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A fire on the 101 between the Gobbi Street and Talmage Road exits is quickly stomped out by the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority. Firefighters say it looked to have started in vegetation then spread to the median yesterday afternoon. It was put out pretty fast and only charred about a quarter acre. There was also a crash near the fire on Lake Mendocino Drive just after the fire was reported. A man in his van with his dog crashed and rolled. The driver had moderate injuries, but his dog ran off. Animal control officers were reportedly looking for the animal.

A proposal to stop buying recycled items from the Ukiah Valley Transfer Station by the City Council. The council to take up the matter at their meeting today saying it’s because of the, “catastrophic crash of the recycling markets” across the globe and because the other buy-back centers in the Ukiah Valley are closed down at the same time the biggest buy-back store chain in the state closed too, rePlanet in Berkeley. City staff says there’s extreme traffic at the transfer station because of all the other closures, and managing the traffic would cost the city almost $100,000 which could be offset with revenue thru an increased tipping rate. Staff advising to close the buy-back center at the transfer station temporarily.

A small earthquake reported near the coast in Mendocino County. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the quake at 3.4-magnitude yesterday morning about 8:05 a.m. 19 miles west of Ukiah. They had over 40 calls about the shaking, 23 people in Philo, six more from Boonville, four in Ukiah, three in Comptche, three in Manchester, two in Elk and one in Willits.

One of the biggest seizures of meth in Humboldt County history. The county’s Drug Task Force reported pulling in almost 20 pounds of suspected meth after a traffic stop early Saturday morning on Highway 254 near the town of Phillipsville. Fidel Alberto Contreras has been arrested for suspicion of possession and transportation of controlled substances. Agents with a search warrant went to the man’s home in Eureka and found more than $35,000 cash which they say may be profit from drug dealing. It all happened after a year-long investigation, finding that Contreras was a key suspect in methamphetamine distribution throughout the county.

Several dozen new bills signed into law by the governor, which mostly take affect next year. Gov. Newsom signed 45 bills last Friday including one from Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry to increase the marketability of recyclable materials with more curbside separation. Another by a legislator in Southern Calif. so homeowners associations cannot block granny unit construction. A bill to protect intellectual or developmentally disabled victims of sexual assault. Another for school districts to show the name and gender of graduates who may have changed genders after graduation. And finally, military vets would get adoption fees for dogs and cats waived when getting them at certain animal shelters.

Ahead of the sentencing of the man who set the Clayton Fire, police looking for victims of the fire to make victim impact statements at the trial. Damin Pashilk agreed to a plea deal with the Lake County District Attorney’s Office in which he will get at least 15 years behind bars. He had been charged with intentionally setting 15 fires and another attempted fire including the largest of the group, the Clayton fire. The fire charred almost 4,000 acres and destroyed 300 structures. For that he was facing nearly 2 dozen counts and was held after a preliminary hearing in March. Then the deal was reached and prosecutors have been working with victims of the fires. He’s set for sentencing Sept. 23rd. There will also be a hearing for restitution orders for victims who have made claims. So far there are 100 applicants with claims.

If you are a victim of one of the fires set by Pashilk and wish to submit a victim impact statement or seek restitution, contact Deputy Probation Officer Julianna Bisaccio at 707-262-4285 or by emailing no later than Sept. 15.

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in Lakeport. The City Council designated the month after the Mayor read a proclamation at their meeting last night. The proclamation outlining how cancer’s the leading cause of death by disease in kids. Lake Co News reports the proclamation goes on to say about one in 285 children in the United States are expected to be diagnosed with cancer by their 20th birthday, but the average age is 6. And as many as 1,800 kids die every year in the country from cancer. The proclamation says increasing awareness would be a way to control the disease in children and how important it is for them to “have access to quality and affordable care and the research for all forms of childhood cancer be supported.”

A warning to Pacific Gas & Electric customers because of the massive wildfires, that rates would go up. The warning came after the 2017 and 18 wildfires and the utility company’s subsequent bankruptcy filing that the company’s liabilities would hit consumers somehow. PG&E looking for increases, but it’s not known yet how much the company will be liable for financially. Ratepayers are already paying some of the highest bills in the state, averaging about $115/mo for electricity and $50 for gas.

The state Assembly moving legislation forward to curtail doctors selling fake medical exemptions for vaccinations. The governor’s office says they want more technical amendments on the bill authored by Sen. Richard Pan of Sacramento. It says state public health officials can investigate doctors granting more than five medical exemptions on vaccinations in one year and schools with vaccination rates of less than 95%. It comes after measles outbreaks across the country, reaching higher levels than they have in years in Calif. Those against the legislation say it gets in the middle of doctor-patient relationships.

Rules for the rebuilds of homes for Camp Fire survivors creating some headaches. The Chico Enterprise Record newspaper reports the size restrictions are just one in a list of issues for those with low incomes or who might have been under-insured. Some who don’t have money to rebuild altogether. Town staff in Paradise are suggesting minimum building sizes of 800 to 1,000 square feet not getting positive feedback due to the cost. So then the Paradise Town Council voted for a minimum size of 750 square feet and certain requirements for manufactured homes and some other requirements that old and small, more affordable homes taken down by the fire are not allowed to be replaced. Some of the issues due to payments from insurance companies matching up to the size of their old home, not what is required to be rebuilt by individual towns in Butte County.

Two men have been rescued off a small island near the mouth of the Eel River. The Coast Guard gets a call to an area near Crab County Park Sunday night after one man was found stranded on an island, so a chopper went out to investigate. Two men reportedly came ashore after their boat got stuck on the ocean side of the river. The chopper crew touched down on the island, plucked the two men up and took them to Eureka for medical assistance. They had on life jackets and said they thought they’d been in the water about an hour. The Coast Guard reported they seemed tired and had symptoms of hypothermia but were otherwise ok.



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