comment already received, city staff extended it longer, to Tuesday, May 22nd. It was supposed to be from March 22nd to May 7th. But on Tueday, May 8th, the city had already received as much as 100 pieces of correspondence on the project. The company hired for the Environmental Review working with city staff to respond to all of the comments which will also be part of the report. Then the city council will get a copy before making their final decision on the permit. You can get a look at it at City Hall or on the City of Fort Bragg’s website. It’s a nearly 30,000 square foot shopping mall with Grocery Outlet, south of Emerald Dolphin Inn & Mini Golf.

The California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announces a massive malware attack on thousands of computers and electronic devices across the state. Becerra’s Department of Justice sending letters to internet providers trying to get them to tell their customers with certain IP addresses, they may have been infected with the malware. It comes after a cyberattack last month. Becerra says they’ve identified at least one of the cyberattacks but are continuing to investigate and says they’re hold the attackers accountable. He says the attackers use networks of compromised computers or ‘bots’ to infect computers which includes critical infrastructure and personal networks.

A state project where folks share their fire stories, and to raise awareness about the latest fire seasons is coming to Ukiah. The Daily Journal reports the California Fire Story Project will be at the Mendocino County Library today and tomorrow. It’s a joint venture with the California State Library, to include independent oral histories, memoirs, short films, pictures and documents showing how regions were affected by fires. Those who sign up can give their own ½ hour story on the fires last October, or other fires. You can bring a friend, family member or work associate and have a conversation with them. There are recording stations at the library. The recordings will be kept as part of the California State Library collection. Call the library for more info. There will also be a film shown tonight at 6:30 pm as part of the project.

This weekend is mail carriers Stamp Out Hunger Drive. So Saturday, May 12th, the National Association of Letter Carriers will pick up donations as they drop off mail. It’s the 26th year for the largest single-day food drive to help replenish food banks around the country and in California. Last year letter carriers brought in more than 75 million pounds of food in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. And since it all started in 1993, they’ve collected more than 1.6 billion pounds of food. You can leave your non-perishable food donations in a bag near your mailbox Saturday. You should have received a bag for the donations by now.

A wind watch has been issued by the National Weather Service for parts of the Bay Area. There are no specific warnings of wind for Mendocino County so far, but in Lake County, winds could pick up tomorrow. The wind watch was issued Tuesday night and the National Weather Service says its concerned trees could come down with power lines. They say while it’s not supposed to be a major event, it’s stronger than they’ve seen lately. Winds tomorrow night in Napa, over the East Bay, Marin and Santa Cruz could be around 20 to 35 mph, with gusts of more than 50 mph in some locations.

Congressman Mike Thompson says he wants the Trump Administration to keep royalty payments going out to counties for geothermal energy production. The money helps local economies and boosts clean energy development. The payments have been taken out of the latest budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2019. Thompson’s message to the president along with seven other Democrats and Republicans. He says the counties are leading the way in geothermal development producing cleaner energy sources which can be expensive for communities, so the royalty payments are a return to communities.

A celebration planned by North Coast Opportunities for its 50th anniversary. A family friendly, picnic is planned for this summer with previous and current staff members, board members, clients, local officials, and the community. The event is planned for August 25th at Todd Grove Park in Ukiah where there will be local vendors with fresh food and lots of kids activities. As you probably know, NCO is a community action agency supporting Lake and Mendocino counties and parts of Humboldt, Sonoma, Del Norte and Solano counties. They work with the community to get money in the form of grants to those who need it and develop community action plans and looks for ways to bring change.

A peeper’s been reported at Santa Rosa Junior College. Two women say there was a man taking pictures or video of them in the bathroom. They say he was hiding in a stall Tuesday night and reached under the partition between stalls and snapped photos or video. Another woman reported the same thing ten minutes later. Police could not find the suspect, but he’s described as being in his 20s or 30s, around 5 foot 6 with gray hair or a bald head, last seen in a black-and-white striped T-shirt walking barefoot.

Fire officials from California gathering in Santa Rosa to warn about another potentially, long and dangerous fire season. There have already been as many as 950 wildfires burning more than 5,800 acres in the state this year so far. The Cal Fire Director says residents should be aware fire is now a year round threat. Firefighters reminding folks to take precautions. It’s expected to hit the mid 80’s in Northern Calif. this weekend and be windy in many areas. Lawmakers have asked for nearly $200 million dollars to help firefighters and preposition some in areas of high danger.

California has moved to require anyone building a new home or apartment after 2020 to put up solar panels. It’s a new standard, that the California Energy Commission has approved, the first in the nation and the latest for California in its fight to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The commission getting behind the requirement after builders, utility companies and solar manufacturers supported the move. It still has to get a final stamp of approval from California’s Building Standards Commission.

Police in India have arrested a dad and his son for using phony space suits to swindle a businessman out of money saying they sell magical copper plates to NASA. New Delhi police have pictures of the men online in their silver suits. The two apparently already on bail after claiming they had snakes that had medicinal qualities. The pair telling would be buyers they were developing a device to be used to generate “electricity from thunderbolts” and apparently got a couple hundred thousand dollars for their so-called work.

A man and two women in Ukiah have been arrested for several crimes after deputies say they broke into a house armed and stole several items. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says a woman called to report a suspicious white van in front of a home. Deputies went to the scene finding a burglary had just happened. Then later Monday after the heist a deputy saw a van matching the description and stopped it, finding the female driver, Dee Ann Eddy and passenger Audra Dorsey along with a man inside hiding. The deputy told the man, identified as Eric Campbell to show himself, but he kept hiding, so a police dog, Leo was deployed and Campbell was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Deputies found he had a loaded firearm and drugs on him and he was wanted on a no bail warrant from Sonoma County. They found several stolen items from the home in the van. The trio all taken to Mendocino County Jail, Campbell on no bail, Dorsey on $15,000.00 bail and Eddy on $50,000.00 bail.

A fire at a home in Philo has killed a well known Anderson Valley woman. 74 year old Paula Kesenheimer died after her two-story home and a couple of other structures burned this week. Firefighters say the fire in the home spread to nearby brush and blackened a quarter acre, but was quickly put out. The woman’s friend carried her out of the home since she had some physical limitations. She died at the scene, but an autopsy will be conducted to see exactly why. That could take months. Her companion has been identified as David Norfleet. He went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. The Anderson Valley Grange announced Kesenheimer had passed away in a Facebook post. Firefighters say the fire did not seem suspicious, but the cause is not yet known.

A woman reported missing from Kelseyville earlier this week has been found. Sharon Foley had been reported missing Monday. Police saying she suffered from depression and bipolar disorder. Apparently her car broke down in Daly City. Police had put out the word for help finding the woman who cannot walk on her own. She can drive okay though. She was reportedly helped into her car Monday night and was off to a park in Kelseyville but didn’t return.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors votes yes to get more money for a consultant helping the county with a mental needs assessment. The Daily Journal reports the Measure B — Mental Health Oversight Committee gave a presentation to the board at their meeting yesterday on an extension of a contract with Kemper Consulting for another year. But the paper reports Supervisor John McCowen made a motion for the contract not to go over $10,000 for services until a more detailed statement of services is brought to the board including any future modifications as needed. The committee was looking for $40,000 more from Measure B money , but apparently several board members were looking for a more detailed description about where the money was going.

A new mural is proposed for the outside wall of the Ukiah Valley Conference Center. The Planning Commission will consider the proposal today by the Arts Council of Mendocino County on Church Street between South School and South Oak Streets. The mural by artist Lauren Sinnott will feature the region’s past and present, including an expression of hopes and dreams for the future, the artist referring to her proposed piece as “Ukiah – Past, Present and Future.” The meeting tonight in City Council chambers at 6.

The Mendocino Local Agency Formation Commission has updated the Multi-District Fire Protection Services Sphere of Influence and the final budget has also been approved. The budget workshop in March kicked off work for the 2018-19 fiscal year. Then there was a public meeting by the commission last month with the final operating budget at about $150,000 covering staffing and other expenses, about $15,000 more than last year. The sphere of influence covering various fire and service districts.

PG&E has set up a new headquarters to look out for possible wildfires. The new wildfire safety operations center that opened yesterday overlooks the San Francisco Bay and can see across 70,000 square miles of northern and central California. There are also multiple monitors showing updated weather forecasts, wind reports and satellite images. The station has the power to close down power grids in wind events when there’s the potential for fire. The headquarters set up ahead of the completion of Cal Fire’s investigation into the cause of six major fires last Oct. 8 and 9.

Former California governor George Deukmejian has died. Iron Duke, as he was known died yesterday of natural causes, at the age of 89. He worked in California politics for at least thirty years. Not only as the leader of the state, but as an assemblyman, senator and state attorney general. The Republican was elected to be California’s 35th governor in 1982, expanding the state’s prison system, bringing the left-leaning California Supreme Court to the center and supporting tough, anti-crime legislation.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is helping to find a missing woman and is looking for the public’s help. 67 year old Sharon Foley apparently suffers from depression and bipolar disorder. She has not been seen since Monday evening when she left in her white 2009 Ford Crown Victoria driving into Kelseyville. The woman cannot walk on her own, but can drive. She was reported as upset when she left in her car. She was last seen in a white and gray dress, and wears glasses.

Lakeport Planners are meeting on a possible new affordable housing project. The meeting tonight includes a possible general plan amendment, zone change and parcel map for the proposed project on Martin St. The project is a 24-unit affordable multi-family apartment complex on about 3.5-acres of a 10.5-acre property. The developer also looking for a small change in their plan from an already approved architectural and design review and density bonus/incentive request for the project.

Charges for workers at a zoo in Canada after a bear goes to an ice cream drive thru shop. You heard that right, under Alberta’s Wildlife Act, the zoo can be charged. A video posted online by Discovery Wildlife Park in Innisfail, shows the one-year-old captive Kodiak bear, “Berkley” getting some bites of ice cream from the owner of the local Dairy Queen out the window of an SUV. The zoo’s permit could be at risk, after authorities say the zoo didn’t notify the government the bear was leaving the zoo. The law in the providence is that animals cannot be put on display outside their facilities without prior permission.

A major law firm is being hired by Mendocino County to help in its fight against the national and statewide opioid crisis. The Board of Supervisors hired Baron & Budd as part of a joint venture of law firms to sue manufacturers and distributors they say are responsible for the opioid epidemic across the country and in Mendocino County. The county itself joins more than two dozen others which could include a taxpayer and cost recovery action and possible equitable relief to help mitigate and prevent current and future problems. This comes as more and more evidence comes out that drug manufacturers pushed highly addictive, dangerous opioids and deliberately misinformed doctors saying the drugs are rarely addictive.

A man from Antelope who had been found guilty of taking abalone for commercial purposes is only guilty of two misdemeanors. The Mendocino County DA reports Eric Michael Lane found guilty of unlawfully taking abalone for commercial purposes, and unlawfully taking abalone out of season, but he got off on the third charge of criminal conspiracy, a felony. The DA wanted a retrial on that single felony because Lane entered a no contest plea to the hung jury count. So now there are three convictions against the man since he pleaded no contest. The Probation department will come back to the court with a sentencing recommendation in July in Fort Bragg.

A new report shows when officials in some California cities shows the transfer of inmates into immigration custody is slower now even though the Trump administration is beefing up immigration sweeps and arresting more people. A new report from the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute says nearly 2/3 of the arrests in the first 135 days of the Trump administration were transfers from criminal custody compared with more than 85 percent during the early years of the Obama administration. This happening as the state and several cities are passing laws to limit how police work with immigration enforcement. And at the same time as Calif calls itself a sanctuary state.

Hundreds of hazardous trees need to be removed in the City of Willits. The city notified by Caltrans’s Division of Aeronautics to take the trees down as soon as possible because they’re obstructing runways and causing other safety problems for Ells Field-Willits Municipal airport. The notification after a recent inspection by an aviation safety officer. The subject was also brought up at a recent city council meeting after the interim city manager left the job. They’ve got a planning session set for today too, to go over all that the interim manager had recommended. The new city manager says it’s a problem that’s been going on for years and cannot be fixed in a month.

The first round of Community Visioning Forums have taken place in Lake County and that was turned into leaders. The Vision 2028 campaign’s now adopted by the Board of Supervisors. The Record Bee reports it outlines the community’s vision over the next ten years. The County Administrative Officer has reportedly been going to various public meetings in the county to share visioning updates, answer public questions about the County government’s financial condition and talking possible solutions. Her department has also come up with an outline of financial facts for the county in the future which she’s been sharing.

For more information, visit //www.lakecountyca. gov/vision/. To share ideas, write to vision@lakecountyca. gov.

The Mobility Programs Coordinator for Paratransit Services in Lake County has won an award and traveled to Newport Beach to receive it. The Record Bee reports Karl Parker won the CalACT 2018 Outstanding Coordination Award. He received it from the Lake Transit Authority General Manager at the CalACT Spring Conference & EXPO Annual Awards luncheon. The group is a statewide nonprofit to “promote professional excellence, stimulate ideas and advocate for effective community transportation.” Parker has been leading the new Lake Links project as the Mobility Programs Coordinator. He started Pay Your Pal to expand services for county residents.

The U.S. Secretary of Education announcing nearly $700 million dollars in federal assistance for the Restart Program in grades k through 12. Betsy DeVos says the $693 million dollars is the first in a multi phase process for a quick infusion of capital for states in disaster affected regions. She says the money will ensure students, teachers and staff have access to what they need to fully recover and rebuild. The Restart program authorizes money be sent to schools impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the 2017 California wildfires. The money to restart school operations and bring things back to a normal learning environment for those affected by the hurricanes and wildfires.

Less car thefts in California. The California Highway Patrol says after year over year increases in vehicle thefts, in 2017, California reversed course. Lake Co News reports there was a 6.2-percent decrease in vehicle thefts across the state, which is the single largest decrease since 2014. The latest data showing it could be because of advances in anti-theft technology, more aggressive police work and the public’s vigilance. The commissioner of the CHP says although the number was down, they still have a lot of work to do. He says law enforcement cannot solve the problem alone, they’re continuing to work with partner agencies though but at the same time is asking for the public to do its part.

It’s Wildfire Awareness Week. As we reported last week, in preparation, the Governor has declared the week of May 6th “Wildfire Awareness Week”. The wet winter has also created a lot of new grass, which can dry out to be fuel for fires. Cal Fire has already responded to more than 950 wildfires which have blackened more than 5,800 acres. They’re encouraging homeowners to keep their homes safe, by using fire-safe construction, and watch for points of entry in homes where it’s possible for embers to enter. They also remind to have defensible space of at least 100-feet or more away from your home, and to use fire resistant landscaping to help stop the spread of wildfire.

To download the ready-for-wildfire app and to learn how to create defensible space around your home, visit

Coffee in Calif. may soon have a cancer warning on it. This from a court ruling in Los Angeles. The judge saying Starbucks and others who make coffee and sell it have not shown that the benefits from drinking coffee outweigh the risks from the carcinogen Acrylamide, a byproduct of the roasting process. It comes after a nonprofit sued, naming as many as 90 coffee companies reminding there have to be warnings on products and in places where chemicals that can cause cancer are present. The coffee industry says yes, the chemical is found in coffee, but at harmless levels. Now the industry may have to choose to remove the chemical or label coffee.

There may be a new law in Calif. that says the offices of coroner and sheriff have to be split up. Most counties have the coroner as part of the elected sheriff’s job. But one state senator says it’s a conflict of interest and that was obvious after a sheriff in San Joaquin County was accused recently of trying to intervene in an autopsy where the forensic pathologist said it was probably a murder but the sheriff coroner found it to be an accident. So state Sen. Richard Pan of Sacramento sponsored the bill which he says would move Calif. into the modern age by establishing independent medical examiner systems.

The name of a woman killed in Eureka hours before her alleged shooter died in another part of the Humboldt County has been released. The Eureka Police Dept. would not give out the woman’s name before her family was notified, standard protocol, but said late yesterday it was 60 year old Sharral Lynne McDonald of Fortuna. Police say they got a call to a home for shots fired and found McDonald with a gunshot wound and another uninjured woman there. That woman told cops it was Ronald Crossland who shot her and he ran from the scene. Then soon after Crossland’s car was found in Cutten, but he wasn’t there, reports of shots fired at a trailer park and Crossland was found with a self inflicted gunshot wound. The motive is not yet known.

Several calls into the CHP about a white Toyota Corolla driving erratically on the northbound 101 near Hopland. CHP reports the car seen crossing double yellow lines and going faster than 100 mph. They found the car north of Perkins Street and tried stopping the car where Highway 20 meets it, then the driver took off speeding for twenty two miles with cops behind. They say they were driving recklessly reaching as fast as 120 mph. Then Willits Police and Mendocino Sheriffs Deputies threw down a spike strip on the 101 north of Reynolds Highway and finally stopped Orlando Miguel Zepedaperez of Novato. He was booked

The Mendocino County Clerk’s Office is sending Vote By Mail Ballots out this week. Starting today, the STATEWIDE DIRECT PRIMARY Election absentee ballots are being sent for the JUNE 5th election. The clerk reminding voters the last day you can apply for a Vote By Mail is Tuesday May 29th if you cannot vote in the election at a polling place. The last day to register to vote is May 21st, that includes changing party affiliation, because you have to register again. You also do not need to get a sample ballot if you’re voting by mail. You can apply for ballots or register at the County Clerk’s office or mail a written request in with your mailing address.

The Sheriff’s office says they may have to use dental records to identify a woman who was killed in a car accident in Navarro. The fiery crash last Friday at 4 pm on Highway 128. Deputies say the woman’s body was burned so badly, they have not been able to find her family either. The accident where the highway connects Cloverdale with the Mendocino Coast south of Albion, near the Navarro General Store. The CHP has not determined a reason for the woman running the car off the highway and hitting a tree. It then burst into flames. There was nobody else in the car with her.

A woman and the man sheriff’s deputies say may have been her killer both dead within four hours of each other, but in different cities in Humboldt County. Kym Kemp reporting the woman shot in Eureka before 5p Sunday and the suspected shooter, Ronald Crossland found dead in a trailer park in Fortuna just before 9. Police say Crossland left the shooting scene in Eureka in a Honda Accord which was found abandoned in Cutten. Then a report of shots fired in the trailer by a neighbor. The neighbor says they think the man shot himself and video shot by the neighbor of the scene outside was posted online. There were three crime scenes being processed by cops, according to the news site, one where the murder happened, then where the car was found, then the trailer park.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors continues its discussions on getting a mental health facility built. The board will take up the matter tomorrow at their regular meeting to change an agreement to keep the consultant for a mental health needs assessment on longer, for a year and to up the amount paid to the consultant to $40,000 more. The supervisors set to approve the revised agreement with Kemper Consulting for an extension to June 30th of 2019 with the initial payment of $25,000 to $65,000 using Measure B money. The County CEO and Sheriff had a hand in working with the consultant longer and in a more detailed fashion. The consultant had previously put together a report for the county showing some weaknesses that needed to be addressed in regards to mental health services and how they could be improved.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to get an update from the new cannabis cultivation program. The interim code enforcement manager sending a memo to the board showing several complaints had already been filed on the cannabis hotline. The manager says there were a total of 68 complaints related to pot since the beginning of the year, most were about the light glare that comes from grow houses in the evening. There were also complaints about generator use. Apparently when the county hands out notices of violations, citations and abatement orders they also let people know if they’re eligible for permits and hand out application packages.

It may soon be mandatory to have solar electricity on new homes. The California Energy Commission is set to take a vote Wednesday for new energy standards that say a majority of the new homes being built have to have solar panels beginning in 2020. Right now about 15 to 20 percent of new single-family homes constructed have solar. The vote Wednesday to also include provisions to increase battery storage and to use electricity more than natural gas. It would be for all houses, condos and apartment buildings that are three stories high or less who get building permits after Jan. 1st of 2020.

A student from Kelseyville High is the finalist from Lake County for the Congressional Art Competition. Congressman Mike Thompson made the announcement that Taylor Paulich was chosen for her piece, “In the Zone.” There was a ceremony in Napa at the Artists of the Valley Gallery for students in Lake and Napa counties. Her artwork will now be judged further and the grand prize winner selected. That student and a guest will go to Washington D.C. for an awards ceremony and have their artwork displayed at the U.S. Capitol for one year.

The Wounded Warrior Program is accepting applications. Congressman Mike Thompson made the announcement that those interested could apply at any of his offices, including in Napa, Santa Rosa, Vallejo, and Washington, DC. He says as a combat vet himself, serving veterans and finding ways to incorporate their expertise into his work is one of his top priorities. The warrior chosen would work with Thompson as a constituent services representative to help those in his district with issues with federal agencies, they would also attend local events and go to meetings on behalf of Thompson and do legislative work. The program to provide employment opportunities for wounded or disabled veterans within member offices. For more info, visit and search “Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program”.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors discussing a new sales tax measure that’ll be on the November ballot. The 1.5 percent Measure G sales tax will be on the June 5th ballot. There would be an oversight committee for the tax which would look to raise about $4.5 million for the one year in existence, if approved.

The Fort Bragg City Clerk has apologized for a provocative Facebook post on a satirical page that was considered racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic. The Press Democratic reports June Lemos posted she was deeply sorry for the comments that were considered offensive and never intended to hurt anyone. The comments on the Mendocino Bacon page where she used an image of a woman riding a blue ox wearing a yellow five-pointed star. She says it was bad judgment and she had not thought it thru first. The Mayor weighing in too, saying Lemos made a mistake, but meant no offense. This comes after an apology on the city’s website by the new City Manager too after the city council got a memo from a local attorney to look into California voting law and a potential breach.

Some more price gouging complaints by those renting in the North Bay after the October wildfires. State and county prosecutors looking into claims after the governor extended wildfire recovery protections which do not allow rental prices to go up by more than 10 percent. There have been at least five cases so far that have been filed and several more are being investigated. The Press Democrat reports there are tips weekly of price gouging for goods and services, but much of the complaints are about higher rents. Most of the claims in Sonoma County where more than 5,100 homes were destroyed.

California passes the United Kingdom to take the spot of the world’s fifth largest economy. This according to new federal data that came out Friday. It shows California’s gross domestic product was up $127 billion from 2016 to 2017, and higher than $2.7 trillion while the UK’s economic output was a little lower if measured by U.S. dollars. The State Dept. of Finance reports every economic sector besides agriculture helped push California’s higher GDP over. The agency saying financial services and real estate were the leaders in growth, then the information sector, including technology companies, at $20 billion. And manufacturing was up $10 billion. Calif. was fifth largest in 2002 but fell to 10th after the Great Recession.

A man from North Carolina drives about a half hour with thousands of bees that got loose in his truck. Wallace Leatherwood had purchased several thousand bees from a bee keeper in Weaverville. He says when he put the 18,000 bees from Wild Mountain Bees in the back of his truck, he left them a while to go eat and do some work, then moved the boxes because it got hot, and one of the boxes somehow emptied and bees were everywhere. He said he paid too much to lose them and didn’t even get stung once.

Lake County Behavioral Health is having their Mental Health Month. It started with Mental Health America in 1949, the most highly-recognized mental health awareness event in the US. The theme this year, “Deeper Connections: Whole Person Wellness.” They’re calling folks to join the challenge they say, to make small changes, mentally and/or physically. Lake County Behavioral Health says they’re focusing on how a healthy lifestyle could help prevent or worsen mental health conditions, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other chronic health issues.

For more information, call Lake County Behavioral Health at 707-274-9101 extension 26183. Todd Metcalf is the Administrator of Lake County Behavioral Health.

At least one person has been killed after a crash in Navarro. The CHP reports a car went off the road, hitting a tree early this morning in the 200 block of Wendling Street off Highway 128. It happened right by the Navarro General Store about 40 miles northwest of Cloverdale. The CHP said the car burst into flames and there was a fatality, but there wasn’t a whole lot more info on the crash.

A man from Willow Creek wanted on several felony warrants has been arrested near Blue Lake. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s office says they saw a car on the side of the road, with a tire missing, lifted on a ​j
ack and stopped to see if they needed help. They say the driver was Charles Kelley who they found had three active felony warrants for his arrest, and that he was on probation and they were allowed to search, that’s when they found a loaded handgun in the back seat which had been reported stolen. So the man was taken to jail on the three warrants which were for vehicle theft, evading a peace officer and possession of a controlled substance while in custody. Now he’s also charged with felon in possession of a firearm, prohibited person in possession of ammunition and possession of stolen property.