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Monthly Archives: October 2018

A man from Santa Rosa the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office says led them on a chase into Bodega Bay, where a deputy crashed into a house, has been arrested. Ryan Moore is accused of several thefts of generators at campgrounds. The deputy who chased him had apparently been watching a campground in an unmarked car, saw a suspicious vehicle and went after it with other deputies, but they say the Honda wouldn’t stop and led them all on a high speed chase through Bodega Bay. One of them lost control around a curve on Highway 1 and went into the vacation rental home, but got out of the car himself. Three people inside were awakened by the incident, but uninjured. Police found Moore at his house in Santa Rosa and arrested him after he left the house. The van he was in was stolen and so was the Honda he was in when the deputy chased. He’s charged with reckless evading causing great bodily injury, willfully resisting a peace officer which caused serious bodily injury, possession of a stolen vehicle and violation of probation.

Northern and Southern California counties still in critical fire weather conditions so power’s still shut down by some utility companies. The State Operations Center is currently activated along with the Inland, Coastal and Southern Region Emergency Operations Centers to support areas affected by high wind. They’re working to coordinate resources and information after Red Flag Warnings and extreme fire weather conditions were in effect. As we’ve reported, thousands of customers had been without power due to the potential danger of power lines sparking in high wind conditions. Multiple areas and thousands of residents are still without power until assessments can be made by utility companies. Cal OES is also urging families and households to take immediate precautions to be prepared for short-term emergencies or those that might be longer lasting.


Electricity’s slowly being turned back on by PG&E after it was cut because of high winds and the potential of fire danger. The utility giant took a preemptive step Sunday because of concern after PG&E was blamed for some of the October 2017 wildfires, the state’s most destructive. Tens of thousands were without power in Northern Calif but were slowly getting their lights back last night and this morning. The same thing done by San Diego Gas & Electric in the south, but only to just over 300 customers. They had their power back on last night. PG&E had warned almost 100,000 customers they might lose power to help prevent wildfires due to red flag warnings across California.

The jury that found Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer had been a factor in the cancer of a school groundskeeper’s is urging the judge in the case not to toss the $289 million award in his favor. San Francisco judge Suzanne Bolanos apparently got a letter from one juror Gary Kitahata who said the jury was convinced by the evidence. Another juror Robert Howard also wrote to the judge saying the jury paid "studious attention" and decision to overturn their verdict would shake his confidence in the judicial system. The judge said last week she’s considering throwing out the punitive damages for DeWayne Johnson and dramatically reducing the rest of his award with her final decision due next Monday.

A couple of small fires that broke out in Redding have been mostly contained. CalFire reports the two fires started Sunday, the Masonic Fire, 38 acres, is 100% contained with all roads opened and all evacuation orders lifted. People had been told to leave their homes just after the fire started. One structure had some damage and one person was taken to the hospital with minor burns. The info in a tweet from the local fire dept. The other fire, the Tower Fire was about ten miles outside Redding and was 97% contained yesterday afternoon. It burned 12 acres, but no structures were threatened and no injuries were reported. The two fires started as a Red Flag warning was issued for Northern Calif. and PG&E shut down power.

Robocalls going out in Yolo County have the Elections Office telling residents, it’s erroneous info. The robocall sponsored by an unknown campaign says there’s an error on the title of a proposition that came in voting materials that were mailed to voters by the local registrar. But the agency says ballot titles are prepared by the state Attorney General and no changes are made by the Yolo County Registrar of Voters. The office says voters should watch out for “misleading claims that can cause confusion, especially during election seasons.” They go on to say they’re “committed to maintaining the integrity of every election we oversee and will continue to monitor any issues or concerns brought to our attention.”

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors is considering a purchase of the Potter Valley Project from PG&E. It would cost the county $20,000 for “investigating and negotiating” buying the hydro-electric dam that’s being auctioned off. The board will take on the topic this morning at their regular meeting and possibly give permission to put money out for legal fees for the Inland Water and Power Commission, a Joint Powers Authority who represents Mendocino County, the City of Ukiah, Redwood Valley County Water District, Potter Valley Irrigation District and the Mendocino County Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District. Staff is supporting the allocation of money.

A pickup truck with a camper on top crashes and bursts into flames into a tree. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority reports they responded to the Furniture Design Center parking lot on Airport Park Boulevard last Saturday afternoon and found the truck in flames and the fire moving to the camper area. There was nobody inside the vehicle so they put the flames out. The truck driver was suffering from smoke inhalation and given oxygen. He told firefighters his brakes gave out and couldn’t stop and crashed into the tree.

Senator Mike McGuire, Congressman Jared Huffman & Assemblymember Jim wood with other local officials meeting with community members at a Redwood Valley Rebuilding Town Hall. The event at Eagle Peak Middle School last Thursday night for an update on the Redwood Valley County Water District Reconstruction and Improvement Project. The water district destroyed by the Redwood Valley Fire last October. And since the system wouldn’t meet today’s standards, it needs to totally be rebuilt. Money’s been secured for the project. At the meeting, we learned they’ve started the design work and now have a project timeline and budget put together. They should be breaking ground next spring.

Multiple search warrants at the Big Valley Rancheria and thousands of pot plants were found. Ten people arrested who the Lake County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit says were part of a cartel drug operation. The deputies working with local and federal law enforcement including the DEA, Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force and the Clearlake Police Department and Lake County DA’s Office. Officers found there was a Hispanic drug dealing organization growing thousands of marijuana plants on tribal lands and were committing several environmental crimes. There were some agreements to grow there, but most residents told police they didn’t want weed growing nearby. More than 5,200 plants eradicated at 14 locations and more than 500 pounds of bulk processed marijuana seized. All of those arrested charged with various environmental crimes, conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of marijuana for sale.

A man in Southern California who owns the Wisedas Resort in Clearlake may be going to jail for violating his probation connected to an environmental case involving the resort. Edward Sherry Meyer Jr. got 90 days in the Lake County Jail, but says he’s filing a motion to have the court take another look at his case. The resort burned down in 2013, then the rest of the resort burned in Oct. of 2016. The DA filed a complaint regarding several environmental crimes after the fires. The owner’s pleaded no contest to several crimes and got three years probation and 160 hours of community service. But he had until last October to complete the terms and has not. He was found guilty in May of violating his probation. He’s supposed to turn himself in by October 24th or start work on a seawall at the old resort.

A man in Lake County accused of pimping, prostitution and sex trafficking has accepted a deal with the DA. Sam Lindsey Massette pleaded guilty to two counts of human trafficking for the purposes of prostitution and to two counts of pimping women in prostitution. The plea agreement with the DA has Massette getting 20 years ea for 2 counts of human trafficking to be served concurrently, 6 years for 2 pimping counts each for a total of 52 years. Charges against him for human trafficking of another person were dismissed as part of the plea agreement. Massette’s wife Krystina Pickersgill, pleaded guilty to a count of human trafficking. And based on her mental health issues, she gets probation with a prison sentence of 12 years if she does not complete probation since she had no other criminal history. She had first been a victim herself. This is the case that came about after a woman came to the DA at a performance of a play on sex trafficking where he spoke.

A test of the Emergency Notification and Alert System or MendoAlert is planned. The test throughout the day starting at 10-18 in the morning Thursday. Mendocino County is conducting both the MendoAlert and Nixle emergency alert and warning systems. Those who have registered for the system may get a phone call, text message, or email. They are running the test to see if there are any gaps in existing systems and make improvements for a safer, more prepared County. The tests will last several hours. The actual alert system is only in emergencies with notifications so residents take action. They are specific to addresses provided. It’s an opt-in system and residents must register to get the vital alerts. Residents can sign up for MendoAlert at

Nixle is an alert system which can deliver text messages to residents for any areas requested, regardless of residency. Users may request information in a single zip code, multiple zip codes or County-wide. To register for Nixle, sign up online at or, using your smartphone, text 888777 and enter “MendoAlerts” (without the quotation marks) to get all alerts throughout Mendocino County. For a specific zip code, text 888777 and enter the zip code. Please note that Nixle does not provide a voice notification/phone call and will only notify registered users via text message and/or email. The Nixle test is part of the Great ShakeOut Exercise, a national and an international preparedness exercise which happens every year. For more info,

If you’ve been at a gas pump in Sonoma lately, beware. Two gas stations in Sonoma have discovered credit card skimmers at their pumps, which are thought to have been in place since Oct 5th. The devices are used to skim your credit card info, stealing it with the intent to commit fraud. If you bought gas at a pump recently and have noticed fraudulent activity, call the authorities.

A common cause brought about 150 people to the Lakeport Cinemas Parking. They were there were there for the renaming of State hwy route 29 as Deputy Sheriff Robert Rumfelt Memorial Highway. The highway was renamed after Senator McGuie introduced a bill to rename the highway for Deputy Rumflet who grew up in Lakeport, graduating from Clear Lake High. The road was renamed in his honor so the community could recognize his sacrifice to the community.

Hackers have busted into Facebook again, and this time saw the personal info of 14 million users, according to Facebook. In a release today, the social media giant says that hackers took advantage of a security flaw to expose the data that included email addresses, recent checkins and even previous searches. If you’d like to know if your account was hacked, visit Facebook’s online help center.

A weak California Dept of Education is hampering support provided to the schools by the state according to a new report by The Getting Down To The Facts Research project. The group says that conditions in the California Dept. of Education constrain the agency’s ability to support frontline practice because it cannot help districts directly. The report did make note of the CDE’s attempt to step into a new role after signifiant reorganization – geared towards becoming more of a support organization.

A woman walking the Fryer Creek Trail in south Sonoma one evening was approached by a strange man who groped her from behind, and tried putting his hand up her shirt. After the woman punched the man, he ran off towards Manor Drive. The suspect has been described as a man in his 30’s, 5 feet 10 inches tall with a chubby build, dark hair, goatee and mustache. Sonoma County Sheriff’s office has increased patrols in the area and are asking residents to be extra vigilant. If you have any info in the case, call Sonoma Police.

Catching the five fish limit should be a breeze as bass Fishermen flock to the river2sea bass tournament starting tomorrow. The fishing has been rated good at Clear Lake- especially the North end of the lake, so the more than 100 boats carrying hopeful fisherman should be retuning with a good catch. Last years winning bass boasted 36 pounds, caught on a lure baited with lipless crankbaits.

The chances of an El Nino conditions in our area by December is now 70-75 percent, but ocean temperatures are slightly cooler than past years, so experts are expecting a weaker El Nino, but the closer winter gets, the easier rainfall will be to predict.

She was thrilled to get the call this week, and reacted with excitement when 37 year old Erica Boomer got a call from the State Supervisor of Public Instruction to inform her that she had been chosen as one of California’s teachers of the year. The Lake County Educator of the Year award event will be on the 20th in Sacramento. Her co-workers said they picked a good one, and the Upper Lake Unified School District’s superintendent feels extremely lucky to have Boomer on the teaching staff- adding that she’s one of the best.

Authorities seized two guns ad about 16 oz of meth, three grams of heroine, almost 100 pounds of marijuana, about 500 marijuana plants. The drugs were found after a search warrant was executed on Bell Hill Road in Kelseyville. Fifty Two year old Jaime manzo, nineteen year old Enrique Cortesmolina, 29 year old Angel Milanez Perez, 24 year old Jeffrey Ariel Ponce, and 45 year old Dora Melia wills were all taken into custody, then released on bail except Jamie Manzo, who is still being held on $500,000 bail.

In Nov 2016, 30 year old David Alex Ward of Oalkand and 24 year old Daciniel Floyd McRae of Santa Rosa allegedly showed up at a home an told everyone to get on the ground. When one of the victims refused, there was a struggle and a gun fired, killing 24 year old Brandon McAfee. Both suspects have been arrested and are due in court on the 16th. Police think the incident is part of a drug deal gone bad.

Voters will see Proposition 10, or the Affordable Housing Act on the ballot come election day, and promises to pit landlords against tenants. Landlords dont like it because it prevents them from raising rent, but places no limits on electricians, roofers and other maintenance costs. The proposition effectively repeals a law that stopped cities from controlling rent increases on single family homes and apartments built after 1995.

Proposition 3 will be before voters who already approved two previous water bonds. proposition 3 is 8.9 million dollar water bond to fund water projects.

Over the next 15 years, experts think that the Salton Sea will lose about 40 percent of the water it currently sees, exposing 100 square miles of lake bottom. The worry is that winds will blow on the dry lake bottom creating dust affecting air quality. The Redbud Audubon Society will be hosting a presentation on Oct 18th at the Kelseyville Presbyterian Church Social Hall at 7pm. The presentation will explain why the Salton Sea is important, and how over 400 bird species use the habitat, and discuss conservation efforts.

Ukiah Unified School District says Increment 2 is almost complete at South Valley High School, including bathroom upgrades, a newly paved basketball court, parking lot and a campus wide fire alarm system. The replacement of the old administration bldg is almost done, but the Career Tech Ed bldg is over budget, which was up for discussion at a board meeting yesterday.

Complaints about a marijuana grow site on the Yokayo Rancheria have been received by the Mendocino Co code enforcement office from the community. The land is owned by the Yokayo tribe, but the land falls under the jurisdiction of county and state marijuana regulations. Mendocino County Sheriff’s office says that the operation may be diverting water from the tribe’s well- which is reserved for homes, not agricultural use. The case has been referred to the Mendocino County District Attorney’s office for review.

It’s the end of an era as the owner of Yokayo Bowling Center says his lease is up, so he may have to close down operations by 2019 after offering to buy the building- the offer was declined. If the facility does close, the nearest bowling alley would be in Windsor.

A new study shows that a growing number of the youngest kids in the county have not been vaccinated at all, and by some estimates number 100,000 strong. This news has officials concerned after a survey of 15,000 parents. They didn’t ask the parents why the kids hadn’t been vaccinated, but a separate study by the CDC showed that some of the unvaccinated children came from families with no health insurance. While that may be a contributing factor, researchers fear that parents misconceptions about vaccine safety may be at play.

Kanye West made news this week with a visit to the oval office as President Trump signed the Music modernization act into law. Now he’s making news for a pitch he made for iPlane this week that could replace Airforce one.. He said the iPlane was designed by Apple, but but it wasn’t.. It’s not Kanye’s brainchild either.. It’s actually concept piece that was part of an industrial designer’s master’s thesis project imagining the future of air travel in 2030. The developer is stumped as to why Kanye pitched the plane to the president.

San Francisco is know as one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but theses days, it’s becoming known as a doo doo dumping grown, and has recently been dubbed the doo doo capital of the country by Realty Hop, an apartment search service which claims that San Franciso has the most complaint about the poop on sidewalks. The website estimated just under 500 poopie sightings per square mile last year. As complaints about the fecal matter on sidewalks pile up, the worst offending neighborhoods were Tenderloin, South of Marker and Golden Gate Park.

Imagine your four year old showing you the teeth they found at school today. That sounds bad enough, but it’s nothing compared to what one three year old brought home from day care. After being picked up by her mother, a four year old girl showed her little containers containing not teeth, but crack cocaine! Daycare workers think someone may have thrown the drugs over the fence where one of the children found it.

Santa Rosa homeowners say their home were first damaged by fire, then further damaged by federal contractors, who were paid by the ton to remove soil in the cleanup, and removed way too much. California emergency officials called out the US Army Corps of Engineers for lax oversight, while AshBritt, the contractor accused of the shoddy cleanup has gotten into politics, donating $250,000 to the Democratic party earlier this month. A spokesman for the company says they always try to be good corporate citizens, and that there is no connection between the donation and political issues. The company also donated half a million dollars to a Pro Trump Super Pac back in April.

Former Governor and of course actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has come up in the era of the #metoo movement to say he’s not always been a gentleman. Back in 2003 when he was running for Calif. Governor, he denied allegations of sexual misconduct, but now he tells Mens Health magazine, he may have “stepped over the line several times” and says he was “the first one to say sorry.” He says he feels bad about it and when he was governor he and others took sexual-harassment courses to have a clear understanding legally and for a regular behavior point of view, of what is accepted and what is not. Schwarzenegger was never criminally charged for any of the allegations about him.

3 people being eyed by police for growing marijuana on tribal land. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports Carmen Christy of Talmage, Rudolfo Prudente of Santa Rosa and Jorge Luis Arredondo Navarro of Fresno seen after several complaints from community members and tribal members about a cultivation site on the Yokayo Rancheria land. Cops did a flyover last month and saw two plastic greenhouses and more than 50 outdoor plants. The Sheriff’s Office found that it was Christy’s property and that the cultivation might be using water diverted from the Tribe’s general well. The other two living in tents in the grow area. Nobody’s been arrested but the case is being followed up on then submitted to the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office to review for criminal charges.

A federal grant to be used by the California Highway Patrol in the Trinity River area for a traffic safety program. The project already began at the beginning of the month. It goes thru next September. Officers will be out on State Routes 299, 3, and 36; and roads in Trinity County where they have jurisdiction. The CHP office says it will help with services they already provide, with more education for motorists and enhanced proactive enforcement in the community. From Oct. 1st 2015 to Sept. 30, 2016 there were nearly 160 people killed and injured in crashes on state routes and highways the CHP Trinity River Area office oversees.

3 people in Eureka have been arrested after complaints there might have been drug deals going on at a local motel. The police dept.’s Problem Oriented Policing unit went out yesterday morning and found the trio, Anthony Jones, Racheal Naze and Chelsey Kidd-Thompson with nearly 52 grams of suspected heroin, about one and a quarter gram of what looked to be methamphetamine, and items consistent with possession for sales of a controlled substance. The three charged with possession of a controlled substance(s) for the purpose of sales or possession of a controlled substance. They were booked into the Humboldt County Prison.

The Yokayo Bowling Center is facing closure as the lease is about up. The owner of the Center tells the Daily Journal he’s made an offer to buy the entire building, but his offer was not accepted. At the same time there’s a petition circulating to gather 2,500 signatures in favor or the Bowling Center staying. It’s nearing what’s needed. Mike Schultz tells the newspaper he’s been in the business ten years and was told months ago by the owners of the building they were taking offers from others to lease or buy the building. He says he made two offers. Schultz says his business is a community gathering place. The petition comments include for help to get the attention of the building owners, and calling it an important source of entertainment in Mendocino County.

An elderly dog is recovering after being attacked by another dog at Low Gap Park. The owner says she was walking her two female dogs Monday near the archery targets and fitness stations when a man with two dogs came along. One of them, a pitbull, got away from his owner, but it attacked her dog and she fell down trying to defend it. The man got hold of his dog and the woman left and called police. The woman took her dog for treatment for an abrasion, with missing skin on her 14 year old dog. She wants the dog who attacked euthanized and is urging others to be alert and aware of their surroundings.

State of the art facilities coming to Kelseyville Unified Schools after another year of bond spending. The 24 million dollar Measure U was passed a couple years ago to raise $24 million. The school district superintendent says they’ve got about $8 million left of the bond money. Some of the projects include portable classrooms, a new shop building, multiuse building, and track and field facilities. Two out of six projects they’re working on are done, that includes work on the Riviera Elementary parking lot and moving a portable building from Cobb to the district grounds for a Learning Academy, a home schooling program. Four more projects in various stages of completion.

In Ukiah, South Valley High improvements part 2 nearly done. The Ukiah Unified School District says 2 bathrooms have been upgraded, they’ve repaved a basketball court and parking lot and replaced the fire alarm system across the district. The Daily Journal reports they’re also replacing the old administration building with a new modular Administration building because of hazardous materials. The second phase of the projects should be done by the end of the month and the next phase is to demolish the old Administration building. They’ll also add an eating area on campus by the summer of 2019. At the same time the district is seeking alternative funding since they didn’t qualify for a grant and went over budget.

A new report by the US Geological Surney shows there could be a damaging mudslide in the Sonoma Valley off Hood Mountain due to last October’s massive wildfires in Northern Calif. The report says much of the Valley has a moderate risk of debris flow due to last year’s Nuns fire. The fire blackened 56,500 acres in Sonoma and Napa counties. The report also says the area of Kenwood also has a high risk. That could include water mixed with soil, rocks, boulders and woody debris, which sometimes has a consistency of wet concrete. The research hydrologist on the report says Hood Mountain is “a hot spot” for potential debris flows. The Tubbs fire left a moderate risk from the Napa-Lake county line to the northern Santa Rosa and Mark West area and the Redwood Valley fire left a high-risk zone above the west side of Potter Valley.

An Agriculture teacher in Upper Lake has accolades from the state. Erica Boomer is one of five teachers who won teacher of the year. She got a personal call from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. There’s a dinner October 20th for the winners and a California Teacher of the Year Orientation Day in Sacramento two days later. Then Dec. 10th, the finalists and semifinalists will get to go to a gala in Sacramento to be honored by Torlakson.

The Clearlake City Council has a full docket for their next meeting. The council first meets in a closed session tonight at 5 to deal with a possible lawsuit, and for property negotiations. They will also present proclamations designating October Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are also several public hearings set for tonight, the City Master Fee Schedule regarding penalties for parking violations and late payment penalties, and some abatement order appeal hearings.

A judge in San Francisco may toss parts of a massive judgment against Monsanto, the weed-killer manufacturer. San Francisco Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bolanos listened at a hearing, taking it under advisement whether or not to throw out the entire jury verdict. It’s the first case like it against the manufacturer. The jury ruled in August that Monsanto knew, of should have, that their best-selling weed killer, Roundup, causes cancer, then asked for $250 million in punitive damages and awarded a man $33 million in “pain-and-suffering” damages and $6 million in actual damages. But the judge said she was going to strike down the punitive damages and schedule a new trial on that issue.

A toddler coming home from preschool in New York with something she told her mom were teeth she got from another kid at school, but turns out that was crack cocaine. Serenity Straker gave her mom the drugs and told her she put one in her month. So mom called police and cops told her it was crack cocaine, so she took the 4 year old to the hospital. She tested positive for the drug. The owner of the day care facility says someone must have thrown the drugs over the fence and a child found it. Police reportedly looking into it as a case of endangering the welfare of children.

Grant applications being accepted by the Division of Boating and Waterways from public government entities to buy and maintain floating restrooms across California’s waterways. It’s a grant program to help reduce pollution from recreational boater sewage so there are actual bathrooms out in places on the water with limited landside access. About a million gallons of sewage kept out of state waterways every year using the floating restrooms. They’re solar-powered and hold about 500 gallons of sewage. They’ve been redesigned for the 2019 grant cycle to be ADA compliant. For those Interested they can submit grant applications at the Division office by 5 p.m. Nov. 15th.

General information on the grant requirements and online application can be found on DBW’s Floating Restroom Grant webpage.

5 people have been arrested in Kelseyville after a drug search. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Narcotic Unit served a search warrant and found the five who were detained. After a search of the residence and property, detectives found 16 ounces of meth, 3 grams of heroin, 96 pounds of processed marijuana and more than 500 plants and a couple guns. Jaime Manzo, Enrique Cortesmolina, Angel Milanez Perez, Jeffrey Ariel Ponce, and Dora Melia Wills all of Kelseyville were arrested. The weed was growing near a creek which is a felony violation of the Health and Safety Code. The five charged with several crimes including, possession of methamphetamine for sales, cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sales and maintaining a residence for the purposes of narcotics sales. They were all released except for one of them who’s held on $500,000 because he was armed at the time of the warrant service.

A water truck crashes and the driver is injured in the Redwood Valley area. The CHP reports Matthew Black of Lakeport was behind the wheel of the 1991 Kentworth water truck on West Road near Road N Monday morning. The CHP reports he tried to gain control of his vehicle, but then flipped and slid on the shoulder of the road, hit a tree and two fences before coming to a stop. Ukiah Valley Fire Authority says they removed the fuel tank from the truck so it didn’t leak. The man was taken by ambulance to the hospital. No word on his injuries.

A fire has damaged a mobile home in Calpella. Crews got a call Monday afternoon to a report of a fire in the 4600 block of Sunnycrest Drive. Firefighters say when they arrived there was smoke coming out of the home and the elderly female resident was already outside. Apparently she tried dousing the flames herself but was overwhelmed by smoke. The fire reportedly started in a bedroom, and firefighters worked so it wouldn’t spread. The bedroom was damaged badly and a wall was removed during the firefight. Fire officials say it looks to be an accidental fire, that started in an outlet with old aluminum wiring with a lamp plugged into it.

A new law in Calif looks to rein in pharmacy benefit managers or PBMs. North Coast Assemblyman Jim Wood drafted the bill the Governor recently signed as drug prices keep skyrocketing. Wood says he spent two years on the legislation. He says drug prices are a major contributor to health care costs going up. The PBMs are Express Scripts, CVS Health and OptumRX. Wood says his bill calls for more transparency. It bans a gag clause restricting pharmacists from telling a patient they can save money by not using insurance.

A Redwood Valley Rebuilding Town Hall is happening after the Redwood Complex Fire last year. There will be federal, state, and county leaders at the town hall in Mendocino County tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m. Residents will get the latest updates on the Water District Reconstruction and Improvement Project. Nearly 190 homes in the Water District destroyed by the fire last October, 500 altogether were burned. And now the work to rebuild the water system to meet modern building standards and associated water flow requirements. The money’s been raised and the initial design has begun with a start next spring on the project. Senator Mike McGuire will be at the meeting along with Congressman Jared Huffman and Assemblyman Jim Wood at Eagle Peak Middle School.

Two people accused of having a firearm and conspiracy are charged. One of them, Negie Fallis of Covelo is also accused of being involved in the disappearance of his ex girlfriend. Fallis has pleaded no contest to being a convicted felon in unlawful possession of a firearm, and admitted he served a prison term for a felony child abuse in Glenn County. He will be sentenced in December to a stipulated four year state prison sentence. His girlfriend Antonia Dulce Bautista Dalson also of Covelo, also entered a no contest plea to a being an accessory for helping Fallis get away from cops and hiding firearms. She will be sentenced next month too. She may be eligible for probation, but faces a year in jail or three years in prison. There’s still an ongoing case for the disappearance of Khadijah Britton.

Coffey Park residents have come together to mark the one year anniversary of the Tubbs Fire which tore thru the neighborhood in Santa Rosa. The Press Democrat reports as many as 500 fire survivors and supporters had a silent vigil and read the names of those who died in the most destructive fire in California history. 24 people were killed in Sonoma County and 5,300 homes burned. Five people died in the Coffey Park neighborhood and 1,321 homes were destroyed. So far 21 new homes have been erected. There are 520 more under construction.

The cause of a fire that burned in July has been revealed by Cal Fire. Investigators say the Steele Fire in Napa County in the Berryessa Highlands area was due to equipment use. But they’ve not expanded on that. Lake Co News reports reaching out to the agency for further explanation, to no avail. The fire had people evacuating their homes and destroyed eight structures and damaged four others. 135 acres were blackened in the fire. The fire burned at the same time the Ranch and River fires in the Mendocino complex in Lake and Mendocino counties were also burning.

Wildfire debris removal is done in Siskiyou County, but continues elsewhere. The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services announced the work continuing in Lake and Shasta counties. With final inspections to be done by the middle of this month. Since the end of August they’ve removed more than 13,670 tons of wildfire debris off 49 private properties. They’re still working on removing debris after the Carr Fire in Shasta County and in Lake County after the Pawnee and Mendocino Complex fires.

A suspected drunk driver has suffered major injuries after apparently crashing into a home in Fort Bragg. The CHP reports the early morning crash happened today on Pudding Creek Road, just outside northeast Fort Bragg. The driver reportedly headed east on the road which is described as rural, came off the pavement for an unknown reason on a curve, then ran into private property and crashed into the corner of the house. They say the driver then left the car, but was found in the area by emergency workers with a major head wound. They were taken to Mendocino Coast Hospital in Fort Bragg and he was also arrested for suspicion of impaired driving. His name has not been released.

The chief elections official in the state says he’s not sure if any of the 1,500 people who were registered to vote in error voted in the June primary. Secretary of State Alex Padilla says they’re investigating the mistake the DMV let them know about. The 1,500 were either told they were ineligible or didn’t confirm their eligibility and were registered  anyway. That might include non-citizens, those under 18 or others who may have been ineligible to vote because of a criminal conviction. This is the second glitch the DMV made since their new voter registration process was put in place which Padilla says may have to be suspended, adding it jeopardizes confidence in the state’s elections.

A couple of sagging PG&E power lines hit each other and started a fire that killed four people and injured a firefighter in Northern California. The findings from CalFire related to last October 8th’s Cascade Fire in Yuba County that burned 15 square miles and destroyed more than 260 structures. The agency says strong winds were blowing and the lines touched which created an electrical arc which ignited vegetation below it. The findings have been sent to the Yuba County Attorney. It’s just one of several fires that broke out that day in Northern Calif. killing 44 people and burning down over 5,300 homes. PG&E is blamed for 12 fires last October in Wine Country that killed 15 people. Still no word on what caused the giant Tubbs Fire, the most destructive fire, to this day, in state history, burning thousands of homes and killing 22 people in Sonoma County.