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A man from Ukiah is missing and wanted in connection to the death of an infant. Sheriff’s Deputies reported to a hotel where a concerned parent said two of their children were missing after being left in the care of Edward “Two Feathers” Steele. The one- and two-year-old boys were found near the railroad tracks, one was suffering from heat exhaustion. Someone nearby called 911 after seeing Steele with the children earlier. The 2-year-old was taken to a hospital. Then a search turned up the other child, the one-year-old, who was found dead nearby. An autopsy has been ordered to see how the child may have died and Steele was reportedly on the run and wanted in connection to the death. He’s described as a 32-year-old Native American man, about 6 feet tall, 185 pounds, with short hair, with a large tattoo on the side of his face.

An alert has gone out to be mindful of possible flooding in Ukiah, followed by another saying there was no threat of flooding in Ukiah. The National Weather Service for Northeastern Mendocino County put out the alert that there could be flooding by excessive rainfall of a training thunderstorm in part of Northwest California, including the following county, Mendocino. The alert said there could be minor flooding in low-lying and poor drainage areas. Then the notice shortly after there was no threat and to carry on.

A woman from Ukiah’s in trouble with the law after a routine traffic stop. Deputies say they contacted the driver who was alone in the car, and say she gave them a phony name, but had no ID on her. They checked the records on the vehicle and suspected the woman was lying to them. Andrea Gonzales later admitted she gave them her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s name, then gave them a different name and date of birth. Deputies used a device called a Mobil Data Terminal, searching for her name, and again found she was lying. Gonzales was arrested and found with meth and a meth pipe on her. She was also found to be wanted for one warrant out of county warrant and five more in Mendocino County, so she was held without bail.

A series of cannabis assistance workshops are being jointly held by Mendocino County and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) this month and next. The workshops are for new and legacy farmers, and cannabis consultants. The county’s permitting staff and CDFW’s cannabis program staff are going to be on hand to answer project specific technical questions, compliance and discuss cannabis grant program opportunities. Representatives of the Department of Cannabis Control and the State Water Resources Control Board will also be available.

Meetings can be scheduled by emailing Please be sure to include “Mendocino Pop-Up” in the subject line of the email and include your preferred date, time, location and topic in the message. No walk-ins will be allowed. Masking is recommended.

Workshop dates:

Friday, Aug. 5 – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Mendocino County – Agriculture Office
501 Low Gap Road, Ukiah

Friday, Aug. 19 – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Round Valley Public Library
23925 Howard St., Covelo

Friday, Sept. 2 – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Mendocino County Museum
400 East Commercial St., Willits

Friday, Sept. 23 – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Mendocino County Library – Fort Bragg
499 East Laurel St., Fort Bragg

Friday, Sept. 30 – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Harwood Hall
44400 Willis Ave., Laytonville

You can also visit to learn more about permitting and Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreements. For more details on CDFW’s cannabis grant program, please visit

A small fire in Ukiah has been quickly contained after ignited in dry grass by the intersection of North State Street and Orr Springs Road. The fire broke out last night just before 7:00 p.m. and was contained within ten minutes. It blackened an area about 100’x50′ off Highway 101. There was a report that a woman was seen running from the scene after.

A fire near Clearlake has broken out. Yesterday afternoon the fire started by the intersection of Highway 52 and Ogulin Canyon Rd. The fire had quickly grown to about 5-7 acres and was said to be moving fast. Highway 53 was closed, and an evacuation was ordered. Mendo Fever reports hearing on the scanner that someone saw someone else start the fire and followed them. About a half hour later the fire had grown to ten acres but was controlled before burning any structures. Lake Co News reports a woman named Angela Smith who admitted she started the fire, was arrested. The fire burned 17 acres and evacuations were canceled and roads reopened.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. is hosting a wildfire safety webinar on prevention steps. The workshop next Wednesday is for customers to hear plans and provide the utility with feedback. PG&E experts are giving a brief presentation on their wildfire prevention efforts; they’ll offer resources to help customers and communities before, during and after wildfire safety outages; and share improvements and updates to PG&E’s safety technology and tools. The webinar is from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

The event can be accessed through the link or dial-in below or through PG&E’s website,

Click this link to join: Attendee dial-in: 800-619-7898; conference ID: 5949849.

More information and resources to help you and your family prepare for and stay safe in the event of an emergency can be found at

A new report says places where there are wildfires may be contributors to more lung disease. The American Lung Association says as wildfire season is in full swing, they’re not sure yet if lung cancer can be caused by wildfire, but at the very least they are known to contribute to poor air quality, air pollution and more particles in the air. Over 17,000 people in California will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year according to the Association. They also say this year more than 9,600 will die from the disease. The American Cancer Society says the disease is generally caused by smoking tobacco, genetics, second hand smoke, radon and asbestos exposure and air pollution.

The massive McKinney Fire is not moving as fast as it was, but the containment is still quite low. 4 people have been killed by the nearly 59,000-acre fire along the Oregon Border and 100 homes or other buildings were destroyed. Some residents in the tiny town of Yreka have been allowed to go home as the fire moved on and firefighters made headway in rainy weather. But fire officials warned at a community meeting this week that temperatures will go up, and humidity will go down, which could cause the fire to balloon again. The fire remains only 10% contained.

A Homeless Action Plan is being put into play in Lake County. On Tuesday the Lake County Board of Supervisors considered the Plan after a presentation from Lake County Behavioral Health Services. The Record Bee reports there were only 3 board members at the meeting Tuesday to consider an application for more than a half million dollars in funding for a Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) grant. Most of the money is earmarked for a shelter to provide permanent housing to homeless and developmentally disabled adults in Nice. The supervisors asked for amended language in the application to add low-income housing to the plan, so amendments were added and the plan was approved.

Of all of the things the Lake County Grand Jury are investigating, the latest release was on the abundance of stray or feral cats. The report released as animal shelters are unable to take in many more animals during the Empty the Shelter month across the country. The report says the amount of cats being born in the county each year is contributing to the overcrowding and usually ends up with the animals being euthanized. So, the report goes on to say, they need a better long-term solution in the county to alleviate the overcrowding. The investigation came after a complaint by a resident in Clearlake. They recommended setting aside more cannabis income to help corral the animals for three years. With that they could buy a van for shelter staff and volunteers to use for vaccinations and sterilization procedures.

There are three open seats available on the Ukiah City Council. Those interested have until next Friday to file their paperwork. The City Clerk said at the last council meeting they’ve had five people pick up paperwork so far. They were noted as three incumbents and two challengers. The terms are for four years, ending in December of 2026. Those interested have to be at least 18 years of age, a Citizen of the United States, and a registered voter residing within the city limits of Ukiah.

Nomination papers and guides are available at City Hall, 300 Seminary Ave., by scheduling an appointment with the City Clerk’s office at 707-463-6217, or by email at cityclerk@cityofukiah. com.

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