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Four Teens from Philo are facing charges after apparently making themselves at home in a vacation rental in Boonville. The Sheriff’s Office says a cleaning person found them there and alerted the owner who called police. Investigators say the guys had been sleeping, showering and doing laundry there and had set up a video gaming system. They had also gone through all cabinets and storage, and drank the owner’s booze and ate their food. The one adult, 19-year-old Juan Rebolla-Medina, was found to be in possession of metal knuckles attached to a folding knife so he is charged with possession of a prohibited weapon. He and the other three, two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old, were all arrested for burglary and conspiracy.

Commercial Marijuana use in Lakeport will be discussed at a special workshop meeting of the Lakeport City Council and Lakeport Planning Commission next month. The workshop is to review possible amendments to the Lakeport Zoning Ordinance about procedures for allowing commercial pot use within the city. Changes would be based on state regulations from Proposition 64 and other legislation over the past couple of years, regarding cultivation, manufacturing, testing and retail. They will also touch on zoning districts and potential fees and taxes. The public is encouraged to attend. Its on Tuesday, Oct. 3, at 5pm in the council chambers at Lakeport City Hall.

You can weigh in on the Mendocino County Mental Health Services Act Three-Year Plan, which was recently updated and is now open for a 30-day public comment period. From now through October 11 you can submit questions and comments to the Mendocino County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services MHSA Coordinator. There will also be a public comment hearing with the date still to be announced but before the 30 days are up.

The Draft Plan is available for review on the MHSA website:

You can respond in writing to: 1120 S. Dora St., Ukiah, CA, 95482.

Or by email to: melocher


Four suspected abalone poachers have been arrested after a five month investigation. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife reports the four, Thepbangon Nonnarath of Oakley, Dennis Nonnarath of El Sobrante and Thu Thi Tran and Cuong Huu Tran, both of San Jose are charged with several crimes including illegal commercial sales, falsification of abalone tags and exceeding the season limit of abalone. They say they’re part of a bigger team who’ve been known to sell abalone on the black market after poaching them from the shores of Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Abalone fishing has been restricted because of a die off due to warmer waters and more purple urchins that graze the ocean floor. There’s been talk about totally closing the fishery next year so the red abalone populations can bounce back.

A new poll shows many in the town of Windsor don’t really want the Lytton Band of Pomos to put in a tribal housing project, hotel and winery. The Citizens for Windsor, against the plan themselves, commissioned the poll finding many of the 300 polled felt the same. So the group is asking the town council to bail on the project. But one councilmember says the survey had loaded questions, meant to get those polled to lean in a certain direction. A state Senator from Turlock has also proposed a bill to the legislature to create a Lytton homeland so they can build more homes than currently proposed, allow them to put up a 200-room resort hotel and 200,000-case winery, but no casino.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has closed one chapter on medical marijuana rules. Over the last year the board’s been working on Article 72 which allows growing medical cannabis and a self certification process. Some updates have been added including not needing a permit to grow six indoor plants, defining professional cultivation and putting a cap on the amount of time growers have to comply after notification if a grow violates rules. The completion of the rule after the board investigated what other counties are doing, attended conferences, workshops and meetings.

California’s got a new law to continue climate change regulations, extending it until 2030 and lawmakers also got some money for parks and water projects, but with a catch. More than $4 billion dollars set aside for the projects which include hiking trails and lake beaches. It passed last night just before midnight and went to the Governor’s desk. But voters have to first approve it. If the governor signs it, it heads to a ballot next June. If approved $2.83 billion for parks and about $1 and a quarter BIL to state water projects, that include flood protection, levee upgrades on rivers and in the Delta, water recycling, and cleaning up polluted groundwater. But none for new dams or the governor’s signature proposed dual Delta tunnels.

Two homes are gone after a fire started in Hidden Valley Lake. Lake Co News reports the fire started early yesterday and no cause is known. The fire started close to one resident’s home and they got out quickly after hearing a loud boom like sound. The news site says firefighters arrived and found one home and several vehicles on fire and another home catching fire. The fire also spread quickly to vegetation. Another home was filled with smoke, but not damaged. Several area firefighters and utility agencies and law enforcement were at the fire. No injuries were reported.

Local companies getting a leg up in on work in Ukiah continues. City staff says the local bidders getting an advantage on purchases is continuing after some success. The Daily Journal reports there were 10 bids affected by the policy, but with only a small cost to the city. The policy was supposed to expire next month, but the city council voted for it to continue. The City Manager had also asked the council to remove the “automatic sunset” provision but allow for the policy get a yearly review, but the council voted to keep it as is for another year.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office says they’ve identified a piece of equipment that shot out of building near Willits during an explosion. The Sheriff’s Department says the explosion last week came after the lid on a cylinder to extract cannabis oil failed and pressure that had built up blew it out of the labs roof. The lid weighed between 50 to 100 lbs. Firefighters went to the scene and some have said this shows there has to be better regulation of the burgeoning industry. Mendocino County has no ordinance regulating marijuana extraction.

A man in Missouri looking to get change for a $100 bill, gets $100,000 instead. Brandon Eaton went into a convenience store in Grant City, bought a soda, for the change, and grabbed a Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket too. He won the $100,000 in the “$4 Million Spectacular” game Sept. 10th. The ticket was twenty bucks for a chance to win some of the nearly $41 million in prizes – including four more $100,000 wins and two top prizes of $4 million.

A police firearms officer is recovering… he accidentally shot himself in the foot while on a call in west London. The firearms squad leaving the call yesterday to check on someone living in a home in East Acton. The officer ended up in the hospital afterwards and an investigation into why he shot himself has begun…

The former office manager for Deep Valley Security in Ukiah has pleaded no contest to three felony counts of grand theft by embezzlement. Deborah Ann Sears also admitted to special sentencing enhancements relating to the high amounts taken from the company, which the Mendocino District Attorney says totaled more than $179,000 between 2014 and 2016. Sears’ husband, Jason Eagles Sears, pleaded no contest to being an accessory after the fact. The DA says a no contest plea to a felony charge is legally the same as a guilty plea for all purposes and they are scheduled for sentencing November 1st.

A brush fire that started Tuesday afternoon in a vineyard north of Hopland is 90 percent contained. Cal Fire Mendocino says the Grape Fire along Hwy 101 at Crawford Ranch has held at 142 acres since Wednesday morning. No buildings were damaged and no civilians were hurt although 3 firefighters suffered minor injuries. Cal Fire says six fire crews with nine engine companies were staying on scene today to patrol the area looking for any hot spots.

Ukiah Police are doing what they call a Pedestrian Sting Operation this week, cracking down on drivers failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Police say a big contributing factor is distracted driving so they are doing the Sting somewhere in Ukiah this week. They remind you the fines and fees for a crosswalk citation can be well over $200.

Advocates for Senior Citizens in Calif are asking the Governor to do something about the housing crisis – starting with signing Senate Bill 2. The bill would increase the fee for recording certain types of real-estate documents, and raise about 250 million dollars a year – money for affordable housing. A-A-R-P California state director Nancy McPherson says the median price of a home is higher than 450-thousand dollars – more than twice the national average. But in major metropolitan areas, the prices are even higher.

Cut 11345 :15 "If you look at the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, where the median price of a home is $1.1 million, and if you look at Los Angeles County, where the median price is pushing $700,000, it’s astounding what it costs to live here compared to other parts of the country."

Tag: A-A-R-P’s recent survey called "California Dreaming, or Struggling" shows more than half of working adults between 30 and 70 years old say they’re paying so much for housing they can’t save for retirement. 61 percent say they considered moving out of state because of the high housing costs.


Second Cut: McPherson adds that A-A-R-P is trying to combat the not-in-my-backyard syndrome, where people support affordable housing in theory but balk when it’s about to be built in their area.

Cut 12345 :14 "How can we help residents understand the benefit of having varied housing stock that supports people of all levels who provide services that they need and want in their community. How can they afford to live in their neighborhoods."

Tag 1: S-B 2 is part of a series of bills that try to address various aspects of the housing crunch. The governor has until next week to sign the bill, veto it or let it become law without a signature.

A citizens arrest in Fort Bragg and the capture of a burglary suspect. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept reports getting a call that the victim, Jeremy James came home to find a man in his house stealing his personal items. The victim says he held the man and called police. Deputies arrested the suspect, Joseph Hull after finding out he went into the victim’s vehicles and took items and gave police a fake name. He was also found to be on probation for car theft. He was booked into jail and held on $50,000.00 bail.

Long planned work on Low Gap Road and North State St. has finally started, but look out for closures at night. The Daily Journal reports the work to add sidewalks, upgrade the intersection for dedicated left-hand turn lanes, improve the storm drain and rebuild Brush Street between North State and Mazzoni streets. With the work comes overnight closures on Brush Street between 6 PM and 6 AM. North State St and Low Gap may also see some closures too. The city reportedly paid more for night time work, the public works director and city engineer says it will have less of an impact on traffic though. The city says, right now, it looks like the work should be done sometime in January.

A development company that wants to put up a Dollar General store in Middletown is not giving up. Cross Development in Texas had been turned down for a design review permit but the developer came to the Middletown Area Town Hall with a new design. The giant store is proposed at 20900 Highway 29, a spot where community members don’t want it. The Board of Supervisors upheld the planning commission’s decision going back to 2016 not to allow the store. Then the board granted an appeal to the decision but said the developer needed approval of a design review permit and mitigated negative declaration. The store would be smaller, if the new plan is approved, at less than 8,000 square feet.

A man from Lucerne has been seriously injured after crossing Highway 20 in his wheelchair and being hit by a car. Lake Co News reports the man, 55 year old David Collins, had a head and leg injury after the crash Sunday night in front of Lucerne Alpine Park. The CHP reports the driver of the car in the crash was Consuelo Rocha. The reporter from Lake Co News says they saw the crash and tried to stop traffic after seeing the man trying to cross the street outside of the crosswalk. Apparently the driver who hit the man did not see him. Collins was taken to a hospital, then air lifted to one out of the county for treatment. The CHP says the driver had kids in the car, but everyone had on their seat belts and they don’t suspect alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash.

A man from Clearlake arrested for animal cruelty has pleaded not guilty. Police say James Miranda left his dog to die on the side of the road. He said the dog was hit by a car and already dead. He’s further charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance for the incident last week. Someone called police after finding the dead dog on the side of Highway 53, tied to a homemade leash and strapped to a hand cart with an elastic band wrapped around its jaw. The man admitted leaving the dog and muzzling it because it tried to bite him, then going off to do meth. Miranda’s been in jail since the incident, held on $15,000 bail. He’ll be back in court for a preliminary hearing and faces three years in county jail.

The California Attorney General is suing the federal government due to the border wall. Atty General Xavier Becerra says he filed suit on behalf of the state and the California Coastal Commission saying the Trump Administration violated the U.S. Constitution, is not following federal and state environmental laws, and is using a federal statute which doesn’t authorize the proposed projects. Becerra says the administration is ignoring the law to try to bring back a campaign promise to build a wall on the state’s southern border. The Coastal Commission also says the idea for the wall goes against the California Coastal Act which protects California’s coast from the possibility of the wall’s construction impacts which could destroy the environmentally rich area.

3 firefighters have been injured in a fire along the 101 in Hopland. The so-called Grape Fire started Tuesday after a grape truck with a smoking engine was seen in the area near Crawford Ranch Road. The fire started in grass and vineyard land and quickly grew to more than 140 acres. It’s about 3 miles outside of the commercial district in Hopland. The firefighters who were hurt had minor injuries and some structures were threatened Tuesday, but were said to be ok. The scattered showers and cooler weather helped firefighters get the fire to 90% containment yesterday.

A man’s body’s been recovered from the surf at Russian Gulch Beach. Monte Rio Fire and State Park Rangers were on the scene Saturday at the Sonoma Coast State Beach to take the body from the area. The man was described as being in his 50s or 60s, with short hair, a full beard and he was fully clothed, in jeans, a black shirt and tennis shoes. The cause of his death is not yet known, but the Sheriff’s dept. says he may have drowned.

A coffee company in New York called Death Wish had to recall some of its coffee because of a toxin found inside. Death Wish Coffee recalled their Nitro Cold Brew in cans after Clostridium botulinum was found in some cans, it causes botulism. The company posted on their website they’re taking a proactive step to protect their customers which is of paramount importance. Nobody reported getting sick from the coffee, but all of it was taken from shelves. Those who bought it were being told to toss it or return it with a receipt for a full refund. And anyone who bought it directly from the company online was getting a full refund. The company was something of an overnight success after they won a free $5 million, 30-second ad during the 2016 Super Bowl.

The Coroner has confirmed the identity of a man found dead last week in Covelo. Finger print comparison confirms the victim to be 19-year-old Ramon Naranjo (Castaneda) who lived around San Jose before coming to Covelo. His death has been ruled a homicide but investigators are not revealing how he died and no suspects have been named. They say his body had been dumped where it was found but that was not the scene of the crime. However they think it had not been there long before it was found and would like to talk to anyone who may have seen a vehicle or people acting suspiciously anywhere on Highway 162 between Covelo and Dos Rios, or parked in any of the dirt pullouts along that route, on September 13th between 9:45 AM and 12:00 PM. Anyone with information is asked to call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

A citizen’s arrest in the capture of an alleged burglar in Fort Bragg. The Sherriff’s office says Tuesday afternoon Jeremy James came home to find the suspect Joseph Hull taking stuff from his house. James was able to restrain Hull, calling it a citizen’s arrest, and hold him until deputies got there. Investigators say Hull had also entered two vehicles and took some items from them. And they say he gave them a fake name, with it turning out he was on felony probation for vehicle theft. Hull was being held on $50,000 bail for Burglary, Possession of Stolen Property and False Impersonation.

A fire on a vineyard near Hopland that started Tuesday afternoon was holding at 142 acres and 80 percent containment. Firefighters from Hopland, Ukiah, Redwood Valley and Cal Fire responded around 1230pm Tuesday to the Vineyard off Hwy 101 near Crawford Ranch Rd, which is about 3 miles north of Hopland. At first, officials say, it was out of control for several hours but a wind shift helped them get a handle on it. Two structures were briefly threatened but none burned. Three firefighters had minor injuries – a Cal Fire spokesperson says one with heat related illness and another with a bruised arm were treated and returned to duty. The third has a knee injury and was being evaluated.

A fire in Hopland started after a grape truck with a smoking engine was seen nearby. It quickly blew up to 135 acres in dry grass and vineyard west of the 101 yesterday. Fire fighters say it was out of control for several hours then there was a shift in the wind so they could get a handle on it. As of last night the fire was 60% contained. It’s 3 miles north of the city’s commercial district and Highway 175. Two structures were briefly threatened as the fire charred vineyards and trees. Several regional firefighters went to the scene including Ukiah and Redwood Valley crews who helped Hopland firefighters.

The Mendocino County Sheriff had some strong words for the Board of Supervisors regarding rules for marijuana growers. The Daily Journal reports Sheriff Tom Allman was giving his update on recent violent crimes related to marijuana to the board yesterday when he launched into a lecture on the harm weed can do. It comes after his report on three crimes in the county in the last month, one a suspected murder, another – an alleged armed robbery and kidnapping, and the third – an explosion in Willits, where the sheriff says was the biggest marijuana extraction lab ever in California, with 3 million dollars worth of equipment inside. The newspaper reports the sheriff berated the supervisors for being too lenient with county marijuana rules with too little punishment for criminals.

A new report says the state of California has to transfer more than 100,000 students out of community colleges to universities by 2025 for economic reasons. The Campaign for College Opportunity report shows community college students spend more than those who go directly to a state college or university because of the time spent trying to wade thru the confusing transfer proves. The nonprofit’s report says it’s taking students longer to transfer nowadays, with an average of nearly six and a half to seven years to get an undergraduate degree for students who first attend community college. The report also says that costs more to the state too, because of the length of time it’s taking the students to finish their degrees. Mendocino College says they’re offering transfer prep to their students and more than 20 Associate Degrees too.

Lake County’s working on zoning to go with the new marijuana laws coming in the new year. With that they’re working with a consulting firm to make the permitting process much easier. The Lake County Community Development Director says they’re also putting a committee together with representatives of several departments to comment, ask questions and smooth over the entire permitting process. The Record Bee reporting the zoning ordinance has to be changed because of the legalization of marijuana. It will set out what is the appropriate use of land, which includes residential, commercial and agricultural. The plan being put together now, ahead of when the state laws take effect in January.

A special meeting to be held by the planning commission in Lakeport about new rules for commercial marijuana operations. The commission meeting tonight at 5 p.m. to focus on any potential changes to the Zoning Ordinance and to come up with procedures for commercial marijuana uses in the city of Lakeport. The changes to match up to state law in accordance with Proposition 64 which passed last November, making marijuana legal for personal use. The meeting will cover recent laws passed by the State Legislature, possible use permit standards for cultivation, manufacturing, testing and retail delivery; and zoning districts to coincide with the multiple uses.

Since there’s finally movement in the Costco development in Ukiah, the city’s making improvements in infrastructure ahead of the major construction on the property at the southern end of Airport Park Boulevard. The Record Bee reports the city’s engineer and director of Public Works, Tim Eriksen says they’re excited to get moving on the job. Eriksen at the city council meeting last week to get approval for the roadwork contract and another for inspections. Paving will be finished at about the time the new big box store opens. And all of the work, including new pavement technology and Highway 101 changes will be coordinated with Caltrans and Costco officials. The city council approved a quarter million dollar contract with a company for inspections and a four and a half million dollar contract for the road work.

A bill to make getting a free meal for school kids easier has passed both houses and heads to the Governor’s desk. It’s State Sen. Mike McGuire’s bill which uses already collected information on low-income students to qualify them automatically to get free or reduced-priced meals at school. The “Feed the Kids Act” looks to tackle childhood hunger by making it easier for kids to be enrolled in the state school program, getting rid of the red tape with a new universal enrollment process by using Medi-Cal data. McGuire says since there’s more kids in poverty in Calif., than any other state, the time is right for the state to broaden its reach of school meals. More than two million low-income California children a year miss out on the free or reduced-price meals at school right now.

A major wrinkle in Governor Brown’s $17 billion San Joaquin River Delta plan. The board of Westlands Water District votes overwhelmingly against the tunneling project, 7-1, after debating the topic for about an hour and deciding the price is out of reach. The water district was supposed to pay up to $3 billion of the project to move water across the state. So this means the other water districts who’ve shown interest in the project will have to take on a larger cut of the project cost. Several water districts in the Bay Area have said they won’t participate in the project either, they include the Contra Costa Water District, East Bay Municipal Utility District and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

A whistleblower says she lost her job as the chief administrative law judge at the California Public Utilities Commission because she cooperated with investigators looking into collusion between regulators and Pacific Gas & Electric. Karen Valentia Clopton says she’s filing a so-called whistleblower complaint after being ousted last month from her position at the Commission which is tasked with regulating privately held natural gas, electric, water and other utilities. She says the whole thing started after the fatal gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno in 2010 and the ensuing federal investigation into the disaster. She says she was fired after telling others to cooperate with the investigation and after she objected to an administrative law judge being on the case because he had association somehow with PG&E. And she also informed commissioners not to interfere with the assignment of specific judges to cases.

A family in Colorado wants cops on the case after someone keeps going to the bathroom on their lawn. Cathy Budde says a female jogger pooped outside her house in front of her kids who alerted her to the woman they’re now referring to as the Mad Pooper. They say it’s not the first time, and that the Mad Pooper relieves herself weekly by their house and leaves it there, with paper towels too. They left her a sign saying, please, begging you, please stop. But they say she ignored it so they want cops on the case.

Taco Bell’s dumping the drive-thru and adding booze. Food and Wine reporting corporate for the fast food joint says there won’t be drive thru at more than 300 new locations and that the restaurants will be more of a cantina style with alcoholic beverages like beer, wine and sangria. The stores opening in urban areas by 2022 in big cities to start, like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashville, and New York. The restaurants will have local artwork, digital menu boards and open kitchens.

Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation to ban using pot while driving or riding in a car. It’s already against the law to drive under the influence of marijuana or have an open container of marijuana in a vehicle but the Mendocino DA’s office says the new law bans smoking pot or ingesting marijuana products while driving or riding in a vehicle. Violators of the law will have to pay a $70 fine. State Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo first introduced the legislation in December, saying it would make the laws for smoking while driving consistent with drinking while driving. The law goes into effect in January.

Some Willits High School students have learned some new construction skills while also helping kids at Brookside Elementary make new friends on the school playground. Last week Willits High teacher Noel Woodhouse and students in his Construction Drawings class installed two “Buddy Benches” on the Brookside playground. Principal Kathleen Crossman tells the Willits News the “Buddy Bench” is gaining popularity around the country as a place where kids who have no one to play with can sit and meet up with other kids. Woodhouse says his classes from last year and this year both worked on the project, learning drafting, design and building techniques. He says next, they may do one for Blosser Lane Elementary.

A mad rush to get marijuana rules in place across the state. The Lake County Planning Commission is having workshops on commercial use. They had their first workshop earlier this month where the commission considered the first five parts of their ordinance. It had updates on cultivation, manufacturing, transporting, testing, distribution, retail sale and delivery of medical and commercial use of marijuana. No ordinance has been approved yet, the workshops set up so the public can hear about the various sections of the ordinance. They are separated into the areas that need to be addressed for those who want permits, like certain restrictions, land usage, enforcement, pesticides, security and protection, among many others. They’re considering a pilot program for regulation and permitting. So far there are almost 40 kinds of permits that an individual or business can apply for, but only 4 permits can be held at once. Another meeting of the commission is planned for Thursday.

It may be just a pipe dream, but the North Coast Railroad Authority says it still wants to restart railroad service in Humboldt and Mendocino counties. At a meeting in June of the California Transportation Commission it was noted the commission wasn’t interested in a freight line north of Healdsburg, plus there was concern mentioned about the railroad authority being in the red each year, to the tune of about $200,000, sometimes employees weren’t even paid. Now the Humboldt County Association of Governments, the Arcata City Council and the Humboldt Land Area Formation Commission want to be in on future talks if the authority might consider giving back its railroad easements to the state. The rail lines have been offline since 1998 after major storms blew thru north of Willits.

A bill to rein in Big Pharma, at least in Calif., has been tabled… for now. Assemblyman Jim Wood sponsored the bill looking to regulate pharmacy benefit managers and the coupons given out to physicians by pharmaceutical companies. Wood’s office says his bill has stalled in the Senate after the state administration had a problem with a disclosure requirement. Wood says the bill gained momentum and support all year, but then when the discussions moved to the state administration, it was revealed they had to keep discussing, and there’s not enough time this legislative session on the matter.

Plans for a glamping site at the Six Sigma Ranch and Winery discussed at the latest Middletown Area Town Hall. A representative of the family who owns the ranch near Middletown showed up to the meeting and made a presentation on their planned luxury camping site, they’re calling, “Huttopia”. Lake Co News reports the Ahlmann family wants to now offer accommodations at their 4,300-acre property where they’ve already got a winery, vineyard and cattle operation. The idea for the glamorous camping site after a representative from the French Company, Huttopia, approached them so they could offer “nature campsites”, like they have across France.

The governor’s got a bill on his desk that hopes to bring more broadband access to rural areas. The bi-partisan bill recently passed both houses jointly sponsored by Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters, Eduardo Garcia of Coachella and Brian Dahle of Bieber. It had overwhelming support by both parties in both houses. The bill was in a holding pattern for three years, but Aguiar-Curry says she’s personally worked on it for a decade. She says internet access can transform a community, something she thinks this bill will do across Calif. The author’s of the bill say they’ll fight to make sure the Governor signs the bill into law.

Two suspected gang members in Fort Bragg have been arrested in connection to the violent attack of another man whose car they blocked from getting home from the store. Police say the unidentified blocked-in driver was yanked out of his car and three men knifed him, used a baseball bat and a chain on him before someone else in the victim’s car said they were calling cops. Then the suspects ran off. Investigators went after the three men and found 18 year old Andrew Hurtado and later, 21 year old Ricardo Arenas. The two held in Mendocino County Jail without bail on multiple charges each, including, suspicion of making criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon with great bodily injury, stalking and conduct for the advancement of a criminal street gang. The third suspect is still on the run and has not been named. No word on the condition of the victim.

A bill that could mean multiple, massive 5G cell tower boxes in Calif. is headed to the Governor’s desk. But health advocates are pressing for a veto. S-B 649 would allow telecom companies to install refrigerator sized 5G boxes and other wireless cell equipment on poles and the ground every few hundred feet without getting permits from local jurisdictions. Ellen Marks with the California Brain Tumor Association says there hasn’t been any studies to prove 5G is safe – but studies have shown that older, less powerful cell technology can have serious health effects.

Cut 91345 :14 "There’s a U-S ]National Toxicology Program that was released last year found that 2G was causing brain tumors and tumors near the heart in laboratory animals. So employing 5G without any knowledge of health effects is not a good idea."

Tag: The bill requires cities allow large equipment boxes in the public right of way, so Marks says they could end up in front of homes, schools, libraries and parks, but not fire stations because firefighters have been given an exemption due to health concerns. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association says the boxes are safe and will introduce super-fast wireless internet across the state.


Second Cut: Dozens of cities protested after the state Assembly passed the bill last week. Marks notes that Brown is now the only hope of stopping it.

Cut 92345 :13 "Our legislators took about $2.5 million from telecom in their last election. I don’t think the governor is concerned about campaign contributions any longer, so hopefully he does what is right for the state."

Tag 1: Brown has until next week to sign the bill, veto it or let it become law without his signature.

An elderly man in the middle of the chase of a burglar, tosses the suspect off his roof in La Puente. Police say the 83-year-old grandpa pushed a suspected burglar from his roof, after an hours-long standoff with sheriff’s deputies. Police say the suspect was on top of homes and wouldn’t come down, so homeowner Wilford Burgess took matters into his own hands. The octogenarian told ABC7 he was all in, on video, taken by his granddaughter, Burgess said, "I’m going up and that suckers coming down”. And that he did, the sheriff’s dept. on twitter saying Burgess pushed the suspect off the roof because he got "tired of the suspect’s games," saying “grandpa did what we couldn’t".

Fort Bragg police looking for two of three alleged gang members wanted for their part in a fight Saturday. Police were called to the 100 Block of Minnesota Avenue around 730pm after someone reported a gang-related fight. Investigator say three men – Andrew Hurtado, Ricardo Arenas, and a third guy not yet ID’d – blocked the victim’s car so they couldn’t drive off and pulled the driver out and assaulted him with a knife, baseball bat, and chain, and then took off. Police say earlier in the day the same three guys had harassed the victims at their home and followed them for a while. On Sunday morning Fort Bragg Police and Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force agents arrested Andrew Hurtado for Attempted Murder, Criminal Threats, Assault with a deadly weapon, and a criminal street gang enhancement. Ricardo Arenas is still at large with a warrant for his arrest. Bragg Police say Hurtado and Arenas are known members and associates of the Norteño street gang. No information has been released on the third suspect.

A couple of small fires knocked out pretty quickly Sunday in Lower Lake and Clearlake. One broke out around noon in 19000 block of Morgan Valley Road in which Lake County Fire Chief Willie Sapeta tells Lake County News someone was mowing in the middle of the day and hit a rock which sparked the fire. Sapeta says until we get into the rainy season you should not mow after 10 a.m., and when you do, walk the area first and look for rocks. The other grass fire happened around 1:30 p.m. near Eureka and 43rd in Clearlake. The Chief says that one was behind a house, in a creek bed drainage, and they were lucky to have caught it when they did. No word yet on what caused that one.

The CHP is looking into why a Napa man lost control of his SUV and slammed into a tree in Middletown Saturday afternoon. Stephen Jeffries was westbound on Butts Canyon Road, just west of Oat Hill Road, when he lost control, crossed the eastbound lanes and hit the tree around 1pm. Jeffries was flown to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with what the CHP says are major injuries.

A 5% raise has been approved for the President of Mendocino College by the board of trustees. So now President Arturo Reyes is at nearly $240-thousand a year, and $61,215 in benefits. The raise was part of his contract, agreed to last year. The school has also enjoyed growth under Reyes tenure. The board has also voted to extend his contract for another year. The school made data public showing the growth under Reyes. And a recent survey by the Association of California Community College Administrators shows his salary is in line with single-district college presidents in Calif over the last three years. The president also has a new position under him after the explosive growth of new programs, the Vice President of Student Services.

The 50th harvest has been celebrated at Fetzer Vineyards during the Blessing of the Grapes. The vineyards in Redwood Valley starting selling wine in 1968 after the fall 1967 first harvest. Employees had their yearly Blessing of the Grapes in Hopland Thursday. The vice president of wine making says they had a normal year after years of drought. And in honor of their half century celebration, the winemaker has a couple of commemorative wines, one a mix of syrah, zinfandel and petit syrah, mostly made with grapes from Redwood Valley, and 30% from the Ukiah Valley, which is for private release only. And another will be released next year to the public, a Cabernet Sauvignon.

A new hotel is coming to Ukiah. The Planning Commission approved plans for the Holiday Inn Express for Airport Park Boulevard near the Les Schwab Tire Center. The applicant is putting up a nearly 53-thousand square-foot hotel in 4 stories that will have 92 rooms. At the commission meeting last week, they discussed if there should be a crosswalk and access for wheelchairs to connect to the Park Falls Plaza shopping center. The commission looking for the hotel to put in the full sidewalk and ramps on both sides, even though it’s actually only half on their property. But ultimately the commission agreed since it wasn’t their property, they need not be responsible for it.

Lake County looking to the Governor to sign on to creating a blue ribbon panel to help improve the health of Clear Lake. The Board of Supervisors will consider the idea at the meeting tomorrow to send a letter to the Governor regarding AB 707, the Assembly Bill to establish the Blue Ribbon Committee for the Rehabilitation of Clear Lake. The board will also consider declaring this Friday, Sept. 22nd, Native American Day in Lake County and another proclamation of a declaration of a local emergency because of wildfire conditions, in regards to the Rocky, Jerusalem and Valley fires. There are other issues the board will discuss too as they gather in the morning, including the last Grand Jury report.

The just finished Lakefront Revitalization Plan and solar-based energy upgrades on the Lakeport City Council Agenda. The board meets tonight and will hear from the Community Development Director Kevin Ingram on the Lakefront Revitalization Plan which the planning commission has unanimously approved already. There are also plans for solar and other conservation measures at some city facilities, the council will decide on. So with that, the council will decide if the city manager can negotiate the deal at around $25,000. There’s also a resolution to be considered for the finance director to refinance some bonds using wastewater revenue refunding bonds.

The two fires in the Upper Lake area of the Mendocino National Forest look to be nearly stomped out. Forest officials have reported the 200 acre fire they were calling the Skeleton fire is 100 percent contained. That fire was east of Lake Pillsbury, and another that broke out during the same lightning storm last week, the Slides fire, on the west side of the lake is 90 percent contained. That fire blackened 50 acres. There are still firefighters on the scene of both, mopping up hot spots and fixing fire lines. There were orders in place to close the Lower Nye Campground and part of a back road to the Lower Nye Campground are being lifted today.

California may no longer be an afterthought during presidential election season after lawmakers approve moving the June primary to March. California awards the most delegates, so it could mean more costly presidential campaigns. The bill is expected to hit the governor’s desk soon, but he’s not signaled if he’ll sign it yet. The primary date move comes after the last presidential campaign, where when March came and left, the two candidates were already their party’s presumptive nominees. If the governor signs the bill, California would be part of “Super Tuesday,” a day when about a dozen states usually vote after the first primaries have happened in Iowa, New Hampshire and several other states. And the governor is also considering the bill passed by both houses to make it mandatory for presidential candidates to release their tax returns or they cannot appear on the state ballot.

The U-S Interior Secretary is recommending the President sign on to reduce America’s national monuments so they can be explored for rich resources or logged on. There was first a list of more than 25 monuments to have possible changes, including six in Calif. But none of those named in Calif. are reportedly being recommended for boundary changes, or rule adjustments so there could be more logging, grazing or mining. A memo sent by the Secretary to the President was leaked to several news organizations yesterday and published last night by the Washington Post. The president can accept the recommendations, reject them or modify them. The six included from Calif in the memo are the Giant Sequoia National Monument, the Carrizo Plain National Monument, Mojave Trails National Monument, Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and Sand to Snow National Monument. Environmental groups say they’ll sue if any monument protections are altered.

In just about a week, a deal made for a man who sexually abused a minor girl. The Mendocino County DA’s office reports after "lightning fast negotiations", 52 year old David Richard of Ukiah pleaded guilty to continuously sexually abusing a child under 14 years old over an 18 month period. Police say there were multiple times of substantial sexual conduct on the victim who was 7 and 8 years of age at the time. He accepted the prison sentence of 16 years, and after good behavior, he may have to only serve 15 percent of the sentence. But he has to also register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. The deal goes to the probation department for final review and Richard is held without bail in the meantime.

A man passing off broccoli as marijuana in Colorado is going to prison for shooting at buyers who found they’d been scammed. Police busted Sababu Colbert-Evans and his partner Tercell Davis after they started to shoot at two irate buyers, hitting one of them. The D-A in the case, said this may be the first time broccoli’s been bad for someone’s health… The buy’s paid 10-grand for the bogus buds, and the two men arrested after they shot at the buyers who came back realizing they were scammed. The man who opened fire first got 16 years, plus 5 more of probation after…