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An oversight committee needs to be staffed, and the Ukiah City Council is now accepting applications for the committee that will oversee the spending of Measure P funds for public safety. Applications can be found at and are due by 5 pm Friday, July 26th. Be prepared to answer questions about why you want to serve on the Committee, how your skills, experience, expertise, and perspectives will be beneficial to the work of the Measure P Oversight Committee, and what public safety experience you have.

As large areas of trees across California have died off over the last few years, PG&E approached the Mendocino County Cooperative Aerial Fire Patrol about flights over Mendocino County, with an eye towards spotting trouble in areas with high wildfire potential and a lot of PG&E infrastructure. The Daily Journal reports that the utility is now paying for about a third of the yearly budget for the cooperative, which has flights every day from the middle of June through mid-October, replacing manned lookout towers across the county. The flights allow a pilot to quickly survey any wildfires spotted from the air to find out how big they are, and what structures may potentially lie in the fire’s path.

The CDC and Mendocino County Public Health are warning about illness from contact with animals at exhibits ahead of fair season. In a release yesterday, the organizations said that interaction with animals at fairs, petting zoos, education farms, aquariums, schools, and other places may be fun and educational, but comes with some risk because the animals can sometimes carry E. Coli, Salmonella and other germs that can make people sick. Some recommended safety steps include washing hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based sanitizer immediately after contact, keeping food away from the animals, supervising children and leaving pacifiers cups and toys outside of exhibits.

The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority says a discarded cigarette may have been what started a fire at an apartment complex on Sunday afternoon. Fire crews responded to the Willow Terrace Apartments at around 5:18 pm to find the fire right next to the building but said that since the walls were covered in Cement Fiber Board, the structure was not damaged. They did recommend the removal of wood chips used in landscaping on the complex because they could potentially fuel any fire that breaks out on the property.

The State Employment Development Department said today that California’s unemployment rate held steady at 4.2% last month. 46,200 nonfarm payroll jobs were added in June, the second-largest increase all year. The construction industry saw the biggest gains with 11,900 jobs added, but 9 of 11 major industry sectors saw growth.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisor’s Cannabis ordinance recommendations have been updated. Supervisors of the Cannabis Economic Development Ad Hoc Committee gave the thumbs up to recommendations that will help local cannabis businesses, including the promotion of cannabis tourism through branding and marketing, updating temporary use regulations to streamline permitting, and planning and building services to allow scaling up to larger than 10,000 feet of cultivation. The Daily Journal reports that the committee will hold more meetings in the future to come up with more suggestions.

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