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The power came on, then it was back out for over 1,100 people in Ukiah. The city’s utility reported 1,135 customers went dark in the northwest corner of Ukiah yesterday morning after a line failed on North State Street. Apparently it was the line feeding the hydro-electric plant near Lake Mendocino. A couple of employees were on the scene and repaired the line in under an hour. The utility reported crews were investigating the outage to discover the exact location and why the line failed to begin with.

A red flag warning had firefighters at the ready as PGE conducted a historical Public Safety Power Shutoff. The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District was in position, something they credit for jumping into action early last Thursday in Moraga. A fire was threatening 100 homes and evacuations took place for 150 more as winds were whipping the area and the power was down. The fire reportedly got within 40 feet of some homes but was surrounded after charring 50 acres. No homes were damaged.

A decision by the Planning Commission turned over by the Ukiah City Council to deny a waiver for a cannabis microbusiness. The City Council considered the waiver by Jay Donnellan of Wine Country Cannasseurs regarding the city’s zoning rules. He wants to set up near a church and mobile home park. The commission thought it was the wrong location due to fencing by the park. But the City Council didn’t agree. Only 2 council members voted against the proposal, the mayor and vice mayor supported it along with another council member. It doesn’t mean the business gets approval, but it can move along the process.

Power to 100% of Mendocino County PG&E customers back on. The utility claimed to have everyone restored Saturday after several days without power in red flag warning weather. But at the same time there were still customers in Lake County in the dark Saturday morning. By that afternoon, just a handful in the Cobb area. The company reported they had 738,000 customers without power “from the Northern Sierra to the Greater Bay Area to Kern County.” They said there were as many as 50 reports of weather-related damage to their system in the PSPS-impacted areas, that included downed power lines or damaged infrastructure.

Clearlake is moving closer to allowing cannabis gardens outdoors in unincorporated areas that are within 1,000 feet of city limits. The city council barely passing the plan to have staff start allowing proposed pot grows within a 1,000 foot exclusionary zone on the perimeter of the city boundary on a case by case basis. There could be no growing within 1,000 feet of a city’s sphere of influence. 3 members wanted the idea to move forward, but two, including the mayor were opposed.

Numbers up in Calif. for sexually transmitted diseases. The California Department of Public Health releasing numbers for last year, showing syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia cases were up across the state, and at the highest levels in 30 years. Lake Co News reports in Lake County, the cases were also up with Chlamydia cases jumping 89% over the last few years, Gonorrhea up 151% and Syphilis up for men 100 percent since 2016, ranked 5th in Calif., and for women 15 to 44: no data was available or was suppressed.

Red Flag warnings continuing in Humboldt County for a week. Kym Kemp reporting the area had warnings for critical fire danger because of gusty north winds and low relative humidity. Now CAL FIRE’s Humboldt- Del Norte Unit is thanking community members for helping to prevent fires. With that there was only one fire reported in the county, but they say there were several reports of illegal debris burning during the Red Flag warnings. It is still not burning season, but Cal Fire says it will be allowing burns soon. Those burning dry vegetation are responsible to meet the rules on their burn permit, including proper clearance around piles and enough water to put the fire out. A reminder not to burn on windy days and to call first to verify burn day status.

The waterfowl hunting season opens in Calif this weekend. Hunters are being told though they better stock up on duck and goose ammo as new ammunition buying laws have gone into effect. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says they don’t want any waterfowl hunters to miss out on because of difficulty finding or buying ammunition the night before their hunt so you shouldn’t wait. The new ammunition purchasing regulations started July 1st. There are now background checks and you have to present your record in the California Department of Justice’s Automated Firearms System. Also if you don’t have a shotgun or rifle, it may be more difficult to buy ammunition. More information is available at the California Department of Justice website.

The first report of a death due to the power shutoff to prevent wildfires. A man died the day after because he needed oxygen to live. The man in El Dorado County died about 12 minutes after the shutdown, but the Fire Chief says they can’t say if it was caused by the shutoff, only that his oxygen equipment required power. The Governor says it’s devastating beyond words. He says he hope’s it’s investigated and whoever’s responsible is held accountable.

The Gov. has signed legislation so school starts for most middle and high schoolers later. Governor Newsom going against the state’s largest teacher’s union and other groups that represent school boards and superintendents, siding instead with pediatricians and the PTA. It’s said Calif. is now the first state to mandate later start times after medical research showed teenagers are sleep deprived because of changes to their biological clocks preventing them from hitting the hay earlier.

Looks it might have been electric utility equipment that started another Calif. wildfire. Arson investigators trying to figure out how the Saddleridge fire started in Sylmar say it started under an electrical tower. One resident of the area says he noticed flames at the foot of a transmission tower near his house last Thursday. The LA Fire Dept. reports they don’t have an official point of origin. Sounds like what happened with the Camp Fire, folks in the neighborhood said it started by PG&E equipment. The utility company may be on the hook for billions for that fire and more than a dozen more in October of 2017. Between those two fires, more than 120 people died in the fires and PG&E claimed bankruptcy this year ahead of any claims against them.

There will be no more smoking at state parks and beaches after the governor signs a new law into place. The bill also banned tossing cigar and cigarette waste at parks and beaches and those who violate the new law could be fined up to $25. It’s for cigarettes and vapes. It will still be legal though in parking lots at beaches and parks. One caveat though, those producing film and TV shows can allow folks to smoke on state property with proper permits. There are nearly 300 state parks in Calif and hundreds of miles of coastline.




The lights are gradually coming back on across Lake County as PG & E crews spent the day checking equipment and lines before flipping the switches to “on”. The utility hopes nearly everyone in the county will be back on by late tonight as the conditions that led to the public safety shutdown have eased. Still, several thousand customers across the PG & E service area are still without electricity heading into the evening.

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman says his department had no major public safety problems with the power shutoffs, but that there are lessons to be learned:

ALLMAN 01-01 “..on us.” :16

He says the dispatch center did get a few calls from people with concerns, but he thinks most of the angry calls went to PG & E instead. Sheriff Allman also says while the county handled the situation the best it could, it has been a scary few days for residents with fresh memories of the fires of the past couple years.

The shutoff may have had a deadly result.Reports say one man who was on oxygen was found dead in the community of Pollock Pines, east of Sacramento, just minutes after the power went out at his home on Wednesday.

While there have been no reported wildfires in our area, there ARE some serious worries elsewhere in the state today. In Southern California, thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes, there are at least two deaths reported, and parts of major freeways around LA are closed as crews fight to contain several wind-fueled fires there.

The city of Lakeport is getting a cleanup. The city and Lakeport Disposal are planning a community wide cleanup day next Saturday, August 19th. Lakeport residents with proper ID can drop off trash and waste between 9 and 3 in the parking lot near the Fifth Street boat ramp. There are some restrictions—they wont take refrigerators, hot tubs or spas, construction debris or hazardous waste. There is information about the event on the city’s website.

Firefighters from CAL FIRE’s Mendocino unit will be on the street on Saturday for a good cause. They’ll be taking part in the annual “Fill the Boot” fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. You’ll spot them with boots out at the corner of North State Street and Ford Road in Ukiah from 10:00 AM until 2:00. All the loose change and bills tossed in by passing drivers and pedestrians will go to MDA’s programs and to research into neuromuscular diseases. The fill the boot drive has been going on for the last 65 years.

Governor Newsom has signed two major gun control bills. The first a bill that will let more people ask a court to take away guns from others they think are a threat. The law, which takes effect in January, will allow schools and employers to petition the court to request guns be taken from someone considered a danger to themselves or others. Current law only allow law enforcement and immediate family members to do that. The governor says it makes sense to do everything possible to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. Several other states have similar laws on the books, but California’s will be the broadest in the US. Also today, the governor signed a bill that extends the state limit on gun purchases to one a month to include long guns, as well as handguns. Opponents plan to challenge the expanded sales limit in court, saying the law would violate the second ammendment.

In the largest power down for PG&E ever, there was still a huge swath of land in the dark in Lake County late yesterday afternoon, even though power crews were starting to re-inspect lines. Hundreds of thousands still without power yesterday afternoon but PG&E did power back on about 126,000 in Humboldt and other counties. The utility company put out a statement yesterday saying they would conduct safety inspections, repairs and power restoration after a weather ‘all clear’ was given. They also warned it could take a minute because there were some remote areas to inspect and others in treacherous terrain. They had more than 6,300 ground crews and 45 helicopters inspecting. They would repair if any damage was found, but did have reports of vegetation created damage. State Senator Mike McGuire tweeted yesterday that PG&E was considering power restoration in Lake, Mendocino, Marin and Sonoma yesterday afternoon. But we have no reports early this morning that that’s the case. Lakeport officials said they got word that power restoration had begun and it could take several hours or more.

During PG&E’s planned Public Safety Power Shutoff winds of up to 77 miles per hour were recorded on Mt. St. Helena in Sonoma County. Another 75 mile per hour gust was caught in Contra Costa County on Mt. Diablo. They said there were preliminary reports of vegetation-related damage to equipment in those areas. In Lake County winds were recorded much lower, but at higher elevations, measurements of 25-50 miles an hour at a weather station near Knoxville Creek, east of Clear Lake. The utility company reported dangerous weather conditions yesterday afternoon and possibly lasting thru midday today.

A fire’s ignited near Yosemite and that’s closed one of the two main highways into the National Park from the Bay Area. Smoke from the Briceburg fire was blanketing the park. The fire started last Sunday afternoon in steep canyons of Merced River, which about 12 miles east of the park’s Arch Rock Entrance on Highway 140. The fire’s blackened 4,900 acres and is reported at 28% containment. It had doubled in size over 2 days. The park is open though and apparently it’s still pretty busy with tourists. A spokesperson says visitors are coming in but there are smoke impacts in some areas with very unhealthy air reported. The official website for the park says smoke could pose a risk for older adults, children, and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Those impacted by Pacific Gas & Electric’s planned power shut-offs won’t be able to seek reimbursement for losses thru their Safety Net program, but there’s still other possibilities. That program usually compensates customers for weather-related outages if they’re without power more than 48 hours from a severe event, including weather, but the company says the public safety shut-offs don’t qualify. A spokesperson says they’re not paying for food spoiling. Back in 2018 they did take claims for food getting spoiled though. But customers who claim a hardship because of the loss of power can still try to submit a claim, with receipts and detailed repair estimates and invoices.

San Francisco International Airport is putting up a giant sea wall around the whole airport. The nearly $600 million dollar project will include driving steel pilings into the ground and putting up steel sheets with interlocking edges along with concrete walls in some areas too. A spokesperson for the airport says they’ve been considering the idea for years. The runways are only about 10 feet above sea level. There are smaller sea walks there, but they were erected in the 1980s and only offer about 3 feet of protection from flooding.

A man accused of killing another man in Alderpoint is going to prison. Zachary Harrison found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Robert Holtsclaw. He faces life in prison after living on the run for almost a year. He was also convicted for personally and intentionally discharging a firearm after two days of jury deliberation. There were eyewitnesses to the crime and prosecutors used that to get the conviction. The case made it onto TV, streaming on Netflix under the title “Murder Mountain” related to Humboldt County’s black market marijuana industry. The jury had to deliberate in the jury assembly room at the Humboldt County courthouse not a courtroom, because of the PG&E public safety power shutoffs.

A man in Redwood Valley has been shot by deputies after reports of a drunk person with a backpack full of booze pulls a gun at them. Sheriff Tom Allman says the man pulled a gun on the deputies…


Sheriff Allman says they first got a call to a drunk person and while searching for him they saw a van with a man in it who they were told was a missing person. Then a fight ensued and the deputies tazered him and he had no response to that, then pulled his gun on deputies. The three deputies are all on administrative leave. One had a minor injury and refused medical treatment.

PG&E crews have begun restoring power to hundreds of thousands across Northern Calif as the company’s CEO says they could have done better with communication. CEO Bill Johnson speaking to reporters yesterday about their website crashing, their maps being inconsistent with actual power downs and how their call centers were so overwhelmed, that at times, they have out insufficient resources for those trying to live without essential service in parts of 34 counties. Johnson went on to say they were not adequately prepared for this sort of operational event. The statement came after Governor Newsom publicly called the utility out for creating the problem in the first place by neglecting their own system and putting profits ahead of infrastructure maintenance and modernization.

A Redwood Valley man who was reported to be drunk with booze filling a backpack busted by police and tries shooting them. That’s the word from the Sheriff who says the man was reported as missing and got into an altercation with deputies. They deployed a taser on him, he didn’t respond and shot at them with a .50 caliber handgun. Nobody was hit and all three deputies returned fire…


Sheriff Allman says the van the man was found in had lots of a white powdery substance in it. He says the man was hit twice by deputies and that he heard the man was flown out of county with at least one bullet still in him, but he couldn’t confirm that. The three deputies are all on administrative leave. One had a minor injury and refused medical treatment.

The power is coming back on in Lake County about 2 days after it first was turned off. Lake Co News reports Pacific Gas and Electric started restoring power late yesterday. There were more than 37,400 Lake County customers without power and nearly ¾’s of a million across the state. The utility company gave the all clear for both Lake and Mendocino Counties late yesterday. Crews had to examine 25,000 miles of line that was de-energized first though. They can only turn the power on during daylight hours after safety patrols and inspections finished up last night. There were nearly a dozen reports of wind related damage to their equipment in shutoff-impacted areas.

The Lake County Tourism Improvement District has a new logo. The District and partner Cubic Creative released the logo they’ll use for their marketing campaign for 2020 to people gathered at the Robinson Rancheria Resort and Casino earlier this week. They’re attempting to bring more overnight tourism to Lake County with the campaign. The new logo hand drawn text next to a picture of a mountain and the sun or the moon depending on how you see it.

The PG&E CEO says they messed up big time in the historical public safety power shutoff. CEO Bill Johnson speaking out last night about their effort saying they chose between hardship and safety but apologized for the hardship it caused. He apologized for website issues, inconsistent maps and overloaded call centers. It comes after the Governor displayed anger at the utility company, saying had PG&E taken better care of its infrastructure, perhaps they could have averted this event and avoided massive wildfires that destroyed thousands of homes and killed several people, calling them out for greed and neglect.

PG&E says areas in Mendocino County powered down are now “all clear” and they’ll start to assess the area, then power back on those in the dark. They cannot say how long that will take, only that it will happen during the daytime hours. They say since there were many miles of power line powered down, the lines all need to be inspected before they’re flipped back on again and to prepare for an extended outage. The utility company says it’s working with state and local agencies for updated restoration timelines after the severe weather event is over. For more info, feel free to call the Executive Office of Mendocino County.

A man in Manchester’s been arrested after he was found reeking like alcohol and on probation. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports deputies knew the guy, Marshall Collins, was on active felony probation and that he had to submit to a person and property search. Deputies say during that time they found he was in possession of several alcoholic beverages and that he smelled like booze. His probation terms said he was not allowed to have alcohol on him or drink it, so he was found in violation of his probation and taken to jail and booked on no bail status.

Power is beginning to trickle back on for about 600,000 customers in Northern California, but in Sonoma County about 66,000 customers are still going to be in the dark for a time. The utility company has to inspect almost 27,000 miles of power lines, utility poles and towers, which could take several days. They have thousands of workers in the field to look for downed lines after the wind event. A PG&E spokesperson says workers have to travel on narrow roads in some locations and in others, they might have to hike to remote or mountainous terrain to assess equipment. They did say they had reports of vegetation-related damage to power equipment so that has to be repaired before the power is turned back on. They are reporting no fires though related to their equipment in the shut off area of 34 counties in Northern and Central California including parts of Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake and Napa counties.

Many areas of Mendocino County that had the Public Safety Power Shutoff in place should be getting their power back on soon. The Sheriff’s office reports Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Hopland, part of unincorporated areas of the Ukiah Valley, several PG&E service points in Willits, Leggett, Piercy, Whitethorn and Whale Gulch should have the power switched back on at some point today. The County reports continually monitoring the blackout and says the utility company is assessing weather conditions at noon at 2 pm today and will let the Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services know once they figure out when they’ll start restoring power in the County. PG&E says it doesn’t mean they’ll flip a switch and that’s that, it could take days to re-energize the power lines and they ask customers to be patient and kind to PG&E workers in the field.

Evacuations ordered in the hills above San Francisco as a fast moving wildfire has been spreading. Firefighters from Moraga-Orinda on the scene by the St. Mary’s College campus early today, but say the school was not threatened. Cal Fire says the fire burned 60 acres in just over two hours. Evacuations were ordered in the Sander’s Ranch neighborhood quickly with community members told to only take essential items.  The neighborhood is part of the PG&E power shutdown, it’s located in Contra Costa County.

Firefighters in Sonoma County say there’s been no major fire activity as gusty winds plowed thru the North Bay hills today, the second day of the planned power shut off.  The National Weather Service recording wind gusts of 77 mph early this morning in Mt. St. Helena. There were other gusts in high elevation areas 30 to 50 mph. The president of the California Public Utilities Commission said earlier this morning that PG&E’s handling of the blackout was “absolutely unacceptable”, adding they cannot accept it as the “new normal”.

The Public Safety Power Shutoffs continue in parts of Calif. as weather conditions remain fluid.  Pacific Gas and Electric reported last night they were still turning off power but hoped to be restoring power to other areas today. Lake Co News reports more than 500,000 customers were in the dark, including about 37,400 in Lake County due to a red flag alert from the National Weather Service. The second phase was delayed due to changing conditions. That was supposed to hit about 234,000 more customers in two waves. The main meteorologist for the utility company said they were monitoring the windstorm which was headed to Southern California today and tomorrow, calling it a state-wide fire event. Wind speeds of up to 50 mph tracked in Redding.

PG&E says improving weather has patrols out deciding whether or not they should restore power in some areas. The peak in the weather was supposed to happen late last night and this morning. Once that shifts, they say they will send helicopters and thousands of ground personnel out for inspections of power lines before they reenergize the system. They warn since there is such a large outage area, it could be several more days until power is restored to some customers. They says so far 800,000 PG&E customers were impacted, but late last night some got their power back on. There are also multiple customer resource centers set up.

The Clearlake City Council says it’s still meeting in the midst of the public safety power shutoff. They’re going to pickup extending a letter of intent to a company who wants to buy the old airport property and develop it. It comes after a meeting in April with a company interested in the old Pierce Airfield property. The company turned in a letter of intent which is set to expire tomorrow. The firm is asking for an extension. The meeting tonight at 6 at City Hall. They have generator power. They also plan a public hearing soon to adopt the housing element update. When the meeting ends the council will conduct a closed-door session to discuss ongoing litigation with PG&E.

Federal money going to Calif. for roads so the CHP is starting a new campaign to bring down the number of crashes caused by speed and aggressive driving. $1.5 million has been received by the Patrol for the Regulate Aggressive Driving and Reduce Speed, or RADARS, IV program. The CHP says it’s to reduce fatal and injury traffic crashes due to speed. They’re bolstering patrols and plan on adding a public awareness campaign across the state, focusing on speed-related causes of crashes.

A new law signed by the governor aims to promptly test rape kits. The Gov. signed the legislation which passed unanimously in the Senate and Assembly, so newly collected rape kits have to be submitted within 20 days then testing has to happen no longer than 120 days later. The bill in alignment with federal law, ensuring survivors who report being sexually assaulted get equal access to the submission and analysis of forensic evidence related to their cases.

The Cal Fire director speaking out on PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Director Thom Porter says since Calif. has seen some of the most destructive and deadliest fires October through December, they remind Californians not to be complacent. He says even though they’ve got more staff working, they need the public to stay vigilant, follow evacuation orders and leave early because fires move fast in these conditions. PG&E headquarters had more people on staff, four teams of 25. It’s the first time the utility company has undertaken such a massive power down which they say could impact more than a million customers in Northern California alone.  Critics are calling the company out for overly extreme measures so they don’t get sued again if there’s a major fire. But PG&E says it was the right thing to do to keep everyone safe.

Businesses remain closed due to the power shutoff across Northern and Central Calif. The Record Bee reports critical buildings like hospitals and the county jail and courthouse were using generators for power, but most of the area gas stations and restaurants were closed. The City Manager says just about a year after the Mendocino Complex fires, the power down was further weakening the economy.

Areas of Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Hopland, parts of the unincorporated areas of the Ukiah Valley, and more than 60 PG& E service points in the Willits area were powered down, with an expected power back up sometime this afternoon. There were forecasts of winds between 20 to 30 mph with some gusts hitting 40 mph in higher elevations of the interior Mendocino County. The Daily Journal reports even though Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Point Arena, and the unincorporated Mendocino County coastal communities were supposed to stay lit up, about 88 percent of people in those areas reported no power.

Several students will be out of school across Northern Calif due to the power shutoffs. At least 100,000 students were off school yesterday due to red flag conditions and high winds predicted across Northern California. More than 260 schools in 14 counties, including Sonoma, Napa, Contra Costa and Alameda said they were staying closed due to the weather forecast and planned public safety power shutoffs. PG&E alerted 800,000 Northern California customers they would have no power. There was one larger blackout, the Great Blackout back in Sept. 2011 after a maintenance transmission line was out in Arizona which caused a massive power outage across the Southwest.

PG&E expected to get workers out in the field to start inspecting power lines and restore service to those without power as the weather conditions improve. They say they’ve got 6,500 personnel and 45 helicopters ready to visually inspect all equipment prior to lighting everything back up. Something they can only do during daylight hours. And because they have hundreds of miles of lines across the state, and they say there may be major damage, they’re warning it could take days for the power to be back on. The power down to avoid another Camp Fire, which burned last year, devastating the City of Paradise and surrounding towns.

A fire put out in Ukiah. The fire reported Tuesday late morning was out by early afternoon. It burned a shed and spread to structures near it, causing some damage to a garage. The fire also damaged a neighbor’s truck and burned a security camera. The fire did not burn inside the home where it started though. Nobody was injured or inside at the time.

Congressman Jared Huffman back in Calif. talking to fisherman and fisheries in the North Coast. Huffman looking for input on the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act in Arcata. The act governs how fisheries are managed in federal water, something the Congressman says can be built upon. It was put together to stop overfishing certain areas, rebuild overfished stocks, help the economy by using reliable data and science, help conserve essential fish habitat, and make sure there’s a safe and sustainable supply of seafood. But local fisherman say it’s only helping larger vessels. And there are permits for certain types of fish to prevent overfishing. Many of the attendees say the act needs more than a few tweaks, it needs an overhaul.

New laws signed by the governor hoping to avert another college admissions scandal like the one that ensnared a couple of celebrity moms and a major winemaker from the Napa Valley. The parents forked over big bucks to get their kids into prestigious universities nationwide. The College Promise Program is expanded to offer two years junior college free for some students; another bill relaxes requirements for those getting vouchers and provides financial assistance for current and former foster kids; another bill helps those who are housing or food insecure; and a fourth bill to expand eligibility for the California DREAM loan for those enrolled in professional or graduate degree programs.

A woman ends up in the hospital in Fort Bragg being found sleeping in the former Social Services Building. Cops found a woman there they say they knew from previous contact. They say she seemed to be having a problem breathing, then noticed blood coming from her nose and mouth. They started CPR and finding no pulse, then used an Automated External Defibrillator on the woman. Soon after other first responders were on the scene and the victim was stabilized and taken to a hospital. No word on the woman’s identity or what may have happened to her.

An elderly woman in the hospital in Fort Bragg found with part of her calf muscle missing and police say it’s elder abuse. Police got a call to the hospital Tuesday where the 83 year old victim was being treated. They say her injury was consistent with being inflicted by a dog. They also say they’d been to her house a couple other times for reports of dogs biting kids in the neighborhood. They say both times the dogs were put in quarantine. She apparently shares a home with her daughter and caretaker, Martine Dalamas , who police say is the suspect in the case. Officers say when paramedics came to get the woman they saw a large dog actively biting and licking her wound. Dalamas and other family members home at the time of the incident, now Dalamas is arrested and the dog suspected of inflicting the injuries was taken to the animal shelter in Ukiah.

(5:00pm update) Updates on the Public Safety Power Shutoff in Northern and Central Calif. Thousands in the North Bay were without power. It started in phases. The first reports came in around midnight as PG&E had warned. Hundreds of thousands are impacted, and the worst of the weather is supposed to come tonight and tomorrow morning. Almost 70,000 customers in the dark in Sonoma County. In Santa Rosa, fire officials say there have been more crashes because the traffic lights were powered down. In Mendocino County, it started with a midnight power down for almost 6,400 customers in Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Hopland, the greater Ukiah Valley, parts of Willits, Leggett, Piercy, Whitethorn and Whale Gulch. But not in the city of Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Point Arena and the Mendocino County coastal communities. Many of the towns and cities across Lake County were also in the dark this morning, some were unplanned. A PG&E spokesperson says peak winds today into tomorrow morning could reach 60 to 70 mph at higher elevations. They say some people without power may not be experiencing windy conditions, but the power system relies on lines working together, providing electricity across cities, counties and regions. A red flag warning is set to expire tomorrow night. But no word yet when power will be re-energized.

Schools in Ukiah should have their power on as of this report. This from the city which, along with PG&E, have said power will stay on at all UUSD schools today. So with that, there aren’t any plans to close any of the Ukiah Unified schools. The Superintendent’s Office would make an announcement otherwise and says they’ll inform immediately of any changes. Staffers are working with the City of Ukiah, Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services (OES), and PG&E to monitor the current Public Safety Power Shutoff. Follow them on Facebook or listen to this radio station for any further info. You can also log on to the school district’s website for more info.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office sending out an update on the planned PG&E power shutoff. It will affect Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Hopland, parts of unincorporated Ukiah Valley, 62 PG&E service points in the Willits area, Leggett, Piercy, Whitethorn and Whale Gulch. Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Point Arena and all of unincorporated Mendocino County coastal communities will NOT be affected.

The Sheriff in Mendocino County says his office is continually monitoring the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). They are warning those who are not within the map areas laid out by PG&E to still be prepared because widespread outages could still affect you.

Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Resources:

PG&E Community Resource Center (CRC) – 1775 N State St, Ukiah CA 95482 (anticipated to open at 8:00 am on 10/9)

PSPS Service Impact Map –…/wildfires/

PG&E Facebook –

PG&E Twitter –

PG&E – 1-800-743-5009

PSPS Information and Local Resources –…/public-safety-power-shuto…

Mendocino County Facebook –

Mendocino County Twitter – @countymendocino

Mendocino County Instagram – @countyofmendocino

Mendocino County Sheriff Facebook –

City of Ukiah PSPS Outage/Electrical Outage Lines – 463-6288/463-6228

City of Ukiah Facebook –

For more information, please contact the Executive Office at 707-463-4441.The County will remain open during the duration of the PSPS event.

To subscribe to receive press releases issued by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, please visit this website:

To receive Nixle alert notifications from your local agencies, text your zip code to 888777, or visit the following website:

Some of the outages already reported around Lake Mendocino and up the Hwy 101 corridor. Mendocino Voice reporting folks in Redwood Valley up to the top of the Ridgewood Grade and some on Vichy Springs Rd. also lost power. Also hit early this morning, Potter Valley, and east on Highway 20. Then in Sonoma, the city of Sonoma, parts of Santa Rosa and farther east. Humboldt County hit along the 101 corridor and out along the 299. The news site reports Rohnert Park has lost power, part of Lake County, in Lakeport, Blue Lakes, and Kelseyville. Un-planned outages have also occurred in Humboldt County and Leggett and across Lake County from Lower Lake to Upper Lake. Napa and St. Helena are also reporting some outages.

A man in Ukiah reportedly attacked by at least one other man has died. Ukiah police report getting a call for a welfare check a couple weekends ago to the 100 block of E. Gobbi St. finding a man lying on the ground unresponsive. The man is identified as local transient Jimmy Isenhart. They say it looked like he had head trauma and was bleeding from the mouth and face. He died a couple days later at the hospital. Several witnesses told police they saw two men in the area at the time of the assault. Days later cops identified another transient Isaiah Bennett as Isenhart’s attacker. He’s admitted he was in the area at the time and has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Mendocino County spending money on opioid education. An agreement reached for Mendocino County Youth Project to provide education and outreach in Mendocino County Schools to prevent opioid abuse in the area. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors agreed to put up about $40,000 for the Mendocino County Youth Project and Youth Action Program to come up with a program complete with services and prevention strategies for students in grades 6 through 12, kids in alcohol and drug prevention education and targeted transition-age youths from 18-25.

PG&E has confirmed they powered down the grid to hundreds of thousands across Northern and Central Calif. Right after 1 a.m., a confirmation from the utility that the first phase of the public safety power shutoff had begun on a large swath of its service area because of a forecasted, widespread, severe wind event. PG&E says it’s a last resort in response to the measure of last resort and it’s in response to “unprecedented fire risk.” Lake Co News reports more than 800,000 customers in 34 counties will be affected, including over 37,400 customers in Lake County; 2,167 of those are medical baseline customers. The Lake County Sheriff told the news site all populated areas of the county should expect to be impacted. A meteorologist with the utility company says forecasts have consistently shown an offshore wind event through Friday. And that along with low relative humidity and very dry vegetation, creates dangerous fire weather.

There’s a new Lake County Public Health Officer. The Board of Supervisors has appointed Dr. Gary Pace permanently after he was the interim Public Health officer since August. The Board Chair announced the appointment yesterday, calling Dr. Pace, “a truly thoughtful individual and excellent medical mind”. Pace has experience in family and clinical practice, and as a medical director in health care facilities. He was also the county of Mendocino’s Public Health officer in the past.

Congressmembers Mike Thompson and John Garamendi are asking the federal government for more money to help improve the health of Clear Lake. The two asking the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to use disaster-recovery funds from Congress for the Middle Creek Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Project in Lake County. There’s about $15 million in state money as a share with the fed, set aside for the project. And Congress had authorized the project back in 2007. So now the two Northern Calif. Congressional members are urging the Army Corp to dedicate new funds to the project to support Lake County.

Regional wineries also affected by PG&E’s scheduled power outage. They’re reportedly preparing for no power by securing generators and electricians so they will be able to keep up with the yearly grape harvest that’s got about another month. The Press Democrat reports the power shutoff at a critical time for wineries as they’re moving their late red grape varieties onto crush pads this week. They’re also in the middle of fermenting some varietals in their tanks and storing wine in barrels from past vintages. They could lose the majority of wine stock if there’s no power for an extended amount of time. The Sonoma County Vintners trade group says most wineries are ready and others are offering to help others who are not.

Winds calm earlier as a red flag warning started and the power was out for hundreds of thousands of Californians during PG&E’s massive power shut off. Many in the dark across Lake County, Sonoma County where there are about 50 planned outages, mostly in Santa Rosa with more than 26,000 in the dark. The Press Democrat reports almost all of the Sonoma Valley was without power this morning. The outages came in stages, many online complaining there wasn’t any wind, but forecasters say the strongest is yet to come, that with low humidity increases the fire danger. Another 234,000 customers in seven more counties are going dark too including here in Mendocino County and in major Bay Area counties including Alameda, Contra Costa and Santa Clara.

Officials in the County of Mendocino are monitoring the upcoming Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) set for the area. The City of Ukiah, and areas in and around Willits and Fort Bragg are not expected to be de-energized, but the Sheriff’s office is encouraging residents to continue prepare for an outage. PG&E has a service map they’re updating to show where the outages will be. You can access it on our website and Facebook page. The possible shutoff will start at midnight and last thru Thursday at noon. There will be a Community Resource Center for those in Mendocino County at 1775 N. State St from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Resources:

PG&E Community Resource Center (CRC) – 1775 N State St, Ukiah CA 95482 (anticipated to open at 8:00 am on 10/9)

PSPS Service Impact Map –

PG&E Facebook –

PG&E Twitter –

PG&E – 1-800-743-5009

PSPS Information and Local Resources –

Mendocino County Facebook –

Mendocino County Twitter – @countymendocino

Mendocino County Instagram – @countyofmendocino

Mendocino County Sheriff Facebook –

City of Ukiah PSPS Outage/Electrical Outage Lines – 463-6288/463-6228

City of Ukiah Facebook –

For more information, please contact the Executive Office at 707-463-4441.The County will remain open during the duration of the PSPS event.

Nearly $50,000 has been awarded to Mendocino Coast Clinics for health care provided last year. They got another $167,000 to expand behavioral health services. The quality award was $30,000 for their patient-centered medical home designation, about $12,550 for a 15% improvement on clinical quality from 2017 to 2018, and $6,000 for using health information technology for more access to care and advancing the quality of care between 2017 and 2018. The behavioral health expansion grant funding for more services, including child psychiatry via video conference, also known as telemedicine.

Lake county’s Public Health Dept. reminding we’re upon flu season and getting a flu shot is the best prevention. So those 6 months and older are encouraged to get vaccinated. Another way to avoid getting sick is to use good hygiene to protect yourself and those around you. Use the crook of your arm or of course a tissue If you cough or sneeze and cover your nose and mouth too. Viruses can easily pass from hands to anything you touch, so washing your hands frequently or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available.  Lake County Public Health is offering seasonal flu vaccines for $2. For more info give them a call to make your appointment.

Mendocino County has lost another cannabis program manager. Sean Connell started the job early this year and resigned last week. Just as “Phase One” of cannabis cultivation applications are submitted. Connell used to work elsewhere in County government and is a military vet. He tells Mendocino Voice he cares deeply about the program being successful, but had a conflict with leadership. He’s the second person in the position. Kelly Overton was his predecessor and only in the job four months.

More in law units could be coming if Gov. Newsom signs a bill into law. Lawmakers passed the measure allowing more units on large properties and some that are already standing may be able to stay with limitations. The Department of Housing and Community Development will manage the program. Lawmakers say they’re optimistic the governor will sign the bill into law. He has until Sunday.

A wind storm is coming and PG&E is ready. They’re planning a Public Safety Power Shutoff tomorrow across many areas of Northern Calif. In Lake County, several neighborhoods could lose power, so the County’s Health Services Department, Environmental Health Division is reminding you to toss Perishable foods like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers if they’ve sat in 41 °F temps for over 4 hours. And if your refrigerator has been off for an extended amount of time, the food is bad.

PG&E is notifying county’s they’re initiating a power shut down because of red flag fire hazard conditions. Right now it covers Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Hopland, Ukiah and the greater Ukiah Valley, but the areas could change before the shutoff which is set for midnight tonight. They say it will last thru Thursday afternoon at noon. But they’re also warning it may take several days to re-energize power lines.

Residents can go to the County of Mendocino’s website and PG&E’s website for power outage information, helpful preparedness tips and lists of markets, grocery stores and fueling stations that will be open during the outage in your area. For more information, please contact the Executive Office at 707-463-4441.

Weather conditions look erratic and with that Pacific Gas and Electric warns they’re monitoring but is planning a public safety power shutoff for 30 counties and more than 600,000 customers. The shutoff overnight could affect more than 26,000 medical baseline customers. PG&E has activated its Emergency Operations Center because of adverse weather and dry fuel conditions. In Lake County, the Sheriff has warned it could start early tomorrow until Thursday, but re-energization could take five days.

The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory started at 5 a.m. tomorrow until midnight Thursday. PG&E has reportedly warned customers directly by phone, text and email yesterday about the power shutoff due to the weather conditions. Schools could be open thru the day if the shutoff happens during the day, but could be canceled if the shutoff is outside school hours, for as long as the shutoff continues. 26,000 customers would be affected in Lake County, 6,000 in Mendocino County, 32,000 in Napa County and another 66,000 or so in Sonoma County. Also the county of Sonoma and the city of Santa Rosa have declared proclamations of local emergency.

Hazardous trees are being removed by Caltrans in Lake County along several state highways. The agency says they’ve tagged the trees because they’re hazardous and are a major safety threat. Caltrans reports most of the trees were damaged in the Valley Fire. After they took dead trees out after the fire cleanup, it was decided a certified arborist would reassess the damaged trees that were thought to have a chance at recovery at a later date. Caltrans will reach out to property owners for tree assessments along the right-of-way on their property.

Two women from the Bay Area have been killed and four others injured after a crash near Williams Sunday. Part of Highway 20 was closed down after the crash. The CHP in Williams reported the women who died were a 32 year old, who was driving, and the other, her 29-year-old passenger. Both of the women are from Oakland. The CHP reports the driver was going west on the Highway and lost control and rolled. The car went into the path of an SUV which was broadsided. That driver had minor injuries and went to a hospital in Chico for treatment. The other’s injured had minor to major injuries. The CHP reported all six crash victims had their seat belts on.

Absentee, vote by mail ballots on the way to voters in Lake County for the Measure N special election for the Northshore Fire Protection District. The special election is happening November 5th for a special property tax on parcels. The money to go to pay for local emergency medical and fire services, hiring firefighters, and replacing outdated equipment and apparatus. The voter registration deadline is Monday, Oct. 21st. You can now register online thru the Calif. state government site or hit the Registrar of Voters office, public library, DMV, post office or other local government offices.

It’s been exactly two years since the Redwood Complex Fire. A slew of fires broke out over two days, the notorious October 2017 firestorm that killed more than 40 people, included the Redwood Complex that started as two fires, the Potter Valley and Redwood Valley fires which ending up turning into one giant inferno. The fire killed nine people, took down 546 structures and burned more than 36,000 acres. Trees had fallen onto PG&E lines starting the fire. It was months before some people could rebuild and more than a year for others.

A man from Lakeport accused of killing his dad and trying to kill his mom was supposed to go to trial again, but it’s been put on hold. The 50 year old due in court Sept. 27th, but the hospital he’s been supposed to be admitted to was requesting another 48 hours to send a note to court. The case continued, but if Steven Michael Fredericks does not appear at the hospital before Oct. 16th, the court will need a written response as to why. The Department of State Hospitals had an anticipated admission date for Fredericks but apparently he has not been transported. His jury trial was waived over the summer.

Honors for three schools in Ukiah for positive behavior. The California PBIS Coalition for successful Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) implementation awarding Yokayo and Grace Hudson Elementary Schools for successful implementation at the Gold level. Pomolita Middle won a Silver level. All UUSD are reportedly working to Gold level implementation. The organization looks for schools that use evidence-based prevention and intervention practices supporting academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills of all students.

More firefighters are getting ready for the forecasted extreme fire weather across California. Cal Fire announced since the most destructive and deadliest fires happen from October to December they’ve increased staffing. But with that the Cal Fire director is also warning Californians not to be complacent. Wind driven fires move fast so you need to be ready to leave your house at a moment’s notice in the event of a wildfire. It also happens to be Fire Prevention Week, a good time to come up with a fire ready, evacuation plan. Electricity may be shut off to hundreds of thousands across the state. Cal Fire can also request a power shut off from a utility company if there’s an active wildfire around powerlines firefighters are fighting.

To learn how you can be prepared for wildfires and evacuation steps, visit and

A Special Election on November 5th will give voters a say on the proposed Measure “N”, a special tax on parcels of real property to be used for the costs of funding local emergency medical & fire services, hiring firefighters, and replacing outdated fire equipment and apparatus. October 21st is the Voter Registration Deadline. Lake County voters can register online at or pick up forms at the Registrar of Voters office, public library, DMV, post office, or other local government offices. More information about the upcoming election can be found online at

Lawyers for wildfire victims say that PG&E’s deadline of Oct 21st to submit claims for losses is too rigid, and say that it’s being used by the company to end up with smaller numbers of claims, so investors can keep more money. According to the New York times, about 30,000 have filed claims with the help of lawyers, and1500 victims have filed on their own. By some estimates, there are an additional 70,000 eligible for compensation that may not make the deadline to file, and if they miss it they will get nothing. A statement by PG&E says that the company is focused on doing what is right by the customers and communities they serve and that they have mailed out 6.2 million claim forms and flyers to potential victims. Lawyers point out that many victims are still living in tent cities and on the streets, and may be confused about the process or traumatized by their losses. PG&E has set aside $8.4 billion dollars for payouts to victims as part of the bankruptcy filed in January.

As a housing crunch drives up costs across the state, a bill that would bring more auxiliary dwelling units to more backyards is waiting for the Governor’s signature. The legislation includes changes to laws governing the units, cuts permit fees and allows for more units on larger properties. It also gives enforcement power to the department of housing and community development, which would be able to flag city codes that slow the construction of the units. Governor Newsom has until the 13th to sign the bill.

An unprecedented announcement today as PG&E warns customers to prepare for at least 48 hours without power as windy conditions and potential fire risk forces the utility company to shut down power for safety. Lights could go out as early as Wednesday morning for several counties including Mendocino, Lake, Butte, Glenn, Sonoma and many others across the region. Critical fire conditions are expected to continue through Thursday afternoon. According to the National Weather Service Sacramento, gusts exceeding 40 mph are possible. A Fire Weather Watch for vast portions of Northern California has been issued for midweek.

Gas prices in Northern California have been creeping up. $.20 over the last week, but there may be some relief coming. Analysts say that prices at the pump may be nearing a peak. Statewide, the average is $4.18 a gallon compared to $4.02 last week. Nationally, prices are averaging $2.65 a gallon.

A man’s been arrested in Fort Bragg after reports of a shooting. Deputies got a call last Wednesday to reports of a gunshot victim. They spoke to five people and found the group all lived on the property and found out David Appier was being verbally abusive to a woman about living arrangements. The woman was living with a man there. He pulled up just before the shooting. The couple in an RV and heard Appier outside yelling. They got out and apparently Appier shot the man, but missed, then the couple took off. Appier’s been arrested for attempted murder and had outstanding warrants so he’s held on $125,000.00 bail.

A man’s arrested in Mendocino County after a parent reports her 13 year old daughter had been texting with him. The parent called saying the 13 year-old daughter was Facebook friends with a 29 year-old man, they believed was a sex registrant. They’ve identified the man as Brian Hurtado who was indeed a registered sex offender on Active Parole after a prison sentence for Lewd and Lascivious Acts with a child under 14. His Parole Officer was called and Hurtado was arrested after telling deputies he wasn’t allowed any contact with minors, and he wasn’t allowed to use social media sites.  He’s charged with multiple violations of his parole and booked on no bail.

Mendocino County is considering using satellite imagery for cannabis code enforcement and collecting fees from non-permitted cultivation. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors doing a feasibility study on what it would cost. The findings have to get back to the board within 60 days. The satellite imagery to see how many growers are in the county both legally and illegally and could potentially help the county get more cultivators not participating in the cannabis program to take part. A couple of supervisors voted no though, saying it would be too much work for county staff.

The Cal Fire Mendocino Unit is lifting the burn permit suspension. The chief of the unit formally canceling and with that burning on permissible burn days can resume. The agriculture burns have to be inspected by CAL FIRE before burning until the end of peak fire season. And there could be inspections required for other burns too. Check with the Air Quality Management District on that. The burn permit suspension comes with cooler temperatures, higher humidity and winter like weather

A lot of work ahead in Lake County planning as the Board of Supervisors agrees to revise all area plans in the county. The Community Development Principal Planner Byron Turner says each of the plans could take a year or more to revise. That includes multiple public meetings and forming an Area Plan Advisory Committee. There are eight area plans. Lakeport’s had some revisions in 2012 and Middletown had comprehensive revisions in 2010. Lower Lake’s is the oldest to have revisions, that happened in 1988, and the Cobb area plan was in 1989. The revisions after some residents asked for a new ordinance to limit some retailers from coming to Lake County, which the board took no action on. They instead decided to go with the area plan revisions.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office recovers a stolen bike that had been put up for sale on ebay. Someone in Kelseyville reported their specialized $7,300 mountain bike was stolen last May.  The victim then saw his bike on eBay for sale and called police. Detectives gathered info on the seller, contacted the guy who says he posted if for a friend. They identified the man, Jon Ferrer of Lakeport and contacted him at home. They got a search warrant and as they entered they say they saw him running, but they arrested him after finding the stolen bike in his house along with a small amount of meth. He told deputies he bought the bike from a Hispanic man three to four months ago in Kelseyville, and said he didn’t know it was stolen. He’s charged with grand theft, receiving stolen property, possession of a controlled substance, and resisting arrest. He posted bail and was released.

Windy weather on the way and with that PG&E is warning there could be a public safety power shutoff. The Sheriff in Lake County posted a warning message on social media the power outage could last several days. Also the National Weather Service issued a fire weather watch for areas of Northern California including Lake County Wednesday and Thursday. PG&E put Lake County under a public safety power shutoff “watch” those two days. The county noted by PG&E as being under an “elevated” risk of a power shutoff on Friday, due to similar conditions. The power shut off most likely Wednesday early morning for up to five days. The forecast calls for winds gusting up to 60 to 70 miles per hour in the higher elevations.

Lake County Supervisors are deciding if the treasurer-tax collector should oversee the county’s investments or if they should look at other options. There’s an ad hoc committee with two supervisors and the Treasurer-Tax Collector for oversight of the department. The ad hoc committee is reviewing the best practices available to the County. Per state law the Board is the agent of the county, unless it’s delegated, by the county, to the treasurer. The board will also consider buying more protective gear for Code Enforcement officers, including multi-threat vests, Kenwood portable radios and accessories, portable radio holsters and officer safety training.

It’s Fire Prevention Week. Cal Fire reminding to prepare for fire this week. The agency director reminding, know matter where you are, beware of your surroundings, and look for two ways out. They also remind to have a home escape plan that you practice every month. Have a meeting place outdoors so your family knows the plan and have a communication plan in place. The director reminds, don’t wait to evacuate, if you feel uncomfortable, leave early and make sure your pets are with you and you take important items too.

The Ghost Ship founder is being tried again in the manslaughter case after 36 people at a party in the Oakland warehouse died in a fire. The jury in the case against Derick Almena deadlocked last month, 10-2 in favor of finding him guilty. His co-defendant, and right hand man at the warehouse, Max Harris was found not guilty. Almena’s lawyer says they’d rather go to trial than negotiate a deal. The new trial date will be next March. The judge in the case also denied lowering Almena’s bail to $50,000 from $750,000. He’s been in jail over two years.

The Governor’s signed that massive overhaul for charter schools into law. The public schools will have more oversight after criticism, including some by teachers unions about too many charter schools popping up, placing undue financial stress on the other public schools. Now districts can decide to deny a charter school application and allows for appeals of decisions. Schools can also be closed if they don’t meet performance standards and charter schoolteachers will have to have the same credentials as traditional public school teachers. The president and CEO of the California Charter Schools Association says this will affirm high-quality charter schools are here to stay.