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Fun for the family as Ukiah on Ice has opened. The rink at Alex Thomas Plaza opened on Saturday with fanfare. The city of Ukiah, Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, and the Greater Ukiah Chamber of Commerce sponsoring the ice-rink near the plaza. It’s open every day thru Sunday, Jan. 6th. There are varied hours during the holidays though, so be sure to check it out. It’s $10 for a skate day session, and a skate pass for ten sessions is $85.

Some movement at the Capitol regarding the housing crisis in Calif. Democratic State Senators Jim Beall of San Jose and Mike McGuire of Healdsburg working on a solution with a specific focus on affordable housing for seniors, nurses, teachers, veterans and low and middle income Californians. The first of several bills introduced yesterday to fund affordable housing for working families and senior citizens and to spruce up neighborhoods in various communities. This first one known as the affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization bill is part of a series of housing bills they say will help streamline the permitting process and help with strategic density and update surplus property identification.

Critical infrastructure projects on the docket in the Assembly. North Coast Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters and others in the Assembly working on a constitutional amendment to give local governments more options to fund critical infrastructure projects, including expanded broadband, work on local roads, and affordable housing projects. Aguiar-Curry’s office says the bill would reduce the local vote threshold to approve bond and special tax measures from a two-thirds vote to a 55 percent majority. Her office says that would put housing and infrastructure projects on par with school proposals, so that cities, counties, and special districts have a practical financing tool to address community needs. Her office also noting that more than 2,200 local revenue measures have been voted on with about 80 percent of the two-thirds supermajority measures getting more than 55 percent but failing.

More rain on the way with colder weather accompanying it. There should be clear days mid week, then showers headed our way again. The National Weather Service forecasting light rain with snow in higher elevations through tomorrow, with the heaviest downpour tonight. There could also be fast moving wind today, clearing it out before another system this weekend which is supposed to go on thru next week. The temperatures will be in the mid 50’s with lows in the 30’s and 40’s.

A lawsuit back in play now which challenges restrictions on political party preference on ballots. Right now there are six political parties that can appear on ballots, next to a candidate’s name. Now the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision dismissing a case after a candidate wanted to list his party preference as Socialist. Emidio Soltysik sued to have it allowed, ending up having to put down no party preference because the Socialist Party was not a qualified party listing.

A new number for the amount of people killed in the Camp Fire. The Butte County Sheriff revised the number from 88 to 85 dead, determining remains collected were from one person, not more. The remains were apparently gathered in separate bags and given separate case numbers. There’s been no new remains found so far this week, just like the last few days too. The search is over for human remains in fire burned areas, but they say there could be undiscovered remains as residents return to their homes and properties. The number of those missing has also been adjusted, to 11. They’ve been able to account for more than 3,100 people since the fire started and continue to try to locate the 11 missing. The Sheriff says they’ll continue until they’ve exhausted all leads.

Evacuation orders have been lifted in some areas of Paradise after last week’s storm. The Sheriff’s office in Butte County says unless they have some sort of setbacks, they will lift more evacuation orders by the end of this week. One is a major thoroughfares thru town, Pentz Road, which the Sheriff says they’re trying to get open so there’s passage from Magalia down to the valley. Right now there’s a detour which takes a long time. There’s also a bus route running from Magalia to Chico which will now be able to travel thru Paradise and the burn zone in lower Magalia. The Paradise Police Chief is also urging residents going home to be patient at police checkpoints and be ready to present a valid form of identification, like a driver’s license, state ID card or passport.

A lawsuit’s been settled between UC Berkeley and some conservative student groups who were accusing the school of discriminating against certain speakers on campus. So the university will have to pay Young America’s Foundation $70,000 in lawyer fees and has to take a look at its major events policy. There will be an online report published by UC Berkeley as well showing all major events at the end of the school year and the fees the school collected. The University also has to change its security fee schedule and hold it for at least three years. Now the student groups will file a notice to dismiss the suit filed after some events were canceled due to security concerns.

Several thousand green-card holders who want to enlist are going to recruit training. The recruits held up in court in Northern Calif. after a policy by the Trump administration was suspended so their background checks could be done in a stricter fashion. Apparently some immigrants with green cards have been waiting to serve until they had a full background check. A new directive says all armed services have to comply immediately with a preliminary injunction after the ACLU argued in court against the Trump administration’s more stringent policies.


A man’s going to prison accused in connection to the disappearance of his former girlfriend. He pleaded no contest related to the case. Now the Sheriff’s office is letting us know about a press conference in the Missing Persons case. Khadijah Britton has been missing several months. Her family says it was Neggie Fallis who’s to blame. The press conference is Thursday, two days after Fallis is due in court on a related matter of possessing a firearm. He’s supposed to be getting four years behind bars. The Sheriff Tom Allman is expected to be joined at the Press Conference with the Family of Khadijah Britton, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Round Valley Indian Tribal Police Department. No further information has been released.

More than a dozen schools were damaged or destroyed in the Camp Fire and all schools in Butte County, nearly 100 of them, have been closed since the fire started on November 8th. So nearly 32,000 kids have been out of school for nearly a month. Some of them have now returned to their regular classes, but others are now in temporary locations until permanent places are assigned. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction says the schools reopening in the county are a bright ray of hope and shows the resilience and determination of school leaders and community members. So far 87 out of 99 of the schools in the county have reopened. Students from Paradise Elementary are going to Bird Street Elementary School in the Oroville City Elementary School District. And the kids who were at Bird Street are headed to other schools. Students from Concow are going to Spring Valley Elementary School in Oroville.

An insurance company that had been covering some impacted by the Camp Fire in Butte County is no longer, so California regulators are taking over. Merced Property & Casualty Company ends now insolvent after the fire devastated the town of Paradise after breaking out Nov. 8th. The State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says they’re not sure how many people were insured by the company or how many claims there were after the fire, but those folks will get their claims paid thru the California Insurance Guarantee Association. The company had a note on their website saying there was now a moratorium on new business due to the massive wildfire in Butte County. A judge will also apparently have to approve their liquidation proceedings today. Jones says some insurance companies could stop covering people in high risk fire areas and or raise premiums.

A man on probation has been arrested again in Fort Bragg on several charges including possessing weapons. Deputies say they saw Luis Pineda and knew him to be on active probation and saw him hiding something in a pocket. They ordered him to show what it was, but deputies say he wouldn’t comply, then found a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and ammo. He also had meth in his possession. Deputies did a field sobriety test finding the guy was also high on something so they arrested him for possession of a controlled substance while armed with a firearm, being under the influence of a controlled substance, while armed, possession of stolen property and several other charges. He was held $35,000.00 bail.

A man in Point Arena’s been arrested after a probation search led to gun and ammo find. Deputies went to a home last Tuesday and found Kenneth Morris, who they knew was on active felony probation and prohibited to possess firearms and/or ammunition. A loaded rifle and boxes of ammo were found in Morris’s possession so he was arrested for possession of firearm by prohibited person, possession of ammunition by prohibited person, violation of felony probation and held on $25,000.00 bail.

Several local, state and federal agencies, contractors and utility providers are working in Paradise to help residents and businesses return to the area to assess damage. The Paradise Police Department is helping establish an orderly re-entry process with certain entry points so only residents and property owners are allowed initial access. They require ID or a utility bill and valid photo ID to prove residence or a business was there. They warn of dangerous conditions and exposure to hazardous materials. Butte County Environmental Health will provide re-entry health and safety kits at re-entry checkpoints too.

A drive by in Ukiah over the weekend leaves a home and 3 cars full of bullets. The Daily Journal reports it happened near Todd Grove Park around 7 AM yesterday. Police say they had several calls after about six shots were fired and at least two bullets went thru walls and some windows were broken out. The shooting’s under investigation, and there are no suspects so far. There were no injuries to anyone inside the house and the Journal reports nobody inside the home knew why they were targeted.

Final election results have been released by the Mendocino County election office. The numbers finalized last Thursday shows the three top winners in the Ukiah City council race as Maureen Mulheren, Juan Orozco and Jim Brown. John Haschak won the 3rd District Supervisor seat, Ted Williams for the 5th District race and various other races were finalized. The final tallies are noted on the Daily Journal website.

A public hearing’s being held on hazardous vegetation abatement by the Lake County Board of Supervisors. This is to require property owners to keep defensible space of 100 feet around their homes so a wildfire burning nearby will unlikely take the home down. This has been a law since the 1960’s. Lake County is looking to get stricter with requirements, 100 feet from a neighbor’s property too. And if there’s undeveloped land nearby, property owners could be responsible for that too. If residents don’t follow the rules, they could be fined or face jail time. But that would only be if it’s related to high risk fire days or red flag days. There would be a citing, then a period of time to get the weeds or brush out, and if it’s not taken out, then fines and possible jail time in severe cases. There would also be an appeal process.

Now 25 people missing in the Camp Fire ruins as opposed to more than a thousand a couple weeks ago. The Butte County Sheriff’s Office announced the latest number over the weekend after the November 8th fire became the deadliest and most destructive in state history. Paradise burned down and now thousands have no homes, some lived in the same home for decades and were forced to leave. Some of the missing apparently weren’t in touch with family members after finding a safe place to stay, so the missing numbers were really high for several days.

Swift water teams in boats had to go out to fire scarred areas after rains plowed thru Paradise last week. There were rescues at three homes in Chico and people in about 100 cars were told to stay in place. The rain slowed, but a messier pile was left behind with downed trees and power poles. About an inch and a half of rain fell in one hour Thursday. The water rescues in Chico happened where a lot of the fire evacuees from Paradise were staying. The mandatory evacuation orders are still in place for some places after the Camp Fire killed nearly 90 people and destroyed almost 14,000 homes.

Evacuation orders in burned areas of Magalia and Concow to be lifted so residents in Butte County can go assess their properties. No traffic’s allowed in the Town of Paradise. Warnings have been given to residents that they may have limited services and they should make sure they have food, water and fuel for their cars. They’re also warning against using generators for power and the local health office has issued a hazard advisory against living in any destroyed properties until they’re declared clear of hazardous waste, structural ash and debris.

Pile burning operations continue on the Boggs Mountain Demonstration Forest to remove hazardous vegetation. It’s supposed to keep on thru the winter next year. This is from the Valley fire and bark beetle infestation. The work’s been going on for three years and there’s been hundreds of slash piles that have to be burned or taken out. Cal Fire says their goal is to restore the forest to a condition deemed safe for public access. Even though the forest was open to the public this summer, there are still hazards that need tending to. Pile burns will happen on permissive burn days and there will be a large scale smoke management plan in pace.

A woman from Canada stranded days in her car after she got stuck in mud. Terry Harnish of Hubbards, Nova Scotia seeing friends on Thanksgiving and took a wrong turn on a dirt road and was rescued four days after. being found by teenage snowmobilers. The woman had a bad knee so she couldn’t walk in thick mud and fell down and laid there two hours, then got back in her car. She says she survived on a bottle of kombucha and a marzipan cake and occasionally turned the car on for heat until she ran out of gas. After a blizzard, the snowmobilers found her after she laid on her horn. The boy’s dad rescued her with a tractor.

The first lawsuits against PG&E have been filed by 35 families who lost everything in the deadly Camp Fire. The families accuse the utility of failing to safely and properly maintain power lines and equipment. Among the allegations are claims that lines had ben throwing sparks in the area where the fire started, a problem PG&E had said would be fixed on Nov 7th, but the repairs never happened. PG&E is aware of the lawsuits, but said their main focus right now is assisting first responders and rebuilding infrastructure.

Three weeks after the Camp Fire started, more misery as flooding closed part of Route 99 in Butte County yesterday, stranding drivers and causing evacuations. Just under two inches of rain fell in burn areas causing debris flows and flash floods. CalFire Butte County Swift Water Rescue Team deployed to Butte Creek canyon to evacuate residents from three homes in the area. The National weather service says more heavy rain could fall in the region through Sunday.

California regulators have given PG&E until July 1st to make changes recommended after an independent firm was consulted about the company’s safety practices. Sixty suggestions were made by the firm after reaching the conclusion that the utility company lacks vision for safety programs, and that the company puts programs in place without thought as to how the programs will all work together. The California Public Utilities Commission says they want to see PG&E improve safety culture, and not just give outward appearances they are improving safety . PG&E says they have already adopted some of the regulations,and will implement more.

PG&E is testing a a new way to curb wildfires sparked by power lines. Burying them. A pilot project has been rolled out in Western Sonoma County to test the idea. The cables should be installed within then next month. PG&E estimates costs of burying the lines at $3 million per mile, compared to $800,000 for overhead lines. If successful, the company will look at burying the lines in high risk areas.

The more than 800 students in Paradise charter schools will be able to return to class on Monday. There were six charters schools in Paradise, two were destroyed, one badly damaged.

Final election results were released yesterday afternoon, confirming Gavin Newsom’s victory in the governor’s race. For US Senator, Kevin De Leon beats out Dianne Feinstein. For propositions one, two, four, seven eleven and twelve, it’s a yes. Propositions three, five, six, eight and ten all given the thumbs down by voters. Measure H is a no for Fort Bragg, Measure I for Willits gets the thumbs up.

The City of Clearlake may change how they budget and track spending if Clear Lake City Council gives City Manager Greg Folsom the green light on Dec 6th. A contract with a California company called OpenGov is on the docket for the meeting on Thursday at a cost of $160,000.00 over a five year contract. OpenGov provides resources and tools to help with budgets while cutting administration efforts in tracking them.

A Ukiah man lost control of his car on highway 175 late last night and was transported to Adventist Health Ukiah Valley where he later died. According to California Highway Patrol, 24 year old Jonathan Pejana was driving westbound, just east of highway 101, when he left the road and hit a power pole, becoming trapped inside the vehicle. They say drugs and alcohol were likely not a factor, but high speeds and heavy rains may have been.

The Butte Humane Society has a pet food and supply pantry, and the need among wildfire evacuees has outpaced supplies. Pet beds, crates, toys cat scratchers, litter, grain free foods for both dogs and cats are all in short supply. The pantry will take whatever you can donate, but the items must be new. Find out more at

The Camp Fire destruction has made a bad housing crisis in Northern California even worse. About 17,000 applications have been received by FEMA for housing assistance, but there just aren’t enough apartments and motel rooms for all the evacuees. Even those with FEMA vouchers are having trouble finding places to spend them. FEMA is currently working with state and local officials for solutions, but it is going to take some time.

California Assemblyman Marc Levine is pushing for a new tax on the sales of semi-automatic weapons. If approved, the new tax would support community gun violence prevention programs. In a statement announcing his measure, Levine said “the gun tax will support the kinds of interventions that make gun violence less likely”. The tax will likely mirror ones is Seattle and Chicago that charge a $25.00 tax on gun purchases.

For the third day in a row, searchers reported no new remains in areas burned by the Camp Fire, giving hope the number of dead will remain at 88. The number of missing in the latest update yesterday was 196. Paradise residents may be allowed to return home as soon as the end of next week, according to Butte county officials.

Vandals are about to spoil it for everyone. Park officials are considering and extended closure of recreational facilities at Lake Mendocino. Everything from raw sewage dumped on roadways, to graffiti, and broken light fixtures have been seen by rangers. The point of the closure would be to make the areas harder for vandals to access, therefore cutting down on destruction. Park rangers are asking anyone with info to call park headquarters.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s deputies were out on patrol this week when they heard an alarm coming from Sherwood School in Willits. While searching the school, they noticed footprints, a broken window pain, and saw a man trying to hide. The deputies were able to arrest 58 year old Patrick Haffner of Colorado without incident. As it turns out, Haffner is also a person of interest in residential burglaries being investigated by the Sheriff’s office. He was booked into the Mendocino County Jail on vandalism and felony burglary charges.

It’s time for third through twelfth graders to start getting ready for the Mendocino County Science Fair. Student registrations are due by March 8th, the fair will be on March 30th at the Mendocino College gym in Ukiah. Students can submit solo or team projects on everything from physical sciences to space and engineering.


Ukiah’s electric company has asked the Ukiah Planning Commission for permission to renovate a property at 1350 Hasting’s road, and has plans relocate administration, operations and technical services to the location. The Daily Journal reports that if approved, the building would also have solar panels on the roof and be fenced in by by and 8 foot steel perimeter. The request will be considered at a meeting today at 6pm in the City Council Chambers.

PG&E has released a new report that gives insight into their decision not to shut power down before the Camp Fire sparked. The utility says winds were dying down, and no longer fell under emergency benchmarks observed by the company, which would include “forecast sustained winds above approximately 25 mph and wind gusts in excess of approximately 45 mph”. Since forecasts did not reach those levels, PG&E opted to keep the power on.

A federal judge yesterday gave PG&E until Dec 31 to answer questions about the utility company’s role in California Wildfires. The order issued by the judge demands answers about “any wildfire started by reckless maintenance of PG&E power lines”, and demands information on about any “inaccurate, slow, or failed reporting of information about any wildfire by PG&E.” The judge has been supervising PG&E’s probation following their conviction relating to an explosion in San Bruno back in 2010.

A new Facebook page, Paradise Fire Adopt A Family, aims to help one family at at time recover from the Camp Fire by connecting volunteers who would like to adopt a family. In an update posted to the page last night, the administrators said the effort is already seeing results. There have been offers of donations, jobs and offers of temporary housing. If you still want to help by making a donation, they are being accepted by United way, The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, the North Valley Community Foundation and North Valley Animal Disasters group.

Authorities are trying to find the source of an oil spill in Clear Lake behind the Del Lago HOA building in LakePort. The mess has been cleaned up, and didn’t cause a lot of damage, but where the oil came from is still a mystery to Lakeport Police, Lakeport County Environment Health, Lakeport County Water Resources and Lakeport Fire Department, the agencies investigating the spill.

The FDA says Romaine lettuce is safe to eat, as long as it didn’t come from the California growing region, and now farmers along California’s Central Coast are bracing for softer sales. An E. coli outbreak last week was tied to contamination at the same farms affected by a large spinach recall in 2006. The FDA is working with the food industry to find better ways to label the origin of lettuce and other fresh produce.

As the Camp Fire has become fully contained and the death count slows, the full cost of the fire is now coming into focus. So Far, FEMA says they have paid out more than $20 million in aid for those displaced by the fire. Nearly 14,00 homes were destroyed, over 80 are dead, and over 200 are still missing. US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was back in Paradise yesterday, and said the costs associated with the fire will likely be in the Billions of dollars, and that building restrictions in fire prone areas should be part of the discussion moving forward about wildfire protections. He says he’s never witnessed such devastation.

As of yesterday, recreation sites on the Covelo Ranger District were closed for winter, no services available until spring. The Oak Flat and Middle Creek campgrounds will stay open, wether permitting, but it’s a good idea to call ahead and check conditions. A reminder from the forest service to tell a friend where you will be and when you plan on returning. Also, bring maps, along with plenty of food and gas.

Cal Fire has lifted the burn permit suspension in the state response area of Mendocino County, effective today. Those planning on doing agricultural or debris burns are advised to use caution, and always verify that it’s a burn day before doing so. Permits and more information available at

You might notice a few things missing from your hotel on your next visit to Santa Cruz. The County Board of Supervisors has just signaled support for a ban on plastic bottles of shampoo, body wash, lotion and other small disposable plastic items usually supplied by hotels. The ban would affect all hotels and vacation rentals, which would be mandated to stock rooms with dispensers, larger bottles or some other alternative. The ordinance is one vote away from becoming a reality, expected on Dec 4th.

Police need help finding a driver involved in a hit and run last week North of Upper Lake that killed 57 year old James Carpenter of Potter Valley. Authorities believe he had been hit by a large truck on Elk Mountain Road. Anyone with information is being asked to call the California Highway Patrol Clear Lake office.

A new Library Park Seawall has been given the thumbs up by the Lake Port City Council. According to local media reports, over 500 feet of seawall are set to be replaced by one of two companies vying for the contract. No deal has been reached, but things are moving in that direction. Next step will be to work on design.

Police are still investigating after a vehicle headed southbound on SR 29 in Clear Lake crossed over the double yellow lines hitting another vehicle head on Saturday evening. Drivers of both vehicles were pronounced dead on the scene. Authorities have withheld their names while next of kin are notified.

A man’s been arrested in connection to the burglary of several Cupertino Electric vehicles. Cops say it happened November 17th in Albion. The burglary discovered by an employee of Cupertino Electric who deputies say were hiding in bushes near the location of the crime. They say before they got there one suspect had run away. But they found Aron Hernandez and arrested him, he was held by the tipster to police. But another man linked to the rip off has not been found. Police say about $11,500.00 worth of tools and equipment were ripped off, and say the forced entry into the vehicles was about $5,300.00 in damage.

Police go to a house in Ukiah after they receive multiple hang up calls. Deputies apparently familiar with the home from calls in the past. Bodhi Idarius wasn’t allowed to be within 100 yards of an adult female who lived at the home. The woman in front of the home when police arrived and they found out they had dated in the past. They say the woman left for a time and came back to find the guy inside and they had a physical altercation as she tried calling police. She tried to call 911 and says Idarius choked her with the phone cord, hit her with a drill, which she got away from him and hit him. Idarius arrested on several charges including domestic violence battery, damaging phone lines and for a violation of a domestic violence restraining order and held on $25,000.00 bail.

4 teenagers have been arrested after a gun incident in Redwood Valley. Police say an 18 year old and 4 underage teens were arrested after a call from Lions Park that a juvenile had pointed a gun at the caller. That person said that kid and the four others got into a Ford SUV and left the scene. The victims and a witness followed the SUV and called police. Then the CHP found them and along with the Sheriff’s Office and Ukiah Police Department stopped them and detained all five suspects. The driver, the 18 year old id’d as Robert Thing and the other passengers being identified as juvenile males. Apparently the victims were meeting the teens for a marijuana deal when a gun was pulled on the victims/sellers. Police found marijuana in the teens SUV, a pound bag of bud marijuana, knives, a billyclub, two baseball bats and carpet cutters. The five found to be gang members and have been charged with multiple crimes including robbery, conspiracy to commit crime and violating probation.

2 people killed and a man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested on suspicion of DUI after a crash Black Friday. The crash on Highway 20 between Willits and Fort Bragg. The CHP reports 62 year old Timothy Beltram in a 2002 Ford Focus on Highway 20 headed west when he turned on the highway, then went over an embankment in the rain. The car rolled and his passengers, a 51-year-old woman from Fort Bragg and a 52 year old woman from Sacramento died. The 51 year old was ejected and died at the scene, the other woman died at a hospital. Beltram arrested on suspicion of DUI causing the death or injury of another.

Police in Leggett looking for a man they say is connected to the death of another man over the holiday weekend. Police say someone reported a car on North Highway 1, just south of Leggett and a man, possibly in his 50’s, wearing a white jump suit and heavy logging style boots running from the scene with his legs on fire. The CHP, Leggett Valley Fire Dept. and Cal Fire went to the scene and put out the fire with the dead man inside the car with multiple bullet holes inside the van he was in. They say they also found a gun on the ground nearby. They’re investigating it as a possible murder and called SWAT out to help find the suspect seen running onto a private logging road. The man in the van’s family reported him missing.

The Ukiah City Council says yes to a possible merger of three agencies for more tourism. They’re interested in merging Visit Ukiah, the Ukiah Main Street Program and the Greater Ukiah Chamber of Commerce. The Daily Journal reports the Deputy City Manager asked the City Council for authorization to “continue the negotiations” between the trio of agencies. After that a formal proposal will be brought back to the City Council. The idea is to get rid of any redundancies and strengthen core missions. The City Council voted unanimously for staff to move forward with negotiations.

A local group has pitched in to rescue animals abandoned due to the Camp Fire. The North Valley Animal Disaster Group a nonprofit out of Butte County send volunteers to help shelter or evacuate animals caught in fires or other emergencies. Many from Sonoma County are searching for animals, putting out food and water for pets lost or scared. More than 2,000 animals sheltered or fostered after the fire. And the nonprofit had volunteers in Butte County to set up emergency shelters.

The Camp Fire is finally contained more than two weeks after it started. The deadliest and most destructive fire in Calif. history killed at least 85 people and destroyed 14,000 homes. The fire was declared 100% contained Sunday after starting Nov. 8th and burning more than 153,000 acres. Cal Fire reports more than 18,000 structures in total were destroyed. There are also still about 250 people reporting missing and thousands are without homes. Crews now in mop up phase, taking out any hazardous trees or other items before residents can go back in to burned out areas. No word when that will happen. There are a couple of storms lining up too, one expected tonight or tomorrow, another apparently stronger one by Thursday with fast moving winds and a heavier downpour.

More rain is forecasted for the week. The National Weather Service reports a series of storms lining up to start tonight into tomorrow. The first storm to last into Wednesday, then another from Thursday through Sunday, dousing dry land, but also bringing the threat of mud slides in burn areas. The temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s during the day and 30’s and 40’s overnight. There are also winds predicted, that could pack 35 mph gusts later in the week.

Fire victims from Santa Rosa have gifted the town of Paradise with a Christmas Tree. The town’s Welcome sign accompanied by the 12-foot noble fir adorned with solar-powered white lights. The gift from fire survivors of Coffey Park who lost their entire neighborhood in the October 2017 Tubbs Fire. More than 5,600 homes and buildings burned in the fire, which at that time was the most destructive in Calif. history. The Camp Fire has trumped it now. The same happened for the Coffey Park survivors from Valley Fire survivors. Last year the 2015 survivors brought a homemade Christmas sign to Coffey Park. 22 people died in the Tubbs Fire. 85 dead from the Camp Fire just over a year later.

A map by PG&E of the Camp Fire area apparently shows where the utility was planning to shut down power lines ahead of the deadly and destructive blaze. The map shows red lines over the towns of Paradise, Magalia and others showing distribution lines PG&E was planning to de-energize ahead of a high wind incident and dangerous fire conditions forecast for Nov. 8th. But it doesn’t show a power line that’s believed by some to have possibly gone off line or sparked at the time of the fire. Local media reports say the energy company was considering de-energizing a line near Concow which was out 17 minutes after the first reported fire. Then a second fire apparently started near that line.

Lakeport looking for two people to fill seats on the Lakeport Fire District Board of Directors. The City Council with a call for applicants so they can choose two people to sit on the board. You have to live in Lakeport city limits to apply. There are new procedures in the City of Lakeport so the City Council can approve two seats for appointment and the Board of Supervisors can appoint the remaining three from the unincorporated areas of the Lakeport Fire District.

(www.cityoflakeport. com). For additional information, please contact Hilary Britton, Deputy City Clerk, at 263-5615, Ext. 102, or by e-mail at”