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The Mendocino County Office of Education along with the county elections dept. launching a campaign to get younger voters to participate. The countywide youth voter registration project is paid for by the League of Women Voters of Mendocino County. Nearly 2 dozen volunteers have put together 1,000 voter information packets and handed them out at high school civics classrooms and public events. They visited 14 schools in all and Mendocino College, getting students registered to vote. The Youth Voter Registration Project is non-partisan with no support for any political campaigns or specific legislation, only to encourage students’ civic engagement.

Updates at the latest Measure B meeting. The Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee put together after the Mental Health initiative passed. The meeting this month, the first in two months after April’s meeting was canceled. They saw a spending report on the Measure’s funding showing since February of 2018, there’s nearly $7.5M. This is after just under a year of collecting taxes. They’ve now decided to bring in a Project Manager to get organized and manage the entire project. So far 24 applications have come in and they’re reviewing them. They’re also looking at buildings where Residential Unit(s), Crisis Stabilization Unit(s), and a 24 Hour Psychiatric Inpatient Health Facility could go.

A woman killed in a crash off the 101 near Frog Woman Rock has been identified. The CHP says 69 year old Suzanne Bentley was driving the car that somehow ended up in the Russian River. Someone walking their dog Tuesday afternoon saw the car on its roof in the river south of Hopland. The CHP says the woman was headed south and hit an embankment near mile marker 5, rolled and her car landed on its roof. They’ve not figured out how long before the crash scene was found that the woman crashed. An autopsy will be done to determine more.

Firefighters needed across the state and in Sonoma County, job postings are popping up. PG&E is hiring their own firefighters for the first time. They’re reportedly looking for at least 50 firefighters in high fire danger areas, including the North Bay. There’s also concern it may create a competitive job market, with pay rates unaffordable for some of the smaller fire companies. The money for hires becomes available after fire district tax measures like we just saw in Lakeport. In Sonoma County the Board of Supervisors also added cash for that area’s struggling firefighting agencies.

After the October 2017 firestorm in Sonoma County, the owner of a luxury apartment complex in Santa Rosa found guilty of price gouging, which is illegal in Calif. Now the Fountaingrove apartments owner has been ordered pay almost $60,000 in penalties and restitution. The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office says rents were hiked up over the 10% cap allowed by the state for about 20 tenants. The rules are in place in Calif during a state of emergency. The owner said it was the last management company who was to blame for the mistake, then they apparently cooperated with prosecutors after a formal complaint by a former tenant.

A man from Forestville accused of killing three people, including his brother going to trial. Shaun Gallon’s lawyer had asked for more time to prepare for the case. The man’s accused of killing his brother in their home in Forestville in 2017 and a couple from the Midwest who were camping on Fish Head Beach back in 2004. But the judge ordered the cases to move forward. Gallon was arrested for his brother’s death and court documents say he wrote a letter to investigators saying he’d talk to them about the Jenner beach case. He was then fingered as the only suspect in the case. The death penalty off the table after the Governor put a moratorium on it while he’s in office.

More thunderstorms could be headed to Lake County. Lake Co News reports the latest forecast has a possibility of afternoon thunderstorms today into Saturday and Sunday, but fear not, it should be back to sunny and warm temps next week. Light winds are expected over the weekend with highs in the upper 80s and into the low 90s next week. There was a flash flood warning last night due to the forecast. And the news site reports they had reports of torrential rain, hail, thunder and lightning in some areas of Lake County.

A man from Kelseyville arrested after a traffic stop found with a bunch of drugs and cash.  25 year old Leopoldo Bravo arrested last week for a vehicle equipment violation and was searched since he’s on probation out of Los Angeles County for selling heroin. The search turned up more than one ounce of cocaine, 100 opioid pills and almost $2,000 in cash. He was arrested on possession or purchase for sale of narcotics of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale, sale or transfer of non-narcotic controlled substance, and transportation or sales of narcotics and controlled substances, with bail set at $35,000.

An inmate’s been killed at a prison in Northern Calif and two other prisoners are suspected in his murder. The 63 year old stabbed to death in the exercise yard at California State Prison, Sacramento yesterday. Corrections officers say two inmates were fighting with the victim so they used pepper spray and a blast grenade to stop the altercation. The man who was killed was behind bars for life without chance of parole. One of the two suspects is serving time for a murder in Sacramento County and the other’s serving 22-years for an attempted murder in Orange County.

A couple of schools on lock down in Northern Calif. This morning Santa Rosa High School was put on lockdown. Police say it was only a precaution as officers investigated an incident. That’s the only statement that went out to parents. They only said the lockdown and shelter in place order were precautionary as graduation ceremonies are set for tonight at the school.  And yesterday in Crescent City, another lockdown after reports a student on the Castle Rock campus had a firearm. On the Del Norte County Unified School District’s Facebook page it said they found a kid with a BB gun and they were arrested. Then the lockdown was lifted and classes were back in session. The Sheriff’s office was still investigating.

The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department, noting that this was a “difficult call,” thanked the Crescent City Police Department, California Highway Patrol and Del Norte County Probation for their assistance.

A man who attended the BottleRock Music Festival in Napa has been arrested after a woman says she was assaulted in a porta potty. Peterson Fontes of Richmond seen acting suspiciously behind a portable restroom last Sunday. He was confronted by a festival staff member after several restrooms at the festival site were tampered with. Police say the festival had been on alert, working with Napa police and additional security measures were taken after the woman called 911 saying she was touched inappropriately in a restroom. Apparently a wall to the restroom was compromised somehow so a suspect got inside. Surveillance footage and other evidence found Fontes was near the area at the time, so he’s charged with suspicion of felony penetration by a foreign object, burglary, felony vandalism and misdemeanor peeking while loitering.

The State Assembly has passed a bill so folks working side jobs have the same rights as those getting minimum wage and workers compensation. The bill heading to the senate next would outline whether workers are employees or independent contractors. So those working for companies like Uber or Lyft could be classified differently if they’re controlled by their employer unless they’re free from their direction or control to work outside a company’s usual course of business. Some industries would be exempt though. Lyft has released a statement saying they’re against the legislation and the California News Publishers Association is already asking for an exemption to cover freelance journalists and newspaper carriers.




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