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The Mendocino County Grand Jury deciding to investigate special education (SpEd) services in the Mendocino Unified School District (MUSD) after multiple complaints. They say the school district did not serve students properly so even more services had to eventually be ordered. The jury says there was a general lack of awareness and even concern about special education settlement agreements by the school Superintendent and the K-8 school Principal. There was testimony from several parents who said they had to go so far as to sue the school district to get their children services. But no cash settlements were agreed to. But the parents had to sign confidentiality agreements.

A young woman from Ukiah missing in the San Francisco area has her family on edge. Mendo Fever and Kym Kemp reporting 27-year-old Kassandra “Sandy” McKee has schizoaffective disorder and has been unsheltered for three years. Her mom says she went to San Francisco in June and said while there she was assaulted and threatened, and she feared for her life and wanted to come home. Mom says she sent her a ticket to Ukiah but she never arrived and has not been seen or heard from since. Since she has vanished her father has died. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve been helping to find Sandy and entered her into the statewide database for Missing and Unidentified Persons. Her picture can be seen on both news sites. She’s described as being 5’7”, 180 pounds with brown eyes and brown, medium-length hair.

The Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG) reports its starting a study on transportation needs and solutions for Covelo, Laytonville, Brooktrails, Potter Valley and Hopland – each without public transit. The Council is working with residents and other stakeholders to decide what transportation modes would be helpful so residents can get to the places they need to go. The first found of outreach is set for the last days of August. They are holding public listening sessions between August 22-26 in all of the communities identified. If you can’t make it, you can check out the project website and submit comments there. There’s also an interactive map to identify destinations you may be having trouble getting to.  The public engagement website is at

A woman from Lower Lake has been reported missing by family. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports 67-year-old Pamela Jo Roay left her house yesterday afternoon and has not been seen since. She’s described as a white female with short gray hair and hazel eyes, about 5’6”, 340 pounds and considered at risk due to medical conditions and needs medication, not with her.

They’re going for it. Clearlake police will help beef up patrols in Lakeport. The Clearlake City Council approved an agreement between the two departments to shore up their counterpart agency in Lakeport. The Clearlake Chief of Police Andrew White signed the contract with Lakeport for supplemental services. He gave the council a report noting Lakeport reached out for help because of staffing shortages. The chief says agencies will often provide mutual aid without pay, but while helping in this capacity, the “receiving entity” should pay the entity who is providing services. The chief along with the Lakeport Police Chief Brad Rasmussen presented the proposed contract last Thursday at the city council meeting.

There’s officially a new police chief and city manager in Fort Bragg. The City Council swore in both positions at their meeting Monday night. They also said their goodbyes to the Interim Police Chief John Naulty and Interim City Manager David Spaur. The two were helping out, but both retired. The new police chief hails from Turlock. Neil Cervenka said he’s committed to the community with compassion for all segments of the community. And the new City Manager, Peggy Ducey will be the interim manager, offering 960 hours a year, following rules of the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS). She’s getting no benefits and making just over $76/hour. The city council also declared a Stage 1 water alert, meaning a voluntary conservation goal of 5% to 10%.

A wildfire is out after burning thru dry brush in the Little River area. Mendo Fever reports the Little Fire started before 3pm yesterday afternoon in the 39000 block of Little River-Airport Road because of a downed power line that came into contact with nearby vegetation. There were four small aircraft prepared to drop water on the 10’x10′ spot, but apparently locals put the fire out before they had too. There was also a fire engine was just arriving on scene.

Assemblyman Jim Wood in the house. The lawmaker was visiting a California Conservation Corps (CCC) stream enhancement project in the North Fork Noyo River. The project is on private timber land owned by the Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC). The company is working with the corps on multiple projects, in a partnership to enhance streams for fish habitat, especially for endangered and threatened native fish species in Mendocino County. The project Wood visited was paid for by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) Fisheries Restoration Grant Program. The work began in the middle of June with the goal to improve habitat for Endangered Species Act (ESA) listed endangered coho salmon and threatened steelhead trout.

After fire officials started to investigate a couple of burned cars, they’ve deemed it suspicious. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority Chief says the parking lot fire on Talmage Road last Thursday was human-caused, and “definitely suspicious”. Two cars were destroyed that night and another pair were damaged along with a light pole and tree. One of the damaged vehicles was owned by the government. There was video footage in the area of the fire showing people on the scene, then leaving after the fire started in one car. The investigators are reportedly trying to get into contact with those connected to the vehicle.

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