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Hard to find housing since the Redwood Complex fire. 400 homes lost in the October 2017 fire in Mendocino County. But there’s money available for low-income homeowners or renters through CalHome. They’re offering zero percent interest loans and the first payment doesn’t even have to come for 30 years with up to $100,000 to rebuild. The program part of the California-Department of Housing and Community Development after a one million dollar grant for the loans. North Coast Opportunities is administering the loans after doing so first in Lake County. The expansion into Mendocino County last month with one family qualifying for a loan for a manufactured home so far.

To apply for a CalHome Loan or to see if you are eligible, contact Shauna Dyer at (707) 234-7020.

A woman in Ukiah’s been arrested for the death of her newborn. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports 24 year old Yareli Diaz was arrested after they got a call to a hospital for the suspicious death of one day old Mia Diaz. Yareli told police she had no idea she was pregnant and delivered the baby at home. They say the woman delivered the baby but didn’t care for it and tried hiding it from her parents. She put the baby in her car all day, then that evening her friend talked her into bringing the baby to the hospital. The child was already dead and the hospital says it should have been a healthy baby but died because her mouth and nose were covered by towels and the placenta. She has one other child and deputies say she indeed knew she was pregnant again. She’s being held in jail for murder on $500,000.

It’s mosquito season and the state Department of Public Health is reminding you to protect yourself from West Nile virus. They say activity is increasing in Calif. so it’s important to take every measure to not be bitten. The virus spreads to humans and animals from the bite of an infected mosquito. There’s standing water around too because of late-spring rains. And hot temperatures don’t help bringing more of the pests out. Right now West Nile virus activity is about what’s expected, increasing when it gets hotter and lowering in the fall. Remember to use bugspray or lemon eucalyptus oil and beware especially at dawn and dusk, make sure you get rid of any standing water, and have tight-fitting screens to keep mosquitoes out of your house.

The 24 hour mental health crisis center has moved from East Gobbi Street. Redwood Community Services moved instead to South Dora Street, near Yokayo Elementary School. The Daily Journal reports the center’s CFO says they moved to save money. They were apparently paying a mortgage on the other building and the crisis center needed its own space. Apparently, administrators at the elementary school had been notified before the move. The old crisis center location across from another spot for the gravely mentally ill.

Proposals and bids being accepted for an expansion and other improvements to the Mendocino County jail telephone system. The county asking for a Request for Proposal for inmate services with telephones and tablets for inmates at the main jail and juvenile hall in Ukiah. Those interested have until Aug. 12th to submit their bid with presentations and selections sometime in August. Work to begin in November. The phone system upgrade at the same time as a jail expansion project. The Daily Journal reports there are currently about 300 inmates at the county jail.

The Fort Bragg City Council says it’ll help the Skunk Train owners who are expanding on the old Georgia Pacific site. The city agreeing to apply for a $17 million federal grant for the rail and tie replacement, plus to go towards repairing a collapsed tunnel and the 134-year old roundhouse. The Daily Journal reports the grant is needed to help renovate the railroad’s facility, add freight service, and build a retail, hotel and residential development on the 77 acres they purchased at the mill site. The Skunk Train management says they’re also planning to park water tanker rail cars along the tracks between Willits and Fort Bragg to help for protection from wildfires along the rail line.

State Senator Bill Dodd’s legislation signed into law by the Gov. to suspend horse racing licenses if necessary, to protect the health and safety of horses and riders. Lake Co News reports a veterinarian has also been named to the California Horse Racing Board. It all comes after the Gov. instructed the Horse Racing Board to put new safety measures in place at Santa Anita Park and have examinations to see if any individual horse might have a higher risk of injury before racing. 38 horses have been scratched or denied entry at Santa Anita since the new review process started earlier this month after several horses died at the racetrack for unknown reasons.

Butte, Glenn and Tehama Counties are suspending all burn permits. Cal Fire prohibiting all residential outdoor burning of branches and leaves starting Monday, July 1st. There’s a lot more grass after heavy rain this winter. Now Cal Fire says the warmer weather and winds is further drying the grass increasing fire danger. The burn permits are suspended for the higher elevations of eastern Tehama County which includes several towns and the City of Red Bluff. Lower elevation communities were suspended earlier this month. Butte County suspended burn permits after Chico and Oroville had a heat wave several weeks ago.

A man injured after an alleged attack from another man with a knife. The news site, Red Headed Blackbelt reporting a woman called police from McKinleyville saying a man was trying to stab her dad and she was trying to get the knife away from the suspected stabber. Humboldt County Sheriff’s dept called to the scene and scanner reports say the knife was taken away then a taser was used. But the news site reports it wasn’t clear who got the knife away from the suspect. The victim had a knife wound to his throat and an ambulance was brought to the home. No word on the victim’s injuries or if an arrest was made.

A couple of free fishing days. No fishing license is needed on Free Fishing Day. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says it’s a great opportunity for folks to learn how to fish. The Free Fishing Days are every year somewhere between the Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays. This summer it’s Saturday, July 6th and Saturday, Aug. 31. You must follow other rules though if you’re out on a water body…

Anglers can review the sport fishing regulations online ( or use CDFW’s mobile web site to view freshwater limits and regulations specific to a body of water (


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