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A fire behind a motel in Ukiah had visitors evacuating. Firefighters attacking the fire that started Tuesday in a shed behind the Motel 6 on North State Street then spread to the motel’s attic and roof. Deputies went door to door to get people out of the motel, with one disabled person helped out of the building then into an ambulance. The Daily Journal reports a witness saying they saw a couple of people with propane torches to weeds. The owner of the motel says 48 rooms, a conference room and other areas were damaged by the fire and he thought the shed might have been broken into by some homeless people. A drone flew over the building with the help of a DA’s office investigator to locate hot spots in the building.

The yearly report from the Mendocino County Business Improvement District has been released showing the state of tourism. The Daily Journal reports the report gathering info from people and businesses in the County and from the Mendocino County Tourism Commission with their proposed budget and recommendations for the future. It says the county’s the ninth of 20 counties with a big share of tourism-related employment and travel spending the last year they have data for, 2017, was up more than 4%.  Some of the goals for the future include increasing tourism revenue marketing, public relations, and a sales plan, more participation with partners for decision making, data sharing with partners and collaborating countywide for a new website.

An employee of a Ford car dealership in the Morgan Hill area opens fire, killing two managers, then himself. Police got several calls to the Ford dealership last night finding one dead man when they got there who they say was the shooter. They say the shooting happened after some sort of workplace confrontation. They say he had a handgun on him when he was found and two other men with gunshot wounds were found inside the building. Police telling local TV reporters the shooter knew he was about to be fired and brought guns with him to work, shooting his manager after being fired and a supervisor who tried to wrestle with the suspect before he was killed.

Tickets are going out to residents in Lakeport if they’ve not abated weeds and other dry vegetation. There was a June 1st deadline and the City Council decided to declare dry weeds, brush and other dry vegetation a public nuisance. Citations go out after city staff members try to get property owners to comply first. A courtesy letter went out the first week of May from the Lakeport Fire Protection District reminding of the June 1st deadline. They then followed up to find which properties weren’t abated, finding 100 of them, giving them 10 days. Those who don’t comply get a warning or could be fined up to $500 for continued noncompliance.

A Calif. Congressman accused of using campaign funds for personal use, then blaming his wife. Court papers say Rep. Duncan Hunter of San Diego illegally used campaign money to fund romantic flings with lobbyists and congressional aides, detailing his alleged affairs. Duncan’s wife Margaret pleaded guilty to one corruption count and agreed to work with federal prosecutors and testify against her husband. He says he’s being targeted by politically motivated prosecutors who say he used campaign money for ski trips with one lobbyist who he stayed in a hotel room, ordering room service, then flying back to DC after. Prosecutors say he knew the money shouldn’t be used that way.

Stricter gun control laws going into effect in Calif. The new law to require background checks on ammunition purchases, something the Governor and others say will save lives. The law was approved by voters in 2016 with a July 1st effective date. Some ammunition dealers say their sales have skyrocketed the last several weeks. Supporters also say the new law can help cops find ghost guns that are not registered with the state.

Discussions continue by cities about what to do in the event Pacific Gas and Electric goes ahead with public safety power shutoffs if weather conditions warrant. So the Clearlake City Council is taking up the matter at their meeting tomorrow night. The council will consider solutions if power is shut down. It comes after PG&E equipment was determined to be the cause of the Camp Fire and several in Oct. 2017. Power to be shut off because of fire weather in an area considered to be high fire danger. The city manager says it’s highly likely it will happen this fire season.

A man has been rescued after driving 300-feet over the side of the road near Geyserville. Geyserville Fire reports the man went over the embankment at the Liberty Glen Campground yesterday, then had to wait 12 hours before a hiker heard him crying for help then saw his car. The man’s name has not been released and there’s no word what caused him to go down the embankment near Lake Sonoma and Warm Springs Creek. The Geyserville Fire Protection District and Cal Fire went to rescue the man last night and took him to a hospital. His injuries were non-life threatening.

No more private prisons for felons in Calif. The state has decided to stop using private out of state prisons after Gov. Schwarzenegger started the practice in 2006. That was apparently only supposed to be temporary because of overcrowding. Prisons back then had reached an all-time high of more than 173,000 inmates, double the original design capacity. Former Gov. Jerry Brown was against the practice while he was the state attorney general, and changes were made when he became Governor to lower prison populations. There are now about 126,000 inmates in state prisons, around a third more than their design capacity.

Changes are coming in Lake County to the way wireless companies can apply for permits for cell towers. The Board of Supervisors approving new regulations that it would be preferred for towers to be located in certain areas with stricter setbacks. It comes after a proposed cell tower was denied in District 1 of the County. But the developer is appealing the decision. There are federal guidelines the Board has to stay in line with. But certain aesthetic guidelines and setbacks are wanted by some supervisors along with where they can be put up.

PG&E is notifying residents they need to update their mobile number so they can be in touch should an emergency occur, or if power will be shut off with bad weather conditions for a fire. Those who received a postcard from the utility company apparently have incomplete or no contact information on file. PG&E saying it’s important to share the info so you can receive wildfire safety alerts, outage updates and other information. They will also post info on social media, inform local news providers and radio stations, and on their own website,



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