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A woman’s been arrested for smearing peanut butter on a bunch of cars she thought were outside a Donald Trump rally. Cops in Amherst, WI say they’re charging the 32 year old woman with disorderly conduct after she drew phallic symbols and profanity in peanut butter on 30 vehicles outside a gathering of a conservation group meeting that had nothing to do with politics. They say the woman was a tad drunk when she went inside and started to yell about hating Trump.

Money available for the chronically homeless. State Senator Mark McGuire’s hosting a town hall meeting in Ukiah with other government officials and nonprofit leaders through the No Place Like Home Program. The program, part of a state law passed earlier this year, means as many as 14,000 housing units. Thursday’s town hall from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center.

A man from Rohnert Park accused of stealing an ambulance in Clearlake skips his court date. Police say Matthew Holmes was supposed to be arraigned last week but didn’t show. 3 hours after his court time, he showed up and pleaded not guilty. Holmes arrested last month after being found in an ambulance outside the St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake E.R. Police in Clearlake say paramedics told him to get out then waited for police to escort him out. He’s set for a jury trial November 1st.

A burn permit suspension in Lake and surrounding counties has been canceled. Cal Fire called off the suspension as of 8 a-m this morning. The Sonoma Lake Napa Unit Chief announced Lake, Sonoma, Yolo, Colusa and Solano counties could now resume burning on permissible burn days with current and valid agriculture and residential permits. The burns have to be inspected by Cal Fire before burning until peak fire season ends.

Open enrollment has started again for Obamacare and Medicare. The Office of the Patient Advocate or OPA has a report card on the best health plans and docs in the state. They say Obamacare premiums are supposed to go up next year, but a Covered Calif. spokesman says it’s still much less than it would have been before the Affordable Care Act. Anyone interested in getting insurance through the state health exchange or if you already have it, you can visit again to the Covered California website to see if there’s a better deal.

Elementary students in Lake and Mendocino county are some of the highest truancy rates in the state. A new report shows kids in Napa County are some of the lowest. The data from the yearly statewide report on elementary school truancy and chronic absenteeism. The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Children’s Justice report shows more than 200,000 K-5 students in the state, missed 10 percent of the 2015-2016 school year. It shows Lake County with the third-highest truancy rate of elementary school students with 35.6 percent. Mendocino County was at just over 31 percent. Napa County was just under 9 percent.

No more fraternity or sorority parties at UC Berkeley after reports of sex assaults against two female students last week at off-campus fraternities. The Interfraternity Council President along with the Panhellenic Council president said they’re suspending all social events so they can reevaluate risk management practices and to look after those affected. There’s been more than 60 reported sex assaults in the city the last six months.

A soldier in Oroville is fighting back after thousands of soldiers are being told they have to pay back bonuses. Sergeant First Class Bryan Strother served more than 30 years. He says he feels disregarded and disrespected after being told nine years ago at a re-enlistment seminar he could get a $15,000 bonus for continued service. But then in 2012, he was told he had to pay back $25,000. The Los Angeles Times reports bonuses handed out to several thousand soldiers that were supposed to be just for high demand assignments, went to others who didn’t qualify too.

Tens of thousands embezzled from a Northern Calif. town… The Placer County Sheriff’s office reports Laurie Sayre of Sparks, NV took 65-thousand from a business in Loomis starting in October of 2015. She was arrested last Thursday and booked into the Placer County Jail. Sayre worked for a business that has not been indentified and was connected to tens of thousands of dollars missing. Detectives now investigating if she cheated other businesses around Placer County connected to her bookkeeping business.

A local businessman in Lake County has pleaded no contest to sex assault on a former girlfriend. Lake Co News reports Richard Hamilton in court Friday on misdemeanor counts of sexual battery and false imprisonment. He got some jail time, probation and cannot go near the victim for 10 years. Police say while he visited his ex girlfriend in Lakeport, he jumped her, held her down and tried to get her clothes off, even though the woman told him to stop. She got away and Hamilton was charged with several crimes including rape by force and sexual battery. The news site reports Hamilton had been charged in 2001 with rape, but it was dismissed.

A scam being reported in Lakeport. Police say to look out for fake checks circulating so crooks can steal money. They say a phony check was sent to a resident that supposedly came from CVS. The bank reported the info from CVS on the check was accurate, but the check was a fake. Cops say the check came from a legitimate-looking survey for the drug store telling its recipient they could get $685 for depositing the check in their account, filling out a survey and submitting it. The police dept. says if you think you’ve been scammed to call them or message them on Facebook.

Police in Chico on a chase by someone they say let passengers out along the way. 20-year-old Brandon Mustagog finally arrested Saturday after he wouldn’t pull over for a routine traffic stop a day before. Police say two deputies taken down different streets as the guy ran stop signs and drove over the double yellow lines. He let a woman out and kept going. Then he stopped again and let two other people out and took off again. He was caught Saturday for felony evading a peace officer, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

An cat lost in the Clayton fire has gone home… 2 months later and about 10 miles away from where it was last seen. Sharon Hewes says her cat Harley Jo was spooked by a big dog at the Moose Lodge in Clearlake Oaks where she went to escape the fire in August. She had been evacuated from Clearlake and lost her cat. She says she searched for days for the cat with no luck but it appeared again on Monday.

An old car dealership in Ukiah that was supposed to be razed with a casino put in its place, looks like it won’t happen. The Pinoleville Pomo Nation was planning the casino, but now the land’s for sale. The Daily Journal reports the tribe’s not commented on the sale. But for the last five years the tribe had a lease option on the nearly 9 acres as part of its Rancheria. The paper reports the option expired without a purchase agreement. In 2009 the tribe announced it was building a $50 million casino and hotel on the property, just outside Ukiah’s city limits and near Highway 101.

A new Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy being investigated after a Taser was used on a resident during a domestic dispute call. The Press Democrat reports the Sheriff saying the deputy, Scott Thorne, is not working for the department any longer. He says he was gone two weeks after the Sept. 24th incident. He also says because of state law, he can’t say anything more. The paper reports Thorne was hired in April. The Sheriff wouldn’t say if he resigned or was fired after the Sonoma resident had to be treated for injuries that included bruising, swelling and welts. The Sheriff’s office says they’re not sure he even committed a crime and they’re investigating the whole incident.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says he has no position on a soda tax being proposed in Calif, so the soft drink industry needs to stop using his name in ads. A statement by the Senator says campaign commercials and mailers in San Francisco and Oakland are false. He says he’s not taken a position and he’s asked the American Beverage Association to stop using his name in the misleading advertising. Those against the soda tax had been saying Sanders opposed a soda tax, but that was in Philadelphia.

A record amount of cash spent on Calif. initiatives on the General Election ballot. New data shows political donors spending a record $450 million for and against 17 initiatives. The fundraising was up at least $12 million over the state’s previous record from 2008 when $438 million was spent on 21 measures when US Senators Barack Obama and John McCain were running for President. Some of the initiatives include, legalizing marijuana for recreational use, a proposal for a cap on what the state pays for prescription drugs to match the lowest price the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs pays; and another proposal for a $2 per pack of cigarettes tax.

The speed limit may change on some Lakeport City streets. At their meeting Tuesday the City Council introduced a new ordinance to change speed limits on five streets after an engineering and traffic study from last summer. The Record Bee reports the changes are proposed for parts of Bevins, Hartley, Martin, 20th and Parallel Drive where in most cases the speed would go up a bit, adjusting for what the traffic engineers call a higher critical speed. The reports also suggest removing the on street parking adjacent to O’Meara Brothers brewery.

Police have ID’d the suspect in Wednesday’s shooting death of a Modoc County Deputy. The sheriff’s office says Jack Lee Breiner of Alturas shot and killed Deputy Jack Hopkins who’d been sent to Breiner’s house to investigate a report of a family disturbance. The Sherriff’s Office says Hopkins was shot and killed as soon as he got to the home. Breiner was wounded in a shootout with another officer and later arrested. Hopkins is the state’s fourth law enforcement officer to die in the line of duty in the last two weeks.

A Halloween prank or real life? Cops in Sacramento say a woman was stopped after being seen with a human skull on a stick. They say she was stopped at an abandoned house and said she found it an abandoned homeless camp nearby. Officers then found the rest of a decomposing body there. An investigation will be done by the coroner to determine the identity of the remains and cause of death.

A new initiative passed in one Mississippi county to proactively rid the town of the creepy clown craze… for now. Kemper County supervisors say no to anyone wearing clown costumes, masks or makeup in public. If resident’s are caught, they face a $150 penalty. The whole thing will be lifted a day after Halloween. County supervisors say it’s a public safety matter because there could be bad reactions from folks who get scared by a clown in their yard. The American Civil Liberties Union says it’s a "ridiculous use of government authority.”

A man from Dos Rios has been sent to prison for driving drunk. Since Jesse Bourdeaux had been convicted before for gross vehicular manslaughter, he got 72 months in state prison. The CHP says Bourdeaux was driving east through Jackson State Forest on Highway 20 and lost control, crossed over the double yellow lines, and plowed into a motorcyclist, killing her. His blood alcohol was measured at .21.

A new police officer position has been funded by the state for the Lakeport agency. The dept says starting next July they’ll have a business and neighborhood police officer. It comes after the department applied to the United States Department of Justice, Community Orientated Policing Program. Matching funds of $235,000.00 by the Lakeport City Council announced at their meeting this week.

A two week delay for Mendocino County’s draft of comprehensive cannabis regulations because of some sort of miscommunication between supervisors and planning staff about zoning exemptions for marijuana grows that have already been established. Building and Planning staffers are putting out the first draft of the environmental study Nov. 14th. That takes a look at possible environmental effects of a provision added this week that would allow already existing small-scale growers to keep growing in neighborhoods where it would otherwise not be allowed.

The Ukiah City Council says no to Measure AF. The council decides to come out against the initiative on the Nov. 8th ballot to allow marijuana gardens in all zoning districts within unincorporated Mendocino County. A spokesperson for the measure says there’s a clause allowing it to be amended. It says the Board of Supervisors can make changes after June of 2018. It also shows zoning and setbacks can be discussed. The City Atty. saying he thought you could only amend an initiative in another election, but when he was shown the clause this week, he said he wasn’t prepared to give his legal opinion.

A local mainstay, stays no longer. C & K Market has announced it’s closing the Ray’s Food Place in Clearlake, and another in Brookings, Oregon. Employees in Clearlake were told Tuesday. They say they expect to close down by the end of the year. The company says it’s been evaluating its stores this past year and found a few of their locations weren’t profitable enough to support rent so they decided instead to sell their property. Negotiations reportedly began already with buyers for both locations.

One more part of the Starview and Bonanza Springs water system repair project in Lake County is moving forward. The Lake County Board of Supervisors’ accepted a bid of nearly $1.65 million to replace its distribution system in a section of the Starview District damaged by the Valley Fire. They’ve also approved installing 45 fire hydrants in both districts.

There’s less than three weeks until Election Day and the Gov. Jerry Brown and supporters are trying to defeat Proposition 53. The measure doesn’t directly go after Brown’s high speed rail and Delta tunnel projects, but could kill the deals. Brown, labor unions, Indian tribes, Silicon Valley venture capitalists and others have poured millions in to kill the measure that would require a statewide vote to push thru state projects that cost more than $2 billion and financed with revenue bonds. Brown put more than 1 and a half million from his unspent 2014 re-election campaign money to No on 53. Then donated $2.4 million last Friday.

Rescuers have found the wreckage of a small-engine plane and its pilot. The plane disappeared over the Sierra Nevada in stormy weather. Search crews then went to the wreckage in a rugged area of the Sierra and found the body of a man outside of the crash site. They say the plane was headed back to Sacramento but vanished Saturday during a storm that dumped snow and rain along with gusty winds.

A local convicted sex offender has been arrested after police say he was acting so strange, they started to watch him again. Then a 15 year old jogger says he was leering at her. She says Derrick Heater tried to talk to her in a secluded area near the North Coastal Trail. The teen ran from the area to a local Denny’s to call police. They found Heater later in the day, but they released him due to a lack of evidence. But they picked him up later after finding he hadn’t registered as a sex offender with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office since 2013.

Police in Connecticut say someone trying to rip off a pastry shop where they sell espresso and fancy cookies. The man arrested after asking a cop for directions. Police say Donald Newman-Smith’s face was covered with a bandanna during the heist, but earlier an investigator went to a convenience store and Newman-Smith asked how to get to the pastry shop. The cop recognized him while watching surveillance footage of the robbery.

You might see some smoke in the air as another prescribed burn is planned on the Grindstone Ranger District. Fire managers are burning a 568-acre glade about five miles northwest of Elk Creek tomorrow. Managers say the burn, as always, depends on the weather. They say smoke might be visible from Interstate 5, Highway 162, Stonyford, Elk Creek and surrounding areas.

New wording for a proposed ordinance in Willits to keep tabs on vacant businesses. The Willits Revitalization and Economic Development Committee reworded part of the proposed ordinance to require property owners to register and maintain vacant commercial properties. The document will be considered by the full Willits City Council at its Oct. 26th meeting. As it’s written now, the ordinance says city officials consider abandoned and vacant buildings a blight in the city and discourages investment and is a fire and public health hazard which could also attract criminal activity.

Two people in Lake County accused of lying in court have been charged with perjury. The Perjury Investigation Unit of the District Attorney’s Office has been considering charges against Shannon Mick and Michael Alexander both from Live Oak, CA, for nearly a year. They say the pair lied in court and in written documents regarding the custody of the woman’s 3 year old son. The DA says the tot’s dad filed for custody after hearing about physical fighting and alcohol abuse by the mom and her boyfriend. Mom Shannon and boyfriend Michael filed papers in court under penalty of perjury the DA now says were bogus. The two are now facing several years in prison and are due back in court November 16th.

Need to brainstorm with another business… A new co-working space, Ukiah ShareSpace, has opened at the United Methodist Church on Bush St. It’s a spot for local entrepreneurs and freelancers who might not otherwise have space to work. It’s funded by the Economic Development & Financing Corporation of Ukiah after more than three years of planning. There are also benefits to sharing the space with tiered levels of membership.

3 people on the run after stealing marijuana at gunpoint from two other people who ended up arrested. Ukiah Police say they got a call Monday afternoon after somebody spotted a man hit the window of a car with a handgun before taking off. Cops say they found pieces of the gun on the ground. 19 year old Landon Thornton and 23 year old Mariah Crumrine told police they were trying to sell pot to the three people, they previously had not met, when they pulled a gun on them, took the weed and left. But, oops, the suspects locked their keys in their car, so they tried breaking a window. They were last seen running from the area, but Crumrine and Thornton were arrested for conspiracy and possession of marijuana for sale.

3 people injured in a crash on Highway 116 near Forestville which blocked the rural highway during rush hour. The CHP and fire officials on the scene yesterday morning before 7a, just north of Guerneville Road after the crash with a gravel truck, a sedan and an SUV. 3 people taken to the hospital and another treated on the scene. Both lanes of the highway were blocked for about 45 minutes while the patients were treated and taken away in ambulances.

Dogs at the Mendocino County Animal shelter are under quarantine after the death of a 2-year old dog from parvo. The Shelter Manager told the Daily Journal the dog that died was vaccinated for parvo and other diseases, but may have still somehow contracted the virus from one of three stray puppies. One of the puppies had died of the virus. All the dogs are confined to kennels until Oct. 26th and they’re not adopting dogs out. Cats can still be visited and adopted.

Once again the Lake County Board of Supervisors unanimously approves a continuation of the emergency proclamations related to wild fires. At their meeting this week, the board also received an update on the Clayton fire cleanup. The proclamations came from the Sheriff and the Public Health Officer. They have to continue to be filed per state law so they can be reimbursed for tree removal and other fire recovery projects for the Rocky, Jerusalem, and Valley Fires. The Clayton Fire did not get a proclamation.

Brooktrails community looks to be in good shape with water. The tiny town gets their water from two lakes, Ada Rose and Emily. The Township General Manager says even though one of the lakebeds is dry, there’s more than enough water. The town of 3,800 located about three miles west of Willits and 20 miles from Fort Bragg, used to be a vacation spot, but now there are year round residents.

The first of two public hearings to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in Ukiah is happening. The City Council has the meeting today after the Planning Commission gave the idea a thumps up last month. Vice-Mayor Jim Brown says he’s sure pot has a medical purpose and patients need a legitimate place they can trust in Ukiah to get their medicine. His comments as the Planning Commission voted 4-1 on the idea. The City Council’s ad-hoc committee has asked for a full council discussion of three topics, what the hours of operation would be, how far from youth-oriented facilities and if permit applicants needed to appear before the Planning Commission. The meeting at 6 p.m. in the City Council chambers.

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Polish police say a man found hiding in a dishwasher has finally been arrested. Cops in the town of Glogow say the guy was wanted for stealing a car, motorcycle, bicycle and 3,500 worth of garden plants. After a chase with police, they located him in the dishwasher after seeing him break into an apartment. He faces five years in prison.

A 911 dispatcher in Houston’s been cited herself after hanging up mid-sentence on a caller. Police say Crenshanda Williams was heard on a call saying, "ain’t nobody got time for this. For real." After further investigation, they say they noticed several calls that lasted less than 20 seconds. After a review of the database they found thousands of short calls on her watch. She says she did it because she didn’t want to talk to anyone… she’s charged with interference with an emergency telephone call, a misdemeanor.

If you’ve got hazardous materials, the HazMobile’s coming to Laytonville. This Saturday at the Laytonville Fire Department Parking lot you can bring any dangerous chemicals that can’t go in the trash. Anything more than 15 gallons needs a special appointment though and there’s a fee. Small business waste also needs an appointment, and there’s also a fee per gallon. The Hazmobile is around every weekend in Mendocino County. For more info, call the local Recycling Hotline, 468-9704, or visit

Beware if you’re out in the Grindstone Ranger District as there are a bunch of amateur motorcycle events this month and next. The Ranger District reports the Enduro Events in the Fouts Springs/Davis Flat Staging Area over trails, paths and roads. The events are allowed with special use permits. They’ll be held this Sunday, then again November 13th and 20th.

The Lake County Registrar of Voters Office is inviting any interested residents as they’re starting to process vote by mail ballots for the General Election Thursday. They continue this thru election day during the official counting process or canvass. They say the results won’t be announced until the close of polls at 8:00 p.m. Then the official canvass starts Thursday, November 10 at 9:00 a.m. and continues every day, including weekends. Observers are invited for the processing and counting.

Once again voters in Calif. being asked for a yes vote to change the state’s parole laws. The Record Bee reports the Gov. Jerry Brown and others supporting Proposition 57 say its needed because of overcrowding in prisons. The Initiative would keep the prison population under a cap permanently that was imposed in 2011. Back then a panel of federal judges ruled below standard health care services in overcrowded cells was cruel and unusual punishment. Those against the Proposition include most of the state’s district attorneys and the Republican Party who say it will mean more crime. Two other ballot measures have passed on the same issue since 2012.

A man from the Bay Area’s suspected of leaving a backpack with a bomb inside outside a Colorado police station. Cops say David Ansberry was noticeable because of his height at 3 foot 6 inches. Police say the device was designed to be set off remotely and that Ansberry was spotted buying a cell phone on surveillance footage. The device failed and Ansberry was arrested in Chicago this past weekend. The device found in a backpack Oct. 11th and detonated in a parking lot.

The search for a small airplane reported missing in the Sierra Nevada mountains has been suspended. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s dept reports going back out today to continue looking for the Cessna plane after stormy weather stopped the search Sunday. The plane was headed back to the Sacramento area from Idaho and reported missing Saturday night. Searchers say it was last spotted in a rugged mountain range, southwest of Lake Tahoe during a major storm with wind, rain and snow.

A man in San Leandro’s been arrested for purposefully running over another man with a pickup truck. The suspect has not been id’d, but police in Oakland arrested the guy after another man was killed by the pickup behind a food supply warehouse. San Leandro Police say it looks like the driver might have been poking around to steal wood pellets. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. A police spokesman says the victim might have been an employee of the warehouse, trying to stop the robbery.

Some Flu vaccination clinics have been lined up by the Lake County Public Health Division. It’s recommend that anyone 6 months or older get the flu vaccine and Lake County Public Health is offering them for $2. There’s a clinic set for Clearlake on Tuesday, October 25th from 10 am to noon at the Senior Community Center; in Middletown Thursday, October 27th from 10 am to noon at the Calpine Visitors Center and in Lakeport Tuesday, November 1st from 2 pm to 3:30 pm at the Public Health Division and Wednesday, November 2nd from 9 am to 11 am also at the Public Health Division. You can also get one from your own doctor or local pharmacy.

A major marijuana garden taken down after a routine flyover in Lower Lake found the drugs. Narcotics Task Force detectives found the garden in the 22000 block of Morgan Valley Rd. in August, then last week they found the site and served a search warrant. They say as they entered they found two men, Juan Alvarez and Apolinar Contreras leaving the property and ignore detectives order to stop. They were caught after a short chase on foot and arrested. A third man, Jorge Padilla was also busted. Agents say they found a couple of outdoor grows and a large indoor grow. While searching they found a fourth man and arrested him. The four caught at the massive haul of more than 1000 pounds of weed, on several charges including Cultivation, Possession and Resist/ Obstruct a Peace Officer.

A man from Napa and Dos Rios has been sent to prison for more than a dozen years for attempted murder for hurling a rock at a woman last Halloween. Arlon Strauss got 13 years and has to serve at least 85% of the sentence for the attempted murder, and for mayhem, inflicting great bodily injury causing the victim to become comatose, and the use of rock as a weapon. Police say he attacked the woman, he says was his friend, after he used methamphetamine. They say he went after her while she was washing dishes for no reason. He fractured her skull and exposed brain matter, but she survived.

A man from Covelo’s been arrested on several outstanding warrants. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says Joshua Thomas was busted for the warrants out of Mendocino and San Luis Obispo Counties. Deputies informed the guy was in an ambulance on his way to Howard Memorial Hospital where they contacted him. After treatment he was arrested for two warrants of false ID and assault with a deadly weapon in Mendocino County. He also had misdemeanor warrants from San Luis Obispo County for multiple drug charges and failure to appear. He was held on $135,000.00 bail

A man in Fort Bragg’s been arrested after calls about threats on a woman. The Sheriff’s office reports the woman said she was living with Kurtis Hawkins and they had an altercation at which time he told the woman he would shoot it out with police if she called 9-1-1. So she left the house and called police and Hawkins took off. But later that day he was arrested after vandalism to the woman’s property and for pointing a pistol at her. Deputies say he also threatened them so they charged him with assault, making criminal threats, vandalism and attempting to deter law enforcement officers through threat of violence. Deputies had to arrest him again after they say he went back to threaten the woman after his release.

A woman in Covelo’s been arrested for a domestic disturbance that ended up being phony. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept reports getting a call to a home and finding the woman, Angela Furia, had three active warrants for her arrest. Two out of Mendocino County and the third from Sonoma County. They were all for failure to appear, one a felony, the others misdemeanors. She was arrested and held in the Mendocino County Jail on $190,000.00 bail.

More burns planned in the Upper Lake Ranger District. After a 40-acre prescribed fire last week. Fire managers will cover another 20-30 acres of slash piles today thru Wednesday around the Lakeview Campground and High Valley area northeast of Lucerne. Managers say the recent rains will also help prevent fires. The prescribed fires are dependent on personnel and equipment, favorable weather, conditions that minimize smoke impacts and California Air Resources Board approval.

Police in Lakeport have taken down a pot garden. The department reports an officer on proactive patrol found the outdoor grow and called for backup. They found the resident of the property, Steven Sprague Jr who admitted he knew about the garden, but it wasn’t his weed, he’d given an unknown person permission to grow marijuana on the property for $10,000.00. They searched the site and found another man, Moises Lazodavalos who they say was living at the grow site and tending and guarding the plants. 46 mature pot plants, weighing 1140 pounds were taken from the site and destroyed. They also located a loaded .40 caliber handgun. The two men were arrested for conspiracy to cultivate marijuana for profit.

Sonoma Clean Power services have been approved for Fort Bragg, Willits and Point Arena. Mendocino County’s been looking for ways to start a community power program and the board of directors of the utility has approved the county and incorporated cities to join Sonoma Clean Power. The Board of Supervisors said yes to the plan in August to power more than 30,000 households and businesses starting next June. Supervisor Dan Hamburg is the official representative for the county.

A man in Lakeport faces three felonies in connection to sexual battery at an assisted living facility. Police say 81 year old William Lukens brutalized a 73-year old woman who was medically incapacitated because of serious disabilities. Police say he also exposed himself to a 23-year-old female staff member last Monday morning. The city’s police chief says Lukens had a felony conviction for a serious sex offense in the past and that he was in state prison. He recently relocated to Lakeport but didn’t register as a sex offender after living in Nice and doing so. He was booked in the Lake County jail with bail set at $15,000.

A new report shows people in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties are more likely to buy guns than anywhere else in the state. Firearms sales went way up after the Orlando, FL nightclub shooting where 49 people were killed and at least 50 were injured. The National Instant Criminal Background Check system showed the number of those trying to buy guns was up by 40 percent in June and July of this year compared to last year. Gun sales per capita were the highest in Mendocino County, but the total number of guns sold was much higher in Sonoma County, where there’s almost six times more people.

The crazy clown scare has trickled into Mendocino County. A man dressed as a clown busted after some folks in an apartment complex in Ukiah say the guy was scaring them. Police say they got a call to the 800 block of Waugh Lane a couple weeks ago to a man dressed as a clown scaring residents. The 25 year old man was found to be on probation and police say he had drug-related items, so he was cited for possession of paraphernalia and released.

What’s left of the Wiseda’s resort burned last night. A motel that used to sit on the resort property in Clearlake that survived a fire three and a half years ago ignited again. Residents were reporting fire and smoke as firefighters arrived. Cal Fire, Kelseyville Fire, Northshore Fire and Lakeport Fire on the scene. The fire was out early this morning with mop up still happening hours after. Apparently some debris from the fire was falling in to the Lake. Most of the resort was destroyed in 2013 except this bit of the motel.

A man and woman in Lakeport busted for meth and stealing gas from cars at a shopping center. Police say Jason Hunter of Kelseyville and Alyce Schmadeke of Lakeport were taken to jail early Tuesday after a citizen report of suspicious activity in the Shoreline Shopping Center near Allen’s Furniture. The police chief says when officers arrived they found the couple siphoning gas from a vehicle owned by Allen’s Furniture. Cops say they found tools with the couple found in burglaries, plus they both had criminal backgrounds. The two booked on several charges including possession of burglary tools, tampering with a vehicle and theft.

A man in Clearlake busted with a load of weed. Clearlake police say Calvin Jones was stopped after they got a tip that a U-Haul truck was filled with marijuana Wednesday afternoon. Police say they went out to the location and saw the U-Haul trailer parked in front of a property and spoke with Jones who was standing nearby. They say they found 40 large plastic storage containers filled with pot in the trailer and in the property’s driveway. The man was arrested but soon posted the bail and was released. Police found 1,340 pounds of partially processed and processed pot and more than 500 plants.

Mendocino County is working with a group to get broadband Internet for communities across the country. Next Century Cities is a bipartisan initiative to make sure faster internet is available. Fifth District Supervisor Dan Hamburg says for the county to thrive economically, there needs to be affordable high-speed broadband. He says the county’s putting together a Broadband Working Group to come up with “Goals and Strategies” working with Next Century Cities. More than 130 cities have worked with the group to get faster, affordable broadband.

New wording to an ordinance in Willits to take care of vacant properties in the city. The city’s Revitalization and Economic Development Committee made changes to the proposed ordinance that would have property owners register and maintain vacant commercial properties. The ordinance was first presented by the City Planner to the city council. It will be tweaked and brought back to the council at its Oct. 26 meeting.

A woman from the Bay Area busted for an assault against her boyfriend in Redwood Valley. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports arresting Alma Nielsen of Concord after the victim pulled a knife on the guy while another woman was present. Police say the man disarmed Nielsen, but she cut her finger during the struggle for the knife. He says she then assaulted him, leaving one of his arms bruised. She was booked on domestic violence charges.

A new sports field in Lake County means a celebration. The Lake County Public Services Department announces the grand opening October 21st of the Hammond Avenue Park in Nice. The new park has a brand new sports field, parking area, bleachers and restroom. The county got the 12-acre property on the corner of Hammond Avenue and Lakeshore Boulevard in 2005 and has since spent more than a quarter million dollars fixing it up. Money coming from the Quimby Act which comes from new development.

One of the longest and possibly most expensive wildfires in California’s history is finally under control. The Big Sur wildfire or the Soberanes Fire burned more than 132,000 acres. One of the last hot spots in the Los Padres National Forest near Marble Peak finally put out because of cooler temperatures and low humidity. A spokesperson for the US Forest Service says the fire burned back into itself Wednesday, marking its official end. It was the same day the Loma Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains was also stomped out. That one burned nearly 4,500 acres. The Soberanes Fire started July 22nd by an illegal campfire.

A gang member accused of killing two police officers in Palm Springs has pleaded not guilty. Police say John Felix was responsible for the ambush killing during a domestic dispute call. Police have said Felix wanted to kill police. His public defender has asked for a delay in the man’s arraignment so he can have a psychological exam. The judge said no but allowed the evaluation and said he could maybe change his plea afterward. He also pleaded not guilty to three attempted murder charges and two weapons charges. He’s eligible for the death penalty, but no word if prosecutors will go for it.

A teenager raped on her way to the United States from Mexico got 10 years to life in prison for killing her newborn baby. The Fresno Bee reports 19-year-old Gloria Mendoza was on her way to be with her brother in Madera in 2014, getting there just days before her baby arrived. She went to the hospital with postpartum bleeding which police later found out was after she stuffed the newborn girl’s body under a bathroom sink in her brother’s home. The baby had been stabbed to death. She’d apparently been raped before crossing the border in Tijuana.

A man in Minnesota’s been arrested, not for crazy clown violence, but instead stepping back to the days of zombie apocalypse scares Ryan Stanislaw’s accused of firing into a home Saturday morning saying he was out, “hunting zombies”. But police say a window was shattered by a bullet from an AR-15, which just missed a man’s head who was sleeping at the time. Stanlislaw arrested and charged with a firearm violation and possession by an ineligible person. Cops say the guy was carrying bullets called "anti-zombie ammunition".

Ronald McDonald taking a vacation of sorts. As the creepy clown craze hits its peak, fast-food chain McDonald’s says their famous mascot is lying low for a while. The corporate office for the restaurant chain says they’re being thoughtful with respect to Ronald McDonald’s participation in community events for the time being.

Local farmers looking to expand can take advantage of a local grant program. North Coast Opportunities sponsors the Good Farm Fund. They say they’ve been getting interest from more potential applicants than in the past. The application process started Oct. 1st and goes thru the end of the month. The nonprofit says they think there’s more interest from donors and possible applicants after the success of the program last year. $7,000 went to nine small farms in Mendocino and Lake counties. This year they’ve got as much as $20,000 to award.

A man from Ukiah’s been killed after he was hit by a car while walking across Highway 20 near Upper Lake. The CHP says the 46-year-old man died Tuesday night after he crossed Highway 20 from Main Street to Bridge Arbor North. They say the driver, 61 year old Randy Vess of Clearlake was headed east on Highway 20 at about 45 miles an hour when he hit the victim. Vess was not injured. Investigators say he wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Congressman Mike Thompson says a $125,000 grant’s going to the Lakeport Police Department. The money from the Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, or COPS. The money to pay for an officer to be the liaison to Lakeport’s business community and neighborhood groups. The Lakeport Chief of Police Brad Rasmussen and the Lakeport City Manager Margaret Silveira together said they appreciated the support from the congressman’s office and several community groups including the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Association and Lakeport Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Cobb Mountain Elementary’s one of the first in the state to win a farm to table award. The California Farm to School Network (CFSN ) named Cobb in its first ever California Farm to School Network Golden Seed Awards. It was just one of five schools to get the Sow Award. The group handing out the awards builds sustainable food and farming systems. The winners were across 11 regions in three award categories, Sow, Grow and Harvest.

The grape harvest in most of Northern California’s coast is pretty much done. The harvest started early again this year and ahead of the first storms. The storms expected to drop several inches of rain, and a potential for frost. The season could hit more than $1 billion dollars. Not many reports of powdery mildew, the fungal disease that can wreck grapes. The year’s crop will be a bigger than last year in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake counties at nearly 402,500 tons.

An old tavern may be turned in to a homeless retreat between Guerneville and Monte Rio. George’s Hideaway may be converted to a year-round homeless services center featuring an emergency shelter, a health clinic and as many as 16 new permanent housing units. The old roadside bar off Highway 116, in Sonoma County’s lower Russian River area, would be the first of its kind homeless center. The board of supervisors has signed off on its purchase. It had been a popular tourist destination. The county’s been paying for temporary lodging for the homeless at the Guerneville Veterans Memorial building from December to March until now. But that’s overnight’s only. The tavern could be operational by next winter.

A suburb of San Diego wants Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to fork over the costs it owes for a May rally. The nearly $30,000 for police overtime and other costs National City says its owed. The city demanding the money in a letter after trying to collect numerous times for the May 21st rally in Kimball Park. The letter warns it will "pursue all available legal remedies" if they don’t get their cash by next Monday.

State wildlife officials say a man attacked by a bear in the foothills near Los Angeles probably interrupted mating season. Dan Richman back home in Sierra Madre after a short stay in the hospital. He says he was out running on a wilderness trail when he spotted the bear standing on its hind legs. He says he tried backing away, but there was another bear behind him so he yelled at it and it went away, but the other one attacked as he tried to run past. He had cuts, scratches and punctures.

An infant left inside a car for about an hour in Central Calif. has died. Police in Fresno say the 11 month old being watched by grandma probably died from the heat, in the closed up car. Cops say it was 75 degrees outside but probably about 20 degrees or higher inside. They say they’re not sure why the boy was left inside the car or who found him. Arriving officers tried to revive the toddler, to not avail. Cops couldn’t speak to grandma because they say she was too emotionally distraught and had to go to the hospital herself. She has not been charged with a crime.

The first phase of a project to improve accessibility at St. Helena Hospital in Clearlake is underway. Crews are demolishing and rebuilding the front stairway. The president of the hospital says the construction does present an inconvenience but the front entrance remains open. Patients and Visitors can use the ramp to the left of the main stairs. Once stairs are done, crews will work on the ramp, during which time people in wheelchairs will enter through the emergency department. The entire project scheduled to be done by the first of the year.

Mendocino County’s Transportation plans for the next twenty years will get a public vetting over the next month. The Mendocino Council of Governments is holding a series of meetings on the Active Transportation Plan and the Regional Transportation Plan. The two plans will identify needs and projects including bike, pedestrian, roads, rail and transit. The first meeting is in Fort Bragg on Monday at the Town Hall. The first in Ukiah is October 24th at the Farm Advisors Conference Room.

The California Highway Patrol is adding an education component to its Click-it-or-Ticket campaign. The CHP has obtained grant funding to teach drivers about the importance of buckling up, especially children. The new year will see a new law that requires all children under two, to ride in a rear facing child safety seat. The California Occupant Restraint Education – or CORE – will focus on getting everyone to buckle up with a focus on kids under 8. According to Federal Stats, safety seats reduce the risk of fatal injury by around 70 percent.

Both Absentee and Sample Ballots have gone out for the Presidential General Election for Nov. 8th. The Mendocino County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Susan Ranochak says you can also go pick those up at the County Administration Building on Low Gap Road, Ukiah. If you don’t receive yours by Wednesday, October 19th, you can also head on over to the office. Ranochak reminding voters the last day applications can be received for the Absentees is Nov. 1st. If you’re interested in observing the Vote By Mail process, she says the office usually starts to get ballots back the week after they’re mailed.

The California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is all for legalizing pot, but says he’s never tried it. Newsom, who’s running for Governor in 2018 says he’s not pro-marijuana, he’s vehemently anti-prohibition. He’s one of the major backers of Prop. 64, the state ballot initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Newsom talking to the Press Democrat editorial board where the paper says he spent more than hour talking weed legalization. The paper says the measure looks like it’ll most likely pass next month.

Those inside a car that went off a cliff in Hopland lucky to be alive. Cal Fire reports the car went off the cliff yesterday on a steep, winding route through mountains between Mendocino and Lake counties, going down hundreds of feet into a ravine and catching fire. The crash on Highway 175, about eight miles off the junction with the 101 and about a mile out of Lake County. The driver plucked from the ravine by a CHP helicopter then taken to a hospital in Santa Rosa. Someone apparently witnessed the crash and called 911. The car caught fire with ammunition inside, then started to explode. The CHP says there might have been 2 people inside.

3 boys at a Santa Rosa middle school have been arrested after an attack on an 18 year old man outside a City Council forum that had just finished. Police say it might have been gang related and the 18-year-old man was stabbed multiple times. The three teens, all from Santa Rosa, a 14-year-old and two 15-year-olds, were taken to juvenile hall Saturday night and booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury and gang charges.

A police department in Dartmouth, Massachusetts gets proactive against the scary clown craze. The police department put out a PSA where a cop goes to a woman and asks if she’s the one reporting a suspicious person, saying someone popped out of the woods scaring her daughter. The officer finds a man, dressed as a clown and asks if he’s the clown scaring kids and the man is then strong armed by a car filled with cops. Police department says they’re taking a zero-tolerance stance regarding the recent clown craze plaguing the nation.

The son of late reggae singer Bob Marley’s a pot entrepreneur. Damian Marley says he wants to turn a deserted prison in Coalinga into a pot manufacturing plant. Marley’s looking to bring jobs back to the economically depressed town. The Guardian newspaper reports Marley is partnering with Ocean Grown Extracts to revitalize the town thru jobs at the old prison which was once the main place to get a job in the tiny town.

The City of Willits is having several public workshops to gather information to develop their commercial cannabis policy. The first of several meetings is next Tuesday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., at City Hall in Council Chambers. A working group made up of Councilmembers and City staff will listen to comments to get the plan together which will end in a policy recommendation to the full City Council for their consideration.

In the first of many prescribed burns in the Mendocino National Forest, fire managers get ready for two prescribed fires. Next Wednesday, look out for crews on the Upper Lake Ranger District where they’re igniting about 80 acres dubbed the Howard Mill underburn project. The other on the Grindstone Ranger District, where crews will burn about 66 acres of the Alder Springs underburn project. The Howard Mill fire between Lake Pillsbury and Upper Lake near Elk Mountain and the Alder Springs prescribed fire is 16 miles from Elk Creek.

Congressman John Garamendi’s been in Lower Lake to see damage from the Clayton fire. The Congressman with Lake County Supervisor Rob Brown, talking response and cleanup. Garamendi also talked about ways to help rural communities like Lake County to get even more support from FEMA. The Clayton fire never got a disaster declaration so it’s likely federal dollars won’t pour in to help. The fire destroyed about 200 structures. Garamendi says however, that seeing the devastation up close may be helpful in swaying his colleagues in Congress that disaster relief reform is needed.

A little something extra in the Buffalo Wild Wings dinner for Packers player Jared Cook. Cook tweeted a photo with the background of a Wild Wings place mat, showing what looks to be a severed chicken head he says he got with his order last week. His pic, accompanied by the words, “tongue, eyes, and beak all present”. Then tweeted again… “with extra seasoning.”

A mayor of a town in Pennsylvania agrees to a fake Christmas tree in town to avoid the sad looking Charlie Brown type tree that created controversy a couple years ago. The Reading (REH’-ding) Eagle reports Mayor Wally Scott prefers natural trees but also didn’t want a problem like they had two years ago when the little tree was ridiculed by residents. The new tree will have 1,250 ornaments, more than 1,900 lights and a 5-foot star and should last 15 to 20 years.

More than 1,200 couples have renewed their wedding vows, a record for the yearly ceremony, this time held on the campus of Western Michigan University. The Kalamazoo Gazette reports ( ) there was even a Guinness World Record official there recording the event Saturday which broke the old record of 1,087 couples renewing their vows at Miami University in Ohio in 2009. The group made up of couples from the United States, Canada and Japan and one couple who went to Western Michigan University, in the class of 1943.

New members to be considered for the Medical Marijuana Ad Hoc Committee in Clearlake bring experience to the table. The City Council to consider adding three dispensary owners to the committee at their meeting Thursday. This ahead of the general election vote to legalize recreational weed. Councilman Bruno Sabatier tells the Record Bee it’s a change the city has to prepare for. The staff report ahead of the meeting this week actually recommends five more on the committee, two from the planning commission plus the three dispensary owners.

A big storm coming our way. Meteorologists putting out a hazardous weather statement for parts of Northern California, calling for possible heavy rain later this week and into early next week. The National Weather Service reports a string of weather systems will hit the area late Thursday and last through early Tuesday. They say there will be heavy rain at times with colder temps and a potential for snow at higher elevations above 7,000 feet. Forecasters say some of the rain comes from what’s left of a Typhoon passing by Japan. Several inches of rain may hit No Cal with temperatures in the low 60s, and evening temperatures in the high 40s.

Those for and against several ballot measures for the General Election have raised close to $400 million dollars just six weeks before voting. The numbers come from reports filed with the secretary of state’s office by political donors ahead of Thursday’s deadline. The money raised said to be about $85 million less than record fundraising. The National Institute on Money in State Politics showed the record in 2008 with $471.5 million.

A trio of students from a high school in Mountain View have been arrested after threats were made to students on social media. Police say the kids were arrested yesterday after social media posts threatened harm to students and staffers. No word on exactly what the threats were, but the school says it wasn’t about any creepy clowns. The students booked into the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of making criminal threats and conspiring to commit a crime.

Ya better slurp up as much data while you can as Comcast customers are about to get a cap slapped on their data or they’ll have to pay more. The company is starting a 1 terabyte data cap next month in 18 markets across the country, including California. Comcast, also known as Xfinity isn’t calling it a cap, instead they’ve dubbed it a “data usage plan.” Anyone going over their 1 TB, or 1,000 GB a month has to fork over another $10 for each additional 50 GB of data. But the company says it won’t go over $200 more a month.

A researcher from the University of California, at Davis has been killed in Ethiopia. The school says Sharon Gray, a postdoctoral researcher was hit by rocks during protests while driving. The school says she was in the country for a meeting regarding research she was working on and was killed just outside the capital, Addis Ababa.

Nestle Foods is recalling their Drumstick Ice Cream Cones for possible contamination. It’s a voluntary recall of the Drumstick Clubs due to some positive test results for Listeria off of equipment used to manufacture the cones. The recall includes the Drumstick Club 16-count Variety Pack and the 24-count Vanilla. The company has not reported any positive tests or illnesses.

A graduate student at Stanford’s been accused of a sexual assault on his girlfriend. The San Francisco Chronicle reports ( the student and the victim were dating and the 22 year old attacked the 28 year old victim on campus in a graduate residence. They say the victim was not a student.

Blackened earth looks to be fertile ground for weed growing. Calaveras County’s given residents a June 30th deadline to apply for permits to grow pot in the ruins of the Butte Fire as sanctioned cannabis growers. Voters in the county to decide next month if they want to capitalize on medical marijuana gardens. Measure C could mean millions of dollars for the county if residents agree to charge $2-per-square-foot tax. If it’s a no, there will automatically be a $45-per-ounce local levy on weed after the new state regulations start. Voters in as many as nine California counties and 34 cities are choosing whether or not to go with local initiatives to authorize marijuana farms or tax cannabis dispensaries and manufacturers.

Mandatory evacuations in place after a fire starts in Napa. Cal Fire reports the fire was under 50 acres late yesterday, burning about 3 miles west of Yountville (Yawnt-ville). Homes in the hills southwest of Oakville have been evacuated, but no homes or structures have burned. No injuries are reported either. The fire is 20 percent contained.

The former owners of a New York newspaper now in Calif. have been arrested for sex trafficking. The State Atty. General’s office reports Michael Lacey and James Larkin, the ex owners of the Village Voice were booked into Sacramento County Jail on Monday. They’re controlling shareholders of, a site we’ve reported on before as being connected to the sex trade. Lacey and Larkin are charged with conspiracy to commit pimping, in other words, making money from prostitutes or soliciting customers for prostitution.

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