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A man shot along with his dad in Willits a week ago has died. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports 30 year old Miguel Ramirez of Covelo died at a hospital where he was taken after the shooting last week. His dad Calixto was killed the day of the shooting and his other son, 23 year old Ubaldo is being held in connection to the shootings last Tuesday on the 101 south of Golden Rule. Ubaldo’s been

​in ​
jail since the shooting and was being held without bail.

The County Fire now 80% contained after burning nearly 90,300 acres in Napa and Yolo counties. The weather is hot, hitting triple digits today with low humidity and some light wind. Firefighters working hard to get the fire totally surrounded, burning back fires to get part of the fire contained. It started about 10 days ago in Guinda on Highway 16. It’s currently the largest fire burning in the state. A new fire breaks out in the newly burned scar from the Pawnee Fire. The Spring 2 fire is already 50% contained though, after burning 80 acres. The Pawnee Fire’s 100 percent contained. And the Klamathon Fire in Siskiyou County’s burned 36,500 acres and is 45% contained.

A new police chief’s been named in Clearlake. 33 year old Andrew White, the commander and second-in-line at the Suisun City Police Department is coming to Clearlake. He and his family will live in Clearlake. The City Manager Greg Folsom says White’s coming with years of experience and skills that suit him to the job including supervision in animal control, code enforcement and technology. The city council will consider White’s employment contract at their meeting Thursday. It will be for three years to start and three months notice if they want to end or extend the contract. The job pays $130,000 a year with 5-percent bumps after two years on the job.


A man from Petaluma’s been arrested after a threat to another man using a machete in the Walmart parking lot in Ukiah. Cops say they got a report the man, Robbins Thornhill had been threatening another man, went to his car, grabbed the machete and continued his threats against the other man, only identified as being 45 years old. Police say it was a minor incident between the two men inside the store that started the whole thing, and to ended in the parking lot. Thornhill has been arrested on suspicion of “threatening great bodily harm” and booked into Mendocino County Jail.

The first meeting for the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors for July with a light schedule. The Daily Journal reports one of the items is the possible lowering of the speed limit on a short stretch of Ruddick-Cunningham Road between Talmage and Hopland. A petition circulating with residents requesting the lower speed limit on the area connecting Highway 222, or Talmage Road to Old River Road. So a traffic study was completed and the consideration would be to lower the speed limit to 25 mph. The board will also consider implementing the Mendocino County cannabis cultivation program and cannabis compliance efforts. And the board will also get an update this morning on the Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee put together per Measure B.

A body’s been found in Cache Creek. A kayaker apparently reported the body in the water Sunday afternoon. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says the body was found about a half of a mile away from the dam, but they don’t know how the person died. An autopsy is planned for later in the week. The sheriff’s office also says they’ve not received any missing persons reports to connect to the body.

A man from Kelseyville has been seriously injured after crashing his motorcycle into a car on the Nice-Lucerne Cutoff. Lake Co News reports 58 year old Raymond Cromwell had major injuries after the crash last Thursday afternoon. The CHP reports the man on a 2007 Harley Davidson headed west with a 2007 Pontiac G4 just ahead. The driver of that car, 22 year old Veronica Lopez of Nice was stopped, waiting for another car to make a turn when Cromwell came around a curve and couldn’t stop, hitting Lopez’s car. Then Cromwell was tossed off his bike. Bystanders rushed over to help pull Cromwell out of the road. CHP reporting he had a fractured shoulder, lacerations on his arms and the back of the head, broken ribs and a punctured lung. The other driver was uninjured.

A woman from Kelseyville has been reported missing. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports 67 year Sharon Foley last seen last Tuesday left her house in a white Ford Crown Victoria and has not been seen since. They also say she has bipolar disorder and was apparently not on her medications when she vanished. She cannot walk on her own and uses a wheelchair. The Sheriff’s office asking anyone who may have information about her, to call their office.

A couple of North Coast Congressmembers have visited a facility where they’re holding immigrant children, separated from their parents. Congressman Mike Thompson and his colleague Mark DeSaulnier went to a Health and Human Services facility in Pleasant Hill. The two put out a joint statement saying the facility had high standards for children located there, but that there’s no leval of care that could make up for the kids being subjected to the harmful and lasting trauma of being separated from their families.

The Contra County Sheriff’s Office says it’s broken its federal contract to hold undocumented immigrants in a jail in Richmond with ICE. This comes as the national outcry against detaining illegal families separately. The Richmond Mayor says he heard rumors of the same and that the Board of Supervisors and the sheriff’s office were working out an end to the multi-million dollar contract. The Mayor also asking for a tour of the West County Detention Facility in Richmond following allegations people being held there were possibly mistreated. But he was denied the request initially, and is set to check it out tomorrow.

The Gov. has signed a couple of bills to provide some protections to folks underinsured after the October wildfires. The first by Assemblyman Marc Levine of San Rafael to mandate certain information companies have to give to victims after a loss. This after some fire victims said it was hard to get access to the documents after the fires. The other bill by Assemblyman Jim Wood to require insurers to show the insured fire safety-related discounts they offer. That one goes into effect in 2020.

Signatures can be gathered on a petition to put an initiative on the November ballot to reverse a law allowing illegal immigrants living in California to get a driver’s license. The proposal would toss the "sanctuary state" law and stop automatic voter registration in the state too. A man organizing the drive, Don Rosenberg said to be against illegal immigration and says his plan would ensure more public safety, reduce voter fraud and prevent traffic fatalities. Since the Assembly Bill allowing driver’s licenses first became law in 2015, more than a million illegal immigrants in Calif. have been granted licenses.

A new Grand Jury report in Lake County finds the holding facility in Clearlake is not compliant with the American Disabilities Act and shows holding cells aren’t adequately monitored. The report also shows a disconnect between information on juveniles being held and that a contract with Tehama County lacked detailed information on the care of juveniles in custody. The findings after the Grand Jury inspected the juvenile hall in Red Bluff. They said adult facilities “largely met or exceeded” minimum requirements but it was the juvenile facility with concerns.

Another fire in Lake County, this in the recently scarred land from the Pawnee Fire. This one dubbed the Spring 2 Fire has burned 65 acres and is 25 percent contained. As we’ve been reporting the Pawnee Fire is largely out, 100 percent contained Sunday. 22 structures burned in the fire. The Spring 2 Fire said to be burning on Bureau of Land Management land and a tiny bit in the Mendocino National Forest.

The County fire has burned nearly 90,300 acres in Napa and Yolo counties and is 75% contained, but there are still road closures and mandatory evacuation orders in place. The fire has burned 20 structures, full containment was predicted for Thursday.

A woman in Eureka’s been arrested after cops bring a search warrant to her house finding drug dealing taking place. Special Agents from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force went to Nancy Lee Burks home last Friday and say their police dog alerted to several places in the home, finding almost a half pound of what they thought was heroin along with more than $7,000 cash, which they say was drug dealing money. The woman taken to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility and booked for possession of a controlled substance for sales.

After one neighbor called the cops on a 12 year old with a lawn mowing business, his business apparently took off. Reggie Fields of Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Business in Maple Heights, Ohio cut the wrong person’s grass and they called the cops. A woman in the neighborhood posted a video about the ordeal on Facebook, now that video’s viewed nearly a half million times. And business is booming for Reggie too. The woman saying she got a bunch of messages about how to get in touch with Reggie and his family business.

The Klamathon Fire in Siskiyou County burning near the Calif. Oregon border continues growing in dry, windy weather. The fire’s also got many people evacuated now as almost 13,000​ more acres burned​
this weekend. The fire now charred 35,250 acres and is 30 percent contained. One person’s body was found in the fire and three firefighters were injured. 81 structures were gutted with another 12 damaged and more than 800 threatened. The fire closed Interstate 580 in both directions ​Sunday
night​. Officials say it started​
after a resident apparently lit a small fire on a friend’s property and it spread to a tree, jumped over a river then spread. The Governor has declared a state of emergency for Siskiyou County.

A young man’s been reported missing as he headed to Covelo from Las Vegas. 21 year old Kenyon Duke apparently vanished on the drive back to the area ahead of the 4th of July holiday. Police say he was last seen Monday, July 2nd as he drove back in a white 2001 GMC Sonoma Truck with Calif. License Plates. He’s described as a white man, with blond hair, blue eyes, medium build. His parents reportedly checking his home in West Valley City, Utah with no sign of the man. They’re asking anyone with info to please call the West Valley City Police Dept.

A man from Lakeport facing charges after a January crash for gross vehicular manslaughter, due in court. Jeremy Morgan is facing gross vehicular manslaughter charges and DUI as well as driving with a suspended license charges for a crash on Highway 20 near Paradise Valley that caused major injuries. He was arrested at the time for being under the influence of a controlled substance. Two of the people in his car had severe injuries to the head and neck. Those in a second vehicle apparently not seriously injured. Cops say he was driving in rainy conditions and lost control. He was being held on $500,000 bail and had a preliminary hearing set for this morning.

A woman in Ukiah says she wants speed bumps put in on South Orchard Avenue to get cars to slow down. The idea to be considered at the city of Ukiah’s Traffic Engineering Committee meeting tomorrow. The Daily Journal reports the woman and her husband have had two of their cars hit that were parked on the street, one totaled by a drunk, speeding driver, the other damaged by a speeding driver. The newspaper reports city staff not recommending speed bumps be put in, and the city engineer says it should only happen if there’s no other option. The Ukiah CHP office is also located on the stretch of the street so speed bumps might slow their response time. The meeting tomorrow at City Council chambers at 3 PM.

Some upgrades put in at Low Gap Park on the bridge near the entrance to the park by volunteers. The Ukiah Valley Trail Group working on the small bridge leading to Orrs Creek which needed some work so they went out and replaced the boards on the span and the majority of the supports underneath.

The Pawnee Fire, which burned 22 structures, is 100% contained. Cal Fire reports that was two days ahead of schedule that the fire was totally surrounded after charring 15,185 acres. The fire started June 23rd northeast of Clearlake Oaks in the Spring Valley Lakes subdivision which was evacuated along with the Double Eagle Ranch subdivision off of Highway 20. The fire also had some roads closed for a time. The County Fire meanwhile is growing, but the containment on that fire burning in Napa and Yolo counties also grew to 65%. The fire’s burned nearly 90,300 acres with full containment expected Thursday. The County fire burned 16 structures and damaged three others. The causes of both the Pawnee and County fires remain under investigation.

CalFresh recipients in Humboldt County are being warned about a food stamp scam. Health officials say EBT card holders should be aware after Food For People, the local food bank, reported on Facebook some with electronic benefit transfer cards that start with the numbers 5077 should call a number, but say it was a phishing scam. They put out the word on social media so folks would be aware of the scam where they’re asked for their PIN number, something that normally would not be asked for by text. So the scammer gets their CalFresh funds.

Police in Crescent City have arrested a woman in connection to the shooting of her husband. Police say they got a call to dispatch from the woman who says her husband attacked her, punching her in the face, then the call disconnected. Cops went to the scene finding a man laying in a pool of blood, after being shot in his legs. Two seven year old children were taken from the home, they were there at the time of the shooting. And Tasha Dione Henderson has been arrested on attempted murder, assault with a firearm, and inflicting corporal injury on a spouse with bail set at $250,000.

A man from Forestville police say got in the middle of an attack on a barista at a coffee shop is being called a hero. Sean Loundagin says he was just helping a friend Friday. Sean Seeman apparently holding a piece of metal to the woman’s neck at Roasters Espresso Bar after sitting there a little too long. The barista says the man made her uncomfortable, watching her, then used that sharp metal object and pinned her against a door, holding it to her neck. That’s when the other guy stepped in and took Seeman to the ground and held him until cops arrived. Seeman apparently on parole with a criminal background, arrested on several charges including assault with a deadly weapon, assault, battery and violation of parole. He was being held without bail.

The Klamathon Fire still burning along the Oregon-California border, killing one person, threatening hundreds of homes and spreading, but the containment on the fire continues. The fire has charred 35,000 acres and threatens hundreds of homes. It’s burning into the Klamath National Forest, Horseshoe Ranch Wildlife Area and private timber lands and is 25% contained. Fire officials say erratic winds and dry vegetation have helped move the fire that’s feeding on thickly wooded terrain. The fire started Thursday and killed a resident of Hornbrook, they’ve yet to be identified. Three firefighters have also been hurt, but apparently they’ll be okay, one with severe burns on his face was released from the hospital over the weekend. 81 structures have been destroyed and evacuations are in place for several neighborhoods. Officials say they think the fire was started by someone who accidentally ignited a tree.

A woman from Scotts Valley arrested, found with a bunch of stolen items, and a dead owl in her car. Police pulled Christen Aceves over after they spotted different license plates on the front and back of the car. Police say the car was also stolen out of Santa Barbara. Police say she used stolen credit cards found in the car but gave no reason for the dead bird in the car.

A bat in Hidden Valley Lake has tested positive for rabies, so someone who got a little too close is being treated. The Lake County Public Health Dept. reports rabies is found in an animal’s saliva so people can be exposed in a number of ways. The warning to the public if you feel you may have come into contact with an infected animal to be treated immediately before you become symptomatic as the infection is almost 100% fatal. The recommendation to make sure your dogs and cats are vaccinated, you supervise pets at all times to make sure they avoid contact with wildlife and immediately get medical treatment for bites or exposures to sick or unvaccinated animals.

The County Fire has grown once again, now at 88,375 acres, but containment has also grown, to 37 percent. Cal Fire sauys the fire grew another 375 acres overnight as the fire was burning in steep, rugged terrain near the town of Guinda along Highway 16. A spokesperson for Cal Fire says the fire’s burning in rural areas where there aren’t many structures, but this morning it was threatening 110 structures. Yesterday there were 880. Nine structures have burned and total containment has been moved from Tuesday, to next Thursday instead due to the terrain the fire’s burning in. It should be a hotter weekend so the fire could still grow, but some resources are already moving to other fires.

A new fire in the Klamath National Forest, the Klamathon fire in Siskiyou County has burned 8,000 acres with little containment. Cooler temperatures helped slow the quick growth of this fire, but gusty wind was predicted between noon and 6 PM with a red flag warning for Central Siskiyou County where the fire was very active yesterday afternoon. The fire’s only 5% contained. There are evacuation orders in place. The Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in Siskiyou County due to this fire.

A new concession stand added to the skate park in Ukiah. There’s also a couple of new picnic tables. The Daily Journal reports the tables were built by the Sonoma County Probation Camp. The city looking for more action at the skate park, even hiring a staffer to man the park. The new snack bar’s open noon to 8 over the summer, and will stay open for lunch after school starts too. They’re also selling dog treats, tennis balls and low-cost disk golf disks.

Public lands and recreation sites in the Cache Creek area are being closed due to the County Fire. The fire burning near Lake Berryessa in Napa and Yolo counties has charred 88,000 acres. The Bureau of Land Management says its temporarily closing off the areas for public safety. It includes the High Bridge, Cowboy Camp, Judge Davis and Red Bud recreation sites. They’re also closing the Knoxville Recreation Area, including the Hunting Creek Campground. The fire’s burning in rugged terrain and could grow. The fire’s 33% contained with Cal Fire saying it should totally be surrounded by Tuesday.

A federal judge says yes, Calif. will remain a sanctuary city. The judge ruled against the Trump administration’s request for a preliminary injunction to block state legislation that says law enforcement does not have to cooperate with immigration officials and gives Calif. officials the right to check conditions at detention facilities contracted with federal immigration. The judge did block part of the so-called “Immigrant Worker Protection Act” fining businesses who allow immigration agents into their workplaces. The Department of Justice says Calif. is clearly trying to obstruct immigration authorities and focused instead on the part of the injunction the judge allowed, so employers don’t have to cooperate with the state to enforce federal immigration laws.

A fire that started on Anderson Island apparently started by grass mowing. The chief of the Kelseyville Fire Protection District tells Lake Co News there was someone on a riding mower which sparked the fire which burned 30 acres Tuesday. The news site reports the man on the mower helped firefighters, cutting a fire line. There was no damage from the fire to nearby structures.

Two men have been arrested after an undercover operation to buy heroin. The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. reports Joe Nathan Boggs Jr. of Lucerne and Adrian Marrufo of Lakeport busted after a tip that someone was selling drugs out of a car. So an undercover cop called the guys, agreeing to meet them at the Robinson Rancheria Casino parking lot. There was discussion about a trade for a car for heroin, then one of the men pulled out a plastic baggie which the cop thought might be heroin so other officers descended on the scene and the two men were arrested. One of them told police the stuff in the baggie was fake heroin, but he actually also had real heroin in his pocket. They also found meth in his pocket. The two booked on various charges including possession of controlled substance for sale, conspiracy and resisting arrest. They were being held on $25,000 bail each.

The Calif. drought may be back in full swing with another summer of wildfires. The U-S Drought Monitor shows abnormally dry or drought conditions in most of the state. Most of Lake County and areas of eastern Napa and Mendocino counties are said to be in moderate drought. And the central coast to Southern Calif. in severe drought and the southeastern part of the state is in extreme drought. It flipped quick, in the middle of last year after a rainy winter, the same report had ¾’s of the state without drought or abnormal dryness. This year a lot of the Northern California coast and Sierra Nevada are listed as abnormally dry.

The biggest Salmon feed in the country happening again. Tomorrow the Salmon Restoration Association is putting on their 47th great Coho Salmon Party. As many as 3,000 people come to the annual feast on the Mendocino Coast with money going for salmon restoration projects. Those attending get salmon of course, along with corn on the cob, salad and garlic bread. They also serve a vegetarian option and hot dogs for those who aren’t fish fans. The Salmon Restoration Association has been around since 1971 to help keep the fish healthy in local streams and rivers.

The Pawnee Fire’s now holding at 15,000 acres and is 92% contained. Cal Fire’s been reporting they hope to have the fire 100% contained by tomorrow. There are no more evacuations or road closures, but the fire did burn 12 homes and 10 other structures. One firefighter was injured during the fire fight, but no word on their condition, or how serious their injury was.

A police officer in Florida complains on Facebook about dirt in his burger, but it turns out to be something totally different. The cop in Fort Myers posted his disgust and the grime and dirt on his Burger King burger with a Facebook rant that went viral Wednesday. But it wasn’t dirt, it was the company’s seasoning mix. Burger King franchise officials responded after his complaint which targeted other police officers. The corporate office says police officials were invited to the restaurant and watched a video of the making of the burger in question, finding nothing extraordinary.

At the same time the two tenants charged with the murder of 36 people at a warehouse in Oakland accept a plea deal, relatives of those killed are suing. The Press Democrat reports Derick Almena and Max Harris pleaded no contest Tuesday to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. Almena agreeing to 9 years in jail as the master tenant leasing the place out as an artist residence. And Max Harris, the artistic director gets 6 years for the December 2016 fire at the illegally converted warehouse dubbed the Ghost Ship. There was no cause determined by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for the fire, but prosecutors say the two turned the place into a "death trap" because it was cluttered with highly flammable items and the few exits were blocked. Parents of those killed and lawyers say the Oakland Fire Department failed to inspect the warehouse every year as they were supposed to so they’re suing. The owner of the building has not been charged.

Cooler weather has helped firefighters gain ground on the larger fires in Northern Calif. The biggest, the County Fire is burning in Yolo and Napa Counties behind Lake Berryessa. It’s blackened 86,000 acres and is 30 percent contained. Full containment is expected Tuesday with firefighters working thru the July Fourth holiday. Temperatures were in the low 80’s with higher humidity, plus they added more crew members to the fight. Some mandatory evacuations and advisories should be lifted with others staying in place and some roads continuing to stay closed. The Pawnee fire is set for full containment on Saturday. It’s burned 15,000 acres and is 92 percent contained. 12 homes were destroyed and one firefighter was injured on this fire.

The largest fire in Northern Calif., the County Fire, has grown again and threatening hundreds more homes and other structures in Yolo and Napa counties. The County fire charred 86,000 acres so far and is 27 percent contained. The fire’s threatening 1,500 structures with no damage or injuries reported on the fire. There are still mandatory evacuation orders in place with erratic fire behavior reported. Firefighters say the fire should totally be surrounded by Tuesday, but it could intensify and grow before that time too. The fire’s burning in rugged terrain. The Pawnee Fire’s at 15,000 acres now and should be fully contained Saturday. The fire’s 90% contained and resources are moving to other incidents. One firefighter was injured on the Pawnee Fire, but no word on how serious that was.

Another small fire’s been reported in Colusa County. The Stoney Fire started yesterday and was reported at 100 acres with 25% containment. The fire’s burn in grass, is reported to be threatening structures. A small fire in Kelseyville stomped out quick on Anderson Island. One structure was threatened by the fire Tuesday which was reported around three to five acres. There were firefighters on the ground and in the air and the power to the island was turned off. The forward progress of the fire was stopped in just over an hour with no reports of injuries or damage.

The Lake County Registrar of Voters Office has released final election results from the Primary. EJ Crandell will be the new District 3 Supervisor and Shanda Harry and Don Anderson are facing off in the November General Election. Harry was ahead in early tallies by more than 1,000 votes or about 45.6 percent. And Anderson was just behind with 43 percent of the vote. There was a tight race between Crandell and Denise Lee Loustalot, with Crandell at 1,354 votes for 51.4 percent, and Loustalot had 1,270 votes 48.2 percent. It ended with Crandell maintaining his lead. Bruno Sabatier is the new District 2 Supervisor, easily winning and the D-A will be Susan Krones. All other races stayed the same. No on Measure J for another sales tax.

The two men charged with the so-called Ghost Ship fire that killed 36 people have taken plea deals. It’s been a year and a half since the fire started at the East Oakland warehouse party. The deals for Derrick Almena and Max Harris who were leasing the place and using it as an artist residence. It exploded in flames in Dec. of 2016. They were charged with the murder of the victims and were supposed to go to trial in about 2 weeks. The Alameda County District Attorney’s office says Almena, the master tenant, has agreed to a nine-year prison term and Harris to six-years.

The Lake County grand jury looking into Senior Centers which are also activity centers for local seniors. The jury toured local centers and met with staffers and went over their standard operating procedures, budgets and food safety. The report says food inspections were done right even as they serve more than 100,000 meals a year. The report shows all centers could use more volunteers. The Record Bee reports the report found better communication with County District supervisors, there’s not adequate signage around some locations to direct people, one of the handicap doors at one center needed repairs and the sidewalks in front of the Lucerne Center also needed fixing.

Since the devastating Dungeness and rock crab seasons in 2015 and 16 in California due to toxic algae blooms, the federal government has released nearly $268M in disaster relief for fishermen and businesses who lost income that season. Plus the Yurok Tribe got almost $4M in disaster relief for the 2016 commercial salmon season, which was also stopped because there were not enough returning spawners. The 2015-16 crab season had to be delayed in California by nearly six months, so crabbers only had a fraction of the time they normally have. And that was followed by the dismal salmon season. Congress released more than $200 million in disaster relief money for the fisheries disasters covering not only Calif., but the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

If you missed fireworks celebrations you still have a shot. Fort Bragg’s got their annual fireworks celebration Saturday over Noyo Harbor. If you want to go, you can park at Noyo Beach, South Noyo Headlands Park, and at the American Legion Fundraiser parking lot near Mendocino College. Money for parking, it pays for the cost of the fireworks and benefit American Legion Sequoia Post #96. The celebration means the park will close tomorrow night and will reopen at 5 PM Saturday for the celebration. Fireworks will be launched from the southwest end of Noyo Headlands Park.

The long vacant and troubled Palace Hotel has been put up for sale. The building is listed at just under one million dollars with a sign saying it’s a rare opportunity to redevelop downtown Ukiah. Eladia Laines is the owner, who purchased the property in 1990 for $115,000. She’s been working to clean it out ever since and the city’s jumped in in the last several years, declaring it a public nuisance so it could be rehabbed. But it’s sat dormant the last several years with little work done even after mediation with the city. So the place went into receivership.

The mid-year outlook on the cannabis industry in Calif. has been released. The California Growers Association released their annual report showing regulating the market has had an impact. The report released July 1st, giving those in the industry about six months to adapt to the new regulations and laws set forth in the recreational marijuana market. Those include laboratory tests, labeling and certain measurements on the amount of THC in edibles. The report shows expectation that the growth of the market will be constrained because of policies. It also shows there are some in Calif. with no easy access to licensed retailers, so there’s still a healthy unregulated market in parts of the state.

A​ ​
shooting on the 101 near Willits turns out to be a domestic incident. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept reports the shooting last night killed 51 year old Calixto Ramirez​
found dead in a pickup truck on the highway, with another man, his son, 30 year old Miguel, also found shot, but was taken by an air ambulance to the hospital. He’s in critical condition. Investigators say the suspected shooter, was Calixto’s other son, and Miguel’s brother, 23 year old Ubaldo. The Sheriff’s Dept. says thanks to a tip they found Ubaldo in Covelo and arrested him for murder and attempted murder. He’s held without bail. Reports earlier of another victim have not been confirmed. Police looking for anyone who may have seen the incident on North Highway 101 in Willits late last night.

Several fires burning across Northern Calif. most of them close to being totally contained, but one, the enormous County Fire. The fire blew up in size since starting Sunday near Guinda in Yolo County to 70,000 acres. It’s only 5% contained. The Pawnee Fire started June 23rd and had Hwy 20 closed but that reopened yesterday. There are still evacuations in place for the Eagle Rock subdivision where 50 homes are said to be in the path of the nearly 15,000 acre fire which is 80% contained. Firefighters say it should be 100% by Thursday. The latest edition, the Petersburg Fire started Sunday in Siskiyou, its forward movement has apparently stopped and it’s holding at 350 acres with 25% containment. And finally Flat Fire started June 28th in Trinity County. That one’s burned 300 acres and 75% contained.

A new report shows the state’s spent nearly a half-million dollars on bottled water for inmates because of a failed prison water system. The Sacramento Bee reporting Central Valley water regulators say prison officials have to provide bottled water​
if a system goes down and can’t provide fresh water at Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy. So far, that’s been an expenditure of $417,000. A state-of-the-art $32 million plant went online eight years ago for brackish well water for the 2,300 or so inmates and 1,000 employees. But apparently their brine concentrator, that takes out salt and minerals has not proven reliable and complicated to fix. The state has set aside $2 million to plan a new system, which is going to cost as much as $32 million. It’s expected to go online in 2021.

Police at the scene of a shooting on the 101 near Willits. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and CHP Officers headed out yesterday afternoon to reports of a suspicious situation at Mile Marker 35 south of Golden Rule for what they thought might be a car accident, but found someone in a car with a gunshot wound. Then police found two men in a pickup truck with gunshot wounds, one was dead, the other with a life threatening injury was taken to a hospital. Details about what may have happened are sketchy. Detectives working with the CHP, the state Department of Justice and the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office trying to find out why the shooting happened in the first place. They’re asking anyone who may have seen something to call the Sheriff’s office tip line.

A man who organizes cannabis events around the region says he’s going statewide. Stephen Gieder’s the executive director for Humboldt Green and puts on evens like Cannifest and the Yes We Cann! Parade. He was up against red tape when trying to get his Cannifest 2018 happening, and says the family friendly festival probably need to be at places other than fairgrounds. He says he wants folks to be able to consume products, so he was trying to make it happen in Ferndale. But apparently at a no smoking facility and there’s a city ordinance saying no pot projects near a school which is pretty close. He says now he’s going outside of the state, looking into Pennsylvania and Ohio as possible Cannifest venues.

Lakeport police beefing up their presence ahead of the 4th of July, looking for illegal fireworks use. The department’s been posting on social media what to do if you are caught with illegal fireworks. You can have “Safe and Sane Fireworks” which are being sold around town, but only in incorporated Lakeport regions only. So you can use your sparklers and fountain type fireworks on local streets or in private property if the owner permits you too. If you’re caught you could be fined as much as $50,000. For more info you can visit the Lakeport Police Department Facebook page.

A local protest takes place against the Trump Administrations immigration policies in Lakeport. There were protests across the country this past Saturday, and the Record Bee reports there was a small group of concerned citizens marching in Lakeport too, they’re against the Trump administration’s policy to separate young children and babies from their immigrant parents. The paper reports they held up signs and waved American Flags. There had been a bigger event planned near the courthouse, but apparently it was canceled at the last minute because of a bicycle race.

The County Fire, which started in Yolo County has exploded in size. The fire started to burn into Napa and Lake Counties Sunday and Monday when it was about half its current size, 60,000 acres. The fire started Sunday in Guinda. There’s now an evacuation advisory for Berryessa Highlands, Markley Cove and Pleasure Cove Resort. Those residents have been told to be prepared if the fire gets worse.

The Governor working with legislative leaders on a new bill to help ahead of wildfires. The bill authored by Bill Dodd of Napa has moved to a conference committee to deal with extreme weather conditions and natural disasters caused by climate change. There would be new rules and regulations for utility companies due to the changing climate and more severe and frequent weather events. Some of the regulations in the bill being considered are stricter fire prevention activities like vegetation removal, infrastructure maintenance, utility company inspections and temporary shut off of power during extreme weather; hold those responsible for wildfires accountable, make sure there’s enough resources to fight fires and utility companies would have to have wildfire plans in place and update them frequently.

Some DACA recipients or so-called “dreamers” are being approved to stay. The info from the Calif. Atty. General Xavier Becerra says tens of thousands trying to get their DACA status extended have been approved. This according to the last quarterly report on renewals the federal government field. The filing required after a preliminary injunction in January to preserve DACA. The court papers show as many as 45,000 more Dreamers were able to renew their deferred action and work authorization for another two years of protection.

Those evacuated due to the Pawnee Fire are still out of their homes as the fire creeps ever closer to their subdivision. Fire officials do say however the fire’s holding because of better weather conditions. The fire started June 23rd and has burned almost 15,000 acres, it’s 75% contained. Fire officials say it should be 100% contained by the end of the week. It started June 23rd northeast of Clearlake Oaks. There are still 50 structures threatened, with that mandatory evacuation in the Double Eagle Ranch subdivision east of Clearlake Oaks. 22 structures have burned including 12 homes.

Another fire has broken out, but it seems to be pretty small at the moment. The Petersburg Fire near Cecilville between Hoopa and Callahan started Sunday with some structures reportedly burned, but we don’t have exact numbers there. The fire’s burned 350 acres and 20% contained. There are evacuation orders for this fire too, for the Lakeview Ranch and Glacier View Ranch areas. There had been one in place for Big Flat too, but that one’s been downgraded to a warning. The fire’s burning three miles south of the Forest Service Petersburg station. Reporter Kym Kemp speaking to a local in the area who says they jumped on the fire themselves, seven locals battling the flames using hand tools and pumps when it first started as there were ranches closeby.

There’s a branch of the Bureau of Cannabis Control open in the North Coast. Assemblyman Jim Wood and Senator Mike McGuire jointly announcing the North Coast Regional Office of the bureau opened this week so local residents can do state business without traveling very far. The 2 state legislators got the office in the latest state budget, saying it’s a big part of the economy along the North Coast and to make farmers drive five hours or so to pay taxes was not acceptable or a good way to do business. The office is at the Humboldt County Courthouse for now until a permanent office opens later in the year.

A new committee’s been put together to discuss how to pay for the damage left behind by massive wildfires. The Legislature working on a bill that will apply to future fires, not the history making fires from last October. PG&E calling on lawmakers to change rules that currently hold them almost entirely responsible for damage. Utilities have to pay for property damage caused by their equipment, even if they’re not found negligent for maintenance or operation, under the so-called “inverse condemnation” doctrine which the Governor and lawmakers are currently looking at.

A court order in Calif. says Yelp cannot be held responsible for bad reviews, nor do they have to remove them. This after a law firm in San Francisco received bad reviews that a lower court ruled were defamatory, but the State Supreme Court ruled it could interfere with and undermine the viability of an online platform. Yelp was arguing of negative reviews were removed, that could leave a skewed assessment of restaurants and other businesses. The law firm said it was a quote “invitation to spread falsehoods on the internet without consequence." They say they’re considering taking the case to the U-S Supreme Court.