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The Lake County Registrar of Voters office is inviting the public to the manual tally from the Primary Election last week. They take a minimum of 1% of randomly selected precincts, including each contest voted on June 7th. They starting this morning at 9:00 a.m. The selection
of the precinct(s) to be included in the manual tally will be randomly chosen today. Those invited to view the tally should not interfere with the election process.

A new report says Cal Fire is dealing with a mental health crisis due to intensifying wildfires causing trauma. The Cal Matters report says some seek help in retreats after suffering from PTSD. The report says the longer and more intense fire seasons have impacted firefighters. Over 50 have died on the job since 2006. The news site interviewed dozens of Calif. firefighters including chiefs and captains, plus, mental health experts, family members and others. The news site says there’s a massive, unaddressed problem due to long hours and stress. Cal Fire started a behavioral health program in 1999. Some interviewed for the report say Cal Fire has to do more because of staffing shortages, they’re working too much, have issues getting their benefits and health care coverage under the state’s workers’ comp system.

Over 2 dozen sites at Yosemite National Park have been vandalized. Park officials are trying to find anyone on the trail leading to Yosemite Falls May 20th, carrying cans of spray paint, then tagging the area. They say they used white and blue paint and drew on the giant boulders and other sites along the Yosemite Falls Trail. Park rangers got several reports about vandalism on the trail. They say there were 30 sites hit with spray paint. The smallest tag was one foot by one foot, but most of them were about 3 X 3, with a few that were 8 X 8.

The Lakeport annexation question will be on the November ballot after neighbors cried out about the idea. If there are any complaints, it triggers an election, it can’t just be voted on by town officials. The South Lakeport annexation is now going to be in the hands of under 20 property owners in the annexation area. The City Council voted unanimously last week to approve a resolution for the annexation to be on the General Election ballot, November 8th. The city is wanting to annex 137 acres east of Highway 29 after the Lake Local Agency Formation Commission approved it. But owners of 16 of the 50 parcels there, protested the annexation. A protest of 25% triggers an election, the owners make up 36%.

A murderer from Clearlake lost his bid for parole. Richard Guerrero was convicted in April of 2000 for murdering Mark Boyer. There was also a special allegation he used a gun. The Board of Parole Hearings denied his parole for five more years. He was originally sentenced to 44 years to life. The judge at his sentencing hearing back then said Guerrero showed no remorse and denied doing anything wrong. Boyer was shot and killed during a disturbance involving 25 people at a local bar. He was shot six times. Guerrero first denied the shooting, then admitted it to cops later.

Forward movement of a fire in Lower Lake has been stopped. Yesterday afternoon, the Butte Fire broke out around lunch time near the McLaughlin Natural Reserve. It was just about an hour before the fire was corralled. No injuries or damage was reported from the 30-acre fire. No cause was determined yet.

A voluntary water sharing program is in the works for users of the Upper Russian River watershed. The State Water Resources Control Board started to work on the program, which is said to be the first of its kind in the state. And the City of Ukiah was reportedly part of the team developing the program, which they say can offer a different approach than water curtailment orders. The Special Counsel to the City of Ukiah says the city could end up providing some water for the program, but it’s voluntary. The city is set to vote on taking part in the program or not this week. Others taking part in the planning include representatives of the Mendocino Farm Bureau, Sonoma Resource Conservation District, Russian River Flood Control District, Fish Friendly Farms, and the City of Healdsburg.

The legislation by State Senator Bill Dodd to extend gaming compacts for over 2 dozen Calif. tribes has been signed into law by the Governor. As noted last week, some tribes had already signed new gaming compacts with the state, but many did not and their time, per contract, was about to run out. So, Dodd drafted legislation to extend the compacts by 18 months, to make time for more negotiations. He thanked the Governor for signing the extension, which he says will provide a path toward self-sufficiency and economic development. Some local tribes included in the agreement were the Cahto Tribe of the Laytonville Rancheria, Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, Manchester Band of Pomo Indians of the Manchester Rancheria, Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California, Robinson Rancheria and the Sherwood Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California.

A report says a bank statement given to federal regulators by a company looking to ship coal overseas via Humboldt Bay may be fraudulent. The North Coast Railroad Company reportedly gave the federal Surface Transportation Board statements showing for three weeks in April, their bank balance at the Self-Help Credit Union was lower than $100, and the most, under $3,300. Hardly enough to buy a house, and a lot lower than a $15.7 million beginning and ending balance noted on the statement. The Times Standard newspaper reports there were redactions, and the credit union says too many discrepancies to verify it was a valid statement. Congressman Jared Huffman and State Sen. Mike McGuire have voiced concern about the statement, with McGuire calling it misleading and potentially fraudulent.

A man accused of stabbing his father to death and trying to kill his mother will spend more time under a conservatorship. A so-called Murphy Conservatorship was granted last June for Steven Michael Fredericks who faces two counts of murder, attempted murder causing injury to an elder and assault with a deadly weapon. The Murphy Conservatorship happens where the person of interest is pending indictment, or the information used to charge them is the result of a mental health disorder and they cannot understand the criminal proceedings against them. Frederick’s dad was stabbed to death in March of 2018, and his mom was cut, but survived. Fredericks spent some time in a mental health facility but is now in the Lake County jail.

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