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Kind of like before times in Lake County as one of the oldest Memorial Day weekend celebrations is on this year. Lower Lake Daze is happening in person in downtown Lower Lake Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The Lower Lake Community Action Group Board reports deciding in the last few months to bring Lower Lake Daze back this year with masking and social distancing recommended. The parade itself is at 11 a.m. Last year’s event was one of the first to be canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lake Co News reports it’s one of the first to return. Lake County Public Works says this is the first event application of 2021. Organizers say response has been positive. There will be a street fair from the post office to Mill Street after the parade with about 50 vendors.  

An update’s coming to the Lake County Board of Supervisors on the pandemic, as well as the Middle Creek restoration project, and possible appeal of a vicious dog abatement case in Lower Lake. The Middle Creek Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration Project report includes a letter of intent for the project to the Army Corps of Engineers. The appeal for the vicious animal abatement case involves three dogs owned by Brandon Strausser who county officials say killed a miniature horse and two goats and a baby deer while the dogs were loose. Neighbors sent in letters about the so-called “wolfdogs” who they say also killed sheep and chased horses.

If you drive an Uber or Lyft car in Calif. you’re gonna need a new car. California will soon require all electric vehicles. Last Thursday the state Air Resources Board voted for all ride-hailing companies to use electric vehicles starting in 2023. And by 2030, there will have to be 90% of all miles driven in electric vehicles. It comes after the Gov. ordered all new gas and diesel cars be eliminated by 2035.  The board says Uber, Lyft and the like can use several ways to get to electric, by doing more carpools and reducing “deadhead miles” driven without any passengers. The two companies say they’ll help their drivers make the switch, paying another $1 per trip and Lyft drivers can rent electric vehicles.

Another year of ecological stress because of the drought is hitting the Eel River Recovery Project (ERRP). On a fact finding mission a couple Sundays ago in Outlet Creek and the Tenmile Creek watershed around Laytonville, studies showed no fish in some areas and only a couple trout in others, out of 11 sites visited. Some areas had such low flows, spawning was not possible. Other areas like Outlet Creek at Bloody Run Creek and lower Long Valley Creek had thick algae blooms and no fish life.  The blooms can cause dissolved oxygen depression, elevated pH and at times toxic levels of ammonia.

Authorities looking for more info on that deputy involved shooting in Elk a couple weeks ago. Sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement went searching for a man in Elk who they say was wanted for a burglary. They went door to door asking people along the South Coast of Mendocino County, Anderson Valley, Comptche and in Ukiah’s western hills to be vigilant while out in the forest and to report any sightings of the man they’re searching for. They’re especially talking to property owners with remote cabins or property to be aware there could be more burglaries. They say if there’s a burglary in progress at your property, not to approach, and just call police. They say the suspect is believed to be armed with at least one firearm. They’re also hoping to identify the man in photos circulating online caught by a burglary victim’s surveillance equipment. Deputies chased the man then, but had no luck after he fired at them. They returned fire, no injuries were reported.

The Lake County Public Health office is encouraging folks to get vaccinated. The office says the county’s Testing Positivity and Case Rates are in the minimal-moderate range and the county’s still in the Orange Tier of the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy.  State Public Health officials expect the state to fully reopen June 15th and with that, they want even more people to get vaccinated. The transmission in Lake is relatively stable they say. 50% of eligible county residents are now vaccinated, the county’s goal is 70%. The acting public health officer says getting vaccinated is the “single greatest action you can take to protect yourself against the virus, and protect your loved ones and all those living and working in Lake County”. He also thanked those who’ve already gotten their shots.  

Vaccination appointments can be scheduled at  Lake County-focused information and resources are available at

If you want to be vaccinated, and need assistance overcoming barriers, call 707-263-8174.

Police from Ukiah report to a Motel 6 after a domestic violence disturbance call and supposed injury of a woman. Three officers reported to the motel and found a man in the parking lot with a knife to his throat threatening to kill himself, they noticed some blood around his neck already. They say they tried calming the man down and talking him into putting the knife down, with no luck. So they called for sheriff’s office backup. Deputies went to a hotel room and did not find anyone there, at the same time police officers called for a mental health professional and while waiting they tased the man, but it did nothing. A second taser was effective after the man would not listen to the mental health care provider. He ended up dropping the knife and was detained and taken to a hospital. Cops say the man had been in an argument with a woman, but there was no domestic violence committed.

A gas line hit in Rio Dell and whoever hit it drove away from the scene. Mendo Fever reports PG&E reported to the area as gas began to leak. Rio Dell Volunteer firefighters also came to the scene and evacuated people nearby. The energy company turned the gas meter off to do the repairs and residents were allowed to return but had to shelter in place for some time.

A man stopped for speeding in Laytonville and was found with a bunch of illegal weed. Kym Kemp reports a Laytonville Resident Post Officer stopped the car yesterday on the 101 in northern Mendocino County and searched the car for probable cause, finding 4 garbage bags filled with processed marijuana at about 75 pounds. The driver was cited and released for illegal possession and transportation of marijuana for sales, and the marijuana was taken as evidence.  The man’s car was also impounded because he had no driver license.

PG&E officials at the latest Clearlake City Council meeting where council members grilled them ahead of the fire season. The Record Bee reports city councilors were frustrated with a lack of preparedness. Saying about 30% of city powerlines were in high fire danger areas. The mayor asked why there was only a mile of hardening work done and said the progress was not acceptable. The energy company representative said they’d actually done 14 miles of hardening over 2018 and 2020. The mayor asked how many total miles had been done to date, and they said 199. Other councilors mentioned the microgrid timeline taking too long, that’s supposed to slow how many public safety power shutoffs there are. The PG& E rep reported some of the construction was planned for the spring, between now and July 15th. And that their data shows low risk this summer for intentional power downs.

A virtual launch for Hope Rising. They’re celebrating their Smart Start Bright Future Initiative next Friday, June 4th with local luminaries in attendance including Senator Mike McGuire and the Executive Director of the John Jordan Foundation, Lisa Wittke Schaffner who’s co-hosting. The program focuses on four pillars of impact and is free to those interested.

Eventbrite Link: https:// smartstartbrightfuture.

Reports of a man bludgeoning a woman with a metal bar outside a local restaurant. Mendo Fever reports hearing on the scanner this weekend that a man was attacking a woman outside Be-Bop’s in Ukiah. Police arrived at the scene and last reports say they were on the lookout for the suspect. He’s described as wearing all black clothing and he had blonde hair in braids. The person reporting the incident said the man also had on a backpack with a rolled up sleeping bag on top.

State Senator Mike McGuire has had a town hall to discuss Sonoma, Lake, Napa, Marin and parts of Mendocino County in the exceptional category of drought. That’s according to the US Drought Monitor.  The Drought Town Hall happened last Thursday discussing the critically dry conditions, what to expect in coming months, things to do to conserve water usage and any resources available from the state to respond to the crisis. The senator was joined by the General Manager of Sonoma Water; Chairman of the Yurok Tribe; General Manager of the Marin Municipal Water District and Mendocino County CEO Carmel Angelo. Angelo says since the governor declared a drought emergency, they can urge water users to reduce usage by 20 percent, direct water suppliers to implement their local water shortage contingency plans; and require water agencies, cities and districts to provide monthly written reports documenting their conservation requirements. And the county can get money from the state to address the issue.

A water rescue reported at Caspar Beach. First responders on the scene over the weekend at an RV park in town, on Cabrillo Drive. Mendo Fever reports Mendocino Volunteer Fire, the Coast Guard, Fort Bragg Ambulance, and Reach air ambulance all reported to the scene. Mendocino Volunteer Fire reported to the news site they got a report of a kayaker in distress on Caspar Beach, but it was not that at all. The lifeguard from the state parks dept. on scene apparently escorted the man out of the area with the help of firefighters and the Coast Guard. They said the incident was benign, but it’s a reminder, that it’s a good idea to call 911 earlier rather than later.

 A man from Willits has been arrested after deputies served an arrest warrant for not appearing in court. Deputies went to a home Saturday morning and found Christopher Guerrero there. He had 2 arrest warrants, one for violating probation, the other for the failure to appear in court. They add up to $200,000 so that’s what his bail was set at. He’s in the Mendocino County jail now.

Discussing fire season at the Cobb Area Council board meeting. The gathering over Zoom and Facebook discussed drought conditions too and meeting in person again as things seem to be quieting with the pandemic. The Record Bee reports on the meeting last week that including a wildfire safety commissioner who spoke to community members. They spoke about fire risk and mitigation. The Risk Reduction Authority already appeared at a town hall with 4 speakers. There were around 80 people in attendance on Zoom and 1,500 to 2,000 on Facebook. The Sheriff spoke on the drought declaration. Then they turned to returning to face to face meetings instead of the virtual format. They discussed meeting outdoors to start and discuss indoor gatherings at a later date.

The Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff’s Association’s (DSA) Executive Board has unanimously agreed to hand out scholarships to six graduating local high school seniors between $500 to $2,000. They went to Amy Andrade – Willits High School – $2,000 Bob Davis Memorial Scholarship, Isabelle Caudilllo – Ukiah High School – $1,500 Ricky Del Fiorentino Memorial Scholarship, Kaitlin Espinoza – Anderson Valley High School – $1,500 Ricky Del Fiorentino Memorial Scholarship, Ahanu Casey – Ukiah High School – $500, Emily McQueary – Ukiah High School – $500 and Lindsay Giglio – Ukiah High School – $500. The same night the Deputy Sheriffs Association Executive Board voted unanimously to support the Ukiah Food Bank Food Drive and donate $1,000. They report it’s in response to a public request made by Mendocino County Supervisor Mo Mulheren for her yearly birthday fundraiser.

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