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Hundreds show up at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center for a chance to appear in an Amy Adams HBO film. The casting director Rich King in town ahead of the shoot next month in Redwood Valley looking for 500 extras for minimum wage. The Daily Journal reports the film makers are in town a couple weeks ahead of filming locally. Adams plays a woman in a small town in Missouri, called Wind Gap which just had some murders. Those chosen to be extras in the film make about $84 a day plus parking. If you couldn’t make it, but you’re interested you can email a recent photo and phone number to: sharpcastingrichking

Small businesses in Mendocino County may be getting a boost after a local nonprofit gets grant funding. The Daily Journal reports the West Company works with small businesses who want to boost their business performance online. The Board of Supervisors has given West $76,000 to add onto its contract that had been at about $340,000. With the extra cash the company says they’ll work with tiny operations or “microenterprises” in Mendocino County to boost their online or social media presence. The businesses with five employees or less.

Local pot growers, consultants and county representatives at a consortium in Willits to discuss the legal industry. The Mendocino Cannabis Resource Conference over the weekend for smaller growers and others to navigate their way through the recreational Cannabis industry. They walked them thru the certification process, taxes and other fees associated with the new industry. The conference focused a bit on if it’s even worth it for small timers to compete with what are sure to be major players in legal pot.

Water overflowing in Sonoma County, but still there could be higher water bills this year. The Press Democrat reports consumers used less water in the years of severe drought, but the Sonoma County Water Agency claims it’s got to raise rates due to the drop in usage, which means they’re making less money. The newspaper reports in the last three fiscal years, the agency delivered about a third less water so there was a 13 percent decline in revenue from water sales last year from a year earlier. They say even though their costs were less, their budget this next fiscal year is only 4 percent lower which isn’t enough to cut it. The board of supervisors, serving as the Water Agency directors are considering a 5 percent increase starting July 1st.

The Clearlake City Council is meeting behind closed doors regarding a lawsuit, labor negotiations and a liability claim. Lake Co News reports the council meets Thursday at 5:30 ahead of their public meeting at 6pm. The public portion of the meeting regarding the medical marijuana dispensary rules in the city, plus personal marijuana cultivation. The City Manager will also be at the meeting to discuss the changes in state law regarding medical pot and the new legal market and how it affects locals.

The Middletown Area Town Hall meeting to discuss grant money, a safety project on Highway 175 and committee updates. The meeting Thursday at 7pm at the Middletown Community Center. Anyone is welcome to the meeting and to weigh in on the agenda. This week they’re covering the proposed $12.5 million project for a 2.5-mile stretch of Highway 175 from Putah Creek to Dry Creek. The project, which Caltrans says should happen, because the fatal collision rate in the area around five times the state average. A Caltrans manager will be at the meeting for the update. There will also be reports on a Valley fire memorial and more.

A ransom note that ended up with the family of a missing college student in Northern Calif. is apparently not related to her disappearance. Police say someone sent notes to Alycia "Aly" Leane Yeoman family, but they don’t know where the 20 year old is. A $5,000 reward has also been offered for any info leading to the Yuba City student. She’s been missing since March 30th. The Sutter County Sheriff’s Dept. reports her pickup truck was found near a river levee about an hour outside of Sacramento. Her home was searched, but police have not said if they’ve found any evidence. Police do say however her cell phone records and other electronic devices are being checked out to see if it could help find her.

A kid who really digs Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets may break twitter. The 16 year old tweeted to Wendy’s to see how many retweets it would take to get a year’s worth of free nuggets. They tweeted back to him, with 18 million. So Carter Wilkerson tweeted Wendy’s response with "consider it done" and a follow up, in all caps, "HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS". At last count Wilkerson had 2.5M retweets, not enough for free nuggs, but pretty close to breaking the record by Ellen Degeneres when she took a selfie at the Oscars with some celebrities which has 3.2 million retweets so far.


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The Lake County Board of Supervisors is working with the state Water Resources Control Board regarding cannabis gardening on irrigated land. The Record Bee reports the District 3 Supervisor Jim Steele has asked for more information from the board because it was recently learned rules on marijuana irrigation are not the same across the state. Apparently in Lake County there are different drain directions so there are different regulations. Decisions made by each of the state’s nine region water boards are sent to the state regarding surface water, ocean water and groundwater. The newspaper reports the state’s also considering if distinct regulations should be in place for different outflows in Lake County which could mean different regulations.

It’s National Public Safety Telecommunications Week so with that is the local Public Safety Dispatcher Appreciation Week in Lake County. The Sheriff says the dispatchers provide dedicated service 24/7 to make sure communities get life-saving services from law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services first responders. He says dispatchers provide comfort and reassurance for those who need it most, including citizens, officers, and firefighters. The Sheriff says they often work long hours without getting the recognition they deserve. He’s calling on anyone and everyone to thank a dispatcher this week.

After one of the wettest years in California’s recorded history, the Governor says the 5 year historic drought is over. That means the Governor’s 2014 drought emergency order has been rescinded. But Governor Brown says just because the drought emergency is over, it doesn’t mean there can’t be another, so conservation has to be a way of life. Brown is permanently banning wasteful water use like hosing off sidewalks, and continuing to have water agencies report the water use every month to the state. But the state is also going to follow a long-term plan so the state’s better prepared in the future. It may mean new legislation for long-term conservation plus more planning for more frequent and severe droughts.

Lake County has declared April as Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Record Bee reports the District 4 Supervisor Tina Scott reported the county responded to 248 cases of sex assaults in 2016. She also says one in every six boys and one in every four girls will experience sexual assault before they turn 18. And District 2 Supervisor Jeff Smith says they can make better progress if communities work together to prevent child abuse.

15 community members across the Northwest are being hailed as heroes by the American Red Cross of the California Northwest. The 15 to be honored for selfless acts of courage at the Real Heroes Breakfast in Santa Rosa, Thursday, April 27th. Locals being honored include Officers Dan Mitchell of Middletown and Dan Russo of Rohnert Park who pulled victims including small kids out of a car on fire. A committee of local community leaders picked the winners of the 2017 California Northwest Red Cross Hero Award based on their acts of heroism which they say uphold the values of the American Red Cross and have a positive impact on the residents of the Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties.

A little bit closer to getting a new visitor center in Clearlake. The Chamber of Commerce is about to move into a renovated home from the 1940s on Lakeshore Drive. The new Chamber and Visitor Center has apparently been years in the making with volunteers working on the project which the city manager says is immensely important to the city and the city council. He says the Lakeshore Drive corridor is important to the city and could help stimulate and support businesses. The city paid for the property back in 2011 at just over $207,000. The work to renovate started in 2015 with the costs at about $120,000 more.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors set to approve a funding application for the Anderson Springs sewer project. The board to take up the matter at their meeting tomorrow morning. They have to sit as the board of the Lake County Sanitation District for the authorization and designation for the Special District Administrator to submit the funding agreement to the State Water Resources Control Board. The board to consider the construction of the new sewer system for the Anderson Springs Community at more than $7,400,000. Apparently the State Water Resources Control Board has already agreed to grant $564,000 for engineering, design and survey work.

The San Francisco Bay’s getting dirty after a freight barge capsized near the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge. About 4,000 gallons of Diesel fuel and 300 gallons of hydraulic oil poured into the bay then powerful winds moved it farther away from the 112-foot barge used by Bay Area Rapid Transit. It’s commissioned near an underwater rail tunnel where they move BART’s commuter lines between San Francisco and Oakland for divers doing underwater anti-corrosion work on the tube. There was nobody aboard at the time of the accident and they say there was no damage to the tube or any wildlife. 3,000 feet of boom have been placed around the barge to try to help soak up some of the spill.

Ford Motor Company says they’ve got a new fuel-efficient gas-electric hybrid to work perfectly for police officers. The car manufacturer is offering a new police pursuit version of its Fusion midsize sedan hybrid after several requests across the country. It is expected it will get about 38 miles to the gallon in city and highway driving. Apparently it’s about 20 mpg more than the company’s current police car model, the Taurus police interceptor.

A man in South Dakota dumbfounded he couldn’t bring his snake to the park. Jerry Kimball has been fined nearly $200 because his 4-month-old fire bee ball python wasn’t on a leash. He said he thought it was a joke because he was ticketed by an animal control officer on April Fools Day. But alas, it was not. He wrote on Facebook that the officer told him to put a rope around his snake’s neck and he said no, saying he was having an “educational meet and greet” with his snakes. Apparently he also had two other ball pythons nearby. Local media outlets say there were no visitors looking for that meet and greet though. His citation was for “animals running at large.” He says he’ll appeal.

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Lawmakers decide to raise gas taxes and car registration fees to pay for crumbling roads. The bill passed 27-11 in the Senate and cleared the Assembly with 54 votes, barely squeaking thru both houses. The Assembly was short votes needed at first, but eventually won what was needed with one Democrat saying no. Governor Jerry Brown is solidly behind the bill, something he had been pushing saying there had not been a gas tax increase in 23 years, which according to the Los Angeles Times has led to a backlog of billions in repairs or replacement needed across the state. The Senate Republican leader was against the move saying it was giving almost $1 billion to districts as sweeteners to win votes, while the Senate Pres. Pro Tem said roads have been battered for decades and neglected and it had to be addressed.

The state transportation package the legislature passed means money to improve local roads. The bill that barely passed the legislature last night to bring in 5 billion a year by way of a gas tax, car registration and other fees. The bill basically passing along party lines with The Senate Republican Leader calling it the biggest tax increase in state history, blaming the Democrats for neglecting the roads for years. But North Coast State Senator Mike McGuire says it’s time to stop kicking the can down the crumbling road. Lake County will get about 3 point 7 million a year for roads over the next decade and Mendocino County gets more than 5 and a half million a year.

Representatives for the city of Willits and the Chamber of Commerce trying to get help from local legislators after businesses lost money because of the construction of the Willits bypass. Assemblyman Jim Wood introduced a bill to amend part of the legislature’s Streets and Highway Code for transportation, telling his colleagues the recently completed bypass had a negative impact on businesses, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and more. The Willits News reports if Wood’s successful getting the bill amended, it would mean, a city or county could be eligible to get funds to revitalize a city or business district because of a loss of tourism business resulting from highway relocation. The bill’s been referred to committee and will be heard at the end of the month.

The Ukiah City Council takes the advice of a consultant and moves closer to bringing a hotel to the downtown area. The Daily Journal reports the council’s having staff reach out to developers for proposals to build an upscale hotel without using a consultant for further work, unless absolutely necessary. The city already forked over $25,000 to a consultant to see if the city could support an upscale hotel, and the answer was yes, and one with a restaurant, and possibly a meeting room too. The newspaper reports the city will consider approaching developers and talk to local property owners to see if they can drum up local interest, which the City Manager calls a request for qualifications, not proposals.

The Gov. Jerry Brown wants to make things clearer in the interpretation of the law for both medical and recreational marijuana. Brown’s office put out a document this week with solutions about major differences of the laws regulating each industry. The document proposals also included as an amendment of sorts to the Governor’s 2017-18 budget. It goes to the legislature for a vote before the Governor gets it again. The Governor approved regulations, which were signed into law, for medical marijuana which has been sold in Calif. for more than 20 years. There are some differences when it comes to recreational pot though regarding its distribution, the size of farms and licensing.

The city of Willits reaching out to the county and state to get some money to fix battered roads which have been left damaged for 2 decades. The Willits News reports FEMA has made money available for areas hit hard by the storms in January which flooded streets and homes. There’s also money from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services so the city is sending estimates in regarding damage at the water plant on Quarry Road, a maintenance road to the sewer plant, a culvert failure and tons of potholes and a possible sinkhole in the city. The city’s Public Works Director says they’re getting bids from private contractors because of the amount of work.

A rain record’s broken in Santa Rosa. It’s officially the wettest year on record for the city since record keeping started back in 1902. The National Weather Service reported more than 55.75 inches of rain since Oct. 1st. The last record in 1983 was just below it, at 55.68 inches. The Press Democrat reports there’s been 92 days of rain since the beginning of Oct., which adds up to nearly half of the days in the calendar. Rain is expected to keep coming too, at least thru tomorrow.

More info on the closing down of the Fort Bragg Grange building and property. As you may recall, the building locks were changed and members of the Fort Bragg Guild were locked out. The Advocate Newspaper reports all Calif. Granges lost their membership to the National charter in 2013. So the local Guild took over, but some from the Calif. Grange say the building and its property belongs to them. Now some members of the Guild say when they were locked out of the building last month, they saw a member of the Grange changing the locks. There was even a Facebook fight this week between members. There will apparently be a meeting soon with a membership vote on whether the status will continue as the California State Grange or as a California Guild.

Stairs for the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg to be fixed sooner rather than later. The City Council is going to put the stairs reconstruction project out to bid mid-May. The Advocate Newspaper reports there’s a estimate for the repair for sturdier stairs. The cost of construction is going to be between $150,000 to about $175,000. The stairs will mostly be made out of concrete to last longer. The money will come from Measure AA funds, the Transient Occupancy Tax increase and thru a special revenue fund. The contract for the final work could start as early as June.

The public’s invited to the yearly Clearlake Clean Up Day. The event, from 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday, April 22nd at Austin Park. There will be bags and tools for trash cleanup there. There will also be some cleaning of store fronts and e-waste disposal available. Lake Co News reports the city’s Public Works Director says they do it every year ahead of the spring tourism season. Last year up to 200 volunteers showed up who picked up 220 yards of waste, at 31 tons, plus 160 tires and five yards of e-waste.

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The Lake County Campus of Woodland Community College is hosting a Native American Empowerment Day next Friday, March 24. American Indian students in grades 7 through 12 and American Indian adults are invited to this free event from 9am to 1pm at the campus in Clearlake. The day will include a traditional blessing and prayer, Keynote speaker Clarence Sharlow giving a motivational address, Robert Geary speaking on local historical and contemporary issues and hands-on workshops on traditional practices and the value of higher education. College staff will be there to help anyone wishing to enroll in classes for high school equivalency or learn more about college. Attendees will get snacks, lunch, and book bags.

There are once again some Coho salmon in the Russian River. After 10 years of study, captive breeding and stream rehabilitation by consortium of local, state, and federal agencies, private landowners, academic institutions, community coalitions and others, a small but steady number has been reappearing in the river in areas of the Sonoma County where they are being tracked. Officials tell the Press Democrat there is a long way to go though before the Coho can be upgraded from the federal “endangered” classification – that requires finding more than 10,100 salmon in the watershed for three consecutive years. The most recent count was about 450.

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Lake County remains under a flood warning with Clear Lake hovering around 10.6 feet Rumsey and more rain expected Saturday and Sunday. Despite the colder temperatures that actually brought some snow locally this morning, the National Weather Service says the rain remains a threat through at least Saturday.

As for some of the main roads: The Nice-Lucerne Cutoff remains closed to all traffic due to flooding and in Lakeport a big stretch of Lakeshore Boulevard is closed after showing signs of erosion. In Mendocino County Orr Springs Rd is still closed 5 mile wets if Ukiah where a huge chunk of the pavement gave way.

The City of Lakeport says their municipal water is safe to drink. The water is currently being supplied solely from groundwater wells in Scotts Valley. They say if there were a problem with the municipal water system, staff would provide physical notifications to affected properties. They are however struggling with keeping the waste water from overflowing and are asking resident to cut down in water use while they City works to pump out the excess water.

The Ukiah Unified School Board has passed a resolution declaring UUSD schools a “Safe Haven”
 from federal agents looking to deport undocumented immigrants. The resolution passed last week and now posted on the District Website. It cites a US Supreme Court ruling that public schools cannot deny students access to elementary and secondary public education based on their immigration status and it points out that state and federal laws prohibit schools from disclosing student information to law enforcement without parental consent or a court order. The resolution says if ICE agents come to a school for a student they need a written warrant signed by a federal or state judge and it instructs staff to direct ICE agents to the superintendent.

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Lakeport Police are looking for leads in a burglary at the Meals on Wheels Thrift Shop storage warehouse. They say sometime late last night or early this morning, suspects burglarized the warehouse and took more than a $1000 worth of tools including a red Craftsman generator, a red Craftsman air compressor, a red Craftsman chop saw and an Ace sump pump. They are asking anyone with information on possible suspects to call Lakeport Police, send them a private Facebook message, or send an anonymous message by texting the words TIP LAKEPORT to 888777.

More water would be stored in Lake Mendocino in the future if Rep. Jared Huffman passes through a bill to get the US Army Corps of Engineers to change how they determine the lake level. The Corps has been using the same method since 1959 to determine when to release water from the Lake at the Coyote Valley Dam and how much to keep in the reservoir, which is owned by the Sonoma County Water Agency. Huffman says rather than managing the reservoir on a storm by storm basis, the Corps should consider using current satellite technology that can view atmospheric rivers in real time. Huffman has introduced the Reservoir Operations Improvement Act which would require the Corps to update their forecasting methods.

A Silver Award of Excellence has been given to Lake County’s Child Support Services. The Lake County Department of Child Support Services was been honored by California DCSS for what the state called outstanding effort to support families by increasing the reliability of child support payments. Lake County DCSS Director Gail Woodworth accepted the award that took into account the increases in the total collections, percentages of current support due that’s actually paid, and percentage of cases that are paid in full every month. Lake County DCSS earned the Silver level by averaging a 3.65 percent increase across the award criteria.

The Lake County Special Olympics Polar Plunge set for this Saturday has been moved from Lakeside County Park over to Kelseyville County Park due to conditions at Clear Lake. The Polar Plunge is Lake County Special Olympics’ major annual fundraiser to provide services to local athletes. Last year’s event raised about $22,000. Organizers tell Lake County News the actual “plunge” is a bit up the air without a lake and they are looking at different ways to get the participants wet, but it will happen. Registration is still open online at

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to recommend former three-time supervisor John Pinches be chosen to fill the seat of Third District Supervisor Tom Woodhouse who resigned January 3rd. By law Governor Jerry Brown will appoint the position but the county CEO told the board at their meeting Tuesday that the governor’s office is taking recommendations “from anyone who chooses to give them a recommendation.” Pinches did not seek reelection when his last term ended two years ago, citing health reasons, but has told the Mendocino Voice his health is now much improved and he wouldn’t rule it out. There are about two years left on Woodhouse’s term.

The Lakeport Planning Commission is holding a public meeting as they consider possible amendments to the Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance to allow for non-commercial growing on personal property. The City of Lakeport says they are going to divide legalized marijuana uses into two categories: commercial and non-commercial. The meeting will include a discussion on the difference, and then tackle the potential amendments, such as the number of plants that could be grown, indoor vs outdoor, and the permitting process to do it. They will not be talking about any retail issues. The meeting is February 8 at 5pm.

Mary Tyler Moore has died. Her rep says the 80-year-old passed away this morning of heart failure while battling pneumonia. An award winning actress and producer, she was also an advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, having lived with Type 1 Diabetes since her early 30’s. She rose to television fame playing Dick Van Dyke’s wife on his classic comedy for five years, but became a major star for her groundbreaking role as the single professional woman trying to make it on her own on the "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". Her many awards include 5 Emmys, 3 Golden Globes and an Oscar nomination for Ordinary People. As a producer she brought us not only spinoffs of her own shows like “Rhoda” and “Phyllis”, but also “The Bob Newhart Show,” “WKRP in Cincinnati,” “Hill Street Blues” and “St. Elsewhere. ”

An extension for commercial crab fishing to areas of the Sonoma County Coast. After tests show the shellfish are safe to eat, the Dungeness Crab season extends further tomorrow. The season opened last month, but it only went to Point Reyes due to concerns of high levels of domoic acid. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife made the announcement of the extension yesterday of the extra 50 miles, north from Point Reyes to Salt Point, south of The Sea Ranch. But will stay closed between Salt Point and the entrance to Humboldt Bay. Domoic Acid is thought to build into the tissues of crab that feed on ocean nutrients that stay around when the ocean is warm.

Police in Napa looking into reports of hazing at Napa High School in team sports. No arrests have been made but cops say they got wind of incidents in the football program weeks before the Big Game against the school’s rival Vintage High. No word on exactly what the incidents were, but apparently a student tipped police off November 19th. Police have said there were multiple assaults over the years between players and teammates, but none required emergency medical attention. Police say they were isolated incidents within the football team, so they’re interviewing team members.

The Gov. Jerry Brown has his pick to replace the state Atty. General. Brown has nominated Congressman Xavier Becerra to take over for Kamala Harris who just won election as a new U-S Senator. Taking over for Barbara Boxer who was not running for re-election. Becerra is a 24-year veteran of Congress who was a Clinton supporter. In Brown’s announcement he recalled Becerra’s service in Congress, the state Legislature and as a deputy attorney general. His nomination has to be confirmed by the state legislature which will be officially submitted after Harris resigns. A special election would decide Becerra’s replacement. He’s from a pretty solid Democratic district in Los Angeles. Former Assembly Speaker John Perez has announced he’ll run for the seat.

A murder in Lake County. Police report the attack on a woman’s family, Theresa Brown. She, her 6 year old daughter, her sister and her husband were all shot, Brown died. One of Brown’s cousins says the dead woman’s niece may have been the target as she was leaving an abusive relationship and her family shielded her from the alleged shooter. The suspect has been id’d as Ezekial “Junior” Bravo Jr. of Clearlake. The tribal chair of the Elem Indian Colony near Clearlake Oaks reported the rest of the family is expected to survive the shooting early yesterday morning. Bravo was caught at a local elementary school then booked into jail for suspected murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with serious injury and held on $1 million bail.

No charges have been filed against a Hells Angels member who police say is guilty of a sexual assault in Santa Rosa. The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office blames Raymond Foakes of Rohnert Park of sexually assaulting the wife of a gang member, being kicked out of the gang. He was released from federal prison five weeks ago but will now be in jail with a no-bail parole warrant.

Final election results are in for Mendocino County. You can see all the numbers for yourself on the Mendocino County Assessor Clerk Recorder’s Website under Current Election Results. Numbers show the narrowest margins in the county were for Measure Y to raise the Ukiah Sales Tax to fix roads, passing 51.5 percent to 48.5 percent, a difference citywide of only 169 votes and Prop 62, which passed 50.83 percent to 49.17 percent, a difference countywide of only 609 votes. Prop. 62, the repeal of Calif.’s Death Penalty.

A new trail is being considered after the Ukiah Valley got grant money from the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program. A North Coast Opportunity Community Wellness Program employee tells the Daily Journal she heard about the grant while promoting the Walktober Challenge. The Ukiah Valley Trail Group applied for the $25,000 grant to turn city of Ukiah property near the old landfill at the end of Vichy Springs Road into miles of trails. Proposed routes are being considered, then an environmental impact report will be prepared and some studies done. If all goes as planned, the first steps could begin by next fall.

The first flu-related death in California for the 2016-17 flu season has been reported. The California public health department has not identified the victim, they’ve just said they’re under 65 and were in Los Angeles County. State officials say there have been nearly a dozen confirmed flu-associated cases so far this year with folks ending up in intensive care.

A special meeting of the Kelseyville Unified School District Board is being held regarding a proposal for a cell phone tower on school grounds. The meeting next Tuesday night at the Kelseyville High School Student Center where the District Superintendent says they’re welcoming public comment. No action will come of the meeting. Verizon and US Cellular have asked the school district if they can put up the tower next to the district office on school grounds. The school board has asked the companies for more info, plus they’re now getting public input. US Cellular and Verizon will also have information on hand at the meeting, including materials regarding health impacts.

The latest update on the Clayton fire recovery process. Earlier this week the county’s Long-Term Recovery Task Force met at the Lower Lake Schoolhouse to discuss cleanup after the Clayton Fire. Board of Supervisors Chair Rob Brown led the meeting which should be the last one. The cleanup looks to be ending soon, so another meeting is unlikely, but possible. The County’s Environmental Health Director and Community Development Director were also at Wednesday’s meeting. Cleanup around Lower Lake led by CalRecycle is nearing its end. By the end of next week, all lots should have no more fire debris.

No injuries for the driver of a lumber truck who ended up in Clear Lake after rolling the vehicle. Part of Highway 20 had to be closed down and there was a small diesel spill. The truck came off the highway and was submerged partially into Widgeon Bay. The cab did not end up in the water, but apparently the driver got trapped. He was pulled out by firefighters. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Lake County Environmental Health agency were alerted to the diesel spill at the scene.

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