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Monthly Archives: February 2019


A town known for its rain measurements, gets a massive dump of rain. The North Bay town of Venado, got nearly 21 inches in 48 hours during the latest “atmospheric river” storm. The area in Sonoma County, just west of Healdsburg. The rainfall total from Monday to Wednesday, a lot more than the nearly 15 inches San Jose gets an entire year. The National Weather Service reports San Francisco, on the other hand, only got an inch. The atmospheric river hung over Sonoma County, flooding the Russian River. Reported to be the worst flooding in 24 years. There were lingering showers after the massive rainfall yesterday, and more rain is expected this weekend and next week.

Flood levels continuing dropping in Mendocino County. The Russian River was no longer at flood level this morning and dropped below flood monitor stage. The Navarro River was recorded early this morning at Minor Flood stage but was expected to drop totally out of flood stage hours later. And the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office lifted evacuation warnings for both the Russian and Navarro Rivers and the evacuation shelters are closed. Highway 1 at the Garcia River was flooded yesterday, but live camera shots of the area looked totally clear.

Reports of several people trapped on a tractor on the Eel River as the river swelled in the rain storm the last couple of days. It was reported last night about 7:45 p.m. that a group of berry workers were caught up in the rushing river. An officer went to help, but apparently couldn’t reach the tractor. But since the river was flooding, the emergency responders had to go around near Rio Dell and go out to Ferndale, this according to dispatcher reports caught by reporter Kym Kemp. The Coast Guard also went to the scene with a chopper in the Port Kenyon area. The chopper left after not locating the group, but as they were returning the dispatcher reports the group of four children and two adults were rescued. One man was still reportedly missing though.

A man charged with setting the Clayton Fire in Lake County continuing in court for his lengthy preliminary hearing. Damin Pashilk of Clearlake is charged with the Clayton Fire arson and 15 others between July of 2015 and August of 2016. This week in court, discovery of what it cost to fight the Clayton Fire along with other damage estimates. A fire official reported they were watching Pashilk in the summer of 2016 and photographed him and his car near another fire. They tested Pashilk’s car to make sure it didn’t have issues that may have started the fire, and ran tests of incendiary devices to ignite dry grass. They found a paper napkin at the scene of one fire and say they then tested a napkin to see if it could start a fire, they confirmed it could. Testimony and closing arguments continuing.

A woman visited a prison inmate in Calif. gets 2 years behind bars for delivering a fatal meth dose. California Department of Corrections and Rehab investigators say Johna Martinez-Meth of Clearlake pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. She got two years for bringing drugs into the prison. The investigation of Martinez-Meth after an inmate suddenly died at a facility in Vacaville. 46 year old Adrian Sepulveda serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole for second-degree murder. His autopsy revealed he swallowed several meth filled balloons after Martinez-Meth visited him. They got a search warrant for Martinez-Meth’s home and found meth, balloons and glue. She was arrested.

The Lake County Sheriff, who also serves as the Director of Emergency Services issuing a local emergency declaration after massive damage from the atmospheric river. Sheriff Brian Martin declared the local emergency after reports of flooded homes, landslides, downed utility lines and trees. So the county can also get help from the state and perform certain duties to protect lives and property. The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services gets the emergency declaration as the County responds to another natural disaster and prepares for more rain forecast to slam Northern Calif. this weekend and next week.

A large boat at Noyo Beach suddenly drifts out to sea from the harbor. Onlookers report the Trek II, a popular fishing and whale watching charter boat broke loose after it was just remodeled. It happened during flooding of the Noyo River which crested at just over 25 feet yesterday morning, flood stage is about 27 feet. The Coast Guard reports they were getting reports of a 55-foot charter vessel without a captain moving down the Noyo toward the ocean. They sent two 47-foot life boats out to help. The Trek II headed back on its own to Soldier Point Park. The Coast Guard reminding to inspect vessel moorings when there are high flood warnings and fast moving currents on all rivers in Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte counties.

Evacuations from boats in Forestville. Five rescue firefighters with Forestville working nonstop during the flood event in wet suits and life jackets with glow sticks to mark powerlines swinging too low over the very swollen Russian River hear people who needed help. The two apparently didn’t want to leave their home on River Drive which was inundated. That was after 2 days straight of rescuing or warning folks to leave. Forestville Fire Protection District reports as many as 30 emergency evacuations and responding to another 20 reports of hazardous conditions like mudslides and fallen power lines or medical emergencies. Reports of trees crashing into homes along the river. Two firefighters were helping people leave their homes, in a flat-bottom boat, another two in an inflatable raft and another on a jet ski.

Plans about six years ago for PG&E to put in new transmission equipment around the area where the Camp Fire broke out. Filings with the Public Utilities Commission show the complex of equipment unofficially linked to the ignition point of the fire in Butte County last November 2018. The equipment runs along Butte, Yuba and Sutter counties, known as the Caribou-Palermo line. It comes after the utility company was blamed for a deadly gas explosion in 2010 for which its charged with crimes, and for several fires in October 2017 which also killed several people. Towers that had been knocked over in a winter storm were supposed to be replaced in the fall of 2013, but in 2016 they still needed to do the repairs there and on several other aging facilities over 59.5 miles. PG&E reported power failures on the Caribou-Palermo line the day the Camp Fire broke out.

Untreated sewage spills reported across Humboldt County after heavy rain and ahead of the Perilous Plunge. The executive director of the Redwood Discovery Museum says she’s considering the spill ahead of the yearly Eureka event where participants where costumes and dive into the bay as a fundraiser for the museum. There’s been several reports of sewage spills in the cities of Eureka, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Ferndale and the Humboldt Community Services District from between 1,000 to nearly 14,000 gallons. Altogether, as much as 30,000 gallons of overflowing sewage was reportedly flowing towards the ocean.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports levels on the Russian and Navarro Rivers were receding. The rivers peaked yesterday morning but were expected to continue dropping. The Russian River was supposed to hit below flood stage by yesterday afternoon after swelling and inundating entire communities. Areas of Hopland still flooded and folks were being rescued out of Guerneville. The Sheriff’s Office also reported the Navarro River hit just over 37 feet but was dropping mid-day yesterday. It didn’t get near the record of 40.6 feet. The Garcia River flooded at Highway 1 north of Point Arena, also yesterday morning, so it was closed with Caltrans monitoring the flooding. Several people stayed in shelters and hotels and the Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services reports the Board of Supervisors proclaimed a local emergency at their Tuesday morning meeting.

Visit for updated highway information on road closures.

The Board of Supervisors votes yes for a temporary moratorium for growing genetically modified organisms of GMO’s as well as industrial hemp in unincorporated areas of Mendocino County. It’s just until county staff can study possible cultivation regulations. The moratorium in place for a month and a half, but it can be extended with notice and a public hearing. So it means there won’t be any permit, registration or approval for GMO’s or Hemp during that 45 days. Then staff will head back to the Board in April after the Department of Planning and Building Services and the Department of Agriculture consider changes and refinements to the county’s General Plan on GMOs and the establishment of regulations for hemp cultivation.

Possible changes to the way Lake County does business with marijuana farmers. The Board of Supervisors considering changes to the commercial cannabis cultivation code. Lake Co News reports that could open up more business with several new permit applicants that have been blocked by an ordinance-imposed deadline for growers to be enrolled in a water quality protection program, or “water board”. The news site says an April 19th, 2018 deadline was used to limit how many applicants were considered. Those against the deadline say it’s stopping potential business for the County. There are more than 100 applicants reportedly in a holding pattern. The board will take up the matter again in April.

A trailer totally demolished at Wildwood Campground in Fort Bragg by a falling tree due to flooding and a resident escapes thru a hole with the help of neighbors. The man went to a hospital but was released, his name has not been released. Neighbors reportedly heard crackling noises and looked out and saw the trailer buried under the tree which had uprooted due to saturated soil. The neighbors ran to help the man and guided him out the hole that was ripped open in the trailer in the storm. Apparently the man was in the kitchen when the tree fell on his living room where he sat just before the crash.

A woman had to be rescued after falling off a cliff at Glass Beach. The fall Monday morning. Rescuers from the Fort Bragg Fire Department out with an ambulance, along the Fort Bragg Police Department and State Parks. When they got there, rescuers couldn’t see the woman right away in the rainy weather, also low visibility. She was found about 20 minutes later. They carried her back up the path where there used to be stairs. She was apparently collecting rocks and lost her footing.

A snowplow bumps into a car covered in snow with a woman inside who police say they think was living in her car in South Lake Tahoe. A city spokesperson says it happened Feb. 17th and reminds that certain areas should not be parked in because of winter weather and adds it slows snow removal. The plow driver hit the car, which popped the car’s trunk and when the driver went to shovel around the car to tow it, the woman put a hand on the window. They say she wasn’t trying to get out and wasn’t making any noise. She was not cited for parking there and her name’s not released. She also said no to getting medical attention, left the car, which was reportedly towed. Her car battery was dead at the time.

A man in Garberville’s found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the death of another man for a 2015 altercation. William Lamar Hinson III was accused of attacking Khanh Lam after an argument while Lam was looking for his lost dog. Court papers say Hinson and others chased Lam down an alley and Hinson hit him over the head with a board, fracturing his skull. Hinson faces up to 11 years in prison for the voluntary manslaughter conviction and another year for personal use of a deadly weapon. He will be sentenced in April.

Clear Lake hits flood stage and parts of two state highways, several roads and Library Park in Lakeport flooded. Lake Co News reports as of 1pm this afternoon Clear Lake was  at 9.28 feet Rumsey, flood state is 9 feet Rumsey. The news site reports the lake flooding along with other local water bodies ended up flooding Highway 20 near Witter Springs, so it was closed at the junction with Highway 29 in Upper Lake out to Highway 20 at Potter Valley Road in Mendocino County. As we reported earlier today residents living on the shore or near Clear Lake were advised to be prepared for flooding. Several more inches of rain expected thru Saturday. The news site also reports the new rain forecast is on top of rain the last three days that was about 5 inches near Lakeport, 10 inches near Bartlett Springs and estimates of nearly 15 inches in parts of Cobb.

The Governor has issued an emergency proclamation for rains recently causing flooding, mudslides, erosion, power outages, and damage to critical infrastructure. The proclamation for several counties including Los Angeles, Marin, Mendocino, Santa Barbara, Shasta, Tehama, Ventura, and Yolo. It tells Caltrans to formally request help immediately thru the Federal Highway Administration’s Emergency Relief Program and directs the Office of Emergency Services to provide assistance to local governments.

Guerneville and Monte Rio became something of an island after heavy rains ran off the Russian River. Access cut off as the river had swollen early today. The Press Democrat reports there were more than 50 spots along county roads and highway 37 flooded. Reports of trees down, cars stuck in flooding and roads blocked by water. School systems closed down across Sonoma County and no access for mail carriers to deliver mail to several neighborhoods. First responders were out in the river area in boats and there were also reports of high‑water military trucks for deep water rescues.

Residents who live on or close to Clear Lake are being warned to get ready for rising water. The California Nevada River Forecast Center says there’s 3.5 inches of rain for the Clear Lake watershed due through Saturday. And the lake is predicted to reach flood stage of 9.0 Rumsey with levels reaching 9.8 Rumsey late tomorrow night. The north shore of the lake is predicted to be getting some wave action due to strong southerly wind gusts. The high lake levels are expected for a prolonged period. And there’s a warning too that a lot of debris has washed into the lake. Trees, docks and appliances have been seen floating on the surface. A warning for boaters to use caution and be aware that a mandatory idle speed limit is in effect when boating within one quarter mile of the shoreline.

It could be years before a second road is added to the Brooktrails community. But a grant’s being applied for to help Sherwood Corridor residents look for ways to be safer in wildfires and earthquakes. The Sherwood Firewise Communities Interim Emergency Preparation Coordinator says it’s a long term goal for a second road, but far off. But now they’re focusing instead for an emergency evacuation exit along a route from north of the airport down to Highway 101 north of Willits. They’re also looking at a modern phone communication network, utilizing Google maps to quickly be in touch with residents. They’re also working with residents so they have personal evacuation plans for home, school, business and family members. They also want residents to get involved in hazard reduction and other important fire wise work. They’re also making standing address signs available in the community. For more information about SFC, find them on Facebook or visit

Evacuation warning because of flooding along the Russian River in the greater Ukiah Valley and Hopland. The Sheriff issued the warning last night. The Sheriff’s office, Office of Emergency Services, City of Ukiah, Hopland Fire, Ukiah Valley Fire, Cal Fire, Coastal Valley EMS, and the National Weather Service are all monitoring the storm passing thru the area. Another round of heavy rain is expected this morning. Besides totally saturating the ground, the river is expected to flood low lying areas and crest overnight. But it should recede late this morning. The areas expecting to be flooded are near Perkins Street, Oak Manor Drive, and Babcock Lane in Ukiah and Talmage Road in Talmage, and Old River Road and Highway 175 in Hopland. There’s also a warning the 101 in Hopland may have to be closed. The Sheriff also issued an evacuation warning for Navarro River Road, in Elk, because of flooding along the Navarro River. But that flooding should recede by early this afternoon.

There are two shelters open for flooding evacuees, one at the Veterans Memorial Building in Ukiah, and the other at the County Office of Education on Old River Road. Ukiah Unified has closed schools today too.

A special election’s being held by the Lakeport Fire Protection District to try to get a new parcel tax passed to bring in more money for district operations. The mail only election for Measure M May 7th. The ballot will ask voters to approve the parcel tax continuing for fire and emergency medical services which is calculated to bring in almost 1 and a quarter million a year. The ballot statement says, if the measure passes, it will pay for faster response times and increase fire protection/emergency medical services with more staffers, and get new equipment. It requires a two-thirds majority vote to pass.

A young man from Kelseyville killed in a car accident on Highway 101 on Monday afternoon is being identified. 22 year old Luis Enrique Gonzalez Recinos was killed in the crash. He was in a 2013 Mercedes headed north on the 101 near mile post marker 7.46 when he reportedly spun out of control. The California Highway Patrol’s Ukiah Area office reports the Mercedes spun into the path of a 2001 Toyota driven by 21-year-old James Wakefield Jr. of Redwood Valley, he had minor injuries. Gonzalez Recinos died at the scene.

The State Assembly considering Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry’s legislation to demand the U-S Congress pass a Background Checks Act. The Act is being considered by the US House with Congressman Mike Thompson’s backing. H.R. 8 requires uniform and universal background checks on all gun purchases and transfers. So unlicensed gun retailers have to do background checks on gun buyers and transferees and they’ll have to use licensed dealers to sell and transfer firearms. There’s currently a loophole allowing unlicensed firearm dealers to sell at gun shows, online, and face to face with no background checks at all.

An audit of the immigration detention facilities in Calif. has been released by the State Attorney General Xavier Becerra. This comes as part of a law passed in 2017 requiring the department to report on the conditions of confinement; standard of care and due process for detainees; and tell how and why they were detained and transferred to facilities. The report says there were lengthy detentions in cells without breaks, language barriers that compromised medical and legal confidentiality; challenges getting medical and mental health care, problems with detainees talking to their families, and barriers to legal representation. Detainees in Calif, held more than 50 days on average, and the longest was more than four years.

Water continues rising after the Atmospheric River hit Northern Calif. It hung over Sonoma County, dumping continuous rain. Residents in Guerneville told to be ready for the worst flooding in twenty years. Nearly 4,000 people have been ordered to evacuate by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office from Guerneville, Monte Rio and Duncans Mills where the river spills into the Ocean. The Russian River was forecast to hit its highest level since 1997 when it hit 45 feet. It was supposed to get to just over 46 feet late last night. The record back on Valentine’s Day in 1986, when the river covered Guerneville at 49.5 feet. The Sheriff’s office says it will be a few days until the water recedes so they warn all residents to leave. The wind and rain are expected to die down today, but scattered showers are expected to continue thru tomorrow, then another storm is expected this weekend and yet another storm next Tuesday. Officials also warning there could be land or mudslides in burn areas from the October 2017 wildfires.

A young man from Northern Calif. is going to prison for several years after he pleaded guilty for supporting ISIS. 23-year-old Amer Alhaggagi admitted he created Twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts so people believed to be ISIS supporters online in chat rooms thought he was the same. He was also secretly recorded plotting with undercover agents to blow up courthouses, landmarks and tourist attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area. His lawyer calling him an unemployed, pot-smoking internet “troll” just looking to provoke and annoy with violent, anti-American claims.

More than 200 flights had to be cancelled at San Francisco International because of high winds yesterday, and reports of two people having to be rescued from a big mudslide near Monte Rio in Sonoma County. There were reports of crashes all over the place because of slick roads, a tow truck driver killed when a Chevy Silverado lost control and hit a Prius the tow truck driver was trying to maneuver. A ton of snow has also fallen in the Sierras, with a winter storm warning which includes Lake Tahoe, until 6 a.m. tomorrow. Warnings of periods of white-out conditions especially in higher elevations for yesterday and today. The National Weather Service warning people not to drive if they can because they could be stuck in their car for hours. Interstate 80, which is the main highway over the Sierra was closed yesterday. The Sierra Nevada statewide snow pack was already at 144 percent of its historical average before this latest hit.

An arrest warrant issued for a man seen on surveillance video in New York stealing loads of shampoo. The man at stores in Niagara Falls swiping shampoo left and right, nearly $300 worth one day, and another $170 the next. Police say he stole another $240 or so earlier. Cops also say he’s taking his hair cleaning supplies to a pizzeria, then reselling it out of the restaurant. They’ve dubbed him the “shampoo bandit”.

A flood warning in effect now for low-lying areas of the Ukiah Valley. Pictures online show Oak Manor area under water with river projections sometime about now to 9 am tomorrow morning. There’s also the possibility of mudslides, falling trees or limbs, and the potential for power outages. Warnings to remember not to try to cross flooded roads and if you see unsafe conditions, like downed power lines or blocked roadways, to call 9-1-1 immediately. And further noting not to touch trees as they can have power and/or communication lines attached to them. The City is monitoring the storm and is sending out Nixle alerts which you can sign up for at the police dept. website or visit the city’s Facebook page. Sandbags are available to residents at Friedman’s Home Improvement for free.

Thunderstorms are possible in Lake county. And the Lake is expected to hit 8.0 feet Rumsey today and even 9 feet Rumsey tomorrow into Thursday morning. 9 feet is flood stage. There’s a mandatory 5 mph boating speed limit on the Lake as it hits 8.0 Rumsey. It also means boaters have to operate motor boats within a quarter mile or less of the shoreline to maintain idle speed. This is from an ordinance approved by the Board of Supervisors during the 2017 flood so there’s minimal wake damage to lakeshore properties and make sure boaters are safe. For more information about flood conditions and the boating speed limit, you can call the Water Resources Department at (707) 263-2344, the Sheriff’s Department at (707) 262-4200, or visit the Flood Info feature at

Since the heavy rain is not supposed to stop for a day or two more, major flooding’s expected along the Russian River tomorrow. Sonoma County officials telling folks who live in the low river‑area to evacuate. There was as much as ten inches of rain that fell in the area in the last 24 hours, with more continuing. Entire communities could be cut off as the ground is totally saturated. The River in Guerneville is expected to get to nearly 46 feet late tomorrow night. That means parts of Rio Nido and Monte Rio and several other areas will be under water. It could be a serious flood higher than the historic 1997 flood. The river is predicted to top its banks within the hour. Sonoma County officials have opened the emergency operations center and are monitoring the situation for possible mandatory evacuation notices. There are no mandatory evacuations so far, but some residents are being alerted to rising water levels.

A stolen car found on fire in Fort Bragg and a man arrested in connection to the stolen car. Police say they got a call early Sunday morning to an area where the stolen white Chevy Silverado crashed into a rock that was being used as a barrier between a parking lot and pedestrian walkway. Clothing was found in the Chevy which police connected to Nicholas Scarberry who they found on Main Street. Cops say the guy was seen looking into the windows of other cars and looked like he was in a car crash, so they arrested him for vehicle theft, and hit and run, but because he had visible injuries, he was taken to a hospital where they did field sobriety tests. He was then further charged with DUI.

Another atmospheric river’s expected in Northern Calif. The National Weather Service warning of possible flash floods in Lake County. A flash flood watch has been put into effect from 4 p.m. today to 8 a.m. Thursday. The atmospheric river could raise river, creek and lake levels so there’s a greater chance of flash flooding because of continued heavy rain, especially in burn scar areas. Moderate to heavy rain expected today with about a half foot expected in some areas, with much of that landing today with gusty winds of up to 25 mph. There should be a reprieve at the end of the week, but then more rain’s expected next weekend.

The Gov. Gavin Newsom says he’s signing a bill to add $31 million from next year’s state budget to pay the state back for property tax revenues the state didn’t get because of wildfires in Lake and Butte counties. Nearly $4 million is going to Lake County since it also lost tax money after several fires between 2015 and 2018, including the Valley, Clayton, Sulphur and Mendocino Complex fires. The Lake County Administrative Officer has said the county is in a fiscal crisis. The Record Bee newspaper reports the officer saying the money coming from the state will be helpful but is not enough to completely fix the crisis. And moving forward Lake County will have to send the state invoices for payments that they will consider on a yearly basis. The state finance dept. says the property taxes help finance schools, the state is helping. As they have in the past. The announcement made by the Governor when he recently visited the Camp Fire burn area.

Speaking of wildfires, PG&E says it can’t follow all of the new state rules to reduce wildfire risks. In a court filing last Friday, the utility said there were as many as 100 million trees in northern and central California that may touch their overhead lines. And because of the massive amount, it might be difficult to comply. The statement after the judge overseeing it’s criminal case from the San Bruno explosion told them they had to clear trees near their utility lines. The filing at the same time the utility has also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, where they listed more than $51 and a half billion in debt.

The Lake County Chamber of Commerce is supporting two main projects this year, broadband across the county and the facelift for the Lampson Field Airport. They’re supporting county wide broadband that’s both reliable and affordable saying it would be a major shift to service residents and visitors, businesses and local governments. For Lampson Field Airport, some of the fixes include a new pilots’ lounge for visiting pilots. Right now they have to use a portable toilet and wait outside for ground transport. The Chamber president says they want to support these projects to help transform the region, create business opportunities, improve quality of life and build a foundation for the future.

Hundreds of 911 calls the day of the Camp Fire are being made public. The dispatch calls from the Paradise Police and Fire departments, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and Cal Fire from residents running from their homes. Cal Fire has released two hours of calls they got, they have hundreds more to be released later. You can hear calls from residents wondering if they should leave, calls from dispatchers to the Sheriff to see if evacuations should be ordered. And the Chico Fire Department reporting they’re getting a ton of 911 calls reporting smoke visible. The calls can be heard online:

In the wake of its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, PG&E announces $130 million in bonus money to thousands of their employees is not happening after all. The cancellations after criticism against the utility as fire victims had lost homes and even family members. PG&E is looking at a possible $30 billion in liabilities owed to fire victims and as much as $60 billion dollars alone from lawsuits due to the Camp Fire in Butte County last year. There’s been no cause of the Camp Fire officially yet, but it’s believed a PG&E transmission line near the ignition point may have sparked the fire last year. The fire killed 86 people and completely burned the town of Paradise.

A proposal for kids in High School to learn about finances before they can graduate. Students have to take economics, but now a bill in the Assembly would require they learn the fundamentals of banking for personal use, the principles of budgeting and personal finance, employment and factors that affect net income and the uses and effects of credit.

California is considering a program for organic ingredients to be in all school lunches. A bill in the State Assembly, the California Organic-to-School Pilot Program would be managed through the Secretary of Food and Agriculture’s Office of Farm to Fork. Schools could get grants to purchase certified organic food from the state. In order for school districts to qualify, they’d have to participate in the federal National School Lunch Program or federal School Breakfast Program.

The Polar Plunge held in Ukiah by the Special Olympics of Northern California. The yearly event to raise money for the Special Olympics. It was held Saturday at Testa Vineyards. Those who choose to take the freezing dive into the water raise at least $125, then enjoy a barbecue and participate in an awards ceremony for best costume and most money raised, among other prizes. There are other Polar Plunges in the late winter months in California in Sonoma County, Fresno, Lake County, San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The local chapter raising between $5,000 to $7,000 a year for year-round sports programs for the Special Olympics.

The Mendocino County Coast Animal Shelter which had closed during the recession almost a decade ago, has reopened. There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony Feb. 16th hosted by the county’s animal shelter manager with many volunteers on hand. The shelter will operate at the same time the Humane Society has a shelter too. The Humane Society though has many services including animal adoptions and medical treatments for pets. The county shelter will not have spaying or neutering but may occasionally have the county’s mobile Care-A-Van out for those services and vaccinations.

A young woman from Nevada has been arrested in Mendocino County for a domestic disturbance. Deputies get a call to Little River last Friday and say 21 year old Sonya Savoy was in a romantic relationship with a man and visiting the area, when they had an argument that led to her biting his nose. Deputies say the man did have a visible injury consistent with the reported assault, so Savoy was arrested for felony domestic violence battery and held on $25,000.00 bail.

We could be in for another massive rain storm. Forecasters predicting a potential “atmospheric river” to slam Northern California early next week. Three to six inches of rain expected Monday to Wednesday. The National Weather Service in Sacramento says the storm similar to one in Lake County last week, but weaker. Forecasters say weather models could change though. Lake County Water Resources Dept. says they’re preparing for the worst just in case. No predictions of floods so far, but it’s still a half a week away. The atmospheric river looking to hit sometime Monday night. When the last one hit there was up to 3 inches of rain in some areas and about 8 feet of snow in some places too.

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, PG&E says it’s possible they could break up their electricity and gas systems, and that could mean higher monthly bills. The largest utility in the country formally filing for protection after being blamed for several wildfires in 2017 and potentially a couple last year, including the deadliest and most destructive in state history, the Camp Fire. It also comes after the San Bruno explosion in 2010 that killed eight people. The breakup of electricity and gas noted in the utility’s latest filing regarding the PUC investigation.

Affordable housing apartments for seniors in Ukiah could be in the works soon as the city’s received more than $5 million in state funding. The Daily Journal reports the Community Development Director telling the Planning Commission about the grant, saying maybe it’ll give developers a push to start some new projects. There’s already been a 31 unit apartment complex approved at the corner of West Gobbi and South Oak streets on a vacant lot behind Rite-Aid. The project was planned as a three story building with 30 affordable senior apartments and one manager’s unit.

A big affordable housing project has been approved by the Fort Bragg Planning Commission. The commission unanimously approved permits for the project last week that will feature nearly 70 apartments on vacant land south of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital. The developer had been looking to put in 44 units then revised the application for 68 units instead. Plus they’re looking to put them up within two years. Twenty of the units are cottages of about 600 to 800 square feet. There will also be a big main building, a full-sized basketball court and a manager’s unit. Then about 25 units will be single-story affordable senior residential cottages, with another main building and the rest to be two-story workforce/family duplexes and a small basketball court and parking.

A vacant gas station in Fort Bragg that’s non conforming may be able to go back into business. The gas station and car repair shop on Main St. closed in 2017 and had been legal non-conforming use since about 2001. That zoning until the development code changed. But now the Planning Commission is deciding if the gas station can hold on to its non-conforming status and reopen or take the whole thing down for possible future development. There’s apparently interest in the space already, but for biofuels and alternative fuels. No word if there’s interest from the city.

After the Lake County Sheriff said there was a rise in crime and he needed to beef up his department, a town hall was called where county officials considered ways to pay for it, including possible tax measures for law enforcement. It’s after several burglaries and thefts in the Northshore region. Lake County Sheriff Brian Martin says the crime has leveled off for the time being. Possible tax measures could be voted on to help pay for more staffers in the agency. Sheriff Martin says he thinks an earmarked tax would get a good response instead of something like a general tax which has failed in the past.

There are more homeless people in Humboldt County. The Point in Time Survey found more than 1,470 people unsheltered in the County in their Jan. 23rd count of those experiencing homelessness. The survey showed the most were in Eureka, then Arcata-Manila, and the Garberville-Redway-Benbow area and McKinleyville. Several volunteers fanned out to help with the count that happens all across the country in January to meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The numbers help the state set aside money for counties to address homelessness and housing.

The Konocti Unified School Board has met to talk more about what they want to see in a new superintendent. The trustees got together Wednesday and jotted down the kinds of traits they want to see in the new superintendent as they start recruitment after Superintendent Donna Becnel announced her retirement. The five-member board had a meeting with the consultants helping with recruitment before the workshop. The consultants will have meetings with district staff and community members to aide in the search. They’re also setting deadlines for advertising the job announcement with interviews starting as soon as April. Becnel is leaving at the end of this school year in June.

One person is dead after a crash east of Clearlake Oaks. The crash yesterday morning on Highway 20, west of Walker Ridge Road. The California Highway Patrol reports a white van in a ditch, they’re investigating to see if there was another car involved. One man alone in the white van died, his name has not been released.

The man accused of setting the Clayton fire and several others is finally getting a hearing. Damin Pashilk is charged with more than 20 crimes including arson for the 2016 fire and others over a year’s time between July of 2015 and August of 2016. Some Cal Fire employees took the stand yesterday. They testified they had been surveilling Pashilk and while watching him one fire started near Middletown. He’s accused of setting multiple fires all over the county, they collected evidence and turned it over to investigators. Testimony in the case continues today.

Lake County’s getting ahead of mosquito season, with aerial spraying. Lake County Vector Control District treating marshlands across from the lake between Clear Lake State Park and Lakeport, parts of Anderson Marsh State Park, a small area east of the Keys, and a small area near Bridge Arbor South in North Lakeport. They’ll conduct spraying in daytime hours starting next Wednesday, continuing thru Friday, depending on lake level and the weather. They say they’re doing it now because their winter mosquito surveillance program found a lot of mosquito larvae in the marshlands after flooding and the lake rising due to heavy rain.

The name of another person who died in the Camp Fire has been released. The Butte County Sheriff’s Office says 93 year old Dorothy Lee-Herrera of Paradise was positively id’d. There are still 85 people who died, the number didn’t change. 74 of them have been positively identified so far. There are still two people unaccounted for.

State lawmakers are deciding if they should put video cameras in school buses and child care cars or vans. It’s to cut down on bullying on school buses and to keep tabs on drivers who don’t stop for school buses. The bill would require all school buses, school pupil activity buses, youth buses, and child care cars to have internal video systems. Assemblyman Mike Gipson’s bill after similar laws in several states to get a handle on bullying and vandalism. The bill introduced yesterday also requires school buses to get stop signal arms with an external video systems too to record drivers who don’t stop when a school bus is stopped.