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94.5 K-Wine Local News Reports

A man in Nice has been arrested for an assault. The Lake County Sheriff’s office reports getting a call Sunday morning and finding a man on the front porch of a home when they arrived. They say there was a victim, bleeding profusely, who’d been stabbed multiple times. Deputies say the victim told them James Ledesma stabbed him because he told Ledesma he thought he was a thief which angered him. He says Ledesma came to his house and they had a fight when he was stabbed. Apparently there was a surveillance system at the home which recorded the incident seeing exactly what happened. Deputies say it appeared Ledesma had a knife as the men argued, the victim kicked Ledesma who stabbed the victim. Ledesma was arrested for attempted murder and booked into the Lake County jail.

CAL FIRE’s Mendocino Unit says its transitioned to the winter burning season. This as the weather’s cooled and there’s less of a threat of wildland fires. CAL FIRE is not require burning permits until probably May but warns to remember burning must comply with Mendocino County air quality regulations. For more information you can go to the web site at And CAL FIRE reminds you that cooler temperatures and rainfall alone do not prevent fires from escaping control and landowners are responsible for safely burning outdoors and maintaining control at all times.

A short film showing the cultural and historic significance of Anderson Marsh and nearby areas has won the 2015 Governor’s Historic Preservation Award. The film, “A Walk through Time: the Story of Anderson Marsh” made by California State Parks, the Koi Nation of Northern California, the Advanced Laboratory of Visual Anthropology at California State University, Chico, archaeologists and others. The area is Indian land, the ancestral territory of the Koi Nation of Northern California, a Southeastern Pomo tribe thought to have lived in the area as long as 14,000 years ago. The film one of nearly a dozen that won an award this year.

The name of an abalone diver who died on the Mendocino Coast has been released. The Mendocino County Coroner’s Office says Victor Segundo De Leon of San Francisco died Sunday while diving for abalone off a Gualala beach. The coroner says he died of a medical emergency while diving with a friend off Cooks Beach. His friend found him floating face down and alive but unresponsive. The friend called for help, pulling his friend onto shore. He was given CPR on the beach but it was too late.

No more prayer invocations at Eureka City Council meetings. Beginning next year, the ordinance means agendas will be the same, without the prayer invocation. The decision earlier this week passed the council unanimously. This comes after a three years running lawsuit by a lawyer challenging the constitutionality of the council’s practice of prayer invocations during meetings. The city attorney says it was just about quote, “ease of administration” when setting agendas saying the current agenda process has two readings before the council and a 30-day wait before it can take effect.

Registration for Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster money is over. The Valley Fire Long Term Recovery Task Force said they had larger than expected project estimates. Monday was the last day for applications. Last week at the task force meeting, the county Auditor-Controller estimated the amount for county projects was up $12.6 million. That’s because of tree removal with estimates that had been close to 12 million, jumping to $24.4 million. The county has to cover at least $1.7 million. The federal government is covering 75 percent of the costs from the fire that meet FEMA standards, leaving the state liable for 18.75 percent and the county at 6.25 percent.

A free turkey dinner in Middletown at the Twin Pine Casino & Hotel. The hotel working with the Moose Lodge 458 of Santa Rosa providing a Thanksgiving meal for those in need and for victims of the Valley Fire. The Community Thanksgiving Dinner from 2 to 6 p.m. tomorrow featuring the traditional meal and deserts. The Moose Lodge 458 is sponsoring the event. They got donations, organized volunteers, and will cook all the food. Twin Pine Casino and Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians also gathered donations and volunteers and secured the facility. And in Willits, it’s the 26th Willits Community Thanksgiving. Their’s from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Harrah Senior Center. Everyone is invited and there is no charge to anyone.

The Blood Centers of the Pacific working with Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino county fire departments for a giant blood drive. It’s the 10th Annual Bucket Brigade Blood Drive Challenge December 7th until January 30th. The last nine years had brought almost 9,000 people out for the challenge who’ve donated thousands of pints of blood. They say last year, they got nearly 600 people to donate more than 500 pints of blood for patients in Northern California hospitals. Geyserville Fire Protection District won first place with 61 people attending, Windsor Fire Protection District was a close second with 56 total attendees. They say this year, they hope to get a combined total of 10,000 participants.

The Mendocino-Lake Community College District is refinancing part of approved Measure W bonds saying it’ll save taxpayers $36 million. The Community College Board approving the move so the District administration is going for lower interest rates to refinance bonds from 6.46 percent to 4.72 percent.

The city of Ukiah says yes to mediation as an alternative to receivership for the Palace Hotel. But the city attorney says that can only happen if both sides agree to certain stipulations. Lawyers for the city spoke to lawyers for the owner of the hotel last week, agreeing verbally on mediation. No more work will be done on the building though. The lawyers speaking to the retired judge assigned the case about possible mediation, agreeing to draft paperwork which has been sent to Eladia Laines, the hotel owner. The city attorney says he has no formal response yet. But once it’s signed by everyone, the judge will get it. The judge had urged all parties to consider mediation instead of receivership.

One of the People Mover cars from the ride at Disneyland has been sold at a Los Angeles auction, fetching nearly a half million dollars. The elevated tram ride took visitors for a slow tour thru Tomorrowland from 1967 until 1995. The car sold for $471,500. The auction last weekend had hundreds of items from Disneyland including the marquee sign for the Golden Horseshoe Revue, which got nearly $50,000, and an original poster for the Rocket to the Moon attraction, which got $28,175. Bids came from around the world.

A diver’s reportedly died at the southern Mendocino Coast. The Sheriff’s office says emergency crews were called out to Cooks Beach just north of Gualala around 1pm Sunday. Officials say the man is from out of the area. Two other people were also reported to be in distress but were pulled from the water. The Sheriff’s Office has not released any other details.

The annual Lake County Burn Ban for 2015 has been lifted. Do remember burn permits are required for all outdoor burning in the Lake County air basin though. You can get them through your local fire department, or the Lake County Air Quality Management District. A Smoke Management Plan is required for all burns more than 20 acres in size, multi-day burns, standing vegetation, whole tree or vine removals more than one acre. Residential burn permits require a one-acre or larger lot, and must be at least 100 feet from all neighbors, and at least 30 feet from any structures.

Marymount California University is hosting a forum next week on the summer’s fires, restoration and recovery plus preparations for expected El Niño rains. The Forum is set for next Thursday, December 3rd from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. at the Lakeside campus in Lucerne. Folks from Cal Fire, the University of California Cooperative Extension’s forest and wildlands ecology advisor for Mendocino and Lake counties; and a representative of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Lake County will all be there. For more information you can contact the university at 888-991-LAKE.

The next meeting of the Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County is January 8th. There is no December meeting. At their November meeting the Alliance got a presentation from Comcast on their Internet Essentials program which offers low-cost internet access to eligible families with children in the Ukiah, Willits, and Fort Bragg school districts that are within the Comcast service area. The program has been in effect for 4 years and offers low-cost internet service within their service area to all students and their families enrolled in schools with a 50% or higher number of students eligible for the free and reduced lunch program. Comcast is looking at expanding the program but meanwhile asked the Alliance to help spread the word to those already eligible but who may not know about it.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve caught a man in Ukiah who may be connected to the murder of his parents. The man, Nathan Wilson of Sebastopol is accused of killing David and Adrienne Wilson Monday. Police say they got a call yesterday morning to the double homicide by a man saying he thought his nephew was the culprit. The man told police the couple was on the floor of their home in a pool of blood and says his nephew was also seen covered in blood, but he wasn’t there. A CHP helicopter went looking for the missing man, but didn’t immediately capture him. He was found late yesterday afternoon. Police say they found the couple with multiple sharp object wounds and a possible weapon was found in the house.

Not much change in the October real estate market in Lake County, even after several massive wildfires this summer. Lake Co News reports sales activity was actually above normal in part of the south county. The Lake County Association of Realtors says the median sales price for a single family residence in October was almost exactly what it was a month before, just off $250. October’s median was $211,250 and September’s, $211,500. It was 30% higher than a year before when the median price of a home in Lake County was $162,500.

More than $17 million dollars has been approved for a tree mitigation project in Lake County. The hired contractor has identified about 26,000 trees that need approval to be felled or their limbs cleared. The price per tree is different depending on its diameter with the average cost about $150. It goes up if there’s a tree and/or stump on private property, on County land, it’s about $200 for a tree 24 to 47.99 inches in diameter. That doubles if it’s considered a hazard on someone else’s lot.

Tempers flaring at the Hidden Valley Lake Campground. The Record Bee reports with only a couple weeks left before Valley Fire survivors and others at the campground have to clear out, things are getting bleaker at the campsite. The paper reports some of the complaints received by camp residents are fighting, loud music and partying late at night with heavy drinking and homeless residents who find themselves that way for reasons besides being displaced by September’s fire. Other residents complain about a lack of security and organization and some blame two men at the campground who are not there due to the Valley Fire. The deadline to leave is Dec. 7th but the newspaper reports, many residents said they have nowhere to go.

Homeless people in Garberville, a small town with less than 1,000 people living there. But apparently a new residency, "Hippie Hill where a tent city popped up on a hill just outside of town. The Press Democrat reports there’s a grassroots movement to get the transients and drug addicts off the street. Others say they’re vandalizing and stealing from homes and businesses, partake in hard drugs in public, pee in the street and generally harass tourists who don’t want to be there anymore. The Humboldt County Sherriff’s Dept. reports there’s been something of a community revolt. Willits also has something of a problem, but the newspaper reports, it’s not as bad as Garberville. But Willits has an annual migration of people looking for marijuana industry work, which the city’s mayor says is bad for the community, and could be deterring an effort to attract doctors to its new hospital.

The Mendocino Redwood Company won its recertification for using sustainable forestry methods even though there had been a movement against due to the company’s hack and squirt work. A group of rural Mendocino County residents trying to get the Rainforest Alliance not to label the timber company “sustainable” but the certifying agency didn’t pay much attention to concerns. The Rainforest Alliance saying it interviewed multiple people with years of fire suppression experience saying dead and dying tan oak doesn’t really impact fire hazard. Environmentalists were against the re-certification saying the company plans to continue poisoning trees for 2 or 3 more decades to come.

The mac and cheese student is back in the news. The kid at the University of Connecticut who went on a drunken, obscenity-laced tirade about the jalapeno-bacon macaroni and cheese.. well, he’s applied for probation. Luke Gatti asking for accelerated rehabilitation for charges of misdemeanor breach of peace and criminal trespassing. The ex freshman arrested in Oct. for losing it in the Student Union, ranting and shoving a university food service supervisor for not selling him macaroni and cheese. The whole thing caught on video.

Belgium police asking residents to stop commenting on the recent surge in activity to root out potential terrorists because they say it could tip off suspects. So soon after, the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown went viral, but folks instead started to tweet tons of pictures of their cats in all kinds of situations — holding their paws up like they were captured, posing as police snipers with automatic weapons, and ignoring police warnings to stay away from windows. Police even got into it, posting a picture of a dish overflowing with dry cat food "For the cats that came to our aid last evening. Serve yourself! #BrusselsLockdown"

Three people suspected in a double murder in Lakeport have agreed to plea deals with the District Attorney’s Office. Conrad Velez of Lakeport faces 50 years to life in prison, his son Dakota Velez of Kelseyville will be on formal probation and Dahnna Burrows, Conrad’s girlfriend at the time of the 2014 murders has served required time for the sentence she’ll likely get next month. The trio arrested for the murder of William Busch of Lakeport and Edward Morgan of Kelseyville who were both stabbed multiple times and possibly bludgeoned too. Prosecutors say Conrad was responsible for killing Bush and Morgan and that he’ll get two 25-years-to-life sentences. He’ll have to serve 50 years before starting the life sentence.

Lake County Sheriff’s office is searching for owners of stolen property found after a long investigation into three men, two have been arrested, the other on the run. The Sheriff’s Office says there had been reports of multiple suspects involved in thefts, burglaries and drug sales. They connected a few individuals to the crimes so they started investigating Lonnie Scott of Kelseyville; Michael Shaffer of Upper Lake; and Jose Rodriguez Jr. of Kelseyville. Scott was arrested after a chase in Kelseyville, where they say he was found with several pounds of pot, stolen property and a gun. Shaffer was arrested a week later in Kelseyville with a stolen car, stolen property and methamphetamine and released and has not been found when searching again. Rodriguez was arrested and linked to several crimes.

AmeriCorps is helping volunteers in Lake County in receiving, sorting and redistributing donations for victims of the Valley Fire. The AmeriCorps team of 13 members ages 18 to 24 from all over the country, getting to Lake County from Nov. 7th to Dec. 18th for post fire relief. The team requested by Lake County after the Valley Fire which destroyed almost 2,000 structures, including more than 1,300 homes. The community liaison for Lake County is working with the volunteers as of yesterday. Work Right Circle Valley Fire Relief Distribution Center in Lakeport is still accepting donations. They say the need winter coats, boots, kitchen appliances and furniture. For more info on Americorp .

An arrest has been made during a sweep by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) and police to make sure no unlicensed contractors were working in Lake County after the Valley Fire. The sweep last Thursday was a usual occurrence for the agency after a disaster where homes and/or businesses might be destroyed or damaged. Investigators went looking for people working without a contractor license and/or workers’ compensation insurance. Matthew George arrested as part of the sweep for contracting without a license in a disaster area. There was evidence found in his possession showing he had 10 pending contracts from Valley Fire victims worth a total of $100,000.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is asking residents of the county to make sure they’re registered to be notified in the event of a disaster. The Sheriff’s Office uses the CityWatch Emergency Notification System to be in contact with community members. You can find out about an emergency thru a phone call, email and text. They also use the white pages to make calls, so if your number is not listed in the telephone book, or you want to be notified by cell phone or email, you need to go to the Sheriff’s Office web site to update your contact information. They’re also asking residents to spread the word, mentioning the system to family, friends and neighbors. You can find more info online about CityWatch and the Nixle system at or call 707-262-4200.

If you didn’t get to make it to the latest Valley Fire Long Term Recovery Task Force meeting, you can access the minutes online. Last Tuesday’s meeting was at the Black Rock Golf Course in Cobb. There’s no task force meeting tomorrow due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday. The meetings will begin again December 1st at 6:00 PM, this time at the Twin Pine Casino Event Center in Middletown. If you have no internet access, you can get the minutes mailed to you. Call (707) 263-2580. And if you do have access and would like to learn more, visit or the Lake County OES’s social media sites: Twitter: @LakeCountyOES and Facebook: LakeCountyOES.

A work party to finish up a temporary shelter. The Mendocino County AIDS/Viral Hepatitis Network is working with other agencies and community members to set up the emergency temporary shelter. The most fragile people will get first priority. A street medicine program will also be open at the shelter. Those who go to the shelter will be assessed for possible illness, both physical and mental. The shelter’s organizers say it’s to support those who don’t get regular care. There are men’s and women’s sides, laundry facilities and showers.

A missing 5-year-old girl from Willits has been located safe. Raina Rinka was found Friday night almost six hours after she apparently disappeared near her aunt’s house east of Brooktrails. A firefighting chopper out of Willits’ Howard Forest Station found the girl’s tracks in steep terrain along with Cal Fire foot crews about ¾’s of a mile from her aunt’s home. The girl was walked out of a remote wooded area where the chopper could land. The helicopter took the girl to Sherwood Elementary School where she met sheriff’s deputies, fire personnel and search and rescue volunteers. They say she had minor abrasions and injuries because she wasn’t wearing shoes but she was otherwise fine. The Sheriff’s office has apparently been involved in finding the girl 2 other times.

Fire officials looking into a fire that damaged a home in Clearlake Oaks. The fire first reported early Friday morning. Firefighters arrived to find heavy fire coming from the rear of the two-story home, reported to be wood-framed. Northshore Fire and Cal Fire on the scene and had the fire out in about a half hour. The home had major fire and smoke damage. The cause is under investigation and was considered suspicious. Officials say the home is a summer residence in the owner’s family for many years, but vacant at the time.

A special joint meeting of the Clearlake City Council and Clearlake Planning Commission to discuss the preliminary master plan for Highlands Park. The meeting last week with a presentation of potential cost. The final master plan supposed to be done mid, next month. A landscape planner is working on the plan which has had much public input already too. The public mentioned some high priorities like establishment of a chamber of commerce/visitor center, oak woodland areas, community activity and special events zones; pedestrian pathways, boardwalk and beach access, and fishing and viewing areas. For more info, visit

The winner of Zimbabwe’s "Mister Ugly" contest caused something of an upset with rioting after the announcement. The winner 42-year-old Mison Sere, with several missing front teeth and a penchant for grotesque facial expressions. He won over the long time title holder William Masvinu whose held the title since 2012. He and his supporters mobbed the judges after the announcement saying the winner was just too handsome and that his ugliness wasn’t natural since it was based on missing teeth. The loser saying he was naturally ugly, calling the win, cheating. There were 3 dozen entries this year, a record.

Some condo owners in Florida are upset with their homeowners association after they were asked to submit samples of their dog’s DNA so they could fine owners not picking up after their pets. Harbor Landing residents say they got a letter about the new rule, some calling it an invasion of privacy. The News Herald reported pet owners have to pay for their own DNA test, a registration fee and any possible cleanup fees. Condo officials have said it’s voluntary though and say the measure is only meant to help keep the property clean.

Three transients accused of robbing and killing two people in the Bay Area last month, including a former Middletown yoga instructor, have pleaded not guilty. KNTV reports that all three entered pleas Thursday. Prosecutors say Morrison Lampley was the shooter in the deaths of a Canadian backpacker in Golden Gate Park and then Steven Carter on a Marin hiking trail two days later. Prosecutors have also charged his companions Lila Alligood and Sean Angold with murder, accusing them of participating in the robberies and killings.

The idea of getting residents to vote on whether the old Coast Hotel in Fort Bragg should be a hospitality center for the homeless made it to the ballot. After a second and this time, successful, petition drive, the measure will be on a ballot for voters to decide. If passed it would amend the municipal code so a social service organization is banned within the Central Business District, unless the organization was established at its current location before January 1st. The Fort Bragg City Council, previously unanimously voted the measure down. They called for a special election after the petition drive gathered the required 15 percent of registered voters. It hits the Presidential Primary Election ballot, next June.

Just one dog left to be adopted 4 weeks after Valley Fire adoptions began. Lake Co News reports 49 of 50 animals not reclaimed had been adopted. That included 27 cats, nine dogs, eight goats, three horses and two chickens. The animals held for weeks. None euthanized. On the first day, 20 of the animals were adopted, then a week later, 8 goats went on the first day. The last cats went Tuesday. The last dog standing, a male pit bull mix with a short gray and white coat said to be about 3 years old. He was found behind the Store 24 gas station on the north end of Middletown. And is said to get on well with other dogs and recommended for a family with children older than age 12.

An informal ribbon cutting marks the official opening of the south parkland at Noyo Headlands Park. It’s happening Tuesday, December 1st at 12:30 at the south parking lot of the Coastal Trail. The property sale agreed to after many closed session meetings. A little more than eight acres of property is being deeded to the city of Fort Bragg. The city will exchange property for the parkland. No money was exchanged in the deal.

A mobile laundromat is complete in Santa Rosa by those who want to move it to or near Middletown to help Valley fire victims for free. The brains behind the business, says they found a need in the fire zone of Lake County, so he wants to put an eight-washer, eight-dryer laundromat in a 38-foot truck trailer in town to help fire survivors.

The next phase of the Lakeport Downtown Improvement plan has been presented to the City Council. The driveway to a city thrift store will be saved. The Community Development Director and contract city engineer gave a status update to the city council for the almost $2.6 million project. Its boundaries run along North Main Street, between First and Fourth streets. The plan to save the thrift shop came from the Senior Center.

The state budget may have a surplus for the first time since the recession. The Press Democrat reports the budget’s stable and reports the state’s better prepared for another recession if need be, as opposed to the way it’s been for several decades. If there are no additional expenditures from legislators, California would finish the fiscal year with an $11.5 billion surplus. The report also cautions lawmakers against spending money freely as some Democrats had proposed.

Lakeport Unified School District is going to dip into Measure T bond money for infrastructure updates. The bond measure voted in in the November 2014 election, awarding $17 million to the school district for improvements to benefit students. At a special meeting to present the district’s Master Plan, several projects were presented by an Architecture group. Bond projects are for areas that need improvement, like ADA compliance, pool complex and tennis court rehabilitation, electrical systems, water/sewer/storm drains and FEMA designated flood areas.

Kids in the Kelseyville Unified School District are getting Google Chromebooks and so are the teachers. Students in every grade will have access to a new Chromebook by next month. Several students and teachers already use the new Chromebooks in class. The schools Superintendent says they’re already making a difference and tells the Record Bee, it’s exciting to see students using them in class. The school district has also launched a new Facebook page and digital newsletters.

Mendocino Coast District Hospital reaching out to the public for help as it struggles to emerge from bankruptcy. The hospital serves about 23,000 coastal residents. The hospital reports its finances have improved and it could even be in the black this year, breaking even. But officials say they’ll still need help, possibly thru a parcel tax. The CEO says the hospital’s one of very few without a parcel tax. The hospital was $1.5 million in debt last year. The hospital is asking for an annual parcel tax in the $125 to $195 range which will show up on either the June or November ballot to raise as much as $2 million a year.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors says yes to rezoning a block of land on Lover’s Lane owned by the Pinoleville tribe. The board previously discussed the topic, delaying a decision until a response from the Millview County Water District, which was waiting for the state to say how many new water hookups could be made available. The hookup moratorium was lifted by the State Water Resources Control Board, so nearly 300 new hookups will be allowed. Some residents were at the county supervisors meeting to try to convince supervisors not to approve the rezone request because of concerns about increased traffic, water usage and in case the property were to be used to grow marijuana, based on a past tribal project.

Some Ukiah residents may get to start using their green waste bins for food by Thanksgiving. The Public Works Director reported to the Ukiah City Council Wednesday on the pending food waste program. He says it looks like C&S Waste Solutions is about ready to implement the program after improvements which should be done by the of the week. So residents can start to add compost products into their waste bins, like food scraps, meat, paper products like pizza boxes, paper plates, paper towels and coffee filters.

A turkey from California is the one being saved by the President for the Thanksgiving holiday. The bird, named Tom One will fly to Washington DC from San Francisco for the ceremony with the President Barack Obama ahead of the holiday. After that Tom one goes to live on a farm in Virginia. Tom was one of about a dozen birds considered for the pardon at a Foster Farms ranch in Modesto.

A man from Utah accused of calling a bomb threat into a hospital has been arrested. Police say Michael Morlang did it because he was upset he couldn’t be at his child’s birth. Morlang was indicted Wednesday and faces up to 10 years if convicted. There was an evacuation and lockdown at the hospital last month in the tiny city of Richfield. His wife and father in law say he was also upset that his wife was getting her tubes tied. He’s apparently in jail in Idaho for another crime.

A Ukiah man has been charged with molesting an 11-year-old girl. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says the girl’s family reported that they learned that their daughter had possibly been molested by 72-year-old Doran Lincoln. Investigators allege Lincoln, a close family friend of the victim, had molested her several times over the last two months. He’s charged with committing lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14 by means of fear or force, and was being held on $250,000 bail.

Several drug charges have been filed against a Covelo woman who led Mendocino County deputies on a car chase. The Sheriff’s Office says deputies pulled Monique Peters over for some lighting and registration violations. She gave them a fake name but when she realized they knew that, she took off. She ended up driving home at speeds of at times more than 90 miles per hour. They say when she got to her house she ran inside and then out the back door where she was caught. Investigators say the woman had a backpack full of drugs and drug gear. At last check she was being held with no bail.

State and Lake County money has been released for property owners impacted by the Valley Fire. Now they’re being urged to fill out a Right of Entry (ROE) form before Dec. 1st. The removal of debris in order to protect watersheds and prevent environmental damage. Money can be funneled to property owners for debris removal with specialized contractors and CalRecycle engineers. Property owners need to fill out the paperwork though, then the clearing, cleaning and testing of property will cost nothing. Anyone not following the way the county is processing properties could receive an abatement notice from the county and will then have 30 days to complete the forms or hire a private contractor. For more information, visit

Lake County’s having a hard time managing donations that’s come in from across the county to help Valley Fire victims. County officials say they’ve received about 500,000 pounds of clothing and thousands of pounds of other stuff. The problems are many, a lack of distribution centers, staffing and the Conservation Corp was supposed to help sort stuff, but that might cost too much so Americorp, which is free may take over. Another distribution center is also being added.

The Grist Creek Asphalt Plant in Willits has been found in violation of several air emission regulations. The California Air Resources Board released a report last week saying the plant also had unpermitted equipment at the site and they couldn’t figure out who exactly owns the plant. The plant’s been fined more than $173,000 in penalties for permit and emissions violations while in production which began about 6 weeks ago. Notices of violation for several state and federal laws against the state Public Health and Safety code. The plant deemed a public nuisance for impacts on surrounding parcels and continued operation of equipment not included in the original permits. There are also lawsuits filed against the plant.

Calif. Congressman Jared Huffman had a meeting to discuss broadband in Mendocino County. The meeting in Willits after the recent outage that left much of the North Coast without 911, cellphones or internet. There’s been 4 outages in the last year and a half. The one in September, caused by a fiber optic cable cut by vandals; another that lasted 44-hours on the coast in August 2014 after a truck hit a line on the Comptche-Ukiah Road; and others in Covelo and Laytonville. Representatives of AT&T, county supervisors Tom Woodhouse and Dan Hamburg, the Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County (BAMC), FEMA and other stakeholders were at last Thursday’s meeting. No decisions were made. It was clear to those in attendance though that there were widespread problems. They all shared common concerns and brainstormed possible solutions.

The Mendocino County Library Director says he’s resigning. Wally Clark announced his resignation last Friday about a year after starting. He’s now one of 6 who’ve left the job in 13 years. Clark will leave permanently at the end of the month for an out-of-state job. The Board of Supervisors have not taken up the matter yet due to the short notice. The County CEO says the Executive Office will work on finding an interim replacement for now and may conduct a national search later.

A new study by researchers at UC Davis shows pigeons can detect cancer at about the same rate as humans. The research shows pigeons could see cancerous cells in tissue samples. The college and the University of Iowa worked on the research showing pigeons in a box several different slides for which they tapped with their beak on the correct image. Researchers rewarded them with food and say their accuracy was about the same as when human doctors looked at the images.

Not the typical contraband but a lot of it, just the same. LAX authorities say they confiscated carefully wrapped tamales in corn husks in the luggage of a traveler. Border agents found 450 pork tamales individually packaged in plastic bags. U.S. Customs and Border Protection says foreign meat can bring in disease and generally be unhealthy. They say the person traveling from Mexico lied when asked if there was any meat. The tamales were destroyed and the traveler fined a $1,000 civil penalty for commercial activity with the intent to distribute.

A woman in Massachusetts has won a one million dollar lottery game, a second time, at the same place she bought her first scratcher. Constance Carpenito, of Stoneham won $1 million on a scratch ticket in the $10,000,000 Diamond Millionaire instant game. She also won the same in 1996. Both tickets from the same Stop & Shop supermarket on Main Street in her hometown. She also apparently won a $20,000 winning ticket at the same store.

A man with a criminal record in Detroit applies for a job and is arrested. John Wesley Rose had gone into a local Sheriff’s office to apply for a job even though he was a wanted man. Rose wanted for rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl, but he wanted to be the new custody officer at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. When it came time for the background check, boom! it flagged Rose’s outstanding warrants, and he was asked for a ‘second interview’ and immediately arrested. Oops.

The fate of the Palace Hotel is still up in the air. A teleconference was held Monday between the Judge and the attorneys for the City of Ukiah and the building owner Eladia Laines. At issue is whether the building should be taken from Laines and put into receivership after years of wrangling over the building’s condition, which the city calls a nuisance. The judge says they should all consider mediation and had set Monday’s phone conference to discuss that, but nothing was decided. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports another teleconference was set for later this week. The judge also suggested since work’s been done to improve the building in the years since their legal complaint started, the City might want to amend their expectations if they want to prove the building really is a nuisance.

The US Postal Inspection Service is still investigating a break-in at the Upper Lake Post Office. Lake County News reports police looking into the burglary in Sept. at the building on Main Street when burglars damaged the building and took mail from post office boxes. Breaking into a post office carries a penalty of up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Anyone with information is asked to call the US Postal Inspection Service. And if anyone with a PO box there notices unusual transactions on their credit card or bank statements, they should call. There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

The deadline fast approaching for wildfire survivors in Lake County to register for grants for housing or other needs from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and to apply for disaster recovery loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Next Monday, Nov. 23rd’s the deadline and also the last day to visit the Disaster Recovery Centers. There are two in Lake County: one in Clearlake at 14860 Olympic Drive and the other in Middletown at 21256 Washington Street. After Monday the Clearlake site will close and the Middletown site will transition to an SBA Disaster Loan Outreach Center. You can also register for FEMA assistance online at the website or by calling 800-621-3362

A woman who police say led them on a chase is behind bars. Ukiah Police say Sharren Flora was driving a stolen car when an officer stopped her for a traffic violation on Airport Park Boulevard. While the officer was running the plate and ultimately learning the car was stolen, the woman’s passenger Dwayne Mackenzie got out and then Flora drove off. Mackenzie was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Flora headed south on Highway 101, going at speeds of more than 100 mph at times before being stopped near Cloverdale by a CHP spike strip. Police say she had be tased to take her into custody. She’s charged with suspicion of vehicle theft, reckless evading, possession of stolen property and driving on a suspended license.

The state’s looking for public comment on nine companion plans that are part of the State Wildlife Action Plan. The Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has the public review period running from this week into Jan. 15th, 2016. The agency’s also having a public meeting to present plans and answer questions Nov. 30th, 2015, from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Natural Resources Building auditorium in Sacramento. The companion plans about the specific over-arching issues which could have a major impact on the state’s fish and wildlife resources.

Rainy weather and generally cooler temperatures across the region mean a lowered threat of wildfires so Cal Fire’s Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit is preparing for winter and winding down.

The agency says their transition started Monday in Colusa, Lake, Napa, Solano, Sonoma and Yolo counties after a busy summer. Open burning can resume in the Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit too and in the State Responsibility Area lands governed by the unit. Cal Fire is reminding folks in the area to stay mindful that it takes just one spark to start a wildland fire.

The Mendocino College Foundation has announced the Sean Leland State Farm and Carol Millsap State Farm are sponsoring businesses for the first time for their Adopt A Fifth-Grader program on the Mendocino Coast. The inaugural year of the program to help motivate students while they’re young to continue on to higher education by providing a financial incentive. They’re offering a $1,000 scholarship to Mendocino College upon graduation from high school. Donors get to name a specific elementary school in the Mendocino-Lake Community College District, for their award. For more information about the Mendocino College Foundation, go to

A man in Redwood Valley has been arrested in a domestic violence incident. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was called Saturday to a home after an incident the night before. Police say Bonnie Akin told them her husband, Kurt and her were struggling over a cell phone at which time her husband physically restrained and physically assaulted her and vice versa. Police say the woman had extensive bruising on her arms. The husband was arrested for felony domestic violence battery and booked into the Mendocino County Jail to be held in lieu of $25,000.00 bail. Bonnie was cited and released for misdemeanor domestic violence battery.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reporting on an Identity Theft related scam throughout the county. The sheriff’s dept says a few days ago there was an automated recording with unlisted or 001 listed in caller ID. They say the recording said it was Savings Bank of Mendocino County and the person’s "MasterCard" has been blocked. Then they’re told to give up their pin number and social security number, to get the card reactivated. The Sheriff’s dept. says to be aware of the fraudulent automated calls and if you get one, do not provide the requested information.

A domestic violence incident landed a woman in the hospital. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies got a call to a local hospital where a woman had reported domestic violence incident. They say the woman was visiting Todd Ramos at his home earlier that day when they got into an argument which escalated. The woman told police Ramos grabbed her and threw her across the room causing her to fall and hurt her shoulder, chest area and a knee. Deputies say they saw a visible injury to one of her knee’s consistent with a physical assault. They found Ramos and arrested him for felony domestic violence battery.

An arrest after a community alert in Lakeport for an armed robbery/burglary suspect. Police had been searching for the man after several leads regarding an empty house having property stolen. Cops identified Jose Manual Rodriguez of Kelseyville as their suspect. They say he took an old black, beat up Honda sedan to the vacant home and loaded it up. The stolen car spotted and stopped, but took off at a high rate of speed and rammed a police car before eventually crashing into a utility pole. Rodriguez arrested on several charges including possession of methamphetamine, an outstanding warrant and resisting an officer with force or violence.

City leaders in Ukiah to consider how the city can educate and keep local primary care doctors. The Daily Journal reports Ukiah Valley Medical Center is coming up with a residential training program they’ll present to the city council at their meeting tonight. The program to be affiliated with UC Davis. They say its goal is to improve service and try to retain about 50 percent of graduates for service within the region. The report also says there’s an expectation of a significant shortage of primary care physicians by 2020. A former city council member and part of the planning group for this program, Mary Anne Landis, is expected to make a presentation to the council. Meeting tonight at 6 p.m. in the City Council chambers at 300 Seminary Ave.

Possible wrong info about some of the inspections of restaurants in Mendocino County. The Daily Journal reports the restaurant inspection web site was not up-to-date and had inaccurate info that might be damaging to local restaurants. That from one of the restaurants challenging its latest county inspection. The newspaper reported on the latest findings last week, but one restaurant owner of the China Diner in Ukiah, who got a health code violation, says it wasn’t disclosed to him during a recent inspection. It’s one of five other food establishments named in last Friday’s Ukiah Daily Journal article. The paper says they got the info from the county’s website and a link, “Food Facilities Inspections Results”.

Emergency declarations continued in Lake County related to wildfires earlier this year and the drought. Lake Co News reports the county Health Officer Dr. Karen Tait went to the board again for another two-week extension of the local health emergency declared after the Valley fire in September. The county Environmental Health Director Ray Ruminski also talked to the board yesterday about cleanup efforts. He says of more than 1,200 sites registering for right of entry for cleanup, 307 parcels have been cleared of debris. 50 teams are assigned for cleanup. And he says 56 sites registered for cleanup due to the Rocky and Jerusalem fires. The County Administrative Officer Matt Perry also asked the board for a continued drought emergency declaration.

A lawsuit’s been filed by an animal rights group because an amusement park in Baton Rouge is allowing a chimpanzee named Candy to smoke cigarettes and have soft drinks instead of water. The group trying to help Candy get out of the park where they say she’s isolated in an inadequate cage. The Animal Legal Defense Fund says she should be sent instead to a sanctuary. The suit says allowing Candy to smoke, violates the endangered species act. The suit the first since a federal rule requiring captive chimps the same protection as wild chimps. City animal control officials have cited the park in the past for not providing water for Candy.

Police in New Jersey arrested a man for throwing sandwiches. The Fairfax Police in Virginia say Jonathan Magnes of Morristown was drunk and threw the sandwich at another man at a pizza restaurant then drove away. Police say the victim was uninjured and followed Magnes before officers got there, and pulled the guy over. Magnes is charged with assault and battery, driving under the influence of alcohol and refusal of a blood and breath test.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is searching for a new county administrative officer. The current officer Matt Perry is planning to retire next April so he can be with his family more and pursue other interests. Lake County News reports supervisors will discuss the schedule Perry has laid out to find a successor at their meeting this morning. Recruitment starts this week and runs through January 5th with interviews at the end of January and a decision by early February. Perry says that will let him take the county through the mid-year budget review, the beginning of the next budget, and the next steps in fire recovery. After he retires, Perry will have been with the county for 28 years.

A grapevine virus found and formally recognized by Italian researchers in 2012 has been found in Napa. The grapevine Pinot Gris virus (GPGV) has been linked to disease in Pinot Gris/Grigio in Italy since 2003. Virus testing done on 96 randomly chosen grapevine samples the lab already had for testing for grapevine red blotch-associated virus. The lab doing the testing says seven vines were positive for GPGV including reds and whites, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay from three separate vineyards in Napa Valley. The detection apparently doesn’t mean the disease will materialize, or will even happen in the future.

State Sen. Mike McGuire and Assemblyman Jim Wood, chair and vice chair of the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture are having a public forum on the crab-fishing industry after emergency closures because of a toxic algal bloom. The town hall in Santa Rosa, December 3rd for fishery experts, affected businesses and decision-makers to go over ocean conditions, health issues, economic factors and the future of the $60 million commercial North Coast crab industry. This after a delay set for the sport crab season, followed by a delay in the commercial season. The meeting from 3-6 p.m. at the Steele Lane Community Center in Santa Rosa 2 weeks from this Thurs.

A new ordinance adopted unanimously in Fort Bragg for the city’s municipal code. The “Social Host Ordinance” now a law so police officers can arrest or cite property owners, renters, leasees, or others responsible or knowing there’s alcohol drinking by minors on the property or premises. Those found responsible will have to pay back any costs and fees for public safety response. They could get $300 penalty for the first time, then $500 for a second offense, within 12 months of the first, and $750 for each additional violation after that.

The Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest is staying closed into next year because of damage from the Valley Fire. Friends of Boggs Mountain have released a map showing the amount of damage. So reforestation efforts are not even starting until late fall of 2016. Friends of Boggs Mountain is still keeping up trail maintenance behind Cobb Elementary, still part of the forest but open and mostly untouched by the fire.

A man in Aptos (App-TOS, like Toast) says Safeway was underfilling tuna cans so he’s suing. Ehder Soto accuses Safeway of ripping off consumers in their store brand canned tuna. He’s going for a class action suit saying recent government testing showed cans of tuna he bought regularly at his local Safeway were not the full 5 ounces of tuna advertised on the label. Court papers say the guy wouldn’t have bought the Safeway Chunk Light Tuna in Water had he known the cans were underfilled and underweight. His suit claims the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found 106 of 108 Safeway tuna cans tested had about 2.29 ounces of tuna which is 19.4 percent lower than the federally mandated minimum to fill 2.84 ounces.

A mall in New Jersey has taken away the fee of $35 to $50 for a photo or video package of their kids in order to enter the Santa exhibit. Many parents apparently upset since the attraction was free last year, some saying it pushed away low-income families and was the opposite of what the spirit of the holiday was all about. The mall reported it would lift the fee for Adventure to Santa because it wanted to keep things festive in the spirit of the holiday season.

Pennsylvania State police have arrested a woman for two DUI crashes the same day. Troopers from Somerset arrested Michele Leonard for drunk crashing her car around 5 p.m. Saturday. But she was released. Then police say she offered a stranger, $3 for a ride back to her crashed car, got back in and drove again. Police say she lost control again, sideswiping a parked car in Somerset Township about an hour after her first crash.

Volunteers are needed for a river cleanup in Guerneville. The cleanup in Riverkeeper Park, the downtown square and on the footbridge today starting at 4p. The cleanup to get rid of items that otherwise would end up in the ocean. Volunteers asked to meet at the town square at 4 p.m. or around that time, for work to start at the new river park before dark, then closer to the downtown square when light is needed. There will be a dinner break around 7 p.m. For more info, call 322-8304.

Final results in the last election have been released by the Mendocino County Elections Office. Candidates got around the same percentages they did on election night. The three available seats on the Ukiah Valley Fire District’s board of directors went to David Haas, Patrick Garrett and Glenys Simmons, who was re-elected. The other two are new. For the two seats on the Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District, Tyler Rodrigue and Alfred White, an incumbent, were both elected. For the seat on the Potter Valley Irrigation District board, Guiness McFadden won easily. Measure T to raise $3 million for the Potter Valley Unified School District won. And for the one seat on the Mendocino-Lake Community College District board, Paul Ubelhart won.

A woman from Ukiah has gone to jail after police say she punched medical equipment while in the hospital. Cops say they got a call to Ukiah Valley Medical Center Nov. 9th. Staff complaining that Kelisha Alvarez got upset and smashed the screen of a machine monitoring heart activity and blood pressure. She left the hospital and was found nearby and arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and booked into Mendocino County Jail.

A man in Ukiah’s been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and a stolen firearm after someone called police to report possible drug sales. The police dept getting a call to the 1200 block of North State Street Nov. 6th for reports of possible drug dealing. Police say they saw a red Toyota pick-up leaving the area then stopped it and found Miguel Guevara who they say seemed “very nervous”. They say he didn’t have a driver’s license and after a search, police found metal knuckles and methamphetamine in his possession. They also then found a Glock-19 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a high-capacity magazine reported stolen out of Tulare. The man arrested on several charges including being a felon in possession of a firearm and driving with a suspended license. He was booked into Mendocino County Jail under $25,000 bail.

A man from Ukiah’s arrested for public drunkenness after police say he started banging on doors in the 500 block of state street. Police say someone called in a man banging on their front door Nov. 8th. When police got there they say the suspect seemed extremely drunk, so he was booked into Mendocino County Jail on suspicion of being drunk in public.

The fire relief fund from the Lake Area Rotary Club Association has agreed to double capacity of the afterschool program in Middletown. The Lake County Office of Education says yes to helping nearly 30 kids in the Minnie Cannon School Afterschool Program. That means a commitment of $12,500 to support expanding the program, now serving 60 students. Many families have lost their homes because of the Valley fire. The waiting list for the afterschool program was 30 students, many of them were homeless and waiting on campus for working parents to pick them up. The Rotary financial assistance means the Lake County Office of Education can hire more staff to stay with kids after school. The program open until 6pm.

A man out of prison on parole in trouble with police for standing in the middle of traffic yelling at cars. Police say it happened last Tuesday morning. They say the man, Michael Lucas, was trying to stop traffic and yelling at passing vehicles. Police say the man was on parole from out of the county. They say he appeared to be “agitated”, refusing to listen to commands and had to be handcuffed. He’s booked into Mendocino County Jail on suspicion of resisting arrest and for a parole hold and held on $5,000 bail.

State Senator Mike McGuire here locally catching up with locals, speaking to the Middletown Area Town Hall last Thursday on Valley fire recovery. The gathering at the Middletown Senior Center. McGuire spoke about the fire and recovery, explaining what the state committed to now and in the future. McGuire says the top priority is making sure Lake County has resources it needs to thrive. He says about 52 percent of all of California’s fire activity this year was in Lake County. Within 3 days of the fire, the state advanced $5 million to help Lake County. $800,000 from the Redwood Credit Union is going to be advanced over the next 45 days. A call with state and county officials is planned to discuss recovery further, next Monday. The drought and upcoming predicted heavy rains are also a concern.

Recent rains and cooler temperatures mean less likely scenario for fire, but still Cal Fire is staying around during winter months, staffing up statewide and remaining at peak fire season in Central and Southern California. Cal Fire crews responded last week to almost 50 new wildfires. Fire officials asking residents to stay vigilant outdoors. Cal Fire says as the drought continues, there’s a huge increase in the number and size of fires, but it also means that even though there’s heavy rains expected this year, it could take several years of steady rainfall for some larger vegetation to return to normal levels. Plus there’s been millions of bark beetle infested dead and dying trees across the state.

A bicycle giveaway for the youngest affected by the Valley Fire. Over the weekend, Snowball of Love, a giveaway created by a teacher, Candy Alcott of Livermore. 1,130 bikes given away. Alcott has now started a group called Bike Angels United for continued bike giving.

Larkmead Vineyards has more than $59,000 for victims of the Valley fire with $25,000 in donations and the business’ matching funds for the Valley Fire Relief Fund. More than $34,000 was in personal donations so Larkmead matched $25,000 for a total of $59,000. The owner Cam Baker thanked those for donating saying it could take years for the community to recover. He also noted the conditions could become worse due to winter rains that might create mudslides and flooding.

The lowest level in history for Folsom Lake. The water level down Saturday due to years of drought. The 60-year-old reservoir had 140,501 acre-feet of water Saturday, at about 14 percent of capacity. The California Department of Water Resources shows the lake fell under its last record low of 140,600 acre-feet, set during the 1977 drought. The dept. says even though there’s already been some winter like storms and there are predictions of a major El Niño system, California may not get enough to make up for four years of drought. The Gov. Jerry Brown also issued an executive order Friday saying most conservation mandates will probably stay in effect through next October.

The 3rd open meeting of the Lake County Valley Fire Long Term Recovery Task Force is moved. This one tomorrow night at 6 at the Black Rock Golf Course in Cobb. The weekly meetings were moved this week and several had been held on the phone since the start of October. Lake County Fire Survivors can ask questions and get direction on rebuilding and recovering at the meetings. There’s also the Recovery Coordinator office hours, two days a week at the C. Gibson Museum and Cultural Center. The minutes of previous meetings and more info can be found at

A couple of zebras in Philadelphia escaped a circus, running thru the streets. Police say the two somehow got away from UniverSoul Circus Sunday afternoon. Many witnesses posted photos and video on social media of the two animals running through the streets, then a tweet by police on their Twitter account, Zebras in custody.

A driverless car built by Google pulled over by police. The car, apparently driving too slow. The police officer pulled over the prototype car Thursday, clocked at about 24 mph in a 35 mph zone. The officer spoke to whoever was, sort of in the drivers seat, but didn’t issue a ticket. State law requires someone can intervene if technology is tested on public roads. The bubble-shaped prototype only has two seats and can only go up to 25 mph.

The trial continues for San Francisco’s Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow who’s accused of a 2013 murder in Mendocino County. Chow’s also accused of racketeering for using a community organization in Chinatown as an enterprise for guns, drugs and stolen goods. The Chronicle reports one of Chow’s former cohorts, whose now serving time for another murder, testified that he figured Chow ordered the shooting death of alleged gang rival Jim Tat Kong in Mendocino County, but didn’t actually hear Chow give the order. He’s set to continue testifying today. And the Defense says Chow will testify at some point too.

The Clearlake City Council is hearing reading of a proposed ordinance for abandoned shopping carts. The first reading tonight after a closed session about possible litigation plus negotiations on three properties –airport property, and possible purchases of land elsewhere in the city. The City Manager is bringing the council the proposed shopping cart ordinance. Calif. law requires all shopping and laundry carts have signs with the owners’ identification. It’s also illegal to remove carts from businesses or to be in possession of a cart off premises. The council is going to ask staff to write up a local ordinance since the state laws are not working.

It’s official the asphalt plant at the Grist Creek Aggregates site has another notice saying it’s indeed a public nuisance. The plant on Highway 162 got a second notice of violation from the Mendocino County Air Quality Management District. It’s been fined more than 151,000 dollars on top of another $22,000 fine for the original violation notice. The nuisance says air contaminants or other material can be discharged that could cause injury, detriment, nuisance, or annoyance to any considerable number of persons or to the public.

The state has released a report showing strong personal income tax proceeds in October, beating estimates by almost 200 million dollars. The State Controller Betty Yee reported personal income tax revenues were at about $5.1 billion for the month, much more than expected in the state budget, passed in July. It will offset sales tax revenue which was down from previous projections by $2 million, or 0.2 percent. The corporation tax was way off too, missing estimates by nearly $90 million, or 33.5 percent.

Valley Fire victims, still without a home, living in the Hidden Valley Lake Campground have to leave soon. Camp residents are being given around three weeks to pack up. This comes after a meeting of the Hidden Valley Lake Association (HVLA), which owns the campground. The association’s director of operations, the interim General Manager and a representative for the campground residents came to the agreement earlier in the week. No firm date has been set. The campground abuts a tributary of Putah Creek which could overflow into the campground during coming winter rains. Climatologists pretty sure the state’s going to have record-setting winter rain due to a major El Niño in the eastern Pacific.

California’s got big numbers of West Nile virus deaths already setting a record for one year. Almost half the deaths in Los Angeles County. Newly released data shows 32 people died of the virus so far this year opposed to 31 all of last year. It’s the most since the California Department of Public Health started recording cases in 2003. It’s also apparently the most of any U.S. state. It’s also supposed to go up this month. Health officials say they can’t explain why this year’s activity seems so severe, and say the record-breaking drought could have something to do with it.

Volunteer firefighters needing in the South Lake County Fire Protection District. The district is accepting applications for volunteer (PCF) firefighters thru the end of the month. There are no dates set yet for orientation or interviews, but it will be sometime in December. Then the academy starts in late Jan. or Feb. of next year. Students will meet twice a week from 6 to 10 p.m., and one Saturday a month. For information, call 987-3089.

Morro Bay may be getting a wind farm. The coastal town of about 10,000 people along the Central Coast, near Hearst Castle and Morro Rock may host a Seattle company’s ocean wind farm off California’s coast. Trident Winds has applied for the farm with Morro Bay city officials to install 100 floating turbines, up to 636 feet tall and about 15 miles off the San Luis Obispo County coast. It would generate 1,000 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 300,000 homes.

The Ukiah City Council is discussing Strategic Planning. At their meeting tonight the agenda includes, maintaining the downtown historic section as a regional center of civic and economic activity, planning valley-wide based on sound planning principles, and for the council to work with staff to create a more responsive and effective workplace. The city manager says he wants the council to agree on a strategy for the discussions before they get into it tonight. That was from the last planning session a few weeks ago. A list of topics has been honed in on including affecting positive change with the Palace Hotel and having anchor businesses that attract new business.

Police in NYC say a man with a long history of pretending to be a transit worker and taking New York City subway trains for joy rides is in jail for stealing a Greyhound bus. Police say Darius McCollum was arrested yesterday after being spotted in the bus in Brooklyn. McCollum has a couple dozen transit-related arrests, going back as far as 1981, when he drove the E train to the World Trade Center when he was 15. He was being held last night in Brooklyn at the police station.

A woman in Kentucky arrested after cops caught up to her after a high speed chase, she had parked herself in an empty doghouse. Frankfort police say Myranda Skinner and Bryan Wells led officers on the chase Monday morning after an officer saw a license plate was reported stolen. Police say the woman tried running over a police officer when she was cornered in a dead-end road. She then crashed thru a gate of a golf course and she and Wells took off running. A police dog caught the duo who’ve been indicted on multiple charges, including fleeing police.

A man from Ukiah spotted driving a stolen car has been arrested after leading police on a chase. Yesterday morning, an officer recognized the car reported stolen last week. When the officer started following the car, the driver, now ID’d as Edward Two Feathers Steele reportedly sped up and officers took chase throughout the City of Ukiah and into the county, driving recklessly and with what police called “willful and wanton disregard for safety”. A short time later police found the car abandoned in a vineyard and after a brief search found Steele hiding in some berry bushes. He’s facing several charges including reckless evading, vehicle theft, driving suspended and violation of probation.

Ukiah Police searching for a couple of suspects a woman says mugged her on the Rail Trail. Police met the woman at a hospital where she told them she was assaulted and robbed along the railroad tracks between East Perkins and East Gobbi St Monday around 10:30pm. She says one man came up and asked her for a cigarette while the other came from behind and grabbed her purse. She says she tried fighting but one man hit her and she fell and hit her head, passing out. When she woke up she found her purse about 100 yards away with several items missing including her cell phone. She had only a brief description of one attacker and said she did not see the other.

Some folks left homeless by the Valley fire living at the Hidden Valley Lake Campground have some help from the community to get a little more comfy as the weather turns bad. The Record Bee reports there are still about 70 people living there who had been essentially on the ground but as their situation was made public, donations came in including some travel trailers donated by the Clearlake Oaks Moose Lodge. A spokesperson for the group says they could use about four more travel trailers. Many of the folks say they’re stuck because they can’t find affordable rentals in the county. The paper reports many are from the same large apartment building in Middletown that was destroyed and is not going to be replaced.

A man from Covelo’s been arrested after an attack on 3 others. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports getting call to the report of an assault. A Game Warden was first on the scene and found a badly beaten man, identified as Karl Gage. Then deputies got there, finding Gage and his live in girlfriend were in a trailer arguing when he kicked their dog and assaulted the woman. 2 men came to help then apparently Gage attacked the men with a knife, lacerating one of their hands and another man’s neck. Both victim’s injuries were small and not life threatening. Gage was attacked until he stopped and walked off. He was seriously injured. The case sent to the DA for possible charges.

Two men in Ukiah have been arrested for a reported carjacking near Ukiah Natural Foods. Police report getting a call Monday about a stolen car. A victim says she was sitting in it and the person with her was inside buying items when a man jumped in the driver’s side and demanded she get out. The woman did so and the car was taken, found later though, abandoned in the 1000 block of North State Street. Police say they got a second report of another car stolen in the same area and saw it later and pulled it over. Those inside, id’d as Eric Garcia of Ukiah and Tia Higgins, also of Ukiah have been arrested with evidence linking the two to a vehicle theft near Ukiah Natural Foods.

The Exec. Director of Covered California and some staffers have been to Ukiah as part of a 29 city bus tour to garner interest. They were at the Hillside Health Center yesterday to encourage participation in open enrollment for healthcare benefits. There’s a three month window for those eligible for the Affordable Healthcare Act. Enrollment started November 1st and goes thru Jan. 31, 2016. Nobody can be denied coverage and some folks can even be eligible to receive federal subsidies to potentially lower the monthly cost of coverage. For more information, visit

Circulation for the Lake County Library system down. The annual report to the Board of Supervisors showed a 5.5 percent downturn, partly because of a lack of funding. The annual report delivered to the board showing for the last seven years, the budget to buy new materials was down by as much as $200,000. The report shows that correlates with a steady drop in physical book checkout. This, the librarian reports, is due to the California Library Services Act of 2011, eliminating state funding of public libraries. So that means the only money the state sends is a reimbursement program covering a book’s cost when it’s loaned to another library.

It’s getting to be a lot like Christmas. At least three ski resorts in the Sierra’s have opened early with several more reporting fresh powder and potential openings this week too. This after a winter like storm that dumped in higher elevations. Boreal Mountain Resort’s the first in Northern California to open this season with lifts running last Friday. Heavenly Mountain Resort and Northstar California up in Lake Tahoe open six days earlier than planned, last Saturday. Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain also have lifts operating and Alpine Meadows opens tomorrow. Squaw Valley will start running lifts Saturday.

Mendocino County has a prosecutor on a trial in Humboldt County. The Jason Warren murder trial. He’s accused of murdering a woman at her home in Hoopa before running over three joggers near Freshwater. The trial started yesterday with opening statements from the prosecutor Paul Sequeira. Sequeira says evidence to come shows Warren was responsible. 2 survivors testified, but they had traumatic brain injuries and much more. They were professional, experienced marathon runners and knew the area. The prosecutor says the hit and run was on purpose.

Residents in Lake County who need help still after the Valley Fire will get to have questions answered one-on-one with the Valley Fire Long-Term Recovery Coordinator. The coordinator is also the Lake County Director of Social Services and is leading the Valley Fire Long-Term Recovery Task Force. They’re working on getting residents what they need so they can recover from the Fire. So two days a week there will be office hours at the C. Gibson Museum and Cultural Center on Calistoga Street at Callayomi Street in Middletown. Fire survivors and residents can go in person to discuss or ask questions about the recovery process. For more info, visit

The former D-A from Mendocino County says she’s sorry for lying and making damaging statements against a local resident when running for re-election in 2010. Meredith Lintott lost to current District Attorney David Eyster. She was also sued by Robert Forest for defamation, and had to run public apologies on the radio as part of the settlement. She admits she falsely accused Forest of having pending felony charges, committing assault on an unarmed man with a gun and for bribing Eyster. She’s admitted though that she had personally dismissed criminal charges against Forest more than two years before the campaign advertisement. She was sued for slander.

A lawsuit’s been settled by Playboy Enterprises after a model who claimed she was hit by an employee with a golf club. City News Service reports Elizabeth Dickson suing for battery and negligence after she was hit in the buttocks with the club at the Playboy Golf Finals in the city of Industry three years ago where she agreed to host. A picture taken with a co-host of Playboy Radio Kevin Klein. The picture was supposed to show a teed-up golf ball from Dickson’s buttocks.

Police in Washington, D.C., are getting the public involved, trying to find the identity of two women accused of sexually assaulting a man by, wait for it… twerking against him and fondling his private parts. It happened Oct. 7th in a store where they were caught on surveillance video. They danced nastily up to a man talking on his phone while getting money from an ATM. The women seen in short dresses, rubbing up against the man as one woman buys an item. Her friend also tries to get close to the guy, trying to touch the inseam of his pants…


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