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A Court of Appeal in San Francisco has reversed convictions against Marvin Douglas Johnson, Jr. and Simon Thornton connected to the 2011 murder of Joe Litteral at the Bushay Campground at Lake Mendocino. The two found guilty of that murder, the attempted murder of another man and the attempted kidnapping of Johnson’s estranged wife. The two men are in prison with lengthy sentences, but the Court of Appeal said one of the jury’s many instructions was potentially misunderstood so their first degree murder convictions were reversed by the court. But they are affirmed for the attempted murder and attempted kidnapping. The decision is now being reviewed by the Mendocino County District Attorney to decide if they’ll go for a new murder trial.

The Ukiah City Council has decided to go ahead and seek receivership for the Palace Hotel. After the council meeting Wednesday night, the City Attorney David Rapport announced he’d file a petition in court. The next step is a

hearing set within about a month of the filing. That means the city and the hotel’s owner Eladia Laines have to present their case. Then it will be up to a judge to decide if the city will be able to hire a receiver. But Laines will still own the building. The city council previously voted if Laines didn’t complete a list of seven tasks by April 21st then the Public Works Director could decide to file for receivership. Manager Rapport says the delay from then til now was to evaluate what’s been done so far and to serve notice that a receivership would be sought.

Several fatal crashes this month make up almost half the car crash deaths for the year in Lake County. The CHP reports five people killed in crashes, 3

off Highway 20, last month alone. So 11 people have died this year in car accidents. There are usually about 11 or 12 the whole year in Lake County. Lake Co News reports the CHP saying there’s nothing new going on to attribute to the amount of crashes or those on Highway 20. CHP reminding as the holiday weekend gets closer, they’re beefing up patrols to reduce roadway deaths and prevent injuries. Look for more police presence starting tonight at 6 p.m. through Sunday at 11:49 p.m.

Escrow has closed for the Old Coast Hotel property. The title’s been transferred to Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center. Even though there’s a lawsuit going on, the city’s released Community Development Block Grant money to buy the old hotel. That after a judge denied a preliminary injunction a group tried to get against the project so the funds wouldn’t be released. Concerned Citizens of Fort Bragg filed for the injunction which was denied, then filed for an appeal the next day and that was denied within hours. The bidding from architects and contractors is going on now and the building will end up as a homeless and mental health services facility. Most of the services to become available this fall at various area facilities.

More changes coming for the Coastal Trail project. The Fort Bragg Planning Commission unanimously certified the Mitigated Negative Declaration and has approved permits for more parking, a new dog park and a visitor’s center. There will also be improvements to the access road in and another multi-use trail to run east and west for pedestrians and bikes. There’s also going to be new asphalt, fencing, gates, traffic signs, striping and a truck turn-around area.

No jury trial for a couple of men who admitted they were selling marijuana. The Mendocino Count DA’s office reports Abraham Norton of Berkeley and Pasqual Young of Richmond were in court and entered no contest pleas instead of going thru a trial. The 2 men busted after driving near each other in July 2013 and they were both stopped for reckless driving and speeding. Police came to find Norton and Young were traveling together from Shelter Cove to the Bay Area with more than 135 lbs. of black market processed pot. The two will be sentenced late August and early Sept. The DA himself handling the cases.

Cal Fire has a new emergency regulation in place regarding the removal of dead and dying trees. The drought is drying out the trees which creates concerns over intensifying wildfire conditions. In the regulation, they’ve added drought as a condition that constitutes emergency action. That means landowners or Professional Foresters can get permits to cut and remove dead and dying trees without red tape. The US Forest Service reports as many as 12.5 million dead trees. 4 times as many as the state’s entire tree die-off last year. The new Cal Fire regulation submitted to the Office of Administrative Law. The public comment period ends Monday at 5 p.m.

The Pear Tree Center in Ukiah is up for sale. The owner telling the Daily Journal the timing was right. Owner Len Garrison notes some of his reasons as market conditions and estate planning. The Planning Commission has approved a permit for Chipotle Mexican Grill. The newspaper reports the Planning Director talking with the shopping center owner about the sale and the restaurant building there and he said there shouldn’t be any problem. The center was built between 1976 and 1978.

The city of Fort Bragg may formally regulate vacation rentals, which are supposed to already be illegal in the city. The Advocate newspaper reports the

website Airbnb, which offers short term rentals came up at the Community Development Committee meeting last week. A committee member who also sits on the city council asking for city staff to investigate Airbnb. Those using the site usually don’t pay the Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT). But regular short-term or vacation rentals are required to. The city found there are 4 illegal vacations rentals listed on The committee looking to have the city council take up the matter and provided several recommendations for limits and requirements.

A man from Colorado charged with capital murder for a 2013 triple-slaying in Forestville has accused prosecutors of tainting the case by allowing a suspected accomplice to secretly watch a police interrogation of the man. Mark Cappello’s lawyers say prosecutors exploited the inexperience of the man’s first lawyer who was a drunken-driving specialist who asked for the case to be dismissed. The new lawyer says the case was compromised. His co-dendants have agreed to testify against Cappello for reduced punishments. The trio charged for the death of 3 people during a botched pot deal.

An American soldier returning from an overseas surprised his girlfriend, having everyone else on the airplane with him help. Army Sgt. Anthony Vance landed in Sacramento and all the passengers, one by one handed girlfriend, Misty Kennedy, one rose. Then Vance showed up and kneeled on-one-knee and proposed. The two were planning to marry this weekend as Vance is headed back out overseas.

Police in New York on the lookout for a man in a wheelchair they say robbed a bank then rolled out. They say the man went up to a teller at the Santander Bank in Queens Monday and demanded cash. He was caught on surveillance video leaving the bank, apparently getting away with $1,200. A witness told CBS they heard the wheelchair may have been a prop, but that’s not confirmed.

A reminder for those recreating in the Mendocino National Forest for the holiday. Forest officials say visitors should have a safe Fourth of July holiday, but as a reminder, because of continued hot and dry conditions, visitors are asked to be careful with fire in the National Forest. That includes campfires, gas stoves and lanterns, and to comply with current fire restrictions. Fireworks including sparklers are strictly prohibited. They say temperatures can vary at night so visitors should be prepared for changing conditions and to tell someone where you are planning to be and what routes you’ll be taking. All Mendocino National Forest offices are closed today and only some open Saturday.

The CHP investigating a crash that killed a big rig driver. The head-on crash yesterday involving other vehicles on Highway 29 between Highway 175 and Kit’s Corner near Smith Ranch Road. CHP officers closed the highway for several hours while investigating. Traffic was rerouted during that time. Witnesses say the big rig was going north on Highway 29 when the crash happened between Bayshore Marine Services and Kelseyville Auto Salvage. They say there was a car swerving into the path of the big rig, which tried to avoid the car but lost control. The rig lost its container and flipped onto its top. The driver was trapped. Two other cars damaged. Big Rig driver died on scene and another person had moderate to major injuries.

Residents in Willits say yes they want their city pool open and they’ll pay for it. After a lot of feedback from area residents, the city council voted to raise the fees a buck and package fees proportionately. They’re also raising the amount they charge for previously heavily discounted preschool swim lesson rates. The pool only open 3 months a year and has been working with a huge monthly deficit. While the council was discussing the 2014-2015 budget, city staffers recommended closing the pool down. But this year, when again addressing the budget, the pool and its yearly $45,000 loss came up again. But at the city’s

June 24th council meeting, pool supporters showed up and suggestions were made. The pool will stay open.

A riverfront park in Forestville is banning booze. There are temporary signs at the Forestville River Access, known by locals as Mom’s or Mother’s Beach. The county says they’re trying to stop public drunkenness plus other issues they’ve had over the years. There will be officers on hand warning folks of the new alcohol ban and warnings will be handed out before anything more formal happens. Sonoma County Regional Park officials say if the same folks continue after their warnings, then they may get a ticket. Alcohol is also prohibited at Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach and Guerneville River Park, a small picnicking area.

A man from Guerneville who police call a major heroin dealer has been arrested. Santa Rosa police say Gage Wynne was arrested Saturday night after a stop in Livermore where police say they found two kilograms of heroin hidden in a secret dashboard compartment. Wynne is suspected of transporting and possessing heroin for sale. Police say they’ve suspected him for about 6 months in a high-grade heroin operation thru-out Sonoma County which has spread to the Bay Area. Police say they think Wynne’s been dealing a large amount of heroin monthly which they say he’s been getting in San Diego or Mexico. He’s held on 40-thousand dollars bail.

Fire restrictions start for the Mendocino National Forest. Starting today because of dry conditions and the risk of wildfires. The restrictions continue now through the end of fire season. It means no fires, campfires, charcoal fires or stoves in the National Forest except for designated safe areas in Grindstone Ranger District, Upper Lake Ranger District and the Covelo Ranger District. You will need a permit for those areas. Smoking, welding, using explosives and possessing, discharging or using any kind of fireworks is also prohibited. For more information, contact the Mendocino National Forest at 530-934-3316 or visit

Four people have been arrested in connection to a robbery and assault of an employee at the Walmart in Clearlake. Leanne and Johnny Perez, Cristina Pacheco and Justin Carey all busted for the attack Sunday and the ripoff of the big box store. Police say the Perezes went into the store with their 3 yr old toddler and the other 2 waited in the car. The couple loaded a cart with as much as $1,000 worth of merchandise then tried to leave but were stopped by an employee, looking for receipts. Police say the employee grabbed the cart, but one of the guys in the car jumped out and pepper-sprayed the employee then they all took off. The four were found and arrested on several charges including

robbery using force or fear to take property, burglary and grand theft.

A probation sweep in Clearlake leads to the arrest of more than 20. Police looking for folks on probation, parole or Post Release Community Service. They went to homes to check to see they were complying with the terms and conditions of their release. They found several of them were indeed in violation of their release conditions. 21 people arrested for several violations and others, who were wanted fugitives with active warrants for their arrest. 12 people booked into Lake County Jail, some had new crimes tacked on.

Cal Fire reminding with July 4th around the corner, to help prevent fires caused by illegal fireworks. Safe and sane fireworks went on sale Sunday in hundreds of communities in the state. They remind that the fireworks, if handled incorrectly or used in the wrong environment can be dangerous. The Cal Fire chief saying this is also the most severe drought so everyone should be cautious to avoid sparking a fire. He also reminds the state has zero tolerance for the use and sale of illegal fireworks. Fireworks caused the Monticello Fire near Lake Berryessa last summer which burned nearly 6,500 acres and had five injuries.

The Sheriff of Mendocino County and a former marijuana grower at the state capitol defending small-scale pot growing operations. The two at a legislative hearing on the impact of the drought and marijuana on North Coast fisheries. The committee hearing led by Senator Mike McGuire of Healdsburg. The director of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife says salmon are in trouble in Northern California, saying 90 percent of returning Coho salmon were lost last year in the Russian River watershed. He also said warm water from Shasta Reservoir is hurting Sacramento River salmon. McGuire says the explosive growth of pot the last 2 decades is drying rivers up. McGuire is the chairman of the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture. McGuire and Assemblyman Jim Wood, also of Healdsburg, introducing legislation to regulate the state’s medical marijuana industry.

A man in Philadelphia busted for robbing a bank in New Jersey four months after being released from prison for robbing the same bank five years before. Court papers say Keith Ney went into the Cape Bank in Atlantic City April 23rd saying he had a gun and got away with cash, but as he made his way out, a bank employee found a cop on traffic detail and waved them down. Ney was spotted and immediately arrested. He was just let out in December and was supposed to be supervised release.

An appeals court siding with a woman in Ohio who says she shouldn’t have to pay her parking ticket, because it lacked a comma. Andrea Cammelleri (kah-meh-LEHR’-ee) says she should not have received the citation in 2014 because wording of a law enacted by the village of West Jefferson says there was a comma missing between the words “vehicle” and “camper” so her truck didn’t fit the definition. The judge agreed saying the town should amend the law if they don’t like it.

A record set in the state for water conservation. The State Water Resources Control Board says the state reduced water usage 29 percent in May. Numbers released yesterday. Regulators say they hope the savings will last through the summer as there’s a mandatory order for California communities to cut water use by 25 percent compared to 2013 levels. This is the 4th year of California’s drought which has led to devastation for some rural communities, has meant some farmers had to leave their fields unplanted or find more expensive water supplies and it’s taken down fish populations too.

With financial support coming from some local businesses, there’s going to be two nights of fireworks plus racing at the Ukiah and Lakeport Speedways. Factory Pipe, Realty World Selzer Realty and Mendo Lake Credit Union, along with Kelseyville Lumber, Furia Construction and some local media, fireworks will happen at Lakeport Speedway, Friday and Ukiah Speedway July 4th. It’s $15 for Adults, Seniors and Students are $12 and Children 6 to 11 $8, Children under 5 and free.

A couple dozen dogs let go for a bit at the Ukiah Animal Shelter after a man broke in. The Mendocino County Director of Public Health says the sheriff’s dept. responded last Thursday to the shelter after several dogs got loose and were running down Plant Road. Deputies found several dogs with a man outside the shelter. A kennel attendant says 2 dozen dogs were loose. 20 year old Joseph Viltrakis of Hydesville said he went there to get his girlfriend’s service dog out, but cops later found he forced open about 30 kennels. This caused about $1,000 in damage to the shelter. 2 dogs had minor injuries: one, a puncture wound, the other, a bitten ear. Viltrakis was booked into Jail on suspicion of burglary and felony vandalism with $15,000 bail.

A man’s dead and another’s been arrested after a shooting in Covelo. Sheriff’s deputies say John Ross of Covelo’s charged with the murder of Alejandro Garcia found shot several times at a home on Refuse Road. Police say they’re not sure of a motive but found medical marijuana growing at the home. They say they’re not sure if there’s a connection. The pot garden said to be within county guidelines which allows about 2 dozen plants per parcel. Police say they got several calls about gunshots fired. One person called and said they followed Ross but stopped when Ross shot at him. Ross has been booked into jail on murder charges, suspicion of possession of a firearm by a felon and is held without bail.

Several cooling stations are opening in Mendocino County due to extremely hot temperatures . The Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency announced the centers after forecasters predicted a high temperature of 108 degrees today in Ukiah, 102 degrees tomorrow and then into the low to mid-90s for the rest of the holiday weekend. There’s also supposed to be high humidity which can be a risk for heat-related illnesses, especially for young children and the elderly. The agency also asking residents, that when possible, they should stay in a cool place, reduce exertion and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. They also remind to keep pets cool and never leave children or pets or elderly folks in a car, even when the windows are down. You can find a list of cooling stations on this radio station’s website.

•Plowshares Peace and Justice Center, 1346 S. State St., Ukiah. For more information, call Marlene Kurowski at 462-8582

•Ukiah Conference Center, 200 S. School St., Ukiah

Hydration Station

Monday, June 29 to Friday, July 3

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Water and a cool place to rest

•Ukiah Senior Center

Main Hall – Hydration Station

Wednesday, July 1 and Thursday, July 2

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

•Willits City Hall

111 E. Commercial St., Willits

Cooling Station

Monday, June 29 to Thursday, July 2

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A try for one million dollars in the state budget to restore and protect Clearlake shot down, as we have been reporting. Now the state Water Resources Control Board and Department of Fish and Wildlife will be sending staff to Lake County though to help find and apply for grants to improve the lake’s water quality. A Lake County Supervisor, who happens to also be a retired Fish and Wildlife biologist worked on the proposal. Jim Steele saying the state wildlife and water agencies’ staff can give important input and make the county more competitive getting grants. Sen. Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg, and Assemblyman Bill Dodd, D-Napa have been working on the issue will work with the two agencies.

A meeting to discuss the impact of drought and illegal marijuana gardens on North Coast fisheries at the state capitol. A committee hearing in Sacramento today after reports that pot plants are using billions of gallons of water and salmon-rearing creeks are running dry. The Press Democrat reports the head of the state’s Natural Resources Agency and the director of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife will be at the hearing in front of the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture. The Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman and the executive director of the Emerald Growers Association, a group supporting medical marijuana farmers and patients will also be at the committee meeting. The hearing this morning at 10 goes all day and can be seen online streaming at the state Senate’s website,, under “Today’s Events.”

Neighbors and folks passing by helped avert 2 homes threatened by fire. Lake Co News reports both instances Monday, one in the morning in Lucerne, the other in the afternoon near Lower Lake. A 19-foot-long abandoned travel trailer reported on fire in Lucerne mid morning Monday. The trailer packed with trash near a vacant home. The Fire dept reports by the time they got there the fire was being worked on by neighbors. Officials say if quick thinking neighbors didn’t start working on the fire, in another minute or two a home might have been next. Then near Lower Lake, after lunchtime, locals working on a grass fire that was creeping dangerously close to a home. Lake Co News facebook page reports a passing Dunkin Pumps worker stopped and put out most of that fire, saving a house and a dog inside the home.

Congressman Mike Thompson (CA-5), the co-chair of the Invasive Species Caucus has been honored along with Scott De Leon, the director of the Lake County Water Resources Department for their work. The two in D-C last week at the annual Reduce Risks from Invasive Species Coalition Congressional Reception and Awards Program. Thompson and his co-chair Dan Benishek, a Republican from Michigan got the “Outstanding Leadership by an Election Official in Protecting America’s Environment and Economy” award. DeLeon in town winning the “Outstanding Achievement by a Local Government Agency” award.

Two unidentified men have been killed in a crash that burst into flames. The CHP reports the accident on Morgan Valley Road early Saturday morning. CHP officers report the driver had been seen speeding then lost control, went off the road and hit a tree. The car burst into flames, but while emergency responders put the fire out the two in the car died. The two have not been identified publicly yet. Police say they’re not sure if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the incident.

Extremely hot temperatures on the way. A weather warning today into tomorrow for the interior valleys of NW California. The statement says there’s going to be low moisture and monsoonal conditions. Lows overnight will only hit the mid 60’s. It could hit 110 degrees so a heat advisory has been issued. Forecasters say the temperatures will fall slightly by Friday, the advisory will end early tomorrow morning. The Heat advisor for the interior valleys of Mendocino County, including Ukiah, Laytonville and Potter Valley.

A man in Pennsylvania who took a 300-mile cab ride has been arrested because he could pay the fare. Police say the guy, John Williams, Jr. from New York City drove across Pennsylvania to surprise his fiancée but then couldn’t pony up the $749 fare. Cops say when the man and his kids got to Uniontown, he refused to pay so the driver called police. Williams charged with theft of services and tossed into jail on $2,500 bail.

A federal judge is not going to punish a lower court judge in Kansas who didn’t show up for jury duty in federal court. Sedgwick County District Judge Michael Hoelscher didn’t show up for duty a couple weeks ago, but the U.S. District Judge ruled he believed judges and other public officials should comply with laws with which they expect others to comply but later withdrew an order that required Hoelscher to show cause for not appearing.

A man in the town of Caspar’s been arrested in a routine traffic violation for DUI and speeding thru a residential area. Sheriff’s Deputies went after 19 year old Johny Delgado from Fort Bragg who they say was weaving all over the road. But the teen sped away from police, going as fast as 120 MPH nearly crashing into cops in a cul de sac. He was finally stopped when spikes were thrown in front of his car. He drove a while on deflated tires then stopped and ran. Cops caught the guy with the help of police dog Cam. Delgado’s booked into jail for evading a Peace Officer with Injury, evading a Peace Officer – Wrong Way Driving, driving on a Suspended License for DUI and Violation of Probation. Apparently his second DUI.

A couple in Ukiah’s arrested for driving under the influence and several other charges. A Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted Orlando Munoz and his passenger Mychell Vega-Ayala who the deputy thought were drunk. He saw the couple’s toddler in a child seat in the rear of the car. Both parents given field sobriety tests and failing. Munoz arrested for DUI and child endangerment. He’s on felony probation for a prior DUI and had his driver’s license suspended. Cops say the woman, Vega-Ayala was too wasted to care for herself let alone her 1 year old daughter. She’s arrested for child endangerment and public intoxication. The child handed over to a relative.

CAL FIRE Mendocino reminding the public as July 4th nears, fireworks are a major danger to California’s safety. A reminder that they are actually illegal in the county and their use is punishable by law. Anyone in possession or that is found transporting or using fireworks in the county will be in violation. Adults will be responsible for any acts by minors which results in injury or death to another person or damages another person’s property. That includes paying for that damage or for the fire suppression caused by illegal actions and negligence.

Unemployment numbers down in Lake County. The California Employment Development Department’s came out with the latest report on unemployment showing Lake County at 6.9 percent for May, down a bit from the revised 7 percent in April and 8.3 percent the same time a year ago. The state’s unemployment rate though, went up. In May it was a point higher than April. In Lake County, the rate, the lowest it’s been since October 2006. Lake County ranked 30th with unemployment in the state, Mendocino County’s rate was at 5.2 percent, 14th in the state.

A woman from Butte County couldn’t wait to give birth, having the baby while alone near Plumas National Forest. The woman became stranded in the area for two days with the newborn, fighting bees and mosquitoes off before getting a signal fire going and being rescued. Amber Pangborn of Oroville says she was out Wednesday night when she starting to feel the contractions, driving herself to her parents house on a back road off Highway 70 but she ran out of gas. She says she had no cell service. A Calfire helicopter spotted the woman and baby and took them to a hospital. She says she thought they were going to die.

Chipotle, a company that wants to put down roots in Ukiah is handing out coupons at gay pride parades that aren’t going over great. The coupons are printed with the phrase "¿Homo estás?" above a photo of a burrito. That roughly translates to" Which way do you sway?" and has arrows pointing to two buttons. One reads "I eat tacos" and the other reads "I eat burritos." The company’s been using the phrase on tshirts and other promotional items since the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage across the US. The company says they’ve been using the tagline at Pride events for several years. The company looking to build on the corner of East Perkins Street and Orchard Avenue.

A man in southwestern Connecticut won 30-thousand dollars after mistakenly buying the wrong lottery ticket. Bob Sabo said he didn’t want to wait in a line at a convenience store so instead purchased a ticket from a lottery vending machine, he says that’s something he’s never done. He meant to get 2 $20 tickets, but bought one $30 ticket.

A man from Indiana has been arrested after licking a toad while dancing at a local bar. Police say Richard Mullins had to be escorted out of JJ’s Sideout Bar & Grill Sunday morning after not showing valid identification. But after leaving witnesses say he was dancing then picked up a toad and started licking it. Cops say the guy had a blank look, but didn’t seem to be under the influence of drugs. He was warned, but picked up another toad. He was eventually arrested for misdemeanor trespassing.

A woman in Florida’s been arrested for beating her teenager after finding her mom’s pot stash then flushing it. 18 year old Ashley Mullane found the pot on a counter and says she thought it might be her mom’s so she flushed it, then when mom found out, she started yelling at her. She says she told her mom to backoff or she’d call 911 so her mom slapped her. Kyle Mullane says that’s not true, saying it’s no big deal because she could go buy more. The woman has a history of crimes on her record including theft, trespass, and disorderly intoxication.

Four-year-old election reforms are staying in Calif. As the state introduces an independent redistricting commission – replacing the old system from which politicians often re-drew legislative districts. On Monday, the U-S Supreme Court upheld a similar system in Arizona. Stephen Spaulding from the advocacy group Common Cause says the decision is a victory for voters.

Cut 66345 :08 "This was a sweeping affirmation of the California model, which allows citizens to draw the lines rather than legislators picking and choosing their voters."

Tag: California’s reforms also include a switch to an open primary, which means candidates have to be more centrist to appeal to the entire electorate, not just an extreme wing or faction of their party. Since the changes, Democrats have added to their majority in Sacramento.


Second Cut: Kathay Feng of Common Cause in L-A says the new open, public redistricting process spelled an end to back-room deals meant to create safe seats.

Cut 67345 :16 "There were more than a dozen incumbents who either decided not to run, or who were defeated in elections because they didn’t have the guaranteed reelection that they used to, when district lines were drawn by the Legislature."

Tag 2: Had the decision gone the other way, California’s election system would have been thrown into disarray. The next redistricting will take place in 2021, the year after the next census.

A home and a 3 other buildings have been burned in two fires that started minutes apart in Covelo. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department reports the fires ignited by mowers and did not appear suspicious. One of the fires burned about 5 acres and another about 30. Cal Fire reports the largest fire near Cemetery Drive at the north end of town. The sheriff’s department tweeted three outbuildings and one home have been destroyed, but there were no injuries. They were still figuring out the damage yesterday. They had several air tankers, a helicopter, air attack plane, two hand crews, 13 fire engines and two battalion chiefs on the fires. There were other regional departments on the scene too.

Sheriff’s departments finally tallying up the amount of pot plants found in a four-day eradication operation in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. The triangle of Mendocino, Trinity and Humboldt counties. The cops saying there were major environmental violations. They located 86,500 plants, a massive bladder of water, illegal water diversions, cash, guns and thousands of pounds of dried pot on the remote Island Mountain region where the 3 counties meet. The Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman spoke about the case Friday saying it was one of the biggest eradication operations since 2011. 4 people have been arrested in connection to this garden including three in Mendocino County and one in Trinity County. The operation starting mid-spring after many complaints from area residents. Pilots flying over the area also apparently complaining about the environmental desecration.

The name of a boy killed in Ukiah about 10 days ago has been released. Police say 11-year-old Antonio Rodriguez-Victor was from Oakland. He was taken off life support last week and died. Police suspect 19 year old Jaime Rodriguez was waving a loaded gun around when it went off. The boy was found by police on the road with a face and neck wound. They say the boy was with Rodriguez and another boy when he was hit at near point-blank range. Rodriguez faces a charge of involuntary manslaughter, with a special allegation that he personally used a firearm. He could get up to four years in jail.

The retiring city manager in Clearlake had a going away party. City Manager Joan Phillipe has been in the area about 4 years, first spending time as a city manager in Colfax, Colusa and Loomis. She was also the executive director of the California State Sheriff’s Association before coming to Clearlake. She was the first city manager in town, starting in March 2012. She announced in January she would be leaving effective tomorrow. The city has hired Greg Folsom as her replacement. He’s been in town a couple weeks working with Phillipe.

Laura’s Law delay had the chairman of the Mendocino County Mental Health Advisory Board speaking out. John Wetzler says they need to hire an outpatient treatment coordinator first. He says the program for mentally ill patients who’ve been either in treatment or refused it in the past, was delayed due to budgetary reasons. Apparently the county’s mental health budget has been overdrawn almost $4 million because of past audits and settlement charges. The Board of Supervisors has approved a one year trial of the program which is now set to start in January, not this summer. Laura’s Law provides voluntary advanced outpatient treatment for those who can’t get the help they need. Patients have to apply and be approved by the county.

The Clearklake City Council’s approved the new budget. The budget unanimously approved by the council for the 2015/16 fiscal year after two workshops. The operating budget for the city, just over 6 million dollars, the general fund holds almost 4 and a half mil of that. There’s money for a rainy day, about 326-thousand in uncertainty reserves. There’s also 150-thousand in risk management reserve, required by the city’s insurance. There’s a need for more than 3 million for capital projects, but about 2 of that comes from Community Development Block Grants and the Active Transportation Program.

Fourth of July gaining on us and hot dry weather has settled in with fire danger. Lakeport Police says the city’s allowing Safe and Sane Fireworks within the incorporated area of the city. The dates they can be discharged starting Wednesday and going thru Friday, 9am-10pm then on Independence Day itself, until 11pm. There are designated areas for the discharge too. Check with local police. In Mendocino County, CalFire says no to all burn permits in the County effective June 29th, today. Fire officials say fuels are ripe for burning and there’s already been several fires reported, not usually this many seen until early August. Fireworks are illegal in Mendocino County.

The Clearlake City Council considering an ordinance regarding residential solar panels. The city council has to adopt an ordinance after an assembly bill passed regarding streamlining the permitting process. The Governor signed the bill into law last fall to stop companies from creating unreasonable barriers to solar panel installation. It means there can be no local regulations beyond those necessary to making sure solar energy doesn’t have a specific, adverse impact on public health and safety. The council unanimously approved the ordinance, which will have its second reading at its July 9 meeting.

The Skunk Train line on the Fort Bragg side is closed down until further notice. This after the railroad let go of the contractor trying to stabilize a hillside over the westernmost tunnel on the line. The project is taking longer than anticipated, running several months past when it was supposed to be done. That also caused problems during heavy rains in Fort Bragg last winter when earth around the tunnel’s western side collapsed onto the tracks. The Skunk Train general manager says the tunnel has remained intact, just the hill above it needs major work, The work was first supposed to be done in May, then July 1st. But there’s no end currently in sight.

If you’ll name you baby Quinoa, you might be able to win a $10,000 gift card to BJ’s Restaurant and Brew house. The restaurant chain’s announced a contest to coincide with the release of their new quinoa bowl dishes. The franchise’s chief marketing officer says their quirky contest would have only one winner. It also wasn’t going to anyone using a middle or nickname. The winner had to back it up with a birth certificate.

A man in Aspen, Colorado says he had quite the scare when a bear approached on his deck during an afternoon nap. Peter Rizzuto says the animal was nibbling on his ankle, he thought at first it was his neighbor’s dog and started to pet it. He said he looked up and the bear backed up and looked at him then the man went into his house and the bear left.

All bridge and viaduct work on the Willits Bypass Project should be done by the end of the year. A Cal Trans spokesman says barring unforeseen circumstances, that is. He also says all of the asphalt work should be done by the end of next summer. The project had been delayed until 2017 but CalTrans re-engineered the northern interchange so the impact on wetlands would be lowered and the use of longer piles so the concrete bridge construction could start sooner. It’s now said to be about 70 percent complete. The first herbicide application is supposedly on the way but a permit needs to be approved first.

The Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency says Laura’s Law’s not starting next week. The agency says it needs more time to implement the mental health program which helps severely mentally ill patients who’ve been in jail or the hospital or may have not wanted prior treatment. It will be in place next January instead. The County Board of Supervisors has agreed to a one-year trial at a cost of $160,000. Patients participate in outpatient care and one on one rehabilitation. Those who want to apply have to be approved by the county.

Grant money has been released to buy the Old Coast Hotel to be used as a mental health and homeless services center. This after a judge said no to a preliminary injunction against the idea by a group calling themselves the Concerned Citizens of Fort Bragg (CCFB). The injunction would have held the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds back until a court hearing in the fall. The City Manager says there’s still a case pending, so the lawsuit is not over because the group is not giving up. The group citing several reasons to stop the purchase, all of them the judge tossed. The group says its considering an appeal.

A new substation of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has opened. The Northern Sector Substation opened June 18th, fully equipped with new technology and state-of-the-art capabilities in a cabin across from Recreation Grove Park. The building had been owned by a silent film star in the county’s Willits Integrated Services Center. The new substation was dedicated to the memory of Deputy Sheriff George “Bob” Davis killed in the line of duty in April of 1995. There’s also a new K-9 training facility paid for with a donation from Morgan Ruddick’s widow Pauline.

Keep an eye out for the Lake County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol if you’re out on the water. They’re looking for boaters piloting under the influence. “Operation Dry Water” this weekend, today thru Sunday following last year when every state and federal agency participated. Three people were arrested for Boating Under the Influence in Lake County during the operation last year. This year, there’s been one arrest so far in connection to a boating accident. Glenn, Napa, Sonoma and Yolo counties are also participating in Operation Dry Water this year.

The Governor’s signed the new state budget. Gov. Jerry Brown signing the $115.4 billion spending plan into law for the fiscal year that starts next Wednesday, July 1st. It’s more than $7 billion more than last year’s budget with money for several of the Legislature’s top priorities like expanding health coverage for immigrant children living in the country illegally and more for low-income families’ so they can find child care.

The governor says no to funding for the protection and restoration of Clear Lake. It’s not a total loss though, the Governor asking the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to work with Sen. Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg) and Rep. Bill Dodd (D-Napa) to find other ways to help water quality problems at Clear Lake. The two lawmakers finding $1 million for Clear Lake in the state budget, but Brown removed it from the budget. The water resources control board says as part of Proposition 1, they’ve found other funding sources, like low interest loans and possible Proposition 1 allocations to cover the cost.

A woman reported missing in Lakeport has been found safe. Amanda Maher, described as developmentally disabled, disappeared just after midnight, from the porch at Tailored Living Choices a care assistance program Tuesday. She was considered at-risk because of a past history of running away, suicidal behavior and her disabilities. S he had been known to go out of state, hitching rides with truckers. She was said to be at a local’s home then back at TLC within an hour or so of disappearing. She was examined at Sutter Lakeside Hospital.

Chipotle Mexican Grill’s coming to Ukiah. The planning commission granted a permit to build at the corner of East Perkins Street and Orchard Avenue. The business has asked for major concessions to the Downtown Zoning Code, including not being two stories as the code required for another location. The planning director for the city says a 2 story building would stick out like a sore thumb in this location. The business also looking for way more parking, but the commission thought it was too much in light of the parking in Pear Tree Center, which they say mostly has empty spots.

A 12-year-old Ukiah boy shot last week has died. The shooting last Thursday on Canyon Drive near Laws Avenue. The accused shooter, 19 year old Jaime Rodriquez has upgraded charges now of involuntary manslaughter with a special allegation that he personally used a firearm. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and the Ukiah Police Department sent to the area of the shooting last week, finding the 12 year old with a gunshot wound to his face and neck area. Rodriguez accused of negligently firing a handgun, hitting the boy at close range. He then supposedly carried him to the street and a neighbor called 911.

California drivers can get a blast from the past, buying old fashioned black license plates. The plates are being reissued after first coming out in the 1960s. The San Francisco Chronicle reports ( ) the DMV announcing it’s going to start up with the black plates again after a state legislator introduced the California Legacy License Plate Program. The new ones will have a clear coating on them so they can be easily seen at night. They’ll cost $50. There are already 7,500 pre-orders.

The general manager of a local water agency says no water will be granted for the proposed Dollar General store in Redwood Valley. The Daily Journal reports some residents also confused by the Mendocino County zoning regulations in regards to the proposal. This at the planning commission meeting this week. The paper reports if land is designated as commercial and if it meets the objectives under the County General Plan then the construction can move forward. Apparently the Dollar General store meets all the needed criteria. That means there’s not public comment on the project. The general manager of the Redwood Valley County Water District says they’ve not been approached by the Dollar store and it wouldn’t be eligible because it’s a commercial development and they have water moratoriums in effect since 1989.

Emergency cardiac arrest rescue equipment coming to Ukiah Schools. 16 Automated External Defibrillators for the district. Death rates can be lowered in unexpected cardiac arrest with immediate CPR and early defibrillation. Money from court fines, penalties and forfeitures for criminal offenses pays for the equipment. Coastal Valleys EMS Agency, along with Mendocino County Health & Human Services Agency, Public Health releasing the money for the purchase of the Defibrillators to be distributed to Mendocino County schools.

Fort Bragg’s got a balanced budget. The City Council has approved this fiscal year’s budget which is just under 31 million in 2015/16. The city manager says the city’s in solid financial condition, partly due to very prudent fiscal policies. They had a budget workshop in May, and a draft budget was presented for input. The last fiscal year had a projected year-end balance of $13.4 million and the 2015/16 balance is projected at $11.4 million.

The Mendocino City Community Services District agreeing with the latest Grand Jury report. The report’s main item says the district wasn’t posting the agendas for their board meetings quickly enough, a Brown Act violation. Another complaint was that the size of the room for meetings was too small. The board says its instructed staffers to take care of the timeliness issue. The board’s also got a plan for a bigger space for meetings, but that’s been delayed due to the Mendocino Town Plan update. The jury saying the district board should check itself yearly in regards to the Brown Act, the district agreeing to do so.

Quick work of a small fire that charred the picnic area at the Yorty Creek Recreation site at Lake Sonoma. The bar-b-q area ignited because of winds yesterday afternoon. The Cloverdale Fire Department along with Geyserville Fire and CalFire on the scene. The fire blackened about an acre of mostly grass. The fire surrounded in about 10 minutes. Fire officials reminding the public to watch closely when a fire’s going to make sure it’s totally put out and to use extra caution right now due to the drought.

Two men in Sonoma County arrested in connection to a large marijuana grow on Boy Scout land. The Sheriff’s dept. says the men caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in environmental damage in Cazadero. Nicholas Henderson and John Henry have been charged with felony cultivation, possession of marijuana for sale and malicious mischief in connection with the pot grow which was found last summer at Camp Royaneh. Deputies say they got a tip and found more than 100 clear cut trees and stumps being used as a terrace. The plants being watered by a tank at a neighboring property. The cleanup there is estimated to be a cost of about 300-grand. 65 plants pulled, weighing more than 1,500 pounds. The two men in court this week saying they were within legal limits for growing medical marijuana with doctor recommendations posted on the property.

No good evidence has come out of a fire investigation for a gutted home on Waugh Lane. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority says they’ve hit a wall in their investigation and cannot figure out the cause and point of origin. They do say however they believe it was intentionally set just before 9 p.m. last Wednesday, June 17th. They say the best evidence they have that it was arson was witnesses saw someone leaving the home before the flames started, but they were about 70 yards away, and the description was very vague. They do say they don’t suspect the owner started the fire for insurance money.

A local church in Ukiah’s been burglarized of items that are priceless. The Daily Journal reports the relics stolen from St. Peter Eastern Catholic Church on Orr Street. The pastor says they realized there had been a break in early yesterday morning and called police. The thief, or thieves went in thru an open window, stealing items, some said to be invaluable, including an Ark, a large Gospel book, two chalice sets and other items. Cops say they think the person who stole the items will try to sell them so they’ve notified local pawn shops in the area of the burglary.

A semi-truck has overturned in Ukiah, dumping its load of hay. The accident yesterday morning on the on-ramp to the southbound 101 at North State Street so the ramp had to be closed for a couple hours. The driver made a left turn and his load of about 24,000 pounds of hay was tossed onto the roadway. The California Highway Patrol reports the truck landed on its side. The driver was not injured.

A developmentally disabled woman is reported missing from Lakeport. Amanda Maher disappeared late Tuesday night. She’s reported as an at-risk missing adult from Tailored Living Choices, or TLC. The home says the woman took her meds before 10pm then went to a porch area, but when someone went to check on her, she was gone. They also say she’s disappeared before and has shown suicidal behavior in the past and needs to have her regular medications. Police say Maher likes to go to casinos and take rides from truckers and other strangers.

A woman who died in a car crash in Lucerne has been id’d. Lisa Hamblock of Lucerne in the crash last Thursday on Highway 20 at Grove Street. She went off the road, at the Sandy Beach Trailer Lodge trailer park, then hit trees, and got thrown over a 6-foot-high wooden outbuilding, before hitting a singlewide mobile home and a travel trailer then stopping. She died at the scene, those in the trailers at the time, not hurt.

Upper Lake Union Elementary getting high marks for all day kindergarten. The principal says she made it a priority after finding out there was no all-day classes for kindies. Kindergartners used to go from 8 until 11:30 a.m. but now they stay until 2 p.m. with the rest of the students. Enrollment has gone up at the school since the start of the all day program. Lake Co News reports according to the National Education Association, all-day kindergarten is better for kids because it allows teachers more time to identify student needs, helps the children prepare for first grade, and offers intellectual, social and emotional benefits.

The 3rd District Supervisor on the Mendocino County Board says he’s none too happy with the latest version of the county budget. Tom Woodhouse says he’d like the Board to get more say in the 2015-16 fiscal year budget which is at just under $240 million. Woodhouse has voted against the proposed spending plan which was put together by the Executive Office. He says he wants changes in the Planning and Building Services department because the county’s losing money. He also says he’s got some worries about big commercial marijuana grows, he says are wrecking the county. He’s also concerned about money going to Mental Health services even though there’s been millions spent on privatization. He says he’s also got concerns about some county employees and their morale.

Still at about 80% surrounded for the Sanhedrin fire. The Mendocino National Forest reports about 25 acres charred by the fire. They’re removing some firefighters and equipment from the area as they get closer to total containment on the fire which started over the weekend on private land. Forest officials say smoke from the fire will probably be seen the next few days along Highway 101 and on the west side of the forest. The fire burning south of Little Signal Peak and east of the Sanhedrin Wilderness on the Upper Lake Ranger District. The cause is under investigation.

Ukiah Valley Medical Center has announced lower prices for imaging services… the hospital’s President and CEO made the announcement yesterday that they’ve lowered most of their prices for MRI, CT, Diagnostic X-rays and Ultrasound. She says since most people have different deductibles with their insurance, most will still have a major lowering of out-of-pocket expenses for common procedures and other imaging studies.

Lake County’s home prices are going up. The Lake County Association of Realtors reports the month of May’s median sale price on homes was up about 7-grand from last year. The association reported single family residences in Lake County were up from $199,765 in April 2015 to $207,000 in May. That’s also about 24 percent more than a year before when it was just above $167,000. There were 72 home sold in Lake County in May, the same as in April but 10 more than a year before. In California, the median home sale price was $485,830.

The Lake County Planning Commission set to meet and discuss the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the Valley Oaks development in Middletown. There was supposed to be a hearing on the project earlier this month but it was continued so county staff could have more time to prepare. If the report is certified, it would be recommended to the Lake County Board of Supervisors for development.

Sheriff’s deputies in Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties busted up a giant marijuana grow. Multiple search warrants served in the Island Mountain area. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports several deputies from the three Sheriff’s offices in three counties went out to the grow in the Emerald Triangle area where they were supposedly expecting to find more than 100,000 plants. The marijuana grows apparently home grown from wealthy locals, not Mexican cartels. Cops also concerned about mass water theft and other environmental violations so the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was assisting deputies.

A woman in Lucerne’s been killed in a crash where her car went airborne over a 6-foot-tall outbuilding. The CHP reports the woman heading west on Highway 20 at a high rate of speed, speeding thru a left curve in the road, then driving over double-yellow lines into an eastbound lane. Officers say the woman over corrected and lost control, sending her off the road, thru some trees and into a wooden outbuilding into two trailers by the Sandbeach Trailer Lodge. The woman didn’t have on a seat belt and died at the scene. Folks inside the two trailers she hit were not hurt.

The second of the budget workshops in Clearlake shows the city’s got enough money to meet basic operating needs. They city’s finance director reported the info to the city council last Thursday. The director explaining that the city’s basic operating needs should be met first including essential public safety, minimal infrastructure maintenance and community development needs. The total operating budget lower than $6.1 million. Apparently salaries and benefits are mostly what the city spends money on, then health insurance is the second largest expenditure. Payments to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) was accounted as the third largest cost at about $641,000, or 14 percent.

A fire quickly doused at a trash company in Lakeport. Timberline Disposal had a fire in a garbage bin Thursday afternoon. Lakeport Fire Protection District (LFPD) on the scene on Soda Bay Road with Kelseyville and Northshore fire protection districts too. 20 firefighters in all responded to the incident. Firefighters got in thru a locked gate, putting the fire to bed in less than a half hour. It was another couple hours of cleanup afterwards. Soda Bay Road was partly closed during the operation.

The resolution for the asphalt plant proposed by Grist Creek Aggregates has been rescinded. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors will take up the matter at their meeting after a group of local residents calling themselves the Friends of Outlet Creek had sued saying they wanted a review in accordance to the California Environmental Quality Act, trying to potentially stop the whole project. The group says it could create environmental hazards for nearby bodies of water, endangered species, air quality and also concerns of noise and increased traffic. A 10-year use permit was approved in June 2002 but the previous owner of the site never acted on the permit. Then in August 2009, the Board of Supervisors changed the zoning. Grist Creek Aggregates looking to start asphalt production at the site more efficiently.

Cockroaches taking over at Ukiah High School. Staff at the school trying to get rid of the pests which have multiplied because there’s been no rain. The Ukiah Unified School District reports when they get rain they don’t have the problem as it pretty much washes insects and their eggs thru storm drains and pipe conduits where they breed and lay eggs, but apparently the drought means the pests breed there instead, causing the infestation. The school superintendent says they’ve been working on a way to safely eradicate the pests working with the Mendocino County Environmental Health Department.

Another step forward for an old hotel in Fort Bragg to be converted into office space for a homeless service provider as well as short-term housing for the needy. The judge denying a group’s request for a preliminary injunction to stop the project as a lawsuit filed against the move makes its way to trial. The judge saying the group didn’t establish strong merit on the case and that stopping the project would cause more harm to the hospitality center than to its critics. The vacant Old Coast Hotel is proposed for homeless, mental health and drug rehabilitation services. Those against say it’s the location that’s bad, in the middle of a business district, so those who need services would not have privacy. Those against saying they’d rather have a hotel, restaurant and bar or something else to potentially attract tourists and commerce.

A missing man in Ukiah’s been found in what police say was a gang-related attack. The missing man found at a home Friday with several stab wounds but denied being kidnapped. Another man with him had serious injuries too but was released from the hospital. Police say they’ve grabbed many of the suspects involved in the stabbing last week after a high-speed chase. The driver of the car, Roman Jose Soto of Point Arena has been arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon, criminal conspiracy and possessing stolen property. He’s also charged with reckless vehicular evasion and violating probation. Ryan Raya and a 16-year-old boy charged in the case too, for assault with a dangerous weapon, possessing stolen property, and criminal conspiracy.

A man near Tampa, FL in trouble with the law for trying to drown his pet rabbit in a hotel swimming pool. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says Steve Rodd purposely dropped the rabbit in the pool. He’s been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals. Sheriff’s officials say Rodd tossed the rabbit into the water, then walked away a couple minutes as the animal went still.

A Chinese teenager texting so intently fell into a drain in the street. The girl’s leg got stuck in the metal grill of the drain up to her thigh in China. She couldn’t move or get out without help. People passing by her called the fire dept. who removed the bars to the drain and got the girl out. She had scratches and bruises but was not seriously hurt.

A man in South Williamson, Kentucky apparently really hot, so he went into Wal-Mart to cool off.. naked. The Pike County Sheriff’s Department arrested the man who went into the Big box store and poured cold milk all over his naked self, yelling "I’m on fire". As he left, he hopped into another car, but deputies caught up to him after a video posting on a social media site. Timothy Smith of Phelps and David Daniels of Belfry were both arrested, one the getaway driver.

Police in Logan, Utah have arrested a man they say tried stealing a car, then called a cab because he didn’t know how to work a stick shift. Cops say Alexander Katz was busted last Tuesday with his underage girlfriend for trying to take a car with keys left inside. They ditched the car and hailed a cab then ran when they saw police. He was busted from information given to the taxi driver. His girlfriend was also arrested but released to her parents.

Investigators finishing up a jail drug smuggling ring found an inmate’s apparent escape plot. Cops say Ernest Murphy who was waiting for his attempted murder trial to start had stashed 64 neatly tied together bed sheets so he could slide down from 11 stories up to the street. The commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation says the bedding stretched the length of a gymnasium nearly four times. Murphy was arrested May 11 for promoting prison contraband.

A fire in the Mendocino National Forest has blackened about 25 acres. Fire officials say the fire on private land south of Little Signal Peak and east of the Sanhedrin Wilderness on the Upper Lake Ranger District was reported Friday night. It’s 80% contained. Officials report it burning thru dead and down trees, in an area burned in 2008. Smoke could be seen along Highway 101 and on the west side of the forest.

U-C Davis is using West Crockett and Middle Creek Campgrounds for archaeological field school. Starting today about 25 field school participants will be at the West Crockett Campground in the Snow Mountain Wilderness on the Grindstone Ranger District until July 10th. Then Monday, July 13th, they’ll be at the Middle Creek Campground on the Upper Lake Ranger District until Friday, July 21st. They say campers may want to camp elsewhere because there will be a lot of activity there. There will be archaeological surveys and maybe even excavations.

A woman in downtown Guerneville’s been arrested for crashing a rental pickup truck with a stolen scooter in the truck bed. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reports the scooter’s owner seeing their scooter in someone else’s truck at a supermarket parking lot Saturday. The driver sped off after the confrontation with the scooter owner but a sheriff’s deputy saw the incident and stopped. Then the truck crashed into a parked car at the intersection of First and Main streets. Someone got trapped between two cars in the crash. Folks nearby helped police move one of the cars away from the other to free the person who was taken to a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. Kristy Chavez, the driver of the truck has been arrested for suspicion of possessing stolen property, felony evading an officer and for an outstanding warrant from the California Department of Corrections.

The Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders have agreed on a new budget, $115.4 billion dollars with money going to public schools and universities starting in the fiscal year that starts July 1st. There’s also more money going to social welfare programs. There’s about $265 million so 7,000 state-subsidized preschoolers will be covered and about 6,800 get child care covered. Plus the state’s health insurance program for the less fortunate and for kids in the country illegally which is about $40 million a year. Another vote on the budget to get it approved prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year July 1st.

The Walmart in Clearlake is getting a makeover. Plans have been in the works several years. The store went in in the mid-90’s. There’s a total remodel and expansion planned that had been given to the city of Clearlake last Tuesday. The store looking for a major add on, about 39,000 square feet more of building area. That will bring the store to nearly 150,000 square feet. Walmart says they’re looking to build a larger grocery department, with more food and general merchandise, a larger stockroom/receiving area, ancillary space and food tenant space. There will also be a pickup service for customers to order groceries and general merchandise online from the store website then pick up their stuff in the drive-thru.

4 fires extinguished over the weekend along Highway 20 and near Clearlake. The fires said to be responded to, each within a half hour of each other Saturday. The first on Olympic Drive and Highway 53 in Clearlake, Witter Springs Road near Upper Lake, Old Long Valley Road and Highway 20 and Highway 20 and Walker Ridge, east of Clearlake Oaks. Many regional fire departments responded. One of the fires in a vineyard, with 6 foot tall weeds growing. A man was mowing the weeds when the area caught fire. All told, the fires burned under 9 acres. No homes or other buildings reported damaged and no injuries either.

Pavement and other highway work in Kelseyville starting. The work on Route 29 from Kelseyville to Lakeport over 5 miles. The $5 million project to be worked on at night, and there will be one-way traffic control with about 15-minute delays anticipated. Failing sections of asphalt will be replaced. All of the work is supposed to be done before the July 4th holiday weekend. All paving work to be done by the end of July.

City leaders in Willits to decide how much money to spend on pool operations. The City Council asking for a public hearing this Wednesday during the regular city council meeting. City staff says there could be a loss of as much as $45,000 for 2015-2016. One proposal was to double those fees so it would cost $8/day per person, instead of $4 . But public input showed doubling the fees might have meant less revenue so the discussion was tabled for now. The pool has been discussed year after year since it’s a money loser for the city. Since it’s extra for lifeguards, that’s what creates a loss for the city. The council considering if residents want to spend $50,000 a year to keep the pool open during summer months.

A 300-thousand dollar fine for the owner of a marijuana grow in Shasta County and its contractor. The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board fining the owner of the pot grow and the contractor who graded it for violations of the clean water regulations. Both the Central Valley and the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Boards in cooperation with the State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife working partners of a Northern California Cannabis Pilot Project. The charges after an inspection warrant for several properties in Shasta County. Inspections in Mendocino and Humboldt counties by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board but there’s been no fines imposed.

A man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested for the theft of several redwood split rails off fencing on someone’s private property. Plus cops say John Cooley, Jr. also had meth paraphernalia on him. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. reports getting a call from someone in Caspar, CA saying someone came in the middle of the night and took their railing. Another Deputy caught a black Dodge Durango with redwood split rails which matched the description of the stolen rails. So Cooley was arrested and the methamphetamine smoking pipe and rails were taken from his possession. He’s charged with Possession of Stolen Property and Possessing a device for ingesting methamphetamine.

Some residents in Lakeport say no to a cell tower in the neighborhood. The 72-foot-high tower would be a “monopine” – in other words, it’s supposed to look like a pine tree to disguise it. But those living near where Verizon Wireless is proposing to build it, 1875 N. High St. say there are no other trees of that size in the area so it will stick out plain as day, and it will block some views to the lake. The Lakeport Planning Commission has approved Verizon’s use permit though. The representative for Verizon said one appeal by a local shopping center owner lacked merit. The matter is continued until the next city council meeting, July 7th.

A couple of people suspected of stealing mail from boxes in Mendocino and other Northern California counties arrested. Donald Powell of Cottonwood and Lawanda Jean Parks of Corning suspected in the ripoff of about 22-thousand dollars. They were also found to have meth on them. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call to a home in Leggett where a man said he saw the two near his mailbox, then they took off when he approached. He chased them to Laytonville then deputies took the chase. The two caught but denied they stole mail. Charges against them include receiving stolen property, conspiracy and misdemeanor drug possession.

Body cameras likely coming to Fort Bragg after positive response at a workshop. The dept is applying for a federal grant to pay for body cameras which are now being used across the country because of concern about police misconduct. The police dept.’s forum last Sunday had some folks in attendance, but not a lot. The idea to make the public aware. But apparently the chances of getting the grant to pay for the cameras is not a given. Grants will be awarded in October.

Fort Bragg once again considering the fire sprinkler ordinance after a technical error voided a revision. The first ordinance from 1985 with several passes at revisions for the downtown core. Then last fall more ideas and the ordinance reintroduced. The amount needed, raised to $75,000 and a clause that folks downtown have four years to install sprinklers and follow the rules of the proposed ordinance. The council will take up the matter for a first reading next month.

A fire’s been put out on Waugh Lane. No word on how the fire started in the vacant home but word is there had been squatters there in the past with plenty of debris sitting around. Firefighters on the scene had it under control about 11:30 Wednesday night but got a call overnight about a hot spot flare up. Folks on the Ukiah Daily Journal Facebook page say there was quite the traffic backup as lookie loos were stopping to see and photograph the fire. There is video up on that page of the fire burning too.

A man who tried to be a good Samaritan is in jail. Police in Wyoming County Pennsylvania say Christopher Ratcliffe was trying to free a man with a leg trapped under a riding mower but when he tried to free the trapped man he knocked him and his mower down a 12-foot embankment and the mower landed on the man. Ratcliffe got a ticket for uninsured, uninspected and unregistered vehicle, plus he had pot on him.

A man arrested for robbing a bank in Pennsylvania because he stopped at a restaurant to eat biscuits has been sent to prison. Shane Lindsey pleaded guilty to ripping off the Citizens Bank in downtown New Kensington in Jan. He was spotted by witnesses at a restaurant pretty soon thereafter eating. Cops saw him on surveillance video and busted him.

Union workers are going back to work at the golf course at the Hidden Valley Lake Association. Starting Monday employees who’ve been striking have agreed to come back. They were picketing a couple months without pay, working without a contract since last fall. A settlement agreement between the union and the association with the neutral National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) says they have to start negotiations again. The board investigated nearly a dozen grievances by the union and finding enough evidence from the union.

Legislation proposed by state senator Mike McGuire for regulatory policy for medical marijuana has passed from the Senate floor. The senator’s office says most of all the marijuana grown in the United States comes from Senator McGuire’s Northern California District. McGuire says the legal, multibillion-dollar industry is virtually unregulated in the State of California. But his bill, the Medical Marijuana Public Safety and Environmental Protection Act would set rules for zoning, licensing public health related to edibles and product testing marketing and more.

The Mendocino County DA’s office reports petition gatherers in front of supermarkets in Mendocino County misrepresenting Senator McGuire’s marijuana legislation so folks would actually be signing a petition for a competing initiative to be put on the ballot. The DA’s office warning the public to know what they’re signing before doing so.


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